Becoming a Cuckold

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Becoming a CuckoldYoung CuckoldJust a little background before I begin my story. My ex-wife and I got married young. I impregnated her when she and I were only 19, we married shortly after we turned 20. We had little experience with sex,which partly explained her pregnancy. She had only one lover before me and she was my first.Our parents insisted on the wedding,so it happened. Six months after our hasty wedding, Mary gave birth to our first c***d, a beautiful deep brown eyed boy.I fell into a good paying job at a defense plant just outside of our home town and we settled into our new life. Mary was, as most were at the time, a stay at home mom and though my wages did not allow much for restaurants or bars, we were happy.Our hormone driven teen sex life had settled into a once or twice a week routine. Which between work and baby care,seemed fine for the both of us. I shouldn’t say that. Actually I required a bit more. As often as I could get away with it, I would go down to my workshop in the basement where I had a stash of skin magazines and masturbated looking at them. I will admit I diddled myself for an hour or more before finally spurting my load onto the floor.As time went by,I found a magazine for swingers. I read every ad, dreaming of sharing my wife with a stud,watching her cum and cum on a fat big headed dick. Why these fantasies filled me with lust, I will never know. Time and time again I would cum to them………………………………………………………………………………….Mary had been raised in a very conservative religious household. I do believe it resulted in her somewhat Jekyll and Hyde behavior. She dressed sweetly and properly in public. Her clothing did very little to draw attention to her unusually large breast. The heavy stiff,breast flattening bras removed any chance of wiggle or sway. She hated profanity and frown sharply on anyone that did, including me. Yet when we were engaged in foreplay, the rules disappeared and I would begin insert vulgarity into our love making. The very sounds of the words enflamed her passions. If she were close, it would put her quickly over the edge.My wife is very attractive woman. Though she had add about 15 pounds after giving birth, she carries it well. It seemed that most of the weight gathered in her ass and thighs.Her breasts, large and full before giving birth , now hung loose and flattened on her chest. When she bent over, the large soft melons hung and swayed. I found her to be very erotic. Unfortunately for me, her cunt had never returned to its former size. I never did fill her up with my 4 plus inches before the baby and her now stretched and gaping cunt made it certain I wouldn’t be doing any time soon. I suspected she didn’t feel my cock much at all when I mounted her though she never complained of it.Mary was a lady in public. PTA, Church, Charity organisations, never used profanity in her speech and shunned those that did. She told me she had never masturbated, even as a c***d, and she didn’t believe it was normal or necessary. In the dark of the bedroom, especially after a glass or two of wine, she became a very slutty woman that loved a perverted brand of pillow talk, the more graphic and vulgar the better. At first it was only me making up fantasies that usually involved a woman forced to have sex. I would whisper these tales about women stranded on islands captured, tied up, forced to let man after man service her. She would softly moan as the stories took hold in her fertile mind. Her wide cunt drooled continuously while she squirmed. Mary struggled to get to her orgasms. It wasn’t unusual for her to hump me for a half hour or more before she got herself off. She most often had only one orgasm, short in length and when she did get her nut, strangely she would cum off quiet as a church mouse. She would gasp a bit and whisper “I’m cumming” I would lift my hips upward and she would press hard on my pubic bone, her head falling to my chest.Me on the other hand, I have a very short fuse and had to work hard not to cum until after she nutted. Sometimes I didn’t make it. Actually many times I didn’t make it. Mary never complained, she would continue to hump me until she nutted and then she just rolled off me and went to sleep……………………………………………………………………………At work the next morning just after my lunch as was my want,I had to use the men’s room. We had several departments of workers on our floor and only two bathrooms to accommodate a sizable workforce. There were only a half dozen or so urinals and were often full, usually a small wait was necessary, especially after lunch and just before quitting time.Today was no different and as I waited, I chatted with a thin young man that worked