Part 2 of only one night Part 1 was written by p*o


Part 2 of only one night Part 1 was written by p*oAs soon as she’s sure he has stopped cumming she drops to her knees in front of him sticking his entire member into her mouth removing all their juices. He is so shaken by this action his knees start to slightly buckle as he braces himself against the wall of the bathroom. With each stroke of her tongue she could feel his body tense and his cock stiffen. She enjoyed having so much control of a mans body. Rising to her feet with a coy smile on her face she heads to the den where there they can stretch out and play a flix on her 52in flat screen. As they start to caress each others private parts a young man and older woman spring onto the screen. There’s action on the Tv but no ones pay attention. Kitty decides its time for a little bondage. Walking over to the cabinet across the room to retrieve a few items she catches a gimps of her new partner in the mirror… His eyes were intense as if she was prey and he was the predator so she decides to give him a little show. Slowly she drops down to a squat and starts to rub her little clit until she is nice and wet. She asks if he likes what he sees… no words are spoken. He just nods. Kitty grabs the large dildo and a bottle of lube out of the cabinet and sits down on the floor. She can türbanlı escort tell Fatty is growing tired of waiting but she doesn’t care. She was determined to take her time. With all that’s been going on lately she was constantly rushing from this task to that. No tonight would be different.Taking her time she slowly runs her tongue up the side of the oversized dildo making sure to cover ever inch of it in her saliva. After determining it had taken enough time she poured a large amount of lube in her palm and massaged it into the plastic cock then lowered herself onto it. It was very large but felt nothing like Fatty D’s cock. with both hands planted on the floor and her back to him she slowly began to ride.. The sexual frustration of the past 2 days of being alone had taken their toll. The usually mild mannered housewife was quickly becoming something more. A freak I suppose. By now she’s riding the cock like its real and massaging her DDD breast with each stroke. her nipples were slightly tender from the hard sucking they had received earlier in the night but it didn’t matter. it still felt amazing. With her eyes closed the world falls away then she feels it. Without opening her eyes she seductively opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out. türbanlı escort bayan Fatty is impressed and lowers his heavy cock onto her tongue with a thud. Nothing about this action was gentle but she didn’t mind. She like being slightly abused during sex. There was nothing like the feeling sore the morning after a forbidden night of fucking. Fatty stands there face fucking her for what feels like an eternity before he release her head and tells her to stand up and talk over to the couch. Bend over he says as he pushes his finger into her tiny asshole. Anal has never been huge on her list of things but Kitty is always willing to please so she lets him continue without objection. Suddenly he removes his finger and he’s gone for a few seconds.. He returns with a silver butt plug from the cabinet. Sticking it in her mouth he tells her to get it wet. Without a word he pushes into her anus. She screams but it quickly turns into a moan. A smile crosses his face as she gets adjusted to the invasion of her ass she starts rubbing her clit again. Before she can get started the way she wants Fatty hits his knees and begins to tongue fuck and lick her pussy. Never in her life had she felt such pleasure. Her body felt like it could go up in flames escort türbanlı at any moment. suddenly she feels her body flush as the next orgasm starts to take hold. She sees movement in the backyard. Could be an a****l but she doesn’t care at this point. The lights in the din are all on the blinds are all pushed open as well. After her third orgasm he settles down on the couch and tells kitty to ride him. She’s unsure considering her couch is new but she does as he commands. as she lowers herself onto his cock she can feel his cock tense again. She starts off grinding in a circle.. in her mind she calls it the lazy Susan with a chuckle she speeds up her grind and starts to ride a little harder. She was an equestrian so she knew how to ride since she was a c***d. For her she was on the back of some spotted stallion riding off into he sunset. Coming back to her senses she looked down to find Fatty’s mouth hanging open and his eyes closed tightly. He was feeling it.. it showed all over his face. even if he denied it later on she had witnessed it with her own eyes. The harder she rode the harder it was to keep her moans in check. She was sure her neighbors could hear her getting her brains fucked out but it didn’t matter. She was in between heaven and hell right where she wanted to be. In the back of her mind she knew she was wrong for enjoying his cock as much as she did but there was something about this man.. her friend that made her toes curl. Maybe it was the tone of his voice when he said her name while entering her from the back. The way he caressed her breasts while she rode his cock.

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