Dad’s Boy


Editor’s Note: story contains incest content.


Joe sat there, knowing that a lecture was coming. His Dad had called him in from the backyard to “talk to him about something.”

“Well son, I guess you know why we’re here.” Stewart said, as he sat down next to his son on the couch in the family den just a few inches away from his son. His son just turned 18 years old, nice muscular body as he was on track and the swimming team in school.

“I guess you would like to talk about what happened yesterday?” said Joe. Stewart looked at his son and replied “Exactly.”

Joe thought about the adventure they had yesterday. His father took him over to visit a relative on his motorcycle and on the way home decided to pull over on dirt road so he could relieve himself. Joe decided to join his dad by standing next to him pulling out his young cock and peeing. Joe would glance over to take a look at his father cock which he found to be nice size. Stewart was watching his son looking at his cock that he was getting aroused. Joe was unaware his father was watching him as he was so engaged in watching his father pee. His father finished peeing and zipped up! Joe was disappointed but realized he was not peeing and just standing there with his semi erect cock in hand. He too, put his cock back in his pants and zipped up. His father was back at the bike waiting for his son. Joe was having a hard time walking as he cock was erect. When he got to the bike he straddle the bike and positioned his crotch so that when his father sat down he would feel his son’s hard cock. When his father sat, Joe could feel the weight of his father’s ass on his hard cock, damn it felt so good! His father did not adjust himself so Joe enjoyed the ride the rest of the way home.

When they arrived at home nothing was said. Overnight Beylikdüzü escort Stewart thought about how to approach his son Joe and talk about what happened. He wanted his son to know that he was okay with the situation.

Stewart continued the conversation by asking Joe if he enjoyed himself yesterday when they stopped to take a pee. “What do you mean, dad?” asked Joe.

“I mean I saw you looking at my cock while I was peeing and you got a hard on and was stroking yourself.” Stewart replied to his son.

“Dad, I am kind of embarrassed. I did enjoy watching you pee and didn’t realize I was stroking myself until you zipped up.” Joe was uncomfortable with the situation talking about what happened but at the same time getting excited! His cock was starting to get hard in his shorts.

Stewart looked at his son and could tell his son was a bit uncomfortable but informed Joe that there was nothing to be uncomfortable about as he enjoyed having his son look at him. Stewart continued by telling his son he felt his hard on when he sat down on the bike. “You were extremely horny yesterday son, weren’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” Joe answered. “My cock would not go down as I was truly worked up thinking about what just happened.” Joe squeezed his legs together to try and keep his hard on hidden from his father’s view.

Stewart stood up, his hard bulge pointed directly at his son’s face. Knowing that his wife would not be home for a few hours as she was out with friends shopping. Oh, how he wanted to fuck his son’s mouth! To slide his cock into his only son’s mouth, and let loose a flood of sticky hot cum down his throat! To turn him around and ram his cock into his asshole, filling it up too.

Joe stared at his father’s bulge and asked “Would it be ok if I touched it Daddy?” His breathing Beylikdüzü escort heavy, as he stared straight at his own Father’s bulge. He wanted his father to yes, touch it, suck it, and then you have to let daddy fuck you. His asshole twitched at the thought of his own Father slamming his dick into him, calling him names and saying what a little cunt he was.

“Yes, you can touch it, son. But be careful, Daddy might shoot a load of cum right onto your hand.” Stewart was so excited! To think, his own son wanted to touch his hard cock! Maybe he could get him to at least jack him off. What a fantasy! But now his own son was really reaching out to touch his Father’s cock. What would happen next?

Joe reached out with his hand and touched his Father’s big bulge. It jerked and Stewart took a hold on it, pulling the zipper down and freeing his hard cock and balls. He reached for his son’s hand and wrapped it around the shaft of his cock, moving Joe’s hand back and forth, hoping this felt as good to his son as it did to his Daddy. Joe was finally holding his Father’s dick in his hands! His mouth watered, just thinking how much he wanted it there. He looked up at his Daddy, and said, “Daddy, does this feel good to you? Could I see you cum?” He looked up, trying to be as innocent as he possibly could be while jacking his own Father’s cock.

Stewart looked at his son and said “Joe, I want you to make me cum. I would like you to suck it, but only if you want too. Please, I have been looking at your hot little body for so long, wishing I could do these things with you.”

“Oh, Daddy! I have wanted you to let me play with your cock all this time, and now you say you wanted me to do it all along. Well, if you’ll let me, I’ll make all your son fucking fantasies come true. Call me names, tell me I’m a whore Escort Beylikdüzü and a slut for wanting my own Father’s cock. Will you?” Joe was looking up at his Daddy, just holding his dick now, waiting for an answer.

Stewart whispered down to his son, “Yes, baby. You are now my slut. I’ll call you my little whore, or whatever you want. But right now, I have got to cum before I explode!”

Joe mouth moved forward, taking the head of his own Father’s cock into his mouth. He was beyond caring about anything else now. Now, to make Daddy feel good!

Stewart was in heaven! He had his cock in his own son’s mouth, he was going to fill him with cum. He said, “Oh, yeah baby. Suck your Daddy’s big dick. Suck me, bitch. I bet you want me to fill your throat with cum. Do you want that? Would Daddy’s little cocksucker like to taste his Father’s cum?”

“Yes sir, I want you to cum in my mouth!”

He was now deep-throating his Father’s cock!! It slid in and out of his throat, leaving a trail of pre-cum each time it moved in his mouth. Stewart was now face fucking his little boy! He felt that feeling that he was about to cum. He looked down, and said, “Here it comes! Suck your Father’s cum out of his cock, slut! Eat it! I’m cumming!!” And with that, Stewart shot a huge load of sticky, slimy cum down his son’s throat. Joe just sat there, swallowing jet after jet of cum. His Daddy had shoved his cock into his throat, and was pumping his belly full of his sperm. A little bit escaped into his mouth, and he tasted his Daddy’s cum for the first time. It was so hot, and tasted salty. But it was so good! Joe let go of his daddies cock and asked “Did I do a good job”

Stewart looked down at his beautiful son and said “You were great, baby. I love the way you made your dad feel, I love you baby!”

“I love you too, dad,” Joe said.

With that his father cleaned himself up kissed his son on the fore head and said “Looking forward to next time when we will have more time, but your mom will be home soon.”

Joe looked at his father and said “Ok, till next time!”

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