down the hall from me. He was a new hire fresh out of trade school, amiable and chatty.He was shorter than me bye a full 4 inches or so with his brown hair chopped in the military style. He was brown eyed and brown skinned,I guessed women would find his face attractive, not pretty but manly and strong. We talked baseball as the Sox were closing in on playoff run. The usual stuff guys go on about.Two adjacent stalls opened up and we bellied up to pee. We each took the proper man code stances and both looked up at the vacant wall. He pissed like a race horse, I could hear his urine splash loudly into the stall. He asked me my name and as I turned to look at him, he was pulling away from the urinal. I almost gasped aloud as I saw the biggest, fattest cock I had ever seen. He had his hand around the base and what was exposed was twice as fat and twice as long as mine. God, I thought, That thing must hang down to his knees. “Ken, I replied to his question,Ken Comold, I work in R&D.” I felt he might think I was staring, so I quickly moved my eyes looking back up at the wall.””Well Ken, I hope we get a chance to talk again soon.” He said,zipping up and turning away.”Yeah, where are you working?” I asked,shaking the last of the piss from my tiny dick.”In design,room 303, maybe we can share a table in the cafeteria one of these days, I love talking baseball.””Sure” I replied, I’ll look for you tomorrow.Oh, by the way what’s your name?””Arthur, but everyone calls me Sonny. Hope to see you then, he answered with a grin.”That night Mary and I had some wine after dinner, Mary put the baby to sleep while I watched the game. It turned into a laugh’er by the sixth inning. The Sox were behind 11 to 2. Mary had gone into the bedroom and was watching a chick flick when I joined her in the bedroom. The made for TV movie revolved around a love triangle that ended happily. She turned off the TV and the lights and snuggled against me. I got the message as she pressed her pubes into my crotch. She wanted to mount me.We kissed and I stroked her until her legs opened and I slid two fingers into her cunt. Mary’s cunt was spacious. She was snug before the baby but since she was large and sloppy wet. As she loosened I managed to slowly add fingers until all four of my fingers were sliding and pumping her.I cupped them so I massaged her G-spot. She liked this and sometimes even grunted a bit. Still she liked being on top of me to cum. I think she could have cum on my fingers and often came close but she insisted on riding me to get her nut.She mounted me and I began to tell her a fantasy I had been thinking of that involved a woman and a black man. I could sense her orgasm would not be far off. Suddenly I remembered Sonny and his enormous dick. I began to tell Mary about my discovery in the men’s room and I felt her pace quicken.”What did it look like? ” She whispered as she pressed hard against me. I could feel her copious juices, hot and viscus leaking down to my balls. I knew the bed would be soaked with her wetness. “Like I said, it was long, longer than any cock I ever saw and thick fat as a Coke can and the man was soft,mind you. He was uncircumcised but the skin was pulled back I could see the gleaming red cock head showing as he shook off the last drops of pee. He had an enormous head far bigger than any cock head I’ve ever seen, Mary it made me hot to see that cock.”That was all it took, Mary began her orgasm. “I’m cumming.” she hissed to me. “I’m cumming off.”I silently nutted myself along with her, adding my sperm to her sloppy wetness.She rolled off me as usual and went to sleep without uttering another word. I got up and went to wash off the cum from my little dick and followed her to sleep myself………………………………………………………….As usual, nothing was said about what happened the night before in the bedroom. Mary gave me her agenda and a list of groceries to bring home.As promised, Sonny sought me out in the lunch room and joined me along with a couple of guys from my department and we all commiserated the whipping the Sox took the night before.I got up to return to work and Sonny joined me continuing to chat about the game as we headed to the men’s room for release before returning to work. I somehow felt titillated and hoped I might catch a second glimpse of the young mans tool.I actually had somewhat of a semi-hardon as we approached the door. Luckily for me there were two adjacent stalls and because of our ongoing conversation I was able to watch him pull his long fat dick out. I watched him pull the skin back over the head before he bellied up to the stall. Again he pissed like a horse, his urine splashing loudly against the back of the urinal.My cock was almost hard and I could barely force türbanlı bayan