Subject: Vickies Decent How easily any one can be brought into the world of lesbian sex All my life I’d been in a fundamental Christian environment, my home, school, collage, and even Grad school, now with my Masters in Business Accounting and management I know I’m more than ready to face the outside world, even with all it’s temptations, because I have a firm foundation in my faith and I know nothing can cause me to slid into temptation…or so I believed. A management search company found me the perfect position, office manager trainee for Ralston and Assoc. CPA. A very large company with fleet of girls doing nothing but account executive work. My training supervisor is a lovely woman of 40 who for whatever reason is still single, certainly not because she lacks desirability because even I feel a strange rush when I’m near her, which is totally unacceptable according to my religious beliefs, or even common morality. But my god why do I have these unclean thoughts about Fran, even though she’s gorgeous, tall, black hair, dark skin, large inviting lips, and a perfect figure. So terrible is my fall from grace I find myself sobbing nightly as I pray for forgiveness for ever having such sick perverted thoughts toward Fran as I do. Finally after months of training I’d been given the position and no longer must be in close proximity with Fran. Right after my position as head of the dept. is final, Fran asks me, “Vicky we now may become friends, and I find you to be not only very intelligent and well educated but a very nice person to be around, will you let me take you to dinner this Friday evening. I truly want us bursa yabancı escort to become close friends.” What else can I do but except, even though I no longer work under Fran we do work in the same dept, so I smile, and tell her, “Yes Fran, I will enjoy that very much. Friday evening at a very nice restaurant as we are enjoying our dinner Fran does the most embarrassing thing she could possibly do to me, she reaches across the table, holds my hand as she tells me, “Victoria, I know you are attracted to me, I must tell you, I also am attracted to you. Will you allow us to explore this mutual attraction we have.” I probably turned umpteen shades of red, inhaled deeply, felt tears rolling down my face, began hyperventilating, felt dizzy, and realizing I’m terribly embarrassing myself, quickly replied, “Please excuse me.” And ran to the ladies restroom, went into a stall and vomited, upon heaving my insides out, as I start to get up, my legs do not seem to be able to support me, so as I crumble to the floor, Fran holds me up, and attempting to lighten the mood some what says, “Vicky, a simple yes would have been sufficient.” For whatever reason that sounded so funny we both laughed, and before I could even think of objecting Fran kisses my lips. For those brief seconds everything I’d been taught, how I thought I felt about this kind of romance, let alone it is out side of marriage…no it’s even more terrible then that, it’s a same sex passionate kiss…what is wrong with me. None of that seemed to matter as I found myself melting in her arms, and actually kissing her back, holding bursa sınırsız escort her close, and horrors of horrors having a damn orgasm also, all this over one simple kiss. How can that happen to me, I’m an adult, 23, well educated, a responsible position, and here I am entertaining thoughts, the likes of which no one should feel much less want to act on, and I am having flashes of thoughts of Fran making passionate love to me. As she pulls away, she asks, “do you have your composure back my pet.” Now far too lost in her kiss, feeling enchanted beyond my capacity to object, I softly reply, “Yes…I’m fine now.” Fran smiles and tells me, “You are completely enchanted by me aren’t you.” All I can muster out is, “hmmm-hmmm.” Another kiss, but this one lighter and she leads me back to our table. I guess we must have finished our dinner, left and went somewhere, but the only thing that I remember after the ladies room kiss was setting on a couch, Fran’s lips pressed tightly against mine, her one hand against the back of my head the other brushing over my breasts, her fingers squeezing my nipples, her teeth biting them, until I squealed in pain…but not a pain as I knew of, but a pleasant sensuous pain that caused me to want more of it. Then I feel her pulling my ear ring with her teeth, actually chewing on my ear lobe and creating more of that strange, almost haunting, desirable pain she seems to know just how to give me so I have the most pleasure from it. Then softly in my ear I hear, “You want me to sexually satisfy you don’t you my pet.” “Hmmm-hmmm.” No baby, tell me, tell görükle escort me how much you want me to continue, say it all my little pet…SAY IT.” I burst out crying, sobbing Terribly as I practically scream, “Fran, please, fuck me.” “You’re a virgin, do you want me to take your virginity my pet.” “Yes.” “Yes what, tell me, Vicky, tell me what you want me to do…SAY IT SLUT.” Now so deep under her spell so orgasmic and wanting full sexual satisfaction, I tearfully scream, “Yes, Fran, take my virginity, break my hymen, make me bleed…Pleaseeeee, fuck me.” Some time during my delirium Fran had undressed us, so now she begins ravishing my body terribly, as her lips, teeth, tongue, and fingers invade every part of my body, all too soon her fingers are probing my pussy, finding that special spot, as her tongue flicks my clitoris, as my arousal becomes sexual hysterics, fading into euphoria on into delirium as orgasm after orgasm sweeps through my body finally rendering me unconscious. Having never experienced such a forceful emotional trama like this, I fainted because of exhaustion, hyperventilation and fatigue. I’m jolted awake by Fran exhaling her cigarette smoke in my face, jumping up screaming, she holds me down, kisses my lips, as she tells me, “you poor darling child, you have never experienced fulfilling sex before… it seems it was a little much for you…tell me pet, do you want more of my loving, and will you give me yours.” The final nail in my cross, comes as I reply, “Yes, Fran, please tell me what I must do to keep you wanting me.” “do you remember what I did to excite you so much, do that to me, now, as I tell you what you must do to keep me wanting you.” Fran directs me so I can find her Spot, and clitoris, where my fingers and tongue must be so sexually stimulate her, during which time she lightly pets my hair, smoking a cigarette, and making me inhale her smoke as she blows it in my face

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