Two F***ing Years at University Ch. 03

Big Tits

The evening that I took Lillian around to Ed’s home, to receive the fucking that she had requested, is one that I (and she) will never forget.

Ed and I had decided she should be introduced to him with ‘the countertop’.

So I had forewarned little Lillian that their sex might be rough, that she might discover she was being slid all around Ed’s kitchen benchtop, and that she might find Ed’s well-endowed manhood felt a little ‘tighter’ to her than those to which she was more accustomed.

I suggested, from my experience, that she close her eyes and enjoy what he was giving her…and, perhaps, she should endeavour to (as females usually try to do) ‘reward’ Ed by periodically squeezing his hard-on with her vaginal muscles. And he would then, inevitably, fill her with a load of cum.

And I promised that, whilst I would be present and watching, I would try to be as ‘invisible’ as possible.

Jokingly, I asked Lillian if her pubes would still be well-trimmed for her meeting with Ed that night.

I’ve told you that Lillian has the knack of surprising me, and she immediately did so by dropping her pants and removing her undies.

OMG, there was not a hair in sight!

Lillian was completely, totally bald down there.

“How’s that?” she proudly asked, before explaining that one of the guys who had previously screwed her had also suggested she become a baldie again.

And, if I may say so, it really suited her.

I instinctively wanted to give that now-bald area a bit of a feel, just to see how smooth it really was — but I resisted the temptation. Lillian probably wouldn’t have minded — in fact she probably would have happily guided my hand down her nakedness from just above her crotch to between her legs.

But there was something else that caught my eye. Either side of her mound — her mound which, last time I had seen it, was definitely a little hairy — and in an area normally hidden by her knickers, were tattoos of seven small ‘tick’ symbols. Three on her left and four on her right. One was in red ink, the remainder in black.

I simply had to ask her what they were for.

“One for each different guy whose had me in bed,” she replied. “Jim, Jason, Vu, …”

“And the red tick?” I enquired.

“That’s for Vic, the virgin — a virgin until I made a man of him!”

“OMG, Lillian. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a guy’s virginity. What was it like?” I asked.

“Good and bad,” she replied. “I felt sorry for Vic when I discovered he was still a virgin, knowing most of his mates probably were not, so it felt good introducing him to something he’d probably like…which he did! But, he didn’t know much about foreplay and came fairly quickly that first time, so it wasn’t as sexually satisfying for me as being filled by guys who are a lot more experienced.”

“I know it sounds a bit clinical but, if I was to bed another virgin guy, I’d ideally like to give him hand jobs — or perhaps oral – each day for a few days before we actually did it, to give him some practice of holding his cum.”

“So you’ll be adding a tick for Ed in a few days’ time?” I enquired, returning to the subject of Lillian’s tattoos.

“In black,” Lillian cheekily replied.

As we drove over to Ed’s home, we both acknowledged that the arrangement — and what was to happen that evening — was quite unusual. Few girls arrange for their girlfriends to be penetrated by ‘their man’ (although it is perhaps more common than is generally acknowledged for ‘their man’ to [secretly] screw their girlfriends!), and few couples willingly agree for another girl to be present and to witness them ‘playing hide the salami’ — especially so on the first time they are doing it!

And this, quite predictably, led us to talking about sex for the remainder of the drive.

At one point I suggested that sex was something that girls needed, rather than simply something that girls liked. Lillian had never had this idea put to her before — but she thought that I was quite correct and she thought that, perhaps, this was one reason why she had become quite sexually active and why she had asked me to arrange her meeting that night with Ed.

Lillian confessed that since puberty she had experienced a very strong urge — a very strong need — to have sex. But she had suppressed it…and had graduated to university intent on quickly ‘liberating’ herself from that suppression. She had previously masturbated, fulfilling some of her innate need to have sex. But, as she had rapidly discovered after having become sexually active, ‘playing with herself’ – no matter how well or how often she did so — never completely satisfied her sexual needs…whereas having ‘real sex’ with a guy was unquestionably a hell of a lot more sexually satisfying.

I had to agree with much of what she said.

“It would be interesting to know how much sex a girl actually needs,” Lillian then suggested.

“Lots!” we both replied with a laugh.

It was fascinating being there when Ed met Lillian. kocaeli escort bayan After all, not every man greets a girl for the first time knowing she has specifically come to see him to be fucked!