escort my own stream of piss out. Sure enough, I again got to watch him shake his hose before putting it away. I could have probably made my self cum at that moment if I could have got away with it.We walked back to our shops and made plans to share a lunch table the next day. I seriously thought about going back to the men’s room and getting myself off………………………………………………………………………………………..That night I did stay up and watch the whole game and when I went to the bedroom I was very surprised to see Mary was still awake. She was reading a romance novel that was popular at the time. I remember it had a scantily clad Viking type character on the cover. She put it away as I undressed for bed.She said nothing but spooned up to me and began to caress my soft white and hairless belly,allowing her hand lower until she grasped my dick. I was hard and dripping, she began to gently pump me.I remained silent. I had learned long ago that if I commented during these rare occasions that she initiated sex, it would embarrass her and she would not do it for months. If I remained quiet and let her have her way, she would soon mount me and cum quickly. I liked this because as I said, I couldn’t hold off long and when she was like this, I seldom had to.As expected she pulled me over on to my back and mounted me. She was again sloppy wet and her cunt squished as my hard cock slid easily into her vastness. She groaned. I waited until she settled into her rhythm and began to tell her a fantasy about a girl stranded on an island. She placed her hand over my lips. “No, tell me about his cock.” She hissed as her humping began to increase. “I want to hear about his big cock.”I came, I couldn’t help it. I pressed up into her and felt my ejaculate surge up and out of my cock. To my amazement it seemed to get her over the top also. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming off” she cried somewhat aloud. Her orgasm was deep and long, she paused for a few seconds and seemed to have a second albeit smaller orgasm. She rolled off me and quickly fell asleep………………………………………………………………..The next weekend we had a bunch of our close friends over to watch the first game of the playoffs. There were three couples and several single guys. The guys packed into the living room while the women sat out in the kitchen preparing snacks and drinking wine. Every half hour or so they brought in something else to snack on. Game over, Sox lost, everybody left. I helped Mary to clean up.We were both more than slightly drunk and I thought we would go directly to sleep but Mary had other plans. She stripped with the lights on and lay naked on the bed, legs splayed open, her cunt shiny with her juice. I wasted no time in stripping the last of my clothes off and mounted her. She grunted with pleasure as I began to fuck her. I’m guessing it was the booze, I was able to fuck her, pump her hard and fast without any thought or worry about premature ejaculation. Mary respond pressing up to meet and match my thrusts. “Let me, let me” she cried. “Let me get on top, please don’t cum,please don’t cum.”I heeded her request and ceased my thrusting. We switched positions and she mounted me. “Don’t you cum, don’t you dare fucking cum. Tell me about his cock his long fat cock.” She said between gasps and grunts as she humped me hard.I told her about my second experience with seeing Sonny’s tool. I told her how I got semi-hard and how I thought about jerking myself off.”Christ” she cried out. Jesus fucking Christ!” That was the last intelligible words she spoke to me. She simply grunted and gasped until her release came. I came but she never stopped humping until she was sated. She rolled off me and turned out the lamp. As the darkness settled, I reached over and lightly caressed her moist body. “Wow, that was hot.” I whispered hoarsely. “I don’t know what brought that on but I will take all of that anytime.”She was quiet and finally rolled over. “I can’t tell you, you’ll think I’m a pig and a bad person, and a lousy wife.””No sweetie please do tell me, I would love to know what is turning you on these days, is it hearing about the size of Sonny’s manhood?” I asked quietly and calmly. There was a deep silence followed with her surprisingly frank answer.”Well it’s a bunch of things but yes that’s part of it. I’ve never seen a truly big penis on a man before. Lenny, the guy I dated before you had a cock that was about your size, perhaps not as big around and I will admit the thought of seeing a big one discreetly is a big turn on for me but besides that, the girls were talking sex in the kitchen and Carla was boasting about the size of her boyfriend Mark’s penis. She claims it’s over eight inches and so fat, sometimes she can’t get more than the head into