Subject: Whored out by Dad part 5 If you’re not looking for sex — including rough sexual use — between guys (over age of consent), then look elsewhere. Nifty costs money to run, it needs your donations if it’s going to keep going. fty/donate.html Feedback more the welcome — let me know if you want some more to this story. hoo This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal or private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice. T.J. Incest — Authoritarian. ————————————— The next morning I stirred, and suddenly realised that I was in Dad’s arms. There was nowhere better in the world, neither had any reason to get up quickly so I dozed off again – happy and secure. The next thing I knew was waking up again with another voice around us, suddenly I recognised Mum’s voice. FUCK. She’d found us in bed together – then she spotted me. “Josh?” “Hey Mum.” I was half asleep. “Didn’t realise you’d be home this early.” Dad was waking up too now. “Hey sweetie – you’re back early.” “Yeah – I came back to spend some time with you – but find you sleeping with Josh.” “We just missed you – and we’re just a couple of guys keeping each other company.” I started to realise that she had no idea that anything sexual had happened – thank fuck for that. But I guess who would imagine that a father and son would be fucking – even if they shared a bed. Dad remembered that we were both naked – it certainly wouldn’t help the situation for Mum to see me wearing a cock-cage. “Sweetie – it’s just been us two guys round here…so any chance you could give a bit of privacy for Josh to go and get dressed?” It was amazing how he stayed calm, I was pretty much frozen still. Somehow his calm words worked – Mum walked out and went down stairs. Dad planted a quick kiss. “Best go and get dressed – if she asks anything else, say I was missing her company. Make sure it sounds totally normal and natural.” Then with a quick swat to my arse he sent me off to my room. I showered and dressed before wandering downstairs – Dad was there with Mum, he had just pulled a robe on before going down. They were having a bit of a heart to heart. I slipped into the kitchen to make some coffee and give them space; after a while I heard Dad go upstairs to get dressed, Mum came through to the kitchen. We had the first real conversation in at least a couple of years – she’d been shocked at seeing us in bed together, but didn’t seem to have any idea that there was anything sexual. It was making her realise how she had been neglecting Dad. “Would it help if I gave you both some space – I could go and stay with Zach for a few days?” “I think that would help us to reconnect – would you really be ok with that?” “You know how much I get on with Zach – as long as he’s up for it I’d have a great time there.” Unsurprisingly, Dad thought it would be a great idea, and when I WhatsApp-ed Zach about it, he replied immediately saying anytime I wanted. I didn’t have my own car, but there was a direct train to the town Zach was living in – Dad gave me a lift to the station, he even carried my bag out to the car, which I thought was a bit strange. We didn’t go straight to the station – I wasn’t totally surprised when he took me via a cruising ground. We got out of the car, I stripped to the waist before we walked off; as soon as we were out of sight of the road, he put a leather collar round my neck – I’d only worn this for him a couple of times before, but it felt so good. Then as we walked on, he slipped his hands down inside my shorts feeling up my arse as we went. A dog-walker came the other way, he could see that I was an owned boy, which made me feel so proud – proud to be owned by Dad. He walked on quickly, clearly wasn’t his thing, but at least he knew I was a boy and Dad was my Master. As soon as we got somewhere more private – where only the guys who were after that sort of thing would come – Dad pulled me in for a kiss. It was long and deep, his tongue in my mouth was just another way that he showed his control and ownership over me. He broke it long enough to pull my shorts down – obviously I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. We kissed again, there was so much passion there – I could tell that there was pre-cum dripping from my cock. Soon I was pushed to my knees, and he pulled my face into his crotch. I could tell he was hard as a rock inside his jeans – I was about to get that sweet cock again. Soon enough the prize was mine – we didn’t have too long before my train, so there was no point in holding back. He opened his jeans and pulled his cock out of his boxers before pushing it down my throat. My mouth knew his cock and loved having it, but I knew the mouth was just a preliminary. It wasn’t long at all before I was leaning against a tree, with Dad’s lubed finger playing with my hole, getting me ready for his cock…then it was the real deal. His head pushed slowly inside, then as my arse opened up for its owner he rapidly built up the pace. I saw out of the corner of my eye that a couple of other guys were watching, I