He indicated he was pleased to meet her and asked “may I give you a kiss?”

She, instinctively, offered him her cheek, to which he responded “come on Lillian, in the circumstances perhaps something a bit more than that would be appropriate” and then proceeded to give her a full-on, direct-on-her-lips kiss.

I think this defined the relationship for both of them: that they were very soon to be fuck buddies, even if it only might be for this one occasion.

After a bit of small talk — mostly with Ed telling Lillian what he had learned about her from me — a familiar (to me) pattern ensued.

Ed asked Lillian if he could remove her top and bra…and then her pants and knickers.

She, of course, offered no objection.

And she took this as a cue to remove his shirt and pants.

I wondered whether Ed had ever undressed an Asian girl before. I’d have loved to have asked him what he thought of Lillian standing there, completely naked, less than an arm’s length away.

His penis — far from flaccid — gave me a good clue!

Lillian’s body was less revealing about how she was feeling…but I sensed she was eager to ‘get on with it’.

A close hug followed. I could soon see Ed’s penis was being pressed up between Lillian’s legs.

And then he told her how beautifully warm her little body was.


At this point I decided it was time for me to ‘become invisible’.

I’d decided that if I was to ‘invisibly’ watch a couple having sex that I should be suitably undressed for the part — just in case one or other of them really became aware of my presence. So I slowly, quietly, removed my outer clothes and then my bra, so I was finally standing in a corner of the kitchen wearing nothing more than an unremarkable pair of panties.

Ever so gently Ed played with Lillian’s bottom. I knew he would be massively turned on from just feeling it. After all, it was small, tight and petite…and, probably to Ed, enticingly feelable!

I imagined that he would, so much, love to have had a finger (and ultimately much more!) move down her anal crack and around, up into her taught little Asian ass-hole.

Lillian and Ed’s kissing by now had become more intense. It was obvious to me that both were now much more relaxed with one another, and both were focussed on what was about to happen between them. They had progressed from being ‘strangers’ to being ‘lovers’ in just a few short minutes.

I could see that Ed was in no particular hurry to get Lillian up onto the bench and enter her. Instead, he was intent on fully savouring Lillian’s beautiful little body…and she seemed content that he was doing so.

So for more than a few minutes Ed just let his hands run over Lillian’s back and sides and down over and around her attractive little ass.

And then he turned her around and hugged her from the back — gently cupping his hands over her tiny breasts before I could see him moving one hand down…and slowly, ever so slowly, running it from her stomach down over her mons and down between her legs. He did that numerous times…until, I imagine, he repeated the action with his middle finger finding its way deeper down into her clitoral cleavage.

I couldn’t actually see it, though, from where I was standing behind Ed.

And I hadn’t noticed that watching these two naked figures embracing and touching each other’s bodies had also turned me on.

And I certainly wasn’t aware, up until then, that my right hand had slipped inside my panties and that I was starting to finger my clit.

Shit! I’d have to be careful. I certainly didn’t need to orgasm. And I did need to ensure that I remained completely silent and ‘invisible’.

“Are you ready?” Ed eventually enquired.

“Mmm,” Lillian replied as Ed lifted her up on to the benchtop.

Lillian lay on her back, eyes relaxed and closed.

For a few seconds I had an uninterrupted, clear view of the entranceway to Lillian’s cute little love tunnel. It was just so bare…so enticing — even to me, another girl! I could well understand the attraction that it provided to guys lucky enough to lay eyes (and then lay something else!) on it…

(and, just as equally, I could well understand why some girls are attracted to playing with their partner’s pussy.)

Of course that little love tunnel had been ‘open for access’ to a number of guys (7 in fact, as I’d learned a few nights ago!) on numerous occasions since that evening, a year or so back, when Lillian had bled as she was being readied to lose her virginity to Jim.

But now — in just a few seconds time – Ed’s manhood would, as they say, be ‘going where few men had gone before,’ ultimately to pleasure Lillian…and to fulfil her desire – and her need! — to experience what Ed was so-capably able to kocaeli sınırsız escort deliver.

Ed started by pulling Lillian towards him so her bottom was at the edge of the bench and her legs were dangling down towards the floor.

