Beach Trip over a year ago


Beach Trip over a year agoSo my husband and I decided to go down to our beach house last weekend for a few days, the island that we are on wasn’t very busy, with it being this early in the year, so we decided to take a walk on the beach. We walked on the beach for a while and decided to sit down on the towel near the pier (only place on the beach that was partially lit, the pier was closed but if anyone was around I wanted them to be able to see, my idea)and talk, talking lasted for about five minutes before we started making out. I told my hubby to stand up and he did I got up on my knees and pulled down his pants and began sucking his dick. Know that people could be walking around us and it was so dark that we wouldn’t know was amazing to think about while I sucked his dick. I slid my pants down and pulled my shirt and bra off and kept sucking, I just loved the idea of being watched and seen out and about. I took my shoes off and got completely naked, my hubby could only kinda giggle and say you türbanlı tekirdağ escort are so crazy. He climbed down on top of me and slid his dick inside me I let out a huge moan just to be noisy to bring attention to us possibly. He fucked me while I looked around to try and see if anyone was standing in the dark, we had sex for a while and I looked at him and said I want you to cum in my mouth (once again said it loud enough for others down the beach to hear lol). A couple of minutes later my hubby pulled out stood up and I got back on my knees and sucked him to orgasm, I pulled his dick out of my mouth and let him watch the cum shoot in while I sat there with my mouth wide open. I swallowed smiled and began getting dressed. After I got dressed we decided to walk a little further down the beach and as we did we passed three guys sitting on towels about thirty feet from us in the dark. They didn’t say anything but there is no way they didn’t türbanlı tekirdağ escort see. Continuing my adventure after we passed them we took about 20 pics with my hubby’s camera phone in the complete darkness so everyone would see the flash going off and get a glimpse of my naked body every few seconds, it was so amazing.Well after we walked home we decided to go up on the widow’s peak( a roof top deck) and fool around, ( last year this time we were caught on the same deck and decided to stop because we weren’t really that into showing off, this year obviously we are lol). We got up to the top deck and my hubby said oh I forgot to turn all the outside lights off, (we left all the exterior lights on including ones on both widow’s peaks when we were up there earlier, I convinced him just to leave them on). I sat down on a built in bench on the deck and got completely naked once again, I was a little drunk and excited so I aggressively türbanlı escort tekirdağ grabbed the hubby and put his head on my pussy. He began licking my clit and fingering my pussy, then without warning he pulled one of his wet fingers out and shoved it in my ass hard!!!!!! I loved it, I told him you have another hand play with my pussy with the other hand so I had three fingers in my pussy and two in my ass and my hubby licking my clit!!!!!!!!! Within a few seconds I had an orgasm and my hubby backed up and pulled his fingers outemy pussy and I shot my pussy juice around four feet!!!!! I let him stretch my pussy as I played with my clit and had uncountable orgasms. I then told him to sit down and pull his pants off. I squatted down with my legs open so I could play with myself and started to suck his dick, I had to stop a couple times while I squirted everywhere. I got on his dick and rode him for a while squirting all over him time after time, I took his hand and told him to finger my ass hole while I fucked him, ( I am so dirty while I am drinking) he had three fingers completely in my ass as I bounced on his dick and played with my clit I was in absolute heaven!!!!!! As he was getting ready to cum I got off him and swallowed once again!!!! Knowing we just had amazing kinky sex in front of people was awesome to think about I couldn’t sleep!!!!!!!!!

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