her. Jesus the thought of cumming on just the head of a man’s cock got thinking about your friend Sonny’s cock, I get hot thinking about it. Oh Ken, you know how much I love you, please don’t be angry with me.”I lay in the dark thinking about her confession. I honestly never thought about her interest in mounting a hung man. She always seem content to mount my little penis, get her quiet nut and go to sleep. I didn’t know how I felt about that but I must say, if it got her that hot, I had no problem with her using it as fantasy fodder. “Wow, honey, I had no idea. I promise to check out every dick I can at work and report back to you.”She laughed and told me it was all nonsense and she would be past all of it in a week or two. “But, in the mean time….do keep on telling me about it. I’m enjoying this as much as you are.”…………………………………………..The Sox made to the AL championship series and we had another Saturday night party. We did have sex a few times since the big one but it was rather uneventful. Mary had her usual silent orgasms and rolled of to sleep.We had a houseful as the game was gathering many more fans closer to the to the Series the Sox approached.I will admit I looked at Carla’s boyfriend Mark in a far different light, knowing now about his size. I thought I saw Mary crotch gazing but perhaps it was my imagination running away with me. I also invited Sonny to the house for the game and I made sure to remind Mary discreetly that this was the boy I had told her about. I hoped that having two hung men and booze floating around the house would mean another bout of wild, dirty sex for me. My little cock swelled thinking about it.Soon I was caught up in the up and down movement of the game. My beer consumption was a bit high and soon I needed to use the bathroom. Knowing the down stairs bathroom would be crowded, I decided to head upstairs to the Master. As I passed my spare room I thought I heard a rustling sound behind the closed door. I paused briefly but I needed to pee badly and hurried on. On the way back to the game, I again stopped by the door and definitely heard clothes being ruffled and small female whimpers. I tried to identify the people in there but I couldn’t be sure. What they were doing there was no doubt. I made a note to notice who’s wife wasn’t in sight.When I walked through the kitchen I could see that Mary was missing from the clutch of kitchen hens but so was Carla so that answered nothing. I ask of Mary’s whereabouts and Sue told me to look in my son Ben’s room. I smiled and headed back to the game. When I returned to the living room, I did not see Sonny.Sox had the bases loaded, no outs and the starting pitcher for the enemy on the ropes. I forgot about the missing persons and dropped back into the game. The game did not go well for the home team and everyone moaned and began to leave.We all gathered up the bowls of left over snacks,glasses and cans and headed into the kitchen. We had lost the game and people were kissing good bye and heading out the door. Mary kissed Sonny goodbye at the door and the kiss seemed to linger on just a bit more than a good night peck. I found that both titillating and irritating, I felt my cock swell again mixed up along with a pang of jealousness.We loaded the dishwasher in silence and quickly headed to the bedroom. I sensed I was not the only one that had felt the sexual tension in the air. Mary came out of the bathroom naked turned off the night light.As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I could see that she lay on her back, her legs splayed, cunt opened and ready. I trembled with excitement, I knew I would cum instantly if I let my cock touch that hot wet pussy. I got my head between her legs and pressed my face into her crotch. She groaned, grabbed the back of my head and proceeded to fuck my head. She ground herself against my open mouth and tongue. Her hot dripping juice dribbled down onto the sheets. She began to gasp.”Yes, yessssss, Jesus yes, I’m going to fucking cum off, I’mmmmmmmm, on your fucking face. Fuck, fuck, fuck meeeeeeeee.” It was all to much for me. My little cock squirted rope after rope of my hot cum out onto the sheets. As her orgasm subsided she released my head,still panting and trembling. “Thanks baby, I needed that.” She laughed. “I would say so.” I replied. “I’m glad to be here to please you my princess, I guess it would be safe to say you enjoyed the evening.”We lay there in the dark, sheets warm and wet, the smell of sex filling the darkened room. I began to tell her about my hearing people in the spare room. After a pause she answered. türbanlı escort bayan “Must have been Carla, I think she may have a little thing for your young friend Sonny. I told Carla what you told me about