knew Dad wanted to see them fuck me; but I also knew there wasn’t much time. “You guys look interested.” “Sure am mate – got a hottie there.” “You want some yourselves?” “Fuck yeah.” “We can’t stay long, he’s going away for a few days – how about you get ready, then when I’m done take an end each.” “Sweet mate.” Well that was sorted. Dad was getting close too, his pounding got harder and harder, faster and faster…I knew his load wasn’t going to be too far coming. Then he rammed in as deep as he could, I knew he was filling my hole. Once he was done, I quickly sucked his cock clean, then got invaded at both ends simultaneously, by two random strangers. They knew this wasn’t going to be a long relaxed session and so they went in hard and fast. Even though I’d been opened up by Dad – both my arse and throat quickly felt sore from the fucking they received. I hadn’t seen either guy clearly, as they arrived when I was already getting used by Dad, so I just thought of them as `arse guy’ and `mouth guy’ – arse guy got closer quicker. “Where do I shoot?” “Wherever you want mate.” That’s all he needed, within a few seconds he was unloading, his cum mixing with Dad’s deep inside me. “Sorry it was so kocaeli escort quick – maybe a proper fuck another time?” “That would be fucking sweet man.” “Write your mobile on his back and I’ll be in touch as soon as he’s free.” Dad passed him a marker and I could feel him write something on my back. The throat fucking continued the whole time, soon he was getting close too – I was kneeling in front of him now, his hands on my head. He started shooting straight down my throat, I pulled back so at least half the load went into my mouth first – I got to taste it before swallowing. Then I sucked his cock clean. As soon as he pulled out arse guy came to get his cock cleaned too. “You want to add your number?” Dad asked cock guy – only fair I suppose. “We’re a couple – let him know and I’ll be there too.” “Cool – looking forward to it already.” As we went to leave I looked around for me shorts, but couldn’t see them. I knew better than to ask questions though. I followed Dad, back to the car, naked the whole way. Once we got there Dad kissed me briefly. “Well done, you’re losing those limits boy. Good to see. You do need to put something on before we drive off though.” I assumed he was going to give me my shorts, but no – he pulled out the butt-plug I’d worn a couple of times for him. He made me suck it a quickly to get it wet, then he pushed in deep inside my hole. Then I got in the car, just wearing my shoes, a butt-plug, and a leather collar.and my cock-cage, of course… We drove to the station like that – I was getting nervous as hell, but could see that Dad was enjoying it, so didn’t complain at all. There was a multi-story carpark next to the station, and Dad went up to the top – fortunately there was nobody else around. “Your shorts and hoodie are on the back seat, boy. You get two choices – whether you wear the plug and whether you wear the collar. I think you know what I’d like.” “Please can I keep them both on Sir.” “You sure can.” He reached over and attached something to the collar. “That’s a coded lock – it’s just thin plastic so you can pull it off anytime you want, but if it comes off then Zach will know and he’s going to tell me.” With that I pulled my shorts on, my arse still plugged deep inside; and my hoodie, the collar was less obvious, but far from totally hidden. We went down to the station together, as soon as the platform for my train came up I went to go. Dad didn’t let me go immediately, first I pulled me in for a kiss and then with people milling all around us, he kissed my lips deeply. Soon enough the train pulled in, and as I was going to get on, I noticed there was an older lady with a large case at the same door. “Can I help you with that?” Even before he became my lover and Master, Dad had always taught me good manners. “Thank you so much.” I offered her my arm to help her get on too. “Was that your partner you were saying good-bye too on the concourse?” I looked shocked, she didn’t look like the most open-minded sort about things. “I saw you kissing – you made a lovely couple. I could tell there was so much love between you there. Hope you get to see each other again soon.” This time I blushed. “Thank you – he really is special to me. I’m just away for a few days fortunately.” She smiled, and went off to find her seat. Fortunately it wasn’t see busy, and the seat next to mine was empty. After Dad’s pushing of public things earlier I decided he might like it if I went even further. As nobody could tell without looking closely, I pulled my shorts off, then took a couple of pics with my mobile and sent them to Dad. “Quiet train almost private here. Hope you like.” A reply arrived in a few seconds. “Fuck I love you my sweet boy. Might have a reward for that.” I tried to get on with some school work during the journey, but with the strange feeling of the seat against my bare arse, and the movement of the train reminding me of the plug