SexySindy–cheating again!


SexySindy–cheating again!Sexy_sindy –Cheating againAfter my cheating adventure, even though I told hubby I never told John that I did tell him. Hubby and he stayed friends and are still now. John comes by all of the time and I look at hubby knowing I have had John’s dick inside me, and wonder what he thinks! I think it still makes him mad, but I feel so bad that he has to see him knowing that!John hauls cows and has a big truck with a sleeper, me and hubby has been on trips with him before. Since I fucked John he has divorced from Lisa my best friend. John has felt of my tits and rubbed my leg while visiting when hubby has gone out of the room. It was about 3 years ago and John was visiting, we were watching the national finals rodeo at our house. He sat down beside me on the couch and we were looking at my laptop during the rodeo. Hubby was on the other end of the couch watching, it was freezing weather outside and during the commercials hubby would go outside to get a beer or something. Each time hubby left, John would rub my tits. I told him hubby was here and would catch us! He said he was busy and would never know, so I let him do what he wanted during hubby’s trips outside. Every commercial hubby went outside, and John would squeeze my tits or rub my pussy, then I realized tuzla escort that the shades on a window were open and hubby could see everything happening if he looked!!!!! So I told John about it and he said that hubby had no idea (only if he knew). After we finished watching the rodeo, hubby came in from telling John bye, and was madder than shit! He had saw everything from the window!! He told me to get naked, because if I wanted some dick he would help me out. I felt so bad I stripped down and begged for forgiveness and blamed everything on John. Hubby pushed me onto the couch and made me suck his dick until he shot cum down my throat, then he told me to get up and clean up. We went to bed, I was worried about my dear hubby felt I know it hurt again!A couple of week later and hubby was still not talking much to me, Hubby had to go out of town on business. John and he and been talking and John knew he was gone. John called me one morning and said he had a load of cattle to haul about 2 hours away and asked if I wanted to ride with him. I loved the way John fucked me and what was I going to say NO, I doubt it. So he stopped by the house and picked me up, I climbed in the truck and we started off. It was not long and he asked me to check out the sleeper section of his truck. ataşehir escort I got up and moved to the back, it was nice a huge bed, TV and separate A/C. So I stretched out on the bed to ty it out, and John asked me to get nude and flash him my pussy! I could not help it (guess because I am a whore) I did, then he said to look in the drawer beside the bed. I did and found a huge white vibrator still in the package with a new tube of KY jelly. After finding that I knew what I wanted to do, I opened it and started playing with myself while John tried to drive and look back at me. My gosh it was a good one I was having a good time and decided to include him. So I eased up and unbuckled his jeans and started sucking his cock, it was hard as a rock! I then moved around so he could finger my pussy, it was good.About 20 minutes later we got to the sale barn to unload, and while we waited in line, John got up and let me suck him and he came in my mouth. He got dressed and got out to unload, so I was all alone. I started playing with my new toy and was laying in the bed, when I heard the truck door open! I thought John was back, but it was a white boy about 20 years old, he said John told him to come check on me. I grabbed the covers and tried to cover up, but they did not. He said pendik escort his name was Sam and asked if I needed help. Knowing what was going on I said I did need help and asked if he could as I peeled the covers back exposing my wet pussy!Sam blushed and said he would try, so I pulled him to me and started kissing him, he was pulling back a little. Asked if I turned him on, he said yes so I pulled his pants down and said “let me see your dick”. My lord he was about 10 inches!! I could not help it I sucked him enough to get him hard and moved to slide his dick into my pussy and let him fuck me until he came in me! Sam then dressed and left, I felt so good! I laid back down and after a while, John got back in and pulled out away from the chute and parked at the edge of the parking lot. He slid out from under the wheel and came back to the sleeper. He stripped down and laid down beside me and started massaging my back and shoulders. He reached over to the drawer and pulled out some lotion and put it all over me. I loved to be massaged and he slowly moved to my pussy. I spread my legs to give him better access and he fingered me until I could not stand it any longer. I hiked my ass up in the air and reached back to guide his dick into my pussy to let him fuck me. When I came he did too and he stood up and dressed. The whole time I rode back home I laid in the back nude playing with the vibrator and flashing him some good shots. He kissed me as he dropped me off and said he would call me again.

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