Subject: Our Cabin in the Woods – Part 5 *Our Cabin in the Woods — Part 5 * Gay, incest, man, boy, grandfather, grandson * * * * Dad had just picked me up from Chris’s house where we had been doing homework together, when Dad said, “I got a call from your Granddad today.” I perked up. “Yeah? How is he?” “Not so good, son. Your Grandma left him for another man.” I turned to him and asked, “What?!” “Yeah, I called her after I hung up with him and asked her what was going on. She said they had grown apart and she wanted some romance in her life again.” “What did you say?” I asked, curious. “What could I say? She’s my mom and I love her, but it’s not my place to judge her.” “Oh,” was all I could think of as a response. Then I asked, “Are you and Mom gonna get a divorce too?” He looked at me and exclaimed, “Oh my God no! Why would you even ask that?!” “I thought maybe, you know, because of me.” He pulled the truck right over to the curb, put it in park and turned off the engine. “Look at me, Steven.” I did as instructed. “We’re fine, son. What you and I share is special, but so is what your mom and I share. We still make love all the time… and it’s good too!” “As good as ours?” I asked, relieved, but curious. He chuckled and relied, “Yes, as good as ours… just different.” “Who’s better?” I asked mischievously. He chuckled again and replied, “It’s not a contest, son… but if I had to rate just cocksucking, then you’d be in the lead. Feel better?” “Yay! Thanks, Dad!” He just shook his head, turned the key in the ignition and we proceeded on our way back home. “So, as I was saying… I’ve invited your Granddad down for Memorial Day weekend. I thought he could spend it at the cabin. You know, to help get his mind off Mom.” “But wouldn’t he have more time to think about her there all by himself?” “That’s where you come in, son. I was hoping the two of you could spend the long weekend together. You could keep his mind off… well, you know. Take him hiking, go fishing from the end of the dock, take the canoe out on the lake… keep him busy so that he doesn’t have time to think about her. What do you say?” “Why don’t you just come with us, Dad?” “Ah! That’s because I’m taking your mom away for a romantic weekend. It’s been way too long since we were alone together, and I think it would do us a world of good. So, will you do it?” “Sure, anything for you and Granddad.” “Good!” Dad said as we pulled into the driveway. “I knew I could count on you.” That night as I lay awake in my bed, I couldn’t help thinking about what Dad had told Chris when we were at the cabin. He’d said he’d been curious about his Dad like I’d been about him. I wondered if perhaps they’d done some of the things that we did. Only time would tell, I guessed. * * * The weekend rolled around and Granddad arrived at the house looking sad and tired. I knew I had my work cut out for me if I was going to lift his spirits in just one long weekend. The four of us visited awhile before Dad and I loaded up Granddad’s car and we left for the cabin. When we arrived, we unloaded the car and escort took the path down to our little cabin. He seemed quite impressed with the structure. He’d been in construction just like my dad, until he retired. I took him on a tour of the area and when we got back, I suggested we go for a swim to cool off. “But I didn’t bring trunks with me. Does your dad have a pair here I can borrow?” “Dad and I don’t wear trunks, Granddad,” I informed him as I began to strip. It took him a second and then he followed suit. I tried not to watch but couldn’t help myself. I noticed distinct similarities and one big difference. While Granddad was hairy and built just like Dad, he was also a lot bigger in the cock and balls department. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my dad’s cock and balls, but Granddad had him beat and all I could think was I need to get in the water before I pop a woody in front of my granddad! So, I took off running, not waiting for him. I heard him rather than saw him running after me. I did a cannonball into the cool, clear water and heard another splash soon after I reemerged. “Whew, this feels good!” he exclaimed. “It is great, isn’t it?” I said in agreement. Then I went back under and swam around him, checking him out. His cock and balls were bobbing as I moved through the water. Despite not wanting to get hard, I did anyway, but I had to diffuse the situation, so I began to swim away from him, further into the lake. When I looked back, he was close behind. “Won’t anyone care that we’re swimming naked out here?” “Nope, the nearest neighbors are a few miles down the shore. Besides, the water’s pretty deep here, so you can’t see anything until you’re right up on us.” “I see,” Granddad answered, and he looked down into the water. I thought he might be checking me out, but I didn’t want to read too much into a look. “So, should we head back?” “Okay,” I answered and began to swim back, more slowly this time so that we could swim side by side. When I looked over, Granddad was smiling, a much different look from when he’d first arrived at the house. *I guess it’s working,* I thought. Once we could stand, we walked to shore and back to the cabin. I grabbed some towels from the bottom cupboard of the hutch and handed him one, careful not watch as he dried off. Then I wrapped it around my waist and proceeded to put things away. He did the same and helped me. We made a good team and once we were finished, I took the two new folding chairs out onto the porch, opened them up and sat in one. He took the other. We sat there looking out at the lake and after awhile I noticed that the sad look had returned. I had to think of something we could do to take his mind off his troubles once again, so I suggested we get dressed and go hiking. After about thirty minutes, I was beginning to sweat so I took my tee shirt off. Granddad did the same, but I was getting hungry, so I suggested we turn back. When we got back to the cabin, I pulled out some sandwiches and juice boxes (Mom izmit escort bayan had forbidden the drinking of sodas after she read some article on childhood obesity, which I was far from, as skinny as I was), some