his fat cock and I suspect she needed to see for herself. Carla can be such a slut at times. I doubt she fucked him but I suspect she might have let him dry fuck her. I’m sure she got her hands on his manhood. I’ll ask her about it tomorrow and find out the dirt.”I felt myself drifting off to a long and deep sleep. But before I did I remembered that Carla was in the kitchen when I asked about Mary earlier in the night. Carla could not have been in the spare bedroom………………………………………………………………………….That night I sensed my wife’s unease as she hardly spoke to me a dinner and went off to read while I watched the game.When I came to bed, Mary was reading as was her want, except I could see she had been crying. She turned off the lights. I asked what was wrong. She turned to me and told me she loved me and loved her life with me. She told me she had never been happier in her life. She said she wanted to spend the rest of her life safe in the world I had made for her.I pulled her too me and asked why she had been crying. Her answer shocked me to my core.”Ken, I did a very bad thing to you. She sobbed. I fell so terrible about it, I went to confession. When I told pastor about my sins, he insisted that as part of my penance, I had to tell you my transgressions and live with the consequences. I am so terrified you will leave me when I confess it to you .” I held her gently and waited for her confession.”Mary, I do need to know. I promise I will never leave you or my son. Please let it out.”She began her story by telling me she believed it was the wine, she said she had consumed a lot more than usual.She claimed all the women did that night. Carla again was telling her tales again about her boyfriends cock and how full and satisfied it made her feel and how easily she nutted feeling his head pushed almost up to womb. She said it was going to be hard to replace him if they ever broke up. She said he had definitely stretched her cunt.I asked her if this talk got her hot. “Yes she sobbed, Kenny, it did, it did. I’m so sorry Kenny, I’m so,so sorry.” I felt pangs of jealousy and lust again roll through me. I thought to myself, God, I played a part in this. I was the one that told Mary about this stud and I invited him into my house. Did I secretly desire this to happen? Had all my watching porn clouded my vision?” I, I, I, I stammered. I think I may have played a part in this Mary.”I began to tell her about my watching porn clips and the type I watched. She was silent for a moment and asked me if I masturbated to them.”Mary, I do, I’m so ashamed of myself but I could not stop myself. I tried, I told myself, that’s it, I’m done, that was my last time and yet two nights later I’d return and repeat the act. I’ve been watching husband after husband let another man mount his wife, watch her cum and cum again writhing on his long thick penis. I know now it was wrong. Look what I’ve encouraged you to do.””Oh Kenny, I swear to you on my mothers eternal soul, I did not let Sonny penetrate me at all, not any part of my body. We did kiss and I let him open my blouse and fondle my breasts. I unzipped him and stroked his penis. I let him run the head over my lips but I swear he never penetrated my mouth.”She began to sob quietly, “Oh Kenny, what is happening to us, why are we like this? How in God’s name have become these monsters?””Mary I want you to tell me exactly what happened and I want every tiny detail. Who touched who and where. I want to know who kissed who first and who started the whole damn thing to begin with.”See took a deep breath and with one last sob she began the story of her sexual encounter with a stranger in her own house.”He was in the kitchen getting a beer and he made the polite comment saying: ” Gee, what a nice house you have.””Let me give you the grand tour. Blurted out of my mouth. Ken, I have no idea what made me say that, I’d like to think it was the wine.””Sure, he said. Lead the way mam.”” I showed him house, starting in your garage and on to the finished basement. We both tried to slide sideways at the exact same moment as we tried to get back through the door to the stairs. When our bodies touched, I know were laughing but I know that I felt a sexual rush. I suspect Sonny did too. We paused for just a bit and I felt him press his hips into me. I flushed and squeezed past him and hurried up the stairs.”My little cock hardened as Mary told me how the sexual tension was building in both of them. I could just see Sonny watching Mary’s ass sway going up the stairs. I waited nervously to hear the rest of the story.c”He quickly followed me, she said. She spoke calmly and quietly. I waited until he was beside me. God, I was so drunk, Ken I swear I was clearly out of my mine but I pointed to the