My Swimming Hole Adventure


My Swimming Hole AdventureI met a 40ish couple at a nude swimming hole last Saturday. There were quite a few hot cocks around that day and I had some fun with them up in the forest that surrounded the water.After getting my ass fucked twice I went down to the water for a nice swim and to nude sun bath. As I relaxed this couple approached me, said hi and laid out a blanket sitting next to me. They had a cooler with them, popped a couple of beers, and stripped naked exposing two beautiful bodies.She looked about 5’7″ with very little fat on her, I’d say 130lbs max. Nice big breasts, completely waxed or shaved pussy and long flowing red hair.He was a good 6’4″, built solid, nice flat abs, big muscles, strong legs, perfect ass, and a huge flaccid cock that made me lick my lips.I tried not to stare at them both as they chatted to each other, but she noticed me, smiling and grabbing her breasts pushing them up to her mouth, and licking the nipples with a laugh.My Cock was swelling, and twitched back and forth as he joked that she liked being watched, stare away, offering me a beer as they both chugged theirs down.Soon I was sitting with them on their blanket,taking shots of tequila from a large half empty bottle, washing it down with cold beer. I was getting a good buzz, but they were much farther along, slurring their words and talking very, very dirty. Her nipples were hard, pussy moist, and her hands were stroking his abs,sometimes touching his growing cock.I moved closer almost touching each of their bodies, mesmerized by his huge cock.They were so buzzed they did not notice me checking him out, but she did notice my rock hard cock, purring that she really liked it.My ass was still well lubed with two loads of cock juice that had filled it and I was dreaming of his Cock giving it another when her hand grabbed my stiff rod, giving it some strokes as he slurred that it looked like she wanted me to fuck her back in their motor home. Wow, I thought…how lucky it was to have these two here with a motor home to go play in, as she said let’s take a swim and take this party up to the RV, her wanton eyes staring into mine.We entered the water together, swam a bit,chest deep and with her between us, he and I pressed up against her as she moaned, grabbing both of our hard Cocks, türbanlı escort slurring she wanted them in her at the same time.Exiting the water his manhood was at full attention and looked gorgeous, thick, smooth, a good 9-10 inches with my little 7 inches looking pathetic, but she wanted it, and I wanted him. Somehow I needed to figure a way to service him like the sissy slut I am.We gathered up the cooler, blanket, put on our shorts and t shirts,they wobbled their way up to their RV with me in tow. Her t shirt was wet and her breasts were plainly visible as we walked up the trail by many appreciative people giving leering looks at her mainly, but also at his and my bulges poking our shorts out.As soon as we entered the RV she stripped and tore his and my clothes off, dropped to her knees and took turns sucking us with him high fiving me saying I was in for a treat.Oh I thought, yes I was especially if I could get my lips around what I was watching her suck.Nine inches of throbbing, thick Cock that disappeared down her throat like it was nothing.As she focused on my little cock he popped 3 more beers and grabbed the bottle of tequila taking a big swig, giving it to her, with her taking a big swig, and finally to me… I acted like I took a big swig but really took just a small one because I had enough already. The bottle passed around again, and again, and soon she had both our cocks in her mouth, I nearly blew my load as I felt his throbbing manhood rub against my little cock in her warm, wet mouth.She slurred to take her to the bed and fill both her fuck holes, she needed Cocks in her ass and pussy now!Leading us holding ours stiff poles in each hand, she plopped on the bed, telling him to lye down.His erection stood straight up and it was magnificent!She gave it a suck, grabbed a bottle of lube, squirted some on it, rubbed it all in, putting two then three of her lubed fingers in her ass, and crouched above his hot man meat, slowly easing her ass hole on it, down it, until it was fully in with her moaning in pleasure, glistening pussy staring up at my face which had drawn ever so close looking at the hot cock I wanted so bad. She began riding it up and down, screaming for me to fill her cunt, but I said let me eat it first. türbanlı escort bayan I wanted my mouth near his Cock so bad, so I locked on her pussy swirling my tongue on her growing wet