It’s Game Day!


~Hey there everyone! I hope you all are doing well. After months of working on this, I finally get to show you all what I’ve been cooking up! Meet Jasmine, a freshman cheerleader going to Emascula University, a school entirely for sisses in cages! I’ve had ideas to turn this concept into a series, so I wanted to write a bit of it and see how well it does. So, they’ll be two parts of this story! And, believe me when I say, the first part is very steamy. Lol, I’m really proud of how this came out and I hope you all like it as well! Again, feedback of all kinds is welcomed! Also, all characters depicted in this story are over 18+! Now, enjoy the steamy spanky goodness~


“Three-point shot….and it’s good! The Hot Shots are up by one in the final seconds!”

The stadium exploded into loud cheers as the basketball made it in the hoop with a satisfying swish. The players celebrated on the court before the whistle was blown by the referee. A timeout was used by the other team to regain their composure and come up with a plan. The Hot Shots went to their bench elated; high-fiving and giving each other playful swats on the bum.

The man who made the shot was wooing and screaming in joy. He was a tall man, at least being 6’2. He had a lean figure, with short brown hair and a stubble of hair around his chin. As the man kept celebrating, he looked over and sent a charming wink towards one of the cheerleaders: Jasmine.

“Looks like Tommy is eyeing you down, Jazz!” Dylan, her roommate, pointed out as she leaned into Jasmine’s ear so she could hear. The two and all of the Emascula Cheerleading Team shook their pom-poms, pointing it in the air and waving it in front of them as they practiced.

“Yea, Jazzy! Looks like someone’s looking for a nice present after the game if we win!” Jasmine’s other roommate, Blair, chimed in. Jasmine’s heart fluttered, sneaking a wave over to the basketball star.

She and Tommy had only been speaking for a couple of weeks now. They met on a dating app and recently transitioned to texting each other’s numbers. Even having times where they would talk over the phone.

Jasmine did think he had deserved some sort of treat for his efforts. After all, they had been talking about getting sexual with one another. Sending sexts and naughty voice messages back and forth during the dead of night.

However, Jasmine kept having this nagging feeling in the back of her head. Was he actually interested in her? Sure, over the phone, he could show any advances to want to be intimate with her. But, being in person was a different story. They had only been on one date, and she still didn’t know what to make of it

Out to the theaters near the campus. It was nice, but not much happened between them. By the end of the night, they had only gotten a hug. It was like being out with one of your friends. And, while that was okay, she couldn’t help but get a sinking feeling that he wouldn’t want more.

Suddenly, she was snapped out of her trance as the buzzer went off. She blinked a few times, with the roar of the crowd starting to fade back in. She looked over to the scoreboard. 106 to 105. The Hot Shots won. The team celebrated on the court, jumping, and raving as Tommy was in the middle. He was the center of attention. And yet, his eyes kept beaming towards Jasmine.

At first, the freshman cheerleader thought she was just seeing things. But, the more it happened, the more her heart started to beat out of her chest. She smiled back at him from afar, giggling as she quickly turned away.

Come on, Jazz! You know he likes you! Maybe a few minutes in the locker room?

Jasmine couldn’t believe what she was thinking of doing. Sex in a locker room? She had never done anything like that in a public setting. She had heard stories of such lewd acts in person, but never did she think she would be the one to do them. Plus, she was traveling through uncharted territory. She had done things with girls when she was back home. Before she was locked in her cage. But, now she is. Now, she would be the one taking than giving. And that thought brought butterflies to her stomach.

After a while, the stadium cleared out and the court began to be cleaned. The interviews were over, and the team was in the locker room. The girls were outside, ready to go back to the house.

“Well? Aren’t you gonna go back to your boy toy back there, Jazz?” Lacey asked, with the others giggling. Jasmine blushed, nervously laughing before letting out a small squeal when her butt was playfully smacked.

“Come on! You deserve some fun, Jazzy! I bet he’s waiting for you right now.” Blair said, wrapping her arms around her friend as she retreated into herself.

“But, what if he isn’t?” Jasmine wondered, with doubt still meddling around her head. The girls collectively sucked their teeth and sighed. They had heard this negative talk for a while and had grown tired of it.