stairway up to the bedrooms hushing him with a finger to the lips. We crept up the carpeted stairway. I opened the door to the spare bedroom, the light shed by the night light illuminated the room so we could see each other clearly. We reached for each other and immediately embraced, pressing our bodies hard into each other.” Mary sobbed and shook a bit before”Jeez. I thought, my cock is hard as a fucking rock and I had a quickly spreading wet spot from the drool of pre cum that was pumping out of my cock and I desperately needed to squeeze it hard.”I sensed that Mary might also be getting aroused a bit,reliving the pure sluttiness of her behavior. Her voice had dropped into a low register and she reached over and touched my cock. She felt the wetness and squeezed me hard.She didn’t ask, she unbuttoned my jeans and began to pull them off me. I finished that task for her. Mary pulled off her blouse and bra, her pendulus soft white breast hung ripely on her chest. I rolled her over on her back and got between her spread legs. I pressed my dick into her panties and it quickly slid, panty and all, into her gaping slut.”Yessssssss, God yessssss, she cried and gasped and began to fuck back at me. This is what Sonny did to me Ken. I let him get the head in but I kept my panties on. She grunted and clung to me. Then to both of our shock, she came off before me. Fuck mmmmmee , fuck meeemmmmm I’m uh,ah,ah.”My dick wasn’t in her when she got her first nut. It was pressed hard against her clit. “You are a sultty little girl, aren’t you. You are a fucking slut.You’re a regular slut wife.””Yes, Oh my God! I’m your slut wife. Oh Jesus, I’m cumming again, your fucking slut wife is cumming again.”This was beyond the pale for me. I squirted hot cum onto her clit which brought on a long series of orgasms. Mary was limp, her legs still splayed open and her panties soaked with our hot juices. I rolled to my back and both of us panted from the force of our orgasms.”Jesus, that was amazing, wow I’ve never been that hot in my life. I’m thinking perhaps your encounter with Sonny might have been a blessing for me. You didn’t actually fuck him and it may have added just the spice we needed for our sex lives.”” Wow Ken, I never thought about it that way. I don’t feel quite so horrible anymore. That was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life for sure. I’ve never cum so hard and so often in my life. I’m pretty glad I gave him the grand house tour. But, Ken promise me you won’t invite him back anytime soon………………………………………………………………………………..Our sex life took off and we once again became as hormone driven teens. We couldn’t get the baby to sleep fast enough to get ourselves into the bedroom. Mary still insisted on fucking in the dark to allow her let her inhibitions to subside. She also made sure she got some booze into her which allowed ever more sluttiness to come loose in our sessions. She had shifted from white wine to mixed drinks. Whiskey seemed to be her favorite, she always managed to get three or four drinks into her before we started in.Once she got settled comfortably on top of me, she would begin to tell me some of the more exquisite details of that night in the darkened room with Sonny.”My God Ken, he is huge. Mary whispered to me in the dark while she gently squirmed on my cock. I stroked him while he slowly dry humped me. I unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the floor. Our equal heights made it easy for him to push that big cock up against my mound. I could feel the heat of it easily through my dress and panties. He worked my dress up to my waist and pressed his cock head up against my clit through my white cotton panties. I swear to you Ken, he made me cum right there against pressed up against the massive head on his dick.”She paused in her narrative as she ground her clit into my pubic bone. She began to moan, her breathing turned into “Uh,uhn,uh, uh, yessssss. God Ken, he got me, he got me to cum on the fat head of his hard cock. Ken, it was so hot through my panties, I couldn’t help myself, Ken he made your wife cum on his cock.”This was of course followed by her grinding herself on me trying desperately to get her nut before my short fused dick would squirt my cum into her sloppy big and wet cunt.”You are making me so fucking hot. I warned her. Slow down or I’ll cum.””Don’t you fucking cum, you bastard. Don’t you dare cum yet. I’m so fucking horny I need to nut badly. Don’t cum! Don’t you escort türbanlı cum yet, you fucking. Oh yessssss, fuck I’m so close, fuck don’t cum yet.”I gritted my teeth and forced my mind on to the baseball game I was missing. My hands clutched the sheets trying to will myself to hold off so my wife could get release from her slutty