An Introduction to Swinging


This is my first attempt at writing erotica. I hope you will enjoy.

This is my recount of a real life experience that occurred several years ago in Denver, CO at a hotel named Mon Chalet. The hotel have 25 or so rooms and caters to swingers and others who have are interested in a sexually open lifestyle. Normally, you must have a room to be there; however, they have a pool area for which they offer afternoon passes to locals that are good from 12:00 – 4:00. People hang out around the pool and socialize. This can be anything from chatting, to exhibitionism between a couple, voyeurism, or just all out fucking. It is a great place!

A bit about me, I am a married male about 40 years old, a few extra pounds and of average endowment but with which most would consider a well above average interest in sex – LOL. Unfortunately, my lovely wife doesn’t share my more open interests, so I tend to hit Mon Chalet every month or so on a weekend afternoon and go to the pool. Not too surprisingly, there are somewhat regular groups that visit like I do. Some of us have gotten to know each other in the biblical sense:) There is one lady named Gina that I have seen there several times and had the pleasure of enjoying her sexy body.

At the time of this story, she was 38 year old. She is about 5’7″, curvaceous, great C cup breasts and weighs about 150 lbs. She has the most delightful brown nipples, that go from totally smooth when not excited to about a half inch long and half inch in diameter when they get the attention that she loves so much. Unlike many of the women in the lifestyle, Gina doesn’t shave her pubes bare. She is proud of the rich black head of hair that she has and likes the way that her black pubes are set off against her alabaster skin. She does trim the edges and its length a little to take the wild look off. And she does shave near her lips to make sure that her lovers get good access to her luscious pussy and clit. I have met few women who truly enjoy oral as much as she does.

Over the couple of years that I have known Gina, she has shared a bit at a time about her personal life. She has never married and has troubles with relationships because her father was abusive to her mother, Leah. While the abuse of her mother adversely affects her relationships, it has done nothing to impair her strong libido. She became sexually in her teens, learned that she enjoyed women and multiple partners while in college, and was introduced to the swinging lifestyle by a couple she met at work. So to her, the lifestyle is a way to enjoy her sexual abandon while not having to worry about the burden of a relationship.

While Gina avoided emotional relationships, her mother continued to put up with crap from her husband, Gina’s father, because she did truly love him, or so she thought. Without any fanfare, the bastard left her mother, about six months before the day on which this experience happened, for a 20 year old that he had hired in his business.

On the evening before this eventful Saturday afternoon, Gina was visiting her mother and knew that something was bothering Leah. The two were so close. Gina asked her mother what was wrong. At first, Leah didn’t want to talk about it. but finally, she admitted that she was horny. In the six months since Gina’s Dad had left, she had largely gotten over the emotional impact of him leaving her. In fact, overall she was much happier because now she realized just how bad he had been to her for the istanbul escort 39 years that they were together. Apparently, though Leah viewed sex with him as a burden because he took what he wanted to didn’t care about her, it did care of the itch between her legs. And now, after six months with no male contact and apparently very little masturbation, Leah had an itch bigger than Texas!

While never sharing details with Leah, Gina had previously confided with her Mom that she had entered the lifestyle and was quite happy with it. Gina told me that while she was listening to her Mom that a bell went off in her head and she decided to bring her Mom to the Mon Chalet the next day. She spent the next two hours convincing her Mom to come. While most of the people at the MC pool are nude, there are those in the occasional bathing suit. She convinced her Mom that she could come and sit by the pool and swim if nothing else. Gina also agreed to wear a bathing suit and to not engage in any play unless her Mom was comfortable with it. In the end, Leah agreed and joined.

Leah looks like a slightly older version of Gina. While she was 56 years old, she was actually a bit trimmer than Gina. She was about the same height, about 10 lbs lighter, I would guess. She still had good muscle tone, her breasts sagged a bit, but she still had an attractive body.

When they walked into to the pool area, Gina said hi to us regulars and introduced us to Leah. We all said hello and welcomed her to the Mon Chalet. Leah went into the restroom to strip down to her bathing suit. While Leah was in the bathroom, Gina stripped poolside to her bathing suit. While doing so, she gave us regulars a brief explanation of what had happened and why she would be hanging out with her Mom as well as she would not be playing unless her Mom did so.

When Leah came out of the restroom, she and Gina joined the three of us that were already in a hot tub. We chatted for a while, with no one talking about the obvious, that three of us were nude while Leah and Gina were in their bathing suits. Leah was wearing a conservative one piece while Gina was in a bikini. Leah was sitting to my left while Gina sat between the other two guys. We all chatted a bit. While always courteous and a gentlemen, I made the extra effort to chat with Leah and make her comfortable. After a while, I noticed that the heat from the tub seemed to be getting to Leah and asked if she wanted to get into the pool to cool off. She took me up on my offer. We both stood at the same time; I knew that this would be one of the little mini-tests to see how comfortable Leah was. She looked down at my semi-erect cock and smiled. I offered her my hand and help her out of the tub. Gina looked up, winked at me and mouthed “be nice.” I smiled back at her and followed after Leah.

We walked down from the hot tub and into the pool. Leah said the cool water felt good and swam to the far side of the pool and back. I settled in one side of the pool where the water came about half way up my chest. As Leah swam toward me and stopped, she realized that she couldn’t stand up and keep her head above water. Before I could even offer her a support, she placed her hands on my shoulders. Gravity took care of the rest and brought her pubic region in close contact with my now stiffening protuberance. She looked up at me and smiled. I put my arms around her to hold her in place, and asked if she was OK with our contact. She wiggled her hips a bit, and ataköy escort said yes and that she was flattered that an old broad could get a rise like this. I laughed, picked her up a bit, and settled her back down now with the crotch of her bathing suit now positioned directly over my hard cock and her smooth thighs trapping it on either side.