“Then you come back, and we go and get some drinks on me.” bursa escort bayan Donna stated as she entered her car. She was the oldest of them. A senior, and the sweetest of them all. The girls all described her as the sage. Though, she still had her mistakes.

Before Jasmine could say another excuse, she was grabbed by and pulled along by Dylan back to the stadium entrance. “Now, we’ll be waiting out here. If you come back, drinks! If not, have fun!”

Jasmine couldn’t help but smile. Her friends were all supportive of her, even if she wasn’t Though, she began to ponder the situation again. What was the worst that would happen? Most had already left the building, especially anyone that they could get in trouble with. And it wasn’t like she didn’t want him. Every time she thought of him, she could feel her clitty press against her cage uncomfortably.

Aww, why the hell not?!

“Hehe, fine! But wait a while, okay? I don’t need to get rejected and then have to walk all the way back to the house.” Jasmine exclaimed, failing to hide the sheer excitement. Her team waved her off before getting in the car. Preparing to hear all of the juicy details when Jasmine returned.

The naïve cheerleader walked back into the stadium carefully. The thought of getting caught nearly made her throw her breakfast back up. She walked quietly, peeking around every corner, and listening like a bat. But, there was nothing. It actually made her apprehensive with how quiet it had been. It was unusual seeing that she had only been here when there was a sporting event.

Soon, she was approaching the locker room. The butterflies returned in a flurry. Was she really ready for this? She had pictured this moment over and over in her head since she got to Emascula University. Replaying over and over in her head. She had heard the other girls at random points during the semester experiencing the sensual bliss she wanted so much. Listening to their moans and their flesh slapping against one another like a desperate voyeur. Now, it was her turn to be on the other side. At least, that’s what she was hoping.

After walking through the empty court, she stopped in front of the door. This was it. She could turn back now, but she felt locked in at this point. She took a deep breath, her heart beating so fast it felt like it wanted to break free. “Welp, here goes nothing.”

With that, she went through the door like a linebacker. Jasmine stopped, looking around the darkroom. It was a looming, sweaty musk in the air. It was dark, with a few lights illuminating it. She crept quietly, only hearing her heartbeat in her ear. The lockers were tall, seemingly ancient with scuff marks and scratches. Drawings and messages of all crude variety covered them.

She walked steadily down the hall, peeking around every corner to see if Tommy had been waiting for her. But, for the first two rows, there was nothing. Just empty, sweat-stained benches. That sinking pit started to return. Could she have been wrong about this entire thing? The hope was slowly fading from her as she only had one more corner to turn. If she really had just come in there on a hunch and completely let down, no amount of boozing would help.

She came upon the last corner and stopped as she bounced in place. “Please, don’t let this be for nothing. Please, don’t let this be for nothing!” she chanted to herself, before rushing around the corner as if she was ripping a band-aid off. When she rounded it, though, she saw the man she was looking for.

Tommy was stood there, using a towel to scrub away the dampness of his hair. He looked like he had just gotten out of the shower. Jasmine stared silently, the words evading her. All she could do was stare at him. He looked like a Greek god with his toned, muscular physique. He was covered by his towel, with Jasmine drooling over what was under them.

Come on, Jazz! Say something!

“H-hey! N-n-nice pecks…”

What the heck was that?!

Tommy looked up, seeing Jasmine. Just him looking at her sent a chill all around her body. He smiled, showing his pearly white teeth. “Hey, J.”

He walked over to her, examining her up and down. He had always loved her photos of her in her cheerleading outfit. Soon, they were standing inches from each other. Jasmine could feel his body heat radiating onto her. He slowly motioned his hands over to her waist, to which she tensed up. Her heart was beating so loud she could barely hear herself think.

“I was worried you weren’t gonna show. I know my little winks on the court wasn’t the best way to ask.” He snickered as he pulled her close to him. Her chest was pinned against his broad pecks. She could feel his bulge slowly rising, poking her stomach as it grew. Her shyness began to take over, not knowing what the next step was. Maybe a squeeze on the butt? Nibbles on his neck? She knew he’d love those! Or maybe cutting straight to the steamy intercourse?