carrot sticks and cookies. We ate in silence until Granddad asked about school. I told him that it was okay and that I liked some subjects better than others. He laughed and said that my dad had been the same way in school. So, I asked him, “So, what was Dad like as a kid?” “Well, he looked a lot like you do now actually. As for school, he was a good student, but not a great one. I wanted him to go to college after he graduated, but he wanted to get into construction. What do you want to do when you grow up, Steve?” “Well, I’m not very handy, so I don’t think construction would be a good fit for me. I was kind of thinking about the church, you know, maybe being a preacher?” “Really? I had no idea! Tell me why you think that is your calling,” he asked me seriously. “Well, I studied with the pastor at our church last summer and I really got a lot out of it. I was hoping to do the same for others when I got older.” “Wow! Well, good for you, Steve.” “Of course, it’s just a thought at this point. I mean I have plenty of time to decide, don’t I?” “Yes, you do. Now what do you and your dad usually do after dinner?” “Well, we usually go down to the end of the dock and watch the sunset.” He got up and said, “Let’s go then.” I got up too and we walked down to the end of the boards together. I don’t know how long we sat there, watching the sun get lower and lower, but I looked over at him occasionally and the look hadn’t returned so I thought maybe we’d turned a corner. At one point, he looked back at me and smiled. It wasn’t a happy one, but it wasn’t sad either. It somewhere in the middle and I’d just have to accept that. Once the sun was gone completely, we got up and walked back to the little house. “What do we do now?” he asked. “Well, we usually go to bed and talk. The sun comes up pretty early and there’s really nothing to do anyway.” I started undressing and once I was naked, I climbed up the ladder and got into the top bunk. It was weird, though. In all the times I’d stayed there, I hadn’t once slept in that bed! Granddad did the same and I heard rather than saw him get into the big bed below me. “Night, Granddad.” “Night, Steve.” I lay awake for a little while, then sleep took me over. I awoke sometime later to the sounds of muffled crying. I didn’t know quite what to do, but I knew I had to do something, so I climbed down and got into bed with my Granddad. He was turned to the wall, so I snuggled up against his broad, muscular back then wrapped my arm around him saying, “It’s okay, Granddad, let it out.” The sobbing got louder before it got softer again and then stopped altogether. He turned to me, looking me in the eyes and said, “Thanks, Steve.” He hugged me, and I almost cried myself, the moment was so beautiful. I’d never felt closer to him in all my life than I did at that moment. That’s when I felt his cock brush izmit sınırsız escort up against me stomach. It was hard, and I got hard just imagining what it looked like. “I’m sorry, Steve, I guess it’s the nearness…” he started to say as he tried to pull away from me, but I wouldn’t let him. “It’s okay, Granddad. I’m hard too, see?” I asked as I took his hand and placed it on my swollen prick. He squeezed, and I let out a moan, “Mmmm.” I took his in my hand and was pleasantly surprised to find it even bigger than I’d imagined. I wanted so badly to suck it, but I knew I needed to let him make the next move. He did when he leaned in and began kissing all over my face, finally settling on my lips. I opened wide for his tongue and he stuck it in, so I began sucking on it like I hoped to do to his cock. We made out as we stroked each other, but I was getting close much too quickly, so I had to take control of the situation once again. I broke away from the most erotic kiss I’d ever had and made my way down to his swollen prick. Even in the faint light, I could tell it was even more beautiful than Chris’s or my dad’s or either of the Reverends Parris. The head was perfectly shaped, the corona standing out, curving away from the thick shaft that was covered in heavy veins. The base was thicker than the rest of the shaft, like Chris’s, but much, much thicker. I licked my way around the head, swirling my tongue in and out of the gaping piss slit, digging for precum and I was rewarded handsomely. “Oh, my God, Steve, that’s feels amazing!” Granddad said, almost groaning at the same time. Then I opened my mouth wide and took the whole head in and part of the shaft. I sucked on it like the ice cream cones he used to buy me as a child. The more I grew accustomed to its size, the more I was able to take until I even surprised myself by taking the whole thing down my throat. He didn’t last long after that. He was soon coming buckets in my mouth and down my throat as he yelled, “Awww fuuccckkkkk!!!” I held on managing to take every last drop like the excellent cocksucker I’d become. When I’d drained the very last drop from his enormous cock, I let go and came back up for a kiss. Granddad ravaged my mouth for any leftovers I’d forgotten to swallow. “Holy fuck, kiddo! That was the best blow job I’ve ever had. Even better than… well, never mind that.” I was pretty sure he was either going to say Grandma or Dad and I didn’t want to make him sad by asking just in case it was Grandma, so I let it go. “Thanks, Granddad, yours is definitely the biggest I’ve ever had so it was my pleasure to suck it.” He smiled broadly and hugged me to him again. Then he said, “It’s been a long time but…” “You don’t have to Granddad… I came when you did.” He looked down and saw the cum all over my hand, so he brought it up to his mouth and licked every last drop from my fingers. It was the sexiest thing ever! I got out of bed and got a towel then cleaned my leg off as well as the sheet where some of it had landed when I shot my load. Then I threw the towel on the floor and got back into bed with him. “You’re a special young man, Steve. Do you know that?” “I have been told that once or twice, Granddad, but thanks.” We lay there for awhile just smiling at each other and despite my best efforts, I fell asleep anyway. (to be continued)

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