inside me I was pretty distracted the whole time. Eventually the train arrived, and I went to the door, slipped my shorts back on before getting up. By chance, the same little old lady was there, and I helped her with her case again. Zach was waiting for me just beyond the ticket barrier, she spotted him before I did. “Is that your brother? He certainly looks like you.” “Yes – I’m visiting him for a few days.” “You’re a handsome pair – hope you have lots of fun together.” I hugged Zach deeply as soon as I could. It felt so good to have his arms around me. As we walked out of the station, the little old lady was having her case put into a car by a total hotty. She made a point of thanking me again, then turned to the guy – clearly a grandson. “I’m afraid he’s taken, I saw him say good-bye to his partner. Maybe you should try his brother though.” Zach and the grandson blushed. I was impressed at such an open-minded lady. What I didn’t see was Zach quietly passing a note with his number to the guy. Zach’s place wasn’t far from the station and so we walked there. “You look fucking sweet in that collar, I’ve been missing you so much since last time. In fact it took all my self restraint not to snog you properly at the station.” “You too Zach – I can remember that house out in the country like it was yesterday.” We arrived and Zach grabbed my bag. “I guess you’re tired after that journey – you crash, I’ll dump your bag upstairs.” Soon I was laying on the sofa chilling. It didn’t take long before Zach came back down. “Well little brother – I think you’re a bit over dressed…I’ll give you the option, either the hoodies comes off or the collar does. Either way works, but I think I know which I prefer.” “What about your flat-mates?” “They’re so open-minded you wouldn’t believe it. In fact, if I told them we were fucking, they’d probably just shrug. By the way, they know I’m into guys – one of them’s straight, one’s gay, one bi. I’ve fucked the gay one. Help yourself to any of them, bonus points if you get to do anything with the straight one.” “In for a penny, in for a pound. How about we’re open that I’m a submissive – would you mind?” “Not at all – knock yourself out.” I pulled the hoodie off, the collar was nw very clear for anybody to see. “I’m afraid there’s no spare bed – your choice is this sofa, or my bed…I know which I prefer.” “That’s what I was hoping for – and I don’t mean darıca escort the sofa.” “One other thing.” “What’s that.” Zach help up a key on a chain. “Dad slipped this into your bag. The cage stays on for now, but I’m allowed to let you get off if I want to.” Whatever this visit was going to be, it wasn’t going to be a rest for me – that much was clear. The two of us chilled for a while, sitting together on a sofa, Zach’s arm draped round my shoulders. After a while the front door opened. “Oh – hey Zach. Guess this is your little brother.” A hunk of man-meat stood in front of me. “Yeah – this is Josh. Josh this is Zane.” We shook hands. “Interesting collar you’re wearing there.” “Thanks.” Zach piped in. “He wants everybody to know he’s an owned boy.” “So you’ve got a boy-friend who’s in charge of you?” “That’s right.” “Fair enough – I reckon he’s a lucky guy.” Then he turned to Zach. “I’ve got rugby practice this evening, probably back late.” Then he wandered off to his room. “Well that was easier than I imagined.” “Yeah – and he’s the straight one.” Soon after the other two arrived together. Similar introductions followed – Marcus was gay, and Phil was bi, and single, and Zach and Marcus both agreed that he’d shag anything that walked…he didn’t disagree. Phil had a date and so got changed quickly and left; Marcus stayed chilling with us two. Then Zane walked past, just wearing a jock-strap. “Left my fucking kit in the dryer.” He grabbed some washing and fumbled through it looking for his kit. “I would apologise, but I’m sure a bunch of cock-hounds like you enjoy the view.” Then he turned to me, “Sorry if you’re boss-man doesn’t like you looking at other guys…” “No probs – he’s more than happy for me to look, and screw them too. The more the merrier he reckons.” “Does he trust you?” “Totally. He knows I love him.” “Aww that’ sweet, but I’d want you under lock and key if I was him.” “Well I am locked too.” “Locked?” “Just my cock – that belongs to him alone.” “Wow – now that’s commitment. How does it work?” “You want to see?” “Why not?” I stood up and dropped my shorts – all three of them looked at the cock-cage. “Wow – that’s impressive.” Zane bent over to inspect it. “I bet he keeps you naked too.” “He sure does – totally naked any time he can.” “Well as long as Zach doesn’t mind – I think you should feel free to stay naked here. I don’t mind, and Marcus and Phil would probably enjoy it. What do you say, Zach?” “Well I’ve seen him naked plenty of times – we used to bath together as boys…” That was settled – I got to get naked. Zane finally found his shorts and top and soon was dashing off for practice. As soon as he had gone Marcus spoke to me. “Don’t mind Zane – he may be