However, as Jasmine lost herself in thought, she was quickly pulled görükle escort back as Tommy placed a hand under her chin. He tilted her head up at him, with the two staring into one another’s eyes. They slowly leaned into one another. Jasmine felt like she was under a trance. Her body was on autopilot. It guided her towards the star’s soft lips until they connected. Their lips interconnected as a passionate spark had lit. The cheerleader could feel her cage strangling her clit as their lips wrestled with one another. Their tongues intertangled as their drool ran down both of their chins.

Tommy worked his hands down Jasmine’s body. Caressing every inch of her petite figure. He lifted her skirt up slowly, revealing her cute butt. The man wrapped his hands on both her cheeks. He had a strong grip, triggering a breathy moan by Jasmine. She was glad she hadn’t earned a sore bottom the last few days to fully enjoy this.

She began trailing her hand down to the front of his towel. His cock was rock solid as she massaged it. It was slow, with a light touch. While he felt this as a tease, it was sadly her inexperience showing. She had never touched a penis before other than her own, and even that she hadn’t done in a long time. All she wanted to do was mount him and ride him like an old western film. But, the eager cheerleader went slow, not letting her raw feelings cause her to go overboard.

However, Tommy didn’t share the same sentiment. He fondled her ass, gripping it tight and surprising her with crisp smacks every once in a while. He broke this kiss, with a spit line connected to both of their lips for a moment. He moved down to her neck, planting his lips on the side of it. Jasmine gasped as the basketball star began kissing and sucking on her neck. Leaving marks all over it before going even further down. Her cheerleader uniform was a long-sleeved crop top, showing her tiny stomach off. He pulled her shirt up, revealing her tiny breasts.

He ran his tongue around her areola. Flicking her nipple with his tongue as she gripped onto him. She let out soft moans, feeling her cage beginning to leak. Her mind was racing as the sensations began to overtake her. She ripped his towel off using only one of her hands and took hold of his full erection. It was warm and thick. Twitching in her hands as she massaged it.

The anxious feelings she once had were slowly fading away. She felt like she had to be doing something right. You don’t just get those heavy, husky moans out of someone for nothing. The same moans that were driving her crazy. She had to have him.

She took a deep breath before taking a step back and slowly getting on her knees. His thick love maker stared her right in the face. She finally had the chance to observe it. It resembled Blair’s strap-on in how thick and veiny it was. She had just hoped what her roommate had taught her would work.

She slowly moved her head towards the huge rod. She stuck her tongue out and trailed it around his head. He shuddered, moaning under his breath as Jasmine lapped it like a thirsty pup. She swirled her tongue around his head, working down to his shaft being wrapped around it. He tasted salty, but surprisingly not as bad as she thought it would. She could lick him up, down, and around all night long if she got the chance. She took deep breaths, making sure not to get too ahead of herself. She had to remain patient, and mindful. Watching his behavior, listening to the noises he made. It was one of the perks of being a psych major.

Soon, Jasmine wrapped her mouth around the head and took as much as him inside. She made it to base before coming back up with a hard suck. Her mouth felt so full. Her jaw was completely unhinged to fit at least a good amount of him in her mouth. The pictures didn’t do this thing justice at all!

She bobbed her head back and forth at an even pace. She swallowed as much as she could of his thick rod. The sounds of sucking and slobbering all over it riled Jasmine up more and more. And it was doing the same to Tommy. The man was clinging to Jasmine’s head, moaning, and shivering as her mouth was massaging every inch of him.

Jasmine couldn’t help but be proud of herself. The first few times she did this with Blair, she had a hard time keeping in her mouth for long periods of time. At least, not without letting out a violent gag. Granted, there were moments taking his large dick in over and over again that she gagged; but it was on a much lower scale, and she recovered quickly.

“Fuck, J…” Tommy breathed, biting the bottom of his lip as his head flew back. Jasmine looked up, her innocent eyes creating a dichotomy in her lewd situation. She sucked hard, her lips tightly clenching around his shaft. Until she bobbed back up and his dick popped out of her mouth. She wrapped her hand around, slowly massaging it up and down as she leaned her head on his pelvis. She looked up, spit and other fluids covering her enthusiastic grin. “How was that?”

He bursa escort bayan panted for a few seconds before looking down at her. He laughed out of breath as he scratched the cheerleader’s head, earning a slight purr out of her. “Really good! You were lying to me saying you wouldn’t be that good, huh?” he praised, getting a slight giggle out of her.