passion.”What happened after you came off on his dick. I asked between my gritted clenched teeth. What did he do in the dark to my wife? I pleaded to her.”He slid down and pressed his cock into my wet, wet cunt easily pushing the head of cock into me, pushing my wet panties up into your wives cunt, I came off again impaled on his rock hard tool.That was it, that revelation pushed us both over the top and we mutually came off. Mary collapsed into my heaving chest. Our combined juices leaking into the thick towel we lay on.” Whew…. I said, that was so fucking hot.” Mary rolled off me and was silent. Shortly after, her even breathing told me she was asleep.I lay in the darkened room, my cock shrunken and sticky with with our cum and thought to myself. We’ve crossed a line here and there was no way to return. My wife had cum off on another man’s cock and she enjoyed the heat and size. I knew it was only a question of time before she would repeat the act, with or with out me. I made up my mind that when she did it, somehow I would be a part of it. I wanted to watch her do it……………………………………………………………………………………..Our over heated passions continued unabated and gradually the sex talk moved from what Mary had already done with a stranger to what she was fantasizing about doing in the future. I will admit I urged her on, telling her how much I wanted watch her mount and cum on a thick, big headed dick while I jerked myself off. We always both came when we reached that part of the pillow talk.At work, my mind was aflame with lust. I thought about nothing else but making this happen. I desperately wanted to watch Mary get fucked, fucked long and hard, cumming on another man’s penis. After another few weeks of pillow talk, Mary, at least in her fantasy, agreed to it. She admitted she was very open to letting a big cock into her. My sweet Catholic wife wanted a big cock. The thought of getting to watch her do it, to be in the same room while she got off on a stranger was so titillating to me, I was almost crazy with lust.I began to scour my list looking for someone she might agree to fuck. Sonny and any other of our friends were out of the question. We couldn’t afford the slightest chance of being found out. It would be a disaster, our parents would never forgive us if it was known in our small community that Mary was cuckolding me.After weeks of searching, I found someone in my swingers magazine I thought sounded like a possibility that might work. I contacted him and we made an agreement to meet for coffee at Dunkin Doughnuts in a small town about equidistant between us. I was sick with worry and guilty of even thinking about actually going through with this. I drove the 30 miles with my mind racing. He told me he would be wearing a button down blue pin striped shirt. I spotted him immediately upon entering the store. He appeared to be a few years younger than me and a few inches shorter. He was pale white and lightly freckled, muscular clearly even with his shirt on.I nervously approached him and introduced myself. He told me his name was Patrick and folks called him Pat. His hand shake was firm and honest. He had light blue eyes and well manicured hair and nails. He had an easy going manner and a comfortable smile. I went up and ordered a coffee. We chatted about the Sox losing and their chances for next season. I nervously brought the conversation around to the task at hand. I told him my wife and I had never done this before. He on the other hand, confided that he had mounted several housewives,some with the husbands permission and some behind the husbands back.”The only thing I won’t do is let the husband watch me perform. He announced firmly. I can’t do my job well with someone looking over my shoulder.”My heart sank, I so wanted to witness my wife’s infidelity. I wanted to watch my mate finally get the big cock she deserved.”Would you like to see the goods. He asked with a grin. Wait a few minutes and follow me into the bathroom.”He got up and went in. I waited perhaps a minute and followed. I could see he was in the only stall. He opened the door and stood before me with his cock hanging. He wasn’t nearly as big as Sonny but he was a stud. “Would you like to see me hard? “”Yes, yes, please, I would like to see you hard.” My own cock swelled fully as I watched him pull and stroke his manhood until it thickened and swelled. His cock was only an inch or so longer than it was limp but wide, my god it was wide. It was almost triangular with the small end at the base and widening out double the size at the head. Besides the size, the other strange thing about it was it whiteness, I’d never seen a cock so white and I saw many, many a cock on my porn site. It was lined with thick bulging deep blue