wifes panties in the hamper part 2

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wifes panties in the hamper part 2I have decided to share one of the best experiences i have had with my wife..from my previous stories my panty fetish is clear. She now knows i sniff her panties and i lick them clean. Sometimes i dont play with them for a long time then other times i go daily to the hamper for relief. There is no pussy that compares to my wifes. and the way her pussy clings to her panties will leave you beggin to lick them as i do.Last week was one of those weeks where i couldnt get enough of her panties. Now that she knows i play with them, she makes an attempt to put them in the wash as soon as she changes, but this particular week she let her guard down and every day there was a new pair in the hamper.On one particlar day my desires got too much of me…she usually gets up in the morning, changes her clothes and goes to work. This morning she got up changed her clothes and sat in the kitchen drinking her tea. I got up from bed when i thought she had left, and i headed for the hallway to check the hamper. right there on top of the hamper was her panties, Black cotton with a gusset full of clear pussy juice, i mean it looked like a cum shot…but clear…i said out loud “thank you honey for the wet panties” I thought she was gone from the house, and the next thing i know i am hearing her say “what did you türbanlı erzincan escort say”? I almost died…i was totally nude holding her black panties in my hand when she walked out of the kitchen and stood directly in front of me…i was busted, um..sorry honey i thought you were at work. She relpied “you know im not really 100% with this panty thing”..Well my hard on shrunk and my hand dropped the panties on the floor..I didnt know what to say. She was always really good about reason and logic…and she told me to sit down in the kitchen and that she wanted to talk.She explained that she loved the fact that i loved her panties and that she was even turned on that i loved the smell of her pussy so much. but she couldnt understand why i had this panty fetish.I told her that when we stopped having intercourse a few years ago i really could;nt get over my love for her pussy. I wanted to respect her wish and her desire to not have intercourse because she had pain and didnt want to do it any more. That was why i desired her panties..after a lot of back and forth about the subject we agreed to keep things the way they were and agreed to continue to be open about things. Wow i felt pretty relieved, i thought i was going to lose my panty fetish and instead she said keep doing türbanlı erzincan escort bayan it…what was even better was that now we have a masturbation agreement. We can masturbate anytime as long as the other partner is in bed or getting ready for bed and as long as its not at 3 am or some crazy hour.It was an awesome agreement. imagine laying in bed and watching your wife undress, you get a raging hard on and you know you cant fuck her but masturbating in bed while she is getting undressed is so fulfiulling..the first night it happend went like this..I was already in bed, and wearing her panties, which i took from her panty drawer before i got undressed, she came to the bedroom, and began to get into her pjs..first she took off her pants, when they came down all i could see was the tight cotton jockey panties clinging to her hairy pussy. I started rubbing my cock between my “panties” she looked at me in the dim lit room and said “are you playing?” i just smiled and nodded…she smiled back and said enjoy babe, she said it was an incredible turn on to know that i was masturbating while watching her…when she took off her top and bra her b cup titties fell out and softly bounced as she rolled her hands over them…i told her i needed to take off the covers and türbanlı escort erzincan she said ok….as she pulled the covers off, there i was with her black panties on… i mean i was so hard and so horny and i didn’t care what she said…she said i looked hot in her panties and she layed down in bed next to me. i told her i wanted to take her panties off and lick them in front of her…she had me sit up and then got on her knees and pulled her panties down. when they were at her knees she leaned back and pulled them off and held them in front of me..i told her how much i had wanted to be able to take them off her and sniff them my cock was throbbing and i could see that she was wet…i looked her in the eyes and told her how much i loved her and how happy she made me…she smiled and said this was only the beginning and that she felt guilty about not being able to have intercourse and that this was only a small way she could satisfy me..i started comming and i felt like it lasted for 10 minutes it was like slow motion and it was incredible…there was come everywhere in the bed. she giggled and said “now its my turn” i have never seen a woman masturbate the way my wife did, her pussy responded to her every touch, she put her finger in her pussy and when it came out it was dripping with her discharge, it was so hot, i told her i wish she could come like i did, cause i would love to eat it up..she asked what do you mean like squirt or pee? or what…I said all the above..and she said lets give it a try…to be continued..i see her carefully placing her panties for me use now, and i confessed that i like to come in them, she said she that was ok, and she smiled…not sure what she has for me next

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