I could see him positioning his manhood at her tunnel entrance…and slowly push the tip of his penis just inside. He then repositioned his hands on to Lillian’s shoulders and…

with one mighty heave he pulled her body towards him as he thrust his body forward towards her.

I instinctively flinched…and almost uttered a yell in sympathy, as I felt for Lillian as she was massively drilled by Ed’s hard-on.

She was less reserved! “Ahhhh!” she screamed, loudly — partly in pain, I suspect, partly in surprise, partly in pleasure.

Ed was unmoved. Or, at least, visibly unmoved — because he immediately started pushing Lillian forward and back on the bench as he rhythmically rammed her little cunt as hard as he could.

I was sure at that time that Lillian was going to end up with a severely bruised pudendum as a result of the fucking she was receiving from Ed — a fucking which, I reminded myself, she had sought.

Lillian’s screams continued — but they were now definitely screams of pleasure: “fuck me…fuck harder…more…yes…again…let me have it…further in…fuck…more…give it to me…”

I was amazed at how vocal Lillian was ‘in bed’. She astounded me that she was such a noisy love-maker — and I mean noisy! — but that didn’t seem to affect Ed. In fact, if anything, it probably spurred him to putting in extra effort!

After Lillian had received a prolonged and serious rogering, Ed stopped for a second or two, withdrew his penis, and lifted Lillian’s legs up above his shoulders.

He then re-inserted his manhood and drove into her again.

And resumed his rhythmic fucking, quite obviously trying to get into her as far as was possible.

By now I had stopped fingering fanny. The fingers of my right hand were now well down between my legs and the palm of my hand was pressing hard against my clitoris and was tightly cupping the entrance to my love tunnel — as if it was there to prevent the escape of any of the secretions that would now reveal how aroused I had become.

I hoped that neither Ed nor Lillian would notice.

Just as I thought Ed must be about to cum he stopped and instructed Lillian to roll onto her tummy so he could now enter her vagina from behind.

This meant that Lillian had to sit up and then stand on the floor to turn around. I’m sure she saw me fleetingly, but she gave no indication of this to me. She was obviously completely focused on what Ed was giving her.

After a short while lying on her tummy, Lillian was suddenly filled with cum. Ed had finally ejaculated…and their lovemaking was virtually over.

I was just amazed at how well, how long, Ed had held back his ejaculation. It seemed, to me, to be forever.

And I was thrilled I had been able to watch. It was an absolutely amazing experience watching your flatmate and girlfriend being ‘pleasured’ — if that is the appropriate word. Especially from the first moments when Ed started kissing her and undressing her.

I’m not exactly sure what I learned, but I now believe every young girl should have a one-time experience of watching another girl having sex (and, of course, be prepared to be watched by another girl whilst she, herself, is performing in bed!).

Ed asked Lillian how she was feeling, so Lillian rolled over, sat up and gave Ed a huge hug. I don’t know if Lillian had orgasmed, but she was certainly satisfied!

And, for the first time, Lillian acknowledged my presence by giving me a sweet smile.

“O.K., your turn now Sarah,” Ed said as he turned around. “Panties off, please.”

“Not before I get a hug,” I immediately responded.

So while Lillian briefly visited the bathroom, Ed took me in his arms.

I’d never smelled him quite as sweaty before, and certainly had never smelled his sweat mixed with the residual feminine odours secreted by another women! It was a bit strange — but alluringly enticing.

I’d assumed that “your turn now Sarah” had meant I, too, was to receive a banging on the benchtop. But Ed had other ideas.

He explained that Lillian had allowed me to watch her experience her “first time” with him, and this was the first time Ed had allowed a young lady to watch him be intimate with another girl — so it was only reasonable that I now allow Lillian to watch me as I did something new, for the first time.

“And… it’s time you took anal,” Ed announced.

“Would you like to see that, Lillian?” he immediately enquired, as be turned towards her, no doubt hoping for an overwhelmingly positive reaction.

“Oooh, yes, very much,” she replied.

Well, fuck me if I was going to accept anal for the first time whilst being watched. There is no way I would have let someone watch me having my first-time izmit anal yapan escort vaginal shafting, and there was no way my first-time anal was going to be any different!

And, fuck me if I was going to accept my first-time anal from Ed when he was somewhat tired from having just screwed Lillian. If — when! — he popped my anal cherry, Ed was going to be 100% fit and active to be able to do so properly.