straight, but he’s a frustrated horn-dog. Put the shorts back on if you want…or leave them off if you prefer. He probably just wants you naked to give himself an excuse to be naked – seems to love gay guys oggling his body, he knows he’s damned hot.” Well he wasn’t wrong – I could tell Zane was a rugby type, well worked hard body, strongly developed muscles, especially his pecs…I’d happily fall to my knees to worship his body. “Anyway, I need a beer – I guess you guys want me to fetch them for you too. Unless being a sub means you do things like that for us…” “You’re not my Dom so I don’t need to take orders from you.” “Fair point – but if there’s only two in the fridge you get the warm one for being a cheeky bastard.” He laugher as he walked through to the kitchen. The three of us spent the evening chatting and chilling – Marcus seemed a great guy, and I just loved being there with Zach, his arm draped around me protectively. Eventually we went up to bed. As I was grabbing something from my bag, Zach noticed the base of the butt-plug. “What’s that doing up your arse.” “Dad put it there – he told me to wear it until I got here…I haven’t had chance to take it out.” “Do you usually wear it?” “No, normally it’s just the cage. Might be best to take it out in the loo though – might be some mess up there.” “Mess?” “Yes – Dad put it in straight after a fucking.” “He fucked you earlier?” “Yes, we went to the park on the way to the station – his load up my arse along with a random stranger’s plus another stranger’s down my throat.” “You fucking luck bitch. Go and get it out, you’re about to get another load in there too.” That was all the permission I needed, . I was back as soon as I could – the moment I was in the bedroom I dropped to my knees. “Please Zach, please take my arse.” “With pleasure little brother – but you’re going to have to work for it.” He had stripped to his boxers, and lay back on the bed with his legs wide open. I crawled up, my eyes focused on the bulge which was growing in his boxers. I started with his feet – kissing and licking them. Then working my way up his legs, I was just about to start work on the bulge when he pulled me up. We kissed properly, so far the only person whose kisses had been anything like this was Dad – the brotherly love we had made it so intense. Then I got to work his body – kissing all over, chewing his nipples, licking out his arm-pits. I wanted every inch of Zach’s body, and he loved me taking time all over. I was ordered to take his boxers off. As I did so, I noticed a dark spot where he had been leaking pre-cum – there was a small drop of it on the end of his cock too. I licked this off – such a sweet taste. Then I went down to his balls, again kissing and licking all around. Even though we’d only had sex briefly before, I felt as though I knew his body well. Then working my way up his cock – I locked my lips round his cock head and ran my tongue all over it. Zach moaned and twisted his body as I did so. Then he grabbed my head, and pulled my head down over his cock. I quickly swallowed his whole length and started to get my throat fucked. “Sweet mouth you’ve got there – but I need to dump my load right in there with Dad’s.” He rolled me onto my back, I lifted me legs to give him a clear target, and soon he was pushing inside me. We gazed into each others eyes as he took my arse and made it his. He kept switching between hard fucking, and then pausing while we kissed. “Please give me your cum Zach.” “You want my load?” “Yes Zach – I need your load inside me. Please fill me up.” gölcük escort “How much cum have you got in there already?” “Two loads – Dad’s and a stranger’s.” “And you want mine in there too.” “Yes please Zach – I want your cum in my arse next to Dad’s.” I kept begging him as his fucking got harder and quicker. Finally I felt him start to empty his balls into me. He held me tight as his man-seed joined Dad’s and mixed with it inside me. My two favourite men in the whole world had both fucked me and left their loads inside. He collapsed on top of me, we kissed as his cock slowly softened inside me. When it came out, like a good obedient sub, I turned round and licked it clean outside, then sucked the last remaining drops of cum from inside it. “I love you Zach.” I murmured as I rested my head on his chest. “I love you too Josh, with my whole heart.” We soon fell asleep, Zach’s arms wrapped around me. The next morning he had a couple of lectures to go to, and so left quite early. I lazed around in bed for a while, then eventually grabbed a pair of his boxers and went in search of some coffee and breakfast. Zane and Phil were in the kitchen when I made it downstairs. “Morning – hope you slept well, and Zach didn’t keep you awake all night.” “Thanks, yes, slept very well.” “There’s a pot of coffee if you want some.” As I went to pour it Zane decided to get a bit mischievous. “Wearing boxers this morning? I thought you were being a good submissive and going naked.” I decided to fight back. “I thought you were the straight one – but you seem