While we were laughing, a 40 something couple walked in and said hello. While they were walking toward the lockers, Leah asked me if I knew them. I told her that I didn’t, smiled broadly, and said that I hope to get to know her today though. Leah laughed, squeezed her thighs tightly, winked at me and said it would have to be later, I was all hers for now LOL. She started asking me about the Mon Chalet, the people here today, and ultimately shyly asked if I played with Gina. I told her that yes, Gina and I had played together more than a few times, but that she would have to get any details from Gina.

The couple who had walked in earlier came down the steps into the pool and were now coming our way. They introduced themselves as Alex and Tessa. They told us that they were from South Dakota and we in town on business and decided to stay at the Mon Chalet. They asked questions about the place that I answered with what I know and were very encouraging to Leah when she gave them an abbreviated version of the bastard husband story and the invitation to come today by her daughter, Gina. As we chatted, Leah was wiggling her hips back and forth on my now rock hard cock and was obviously comfortable with the sexually energized pool area. While we talked, Alex had right hand caressing Tessa’s left breast and now very hard nipple. Tessa was also stroking Alex’s now stiff cock with her right hand.

Leah leaned back and excused herself needing to go to the restroom. The three of us continued to talk. Tessa started stroking Alex’s cock with her left hand as her fingers wrapped around my still hard cock. I smiled at her and moaned that her hand felt very nice. We all laughed. About that time, the bathroom door opened and a nude Leah appeared with her suit in hand. I said, “Wow, you look great!” Leah laughed and said thank you. Tessa commented, you must like what you see given the way your cock jerked when she came out without her bathing suit. To which I responded with another jerk. Leah looked very much like her daughter. She also had C cup breasts with nice brown nipples about ½” in diameter but her nipples were considerable longer than Gina’s. She also had trimmed, black pubic hairs. As she walked by us on the edge of the pool, I could see from my vantage point that her labia extended below her pubic hair and that she had a much larger clit than Gina. In fact, Leah’s clit looked like a small cock. I was immediately thinking about how I would like to wrap my lips around it! As she walked by us to the pool steps, Alex commented on how he would love to suck on Leah’s clit. Tessa clamped her hands on both of our cocks and said, only after I do – LOL.

All three of us were laughing as Leah swam up to us and discovered Tessa’s hand on my cock. Tessa pulled her hand away and said she was just keeping it hard for Leah. Leah hugged Tessa, kissed her on the cheek and said Thank You and resumed her perch with her hands on my shoulder and her now bare pussy on my cock. It could have just been my imagination, but it felt like the pussy lips opened up and slid down the side of my cock and I could clearly avcılar escort feel her hard clit rubbing against my shaft. Leah asked what the three of us were laughing about when she swam up. All three of us turned red faced immediately. Alex and I were too embarrassed to speak. But Tessa saved us and told Leah that we were all admiring her sexy nude body and especially the view of her sizable clit. She recounted my cock jerking, Alex’s candid desire as well as Tessa telling both of us that we would have to get in line behind her.

Leah smile and said, “Oh.” Without missing a beat, Tessa asked if Leah was bi. Leah said that prior to today, that she had only been with ex-husband and that mine was only the second cock that she had ever touched and that she had never considered being attracted to another woman. Tessa told her that there was not pressure, but that she would love to introduce here to bi-sexuality if she was interested. Leah responded with let’s wait and see.

Without even realizing, I had moved my hands to each of Leah’s breast and started to play with her long, erect nipples. Leah looked at me and smiled. I said, “Oops, may I.” To which she said yes, her nipples were sensitive and loved attention. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Alex reaching for and tweaking Tessa’s nipples. Leah also saw his motion, turned her head and watching the live porn show going on in the pool next to us. She increased the amount of force that she was using to press her excited pussy against my cock, let out an earthy moan and said “Damn this is fucking hot”. She then turned her face back to me and began to french kiss me as if she were dying from thirst and I was the last water in the world. I pull her closer and rubbed my hard cock more aggressively against her rock, hard, excited clit.

As Leah and I continued the battle of tongues, I felt Tessa’s right hand reach down to the juncture of Leah and my body alternatively playing with my cock and Leah’s clit while Alex’s left hand play with Leah’s nipple. I pulled away from Leah’s mouth to take in this sexy view. I swear, Leah’s nipple was not an inch long and she was loving the attention. Leah had now leaned her head back and was moaning in sexual bliss. I raised my left hand to her right nipple and began to play with it. She moaned even louder and told me to pinch it, pull it and twist it – HARD!!! She was a woman who was clearly about to cum. As she consider to rub against my cock, Tessa continue to finger her clit. Alex and I kept up the assault on her nipples. As Leah leaned further back to give Tessa better access with her hand, I leaned my head over and wrapped my lips around her nipple. This caused Leah to begin chanting, ‘I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum…” Lost in the moment, I bit down on her nipple and pulled my head back and Leah started coming.

Leah’s body was letting out a lifetime of sexual frustration. She seemed to cum and cum and cum, one wave following yet another until suddenly, she went limp. She had no energy remaining. She was spent. She leaned her head against my chest with her face turned to the left toward Alex and Tessa and said, “Thank You, Thank You …” Tessa leaned over to kiss Leah on the cheek, but Leah turned her head and met Tessa’s kiss, lip to lip.

I leaned back, taking in the moment. Enjoying the sensual kiss between two very excited and sexy women. As I looked back to the right, I could see Gina still in the hottub, but now without her bathing suit. She was leaned over the side of the tub facing us. She had been watching all of this while getting fucked from behind, doggystyle by John, one of the Mon Chalet regulars. When I looked at her, she smiled and gave a thumbs up and then started coming herself.

End – Chapter 1

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