veins. “Well, what do you think? Think your wife might like this? He said with a grin. Most wifes I know haven’t complained except when I got the head in.”He laughed boyishly. Me, I was hard as a rock and drooling at the size of him. I squeezed my hard cock and groaned. “Yes, Pat I do believe she will be happy to see and feel you deep inside her.”He continued to flaunt his big dick knowing he had got me hard. He began stroking himself drawing lube from the ejaculate that oozed from his hole. “Want to see me cum? Lock the door.”I did as I was told and when I returned he was pumping hard squatting back a bit. I squeezed my dick hard through my jeans. ” Take it out. He demanded. Let me see your cock.”I unzipped and pulled what I could of my cock out. “Jesus, is that all the cock you have? I’ll fuck your wife good, I’ll fuck her like she’s never been fucked before.” He began to buck his hips and proceeded to shoot several long ropes of cum. The first one partially hit my cock I could feel it’s hotness on the swollen head of my dick. The other splashes stained my pants.,His panting slowed and stopped. He looked at me with his cum all over my cock and pants. “We’ll what do you think? Did I pass the test?”You passed my test with flying colors but I’ll still have to get my wife to agree to your terms.” Give me a few days to warm her up to the idea. Can we meet at a public club somewhere to get her comfortable with you?”We made arrangements to meet at a club nearby that upcoming weekend. We exchanged telephone numbers in case either had to cancel,shook hands and went our ways.I could smell his cum on me as I drove home. I touched the wetness his cum had stained me and brought his cum to my lips. I could taste his salty ejaculate and it made me crazy with lust. I pulled into the first rest area I came across, parked out of the way, pulled my cock out and came………………………………………………………………………………That night, after Mary mounted me and got into her rhythm, I began to tell her what I had done. She stopped humping me and snarled.”You did what? You didn’t tell me you were going to be pimping me out.”I apologized and continued to tell her about what had transpired that day. As I described him and then told her what he did to me in the men’s room, she began to again thrust her hungry swollen clit into my pubic bone, fucking me hard until she finally got her nut. I didn’t tell her about how hot his sperm got me and how I licked up his cum.We got a baby sitter for the weekend and a motel room not far from the club. We went to dinner and I noticed Mary had more than her share of the dinner wine and a dessert beverage. We returned to the motel room to change.` Watching Mary get dressed up to meet another man was maddening. She wasn’t slutty in the least but her little black dress did little to hide her assets. She looked good for a full grown woman. Ripe and soft. We arrived at the club at the agreed time and though the place was packed, we found Patrick by the bar. He smiled and then laughed aloud when he saw us.”Dam, I never thought you would really show up. He spoke. Hi, I’m Patrick, he said holding out his hand to my wife.””Hi.” She nervously answered, her cheeks burning red with embarrassment.She was silent then, her eyes pointed to the floor.I ordered us drinks and Patrick found a table in the darkened back of the club. We had several cocktails before Mary and Patrick got up to dance. A half hour went bye and when they finally did returned they were laughing like old friends. Patrick kissed her neck in front of me as if to claim possession of my wife. Mary responded by pushing her ass back up to his cock.We made plans for him to visit her the next weekend at our home. I told him I had to work out of town that weekend and he could have her to himself all night on Saturday. He agreed to phone first to make sure the baby was asleep before he entered my home.They got up and returned to the dance floor. This time Mary didn’t return until nearly closing time. “Well, sweetie, did you have fun dancing? I asked quietly. Where’s Patrick? Did he leave already?””Yes, he had things to do in the morning so he headed out. I walked him to his car.” My heart jumped and I feared the answer to the question I was about to ask.”Did you do anything in the parking lot? I mean with Patrick.” I stammered like a fool. “No, if you’re asking if I fucked him. We did kiss a bit and he fondled me. He dry humped me a little but there were people coming going. I’m am hot, he did make me hot. He’s so young and horny. I think he would fuck anything that stood still long enough.We returned to the motel and I let Mary get her nut. She came quickly and rolled of into a drunken sleep.To be continued?

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