desperate to get me naked…” “Touché. Can’t say you’ve got an ugly body…but I just want your owner, or whatever it is you call him, to be happy with you.” Phil was about to intervene, in case it was getting a bit heavy for me. But Zane continued. “If it would make you happier I’ll join you naked this morning too. Wouldn’t want you to be the odd one out.” Before waiting for my answer he stood up. He was just wearing a pair of shorts – clearly what he had slept in – but these landed on the floor. “I guess that leaves me no choice.” My boxers soon followed. After a while Phil looked at his watch. “Are you coming to class today Zane, or going to perv over our guest all day.” “Shit – better hit the shower.” Zane dashed off. Phil quickly explained that they shared a lecture and so usually walked there together, they had to leave in quarter of an hour, and Zane took a while to get dressed. Then the conversation moved on to other subjects rather quickly. “So I was told that you were a submissive guy – never seen a guy’s cock locked away before.” “Yes – I’ve got a master, that sounds bad, but really it’s great for us both.” “Whatever floats your boat. But, I mean, you’re clearly a hot guy, seems odd that you’d turn down sex when I’m sure you could get loads of it.” “I don’t turn it down, I just don’t get to fuck other guys – more than happy to suck cocks or get fucked by them.” “Really – I suppose if you’re a proper bottom then that makes sense…but I’ve only been fucked twice and didn’t enjoy it. Pretty much a total top here.” “Fair enough – I guess it’s all about knowing what you want, and then finding the right guys to go with it.” “By the way, Zane’e gone if you want to put the boxers back on…don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed the view…that sure is a hot arse you’ve got…” “You like it?” “Sure do.” I smiled and blushed a touch. “In fact you’ve got an all round hot body.” “Fuck thanks – your’s isn’t too bad either – I can tell that even covered up.” “So if you weren’t partnered off you’d be interested?” “Being partnered doesn’t make a difference…” “Look, I don’t want to encourage you to cheat on your guy – I’m not into that sort of thing – but if you were single I’d be well up for it. Sorry if that’s too much.” “That’s all cool. Seriously. You’re a hot guy too. Look I don’t want to screw things up for Zach – he seems to get on well with you guys – but I’m going to take any compliment you want to offer. As for my guy – he’s totally cool about me being with other guys. This thing is on to stop me getting off, but he’s been very clear that I shouldn’t refuse a top some fun.” “Wow. Seriously?” “Totally.” “So if I offered sex.” “What do you want – oral or anal?” “Stand up – let me see that body.” I stood up, Phil ran his hand over my pecs and abs, then down over my arse. “You really sure about this?” “If you are, then yes.” “I’d love a piece of that arse.” “Take as much as you want.” That escalated quickly. I dropped to my knees as he dropped his jeans and boxers – his cock was already more than semi-hard. I sucked it quickly to get it hard, and to get it wet ready for me. About a minute later, I was braced up against the wall, with his cock pushing against my hole. There was no time for long fun this morning, Zane would be down to go off to class soon, but Phil knew what he was doing with fucking. This wasn’t going to be a slow romantic session, or even an intense dominance session, this was him getting his rocks off…and I loved getting used. Phil never slackened the pace, he pounded my arse constantly, making it clear to me that his cock was taking whatever it wanted. Soon he cried out as his cock filled me. The moment his orgasm subsided, he pulled out and was about to stick his cock straight back in his boxers, but like a good well-trained sub I dropped to my knees and cleaned him off. He moaned in delight, clearly he’d never had a guy do that before. He was just adjusting his clothes when Zane came back down – he gave no hint of what had happened as they went off to class. Eventually I went off for a shower and dressed before leaving the house. I’d arranged with Zach where we were going to meet for lunch. We sat in a local park chatting about the mornings we’d had when he noticed the glint in my eye. “So was it anyone I know?” “What?” “You’re utterly transparent Josh – somebody’s fucked you, I can just tell. Is it somebody I know, or did you whore yourself out to a rando?” “Well, I got up and Zane and Phil were in the kitchen when I went down.” “Please let it be Zane – I know he’s desperate to do something with a guy, just doesn’t know what to do or how to go about it.” “No it wasn’t Zane – he had to go and shower before class.” “So Phil’s fucked you? I mean that’s not difficult…but well done little brother in getting in there so quickly. That’s five points – you get ten for fucking Marcus (he’s certainly got the hots for you, but he’s much more cautious), and twenty for Zane; if you make it to fifty you get to cum.”

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