“Actually,” Tommy whispered, with Jasmine raising an eyebrow as his tone sounded as if he was plotting something. Soon, she would learn her suspicions were correct as the large man grabbed her face. It was gentle, as he had taken ample care of not to hurt her. But, it was still a firm, strong grip as she was motioned her mouth in front of his dick again.

“I think I wanna test just how good it is.” He stated as his voice was low and sultry. She would have him read her stories to bed or whisper sweet nothings in her ear if she could. But, she couldn’t focus on that for too long. Soon, his long cock was being slid back into her mouth. However, he drove it to the very back, nearly triggering her gag reflex again. She was surprised, as she knew what was about to happen to her mouth.

With his hands at both sides of her face, Tommy began to stroke his cock into her throat. Continuously smacking against the back of her mouth with a hard gurgle. Her throat expanded to fit his girth and length, with her wet gagging noises driving Tommy crazy. The man grunted and moaned, as did Jasmine through her muffled state.

“Mmm, such cute noises from the little sissy girl.” Tommy teased as he kept using Jasmine like a fleshlight. She moaned loud enough to echo within the locker room. Her cage had been dripping wet from the excitement. The sheer thrill and rush pumping through her nearly overwhelmed her.

Soon, Tommy pulled out of her mouth with a sudden motion. Jasmine gasped for air, keeling over and coughing up on all the spit and precum forcibly stuffed down her throat. Though she was enjoying every second of it, she was glad it was over. She’d rather not be choked out during her first time. Possibly the second, though.

After some aggressive coughing and spitting, she looked back up at Tommy. She was like an obedient puppy, waiting for her master to give her a reward for how well she did. Her eyes were still wide as before. Still carrying that innocent, yet sultry allure to them.

The basketball player leaned down, running his fingers around Jasmine’s now wet cheek. He cupped her face, finding her meek disposition enjoyable.

“Such a hungry slut, aren’t you?” He degraded intimately. He patted her face softly before coming back with a sharp SLAP across her face. It wasn’t too hard, but it did have enough to cause her cheek to have a dull sting. But, Jasmine could care less the pain in her face. In fact, she relished in it. She bit her lips after to stinging smack. The sound of what could be heard as a grunt and a moan escaped her mouth.

He truly had been paying attention to everything they talked about over text. The young man had the cheerleader completely infatuated with him. Her mind was racing with the number of things they would do. Hell, did they even have time to do everything they talked about? To be fair, she didn’t care. All she wanted was him, and she wanted him now.

The sissy girl got back to her feet, keeping a hand tightly gripped on his cock. They stared at one another intently. It was like they were sizing each other up. Two predators, ready to pounce on each other like prey.

Jasmine walked past the riled-up man, going towards the lockers beside them. She placed one of her hands against it, leaning her upper body forward to stick her butt out. It peaked from under her skirt, showing off her white and cadmium green striped panties matching her school colors. With a small stain near the crouch of her panties.

She used her free hand and started to slowly peel off her underwear. Wiggling her butt at Tommy, whose eyes had been glued on it. She let her panties drop to the ground, stepping out of them and spreading her legs wide. Using that same hand to spread her cheek and show her welcoming rosebud.

The young man licked his lips. He got on his hands and knees, his hand wrapped around his rock-hard wet cock, and using his other to keep Jasmine’s cheeks parted. The sissy was completely embarrassed being so exposed. But those feelings were numbed as the wave of endorphins was pumping through her brain.

“I guess it is my turn to get a taste.” He pointed out in a low, sensual voice. With another lick of his lips, he dived into her anus. She gasped, shuddering as his tongue swirled around her back entrance. Licking over and around it, and dipping their tongue inside of her.

The cheerleader moan and clinched to the locker. She had never felt something like this before. No one had gone back there, despite her attempts in the past. There were so many factors going into her mind as her ass was being ate. It was so taboo; she could only imagine the judgment that would ensue if anyone were to see the basketball player flicking his tongue in her anus. It was so sensitive, even his breathing made the freshman’s hips buck. The nerves around her asshole shot with euphoric electricity the more his tongue maneuvered around it.

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