Learning Older Women’s Tricks


Learning Older Women’s TricksIt all started when I was s*******n. I had discovered my love for sex even though I had never had the opportunity to explore it with another. The extent of it was masturbating that started when I was younger. The greatest part was Mrs. Parker who lived across the street and most of the time dressed or undressed in front of her open window, many times standing in front of the mirror and rubbing her body parts while I attended to my pleasures. A few times I had applied with Mrs. Parker only 10 years my senior, to cut her lawn, however, even though I knew she was aware I was watching. She always had a young body builder type guy doing her yard work. I had always begged her to allow me to help her hoping to get closer to her and enjoy her escapades up close. I was hauling a load from Tulsa Oklahoma to Las Vegas Nevada and had just pulled off I- 435 in Kansas City needing to fuel my truck before continuing on my trip. I started driving truck over the road back when I was 25 and had traveled many miles and seen a lot of interesting things. I like the idea of not having a boss and getting the loads delivered was my main goal and commitment. Pulling up to the fuel pumps at the big Flying Hook Fuel Stop, I turned the engine off. Looking at my watch I realized I had been driving for the better part of ten hours and would have to shut down for the night in forty-five minutes. Thank God I thought to myself.I had been lucky enough to be able to save enough money in order to buy my own truck. I always took good care of it and only bought fuel at the best truck stops. After filling up I walk into the cashier to pay for my purchase. This is when everything changed.The cashier looked familiar to me. My mind began shuffling through its files to remember where I had seen her. “Mrs.Parker” I said with doubt in my voice. “Not Mrs. Parker any more “ she said.”I divorced that bum.” “Do I know you?” she said, studying my face. “ James, I used to live across from fethiye escort you in Seattle.” “ James,” she said. “My, you’ve grown up.” “When did you move out here” I questioned? “A couple of years ago, met a guy and came out here.” “Where you heading,” she ask? “No where tonight,” I said. “What time do you get off tonight, I would love to buy you dinner or a drink if you would be a mind to” I said. “My shift ends in an hour, and I would love a drink” she added letting her glance run up and down me. “Great” I said, “meet you in here in an hour.” The hour went fairly fast as I parked my truck, took my shower bag inside shaving and putting on a clean shirt. When Debbie Parker came out of the store after work we quickly walked to her car across the parking lot without talking. Once inside the car and out of sight of the store she put her hand behind my neck and pulled me to her giving me a wet tongue kiss. As she held me tight, kissing me, her other hand went to my crouch and rubbed my now forming bulge. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this moment,” she said after pulling from our wet kiss. “I always wanted this when I watched you as a k**,” I said to her. “I know I watched you wanking, and it made want to show off more,” she said smiling while starting the car. We head out of the parking lot and down the road.After going down the road a short ways she pulled into a small country bar called Suds and Sawdust. The parking lot was empty except a couple of cars. We got out of the car and walked in with her arm around my waist. We order a couple of drinks and carried them to a corner table to sit down. There were two older guys setting at the bar watching the tv. We set there sharing small talk about the old neighborhood and our escapades when I was growing up. While we talked, she had her hand on my thigh occasionally rubbing my hard cock through my jeans. I pulled her to me and gave her a very wet kiss, ramming my tongue deep in her mouth and she excepted it willingly. To have her in my arms escort fethiye seemed so natural. I needed to get out of here before my jeans ripped out from the pressure of my cock. We thanked the barmaid and exited, heading back to the car. “There’s a Motel 6 down the road” she said, “If you’re interested?” Reaching over and grabbing her right breast and squeezing it roughly I said “I need you bad.”We pulled into the motel, I went in and registered and with in minutes we were heading to room 106. We no more entered the room then I grabbed her and pulled her blouse up over her head exposing her large mounds barely being held by an overstuffed black bra. I reached under the bra pulling it up over her massive tit, freeing it from it bounds. Dropping my head to it, my mouth began sucking on her cheery hard nipple. Both her hands went to my belt unhooking it and unzipping my pants, letting them drop to the floor. My large cock peeked out of the fly on my boxers, her hand grabbing it and began massaging it expertly. I bent down and pick her up and carried her to the bed, depositing her on her back. Reaching down I roughly pulled her jeans off to find she never wore panties. Pulling her legs apart to expose her wet, juicy slit I dropped to my knees, my tongue went deep inside her pink. The aroma was so sweet; the juice had a taste to die for. I nibbled on her clit, my tongue lapped at her like a cat lapping at a bowl of milk. With one hand I held her leg and the other I forced my middle finger in her tight ass hole with a vengeance. She screamed out loud from the pain, from the ecstasy of the night.I picked her up and turned her over. Sitting her on her knees, her head resting on the pillow, I forced my large member into her pussy. I started out slow grinding deep in her womanhood. Reaching out I grabbed a handful of hair and began pulling it, as I pumped harder and deeper inside her. I want to hurt her for not allowing me her womenhood years before; I wanted to hurt her for all the times I masturbated fethiye escort bayan when I could have been fucking her. I wanted to punish her, but most I wanted to fill her with my nectar over and over.Grabbing her shoulders I was pounding her honey pot as hard and as fast as I could go. Moans came from her throat. When I could no longer hold back I gushed a large stream of spunk deep inside her. We collapsed on the bed. Even at her age she was still hot.We laid by each other for a couple of minutes, then she started massaging my tool again. “I’d love to go again,” she said as she took my now firming member in her mouth. I reached down and with three fingers started pumping in and out of her juicy pussy. She continued to suck on my cock. Soon, I replaced my three fingers with my whole fist. I was pumping her deep and she was moaning loudly as she suck me near to explosion again. I pulled away from her, grabbing her by her waist I rolled her over on her stomach. Then pulling her up on her knees and pushing her face into a pillow to muffle the sound, I slapped her butt cheek with a bare hand making a loud smack. Spreading her butt cheeks I put my saliva wet purple cock tip up against her brown candy hole and with all the force I could muster I stuffed my hard rod deep inside her ass. Screams muffled into the pillow and I began to pump her as deep as I could go. You could hear her crying into the pillow, followed by moans. I continued to pump and smack her butt till I thought I was going to explode again. I pulled out of her, and pulling her face up to me I began to gush my white sweet cream on her face and into her mouth. A look of total satisfaction was seen in her eyes.We lay holding each other for a few moments, then got up and got dressed. Back in the car heading back to the truck stop, she told me she wished this had happened a long time ago. I had to agree. I told her I would be back in a couple of weeks, and we talked of getting together again. I knew it probably wouldn’t happen, but I was certainly happy about Learning Older Womens Tricks. THE ENDHope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy bringing them to you. I’m working on two new ones and they should be posted soon. WATCH FOR THEM UNDER StraightStick602.

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