So the answer was emphatically no!

I had to think quickly — so instead said “Ed, I’ve never squirted, so what I’d really like you to do today is get me to squirt.”

He was intrigued, and so this was an acceptable — and honourable — alternative.

Ed indicated he would need to be given some instruction, which I was more than happy to do — bearing in mind that I was not totally sure myself what to do, as I had only read about how to get a girl to squirt, and had only watched one video on the internet of a girl being induced to squirt.

So I asked Ed to get a bottle of olive oil from his kitchen cupboard, to ensure that I remained well lubricated ‘down there’ throughout the endeavour, whilst I dashed to his linen cupboard and fetched a towel on which I could comfortably lie.

I warned Ed that, should he be successful in getting me to squirt, he would be faced with a major clean-up of his kitchen. I’d been led to believe it was likely that I would uncontrollably pee all over his floor and all over his cupboard doors.

Ed was prepared to accept this risk and suggested I lie on his island benchtop (exactly where he had just fucked Lillian) as this would give him the most straightforward access to where my g-spot was located.

Having climbed on to Ed’s island benchtop, got comfortable and spread my legs, Ed went to work to try to induce me to squirt.

Basically he used two fingers gently, rhythmically massaging my g-spot for a prolonged period. It wasn’t especially comfortable for me (or, as he later explained, for Ed’s two extended fingers which had to keep working overtime at bringing me towards my hoped-for climax).

He (and I) could certainly feel my Skene’s Gland swell as I became more sexually aroused. So Ed was having some success.

And I just focused on the enjoyment he was giving me…whilst trying to avoid orgasming while my body built to the ultimate peak when I anticipated I would just lose all control and involuntarily ‘pee’.

I’d read that squirting was described as ‘orgasms squared’…THE ultimate female response to sexual stimulation…and I hoped, just hoped, that Ed would now deliver me that ultimate feeling of female pleasure.

There is not much more I can describe about it. Ed just kept working his fingers around my g-spot. I just kept focussing on how I was responding (perhaps most significantly increasingly feeling that I wanted to pee, but desperately trying to stop myself from doing so)…and Lillian, dear Lillian, patiently just stood by and silently watched!

And, like an orgasm, it suddenly built…and I exploded.

“Yaaay, Sarah!” came a cheer from the naked nymph who had been standing unnoticed in the corner of the kitchen.

I could not help myself. I was squirting all over Ed’s kitchen…and all over Ed…and all over Lillian, because Ed had then grabbed her and dragged her into the line of pee that I was squirting up in the air all around his kitchen.

And almost as suddenly it stopped.

My reserves of ‘squirt’ had been completely spent — and were now spread all around Ed’s kitchen. What a mess!

There was just one thing I immediately needed to do – jump down from that bench and run to the bathroom.

I needed to pee!!!

…And I later learned from Lillian that she had been most impressed with my ‘artistic waterworks’ and that, when it became obvious to her that I was about to uncontrollably spurt, she had been standing there with the palm of her hand tightly pressed down on her clit, firmly covering the entrance to her love tunnel — hoping that neither Ed nor I would notice!

And, yes, she would be asking Ed, sometime, to get her to squirt — now that he knew how to do so.

(Memo to you girls out there: you MUST get your man to make you squirt. I can’t begin to tell you how fantastic an experience it is. I guarantee you it’s something, you too, will never forget!)

The three of us showered together. A sort of ménage-a-trois in the shower.

It was crowded in there — but fun! Soaping one another and enjoying the intimacy.

But, perhaps, I then got a bit selfish in there.

Whilst Ed was soaping Lillian’s back (and playing with her nicely-rounded bottom!) I soaped her front — taking the opportunity to run my hands over and around her tiny tits, to then ensure that she was well-lathered down between her legs.

That bald area of hers felt wonderful to me — perhaps more so because it’s a ‘personal’ area of her body that I really should not have been touching!

And then I assumed it to be my role to lather that the same area just above Ed’s crotch …which, to my delight, induced his manhood to swell. In fact, to become quite erect!

I flippantly remarked that it had been some time since I’d enjoyed his hard-on ‘down there’…to which Ed immediately responded “then we’ll remedy that right now.”

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