clit, fantasizing it was a lil’ cock, tasting her squirting juices, fantasizing it was cock juice, and every now and then giving his shaft a lick before she slammed her ass down on it. I was so hard and thought I better do what she wants so I put my arms around her legs pinning them back and slid my cock in her open fuck hole. She gasped in delight as I pounded her cunt, then eased off letting her slam her ass up and down on his meat pole.On and on this went until he grunted and blew his load in her ass. He laid there spent, and sorta passed out. She slid off him and begged me to keep fucking her.In good old missionary style with my arms still wrapped around her legs, I pounded away at her pussy with her juices flowing all over the bed.I told her I was getting close and she replied to cumm in her mouth. I moved off of her into a hot 69 position…I wanted to taste her cumm filled ass hole. She sucked me like she was trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose as I moved my mouth and tongue from her wet, sloppy cunt, to her wet, sloppy ass hole. His seed was oozing out of her ass like a fountain and I drank it down, turning me on so much I exploded in her mouth, filling it to over flowing, as she gulped down what she could.We rolled off of each other and she closed her eyes, cumm all over her face, and passed out. I gazed over at him and he was out too.Disappointed, I went over to the kitchen and had a few sips of beer to wash down the tasty cumm out of her hot ass. It was getting dark so I thought I better get rolling, but so wanted his cock in me.I knew he was straight and it couldn’t happen as I gazed over at the sexy,spent,tasty couple.I just kept staring at him lying there with his big cock laying all the way up to his navel. I went closer and closer to stare at it dreaming of it pounding my sissy ass.I grabbed the lube and lubed up 4 fingers, working them in my ass as I got within tongue distance of it. My sissy cock was hard again so I stroked it, and gave his cock a lick. Backing off I looked for any reaction, but none happened, escort türbanlı he was out, she was out, it was dark,and then his cock started growing. My lick had energized it I guess, so I gave it another, then another, then a long one from under his balls to the swollen head.I opened wide and took it in, swirling my tongue around it. I became obsessed with it like I tend to do when a cock is there for me to service.Long licks, ball sucking, swallowing as much as I could,to totally engulfing it in a frenzied blow job.It was massive, tasted so good, with the taste of her ass all over it and made me stroke my rock hard cock furiously. I wondered if I could get up and ride it without waking them, so nervously I climbed up on the bed, and perched my well lubed, sissy ass hole over the now totally stiff meat pole I so desired.It hurt a bit getting the head in but then felt great as I lowered onto it. Slowly I rode, up and down, holding it deep, then slowly up, then deep again, and again, and again, my sissy cock about to spurt, trying not to squeal like the sissy bitch I am. Then he thrust in deep,and incoherently muttered, ride it baby, ride it hard. I pretty sure he thought it was her on his cock not me, so I increased the pace slamming my fuck hole down on it like his slutty wife did earlier.I was exploding in anal bliss/ orgasm, and my sissy cock spurted cumm shot after cumm shot all over his legs. After a few more good drops of my ass on his massive pole I felt the swelling, throbbing spasm I so love, with the hot cock juice spurting in my sissy pussy over and over. I rode it with cumm leaking out for a few minute more until he softened and fell out.I was complete! This was so great,and so as I climbed of the bed, I licked and sucked him clean, getting all the spilled cumm from my ass in my slutty mouth.Neither one of them had woke or budged at all.I again went to the kitchen, washed the delicious cumm down with some beer, dressed, and quietly left the RV.As I walked through the parking area I felt the best sensation a sissy can feel, hot cumm flowing from my ass, wetting the back of my shorts.As I got to my car I saw campfires over at the swimming hole. I was wide awake, xxxtra horny now, after that session, and thought that there could be some more fun and games to be had. I checked the time, just 9:30 pm, hmmmmm I didn’t work until noon tomorrow, maybe, just maybe I should check it out. Down the trail I went, off to hopefully service more Cocks.I’ll get around to part two about what a fun ending my swimming hole adventure concluded with on a later date.

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