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Subject: A Daddy’s Love – the finale. A Daddy’s Love � The Finale Nifty is a free web site and it needs to stay free, so you can continue to enjoy the content and for us writers to give us an outlet � SO DONATE. Thanks. This story is as most of my stories posted on NIFTY is from my own imagination. All rights belong solely to me and me alone. Enjoy and please do email and tell me what you think good or bad. I pulled him out of the gym and down the street and down towards the river, I knew of a nice area away from the river where guys cruised, it was up a slight incline and surrounded by trees, the only people that used this area were guys looking for cock. I took Daddy up the steep incline and found a nice place where I stripped off naked and lay on the grass, Daddy did the same and lay next to me soaking up the sunshine. Guys walked past looking and both Daddy and I soon got hard ready for more sex. Something about being in the open air naked made us both horny. “Suck me bitch and get the arse in the air.” Daddy got over me raising his arse and took me into his mouth and started sucking me. A guy wandered past looking and watching for a while before moving on again, one guy stood and watched and he got his dick out of his shorts and started wanking himself “It isn’t often you find horny guys like yourself here.” “Why not strip off and join us.” He thought for a moment and took off his shorts and vest and got on the grass with us, I noticed that he was totally shaved apart from the his long hair on his head. He felt Daddy’s arse and when he realised it was wet he moaned in delight. He moved and shoved his face in Daddy’s arse and started licking and sucking it. “Oh fuck. He mumbled “yeah this tastes good.” He was enjoying eating out Daddy. Another guy approached “Ah here you are, again, thought you might be here when you weren’t at home and how right I was.” The guy left Daddy’s arse for a moment and looked up “sorry baby but I couldn’t resist it, you know I love eating arse and sucking dick.” he left Daddy’s arse and they walked off hand in hand. Daddy continued servicing my dick his arse high in the air, like I had taught him. I reached for a cigarette and lit it whilst Daddy was sucking on my dick. I took a long drag and pulled Daddy by the ear and up to my mouth, I pushed the used smoke into his mouth and he took it all into his mouth and down into his lungs. He smiled back at me “Thank you Sir.” And went back to sucking my dick and I smoked the rest of the cigarette. Another couple of guys passed us but none stopped and to be honest I was glad they didn’t but another guy suddenly appeared as if from nowhere. He was naked apart from trainers and every part of his body was tattooed including his face and dick and that was hard. Daddy stopped sucking me and looked up at the man before him. I coughed and Daddy looked at me, apologised and went back to sucking my dick. “My bitch must find you very horny, he doesn’t usually stop sucking me unless I tell him too.” I noticed Daddy go red which the guy noticed as well. “I love a bitch who gets embarrassed.” He knelt on the grass and used his fingers to play with Daddy’s arse. Daddy moaned and went back to my suck sucking it as if it would be his last time. “His cunt is very receptive.” “Yeah, the bitch is never happy unless it is being filled with something. I have yet to see him refuse anything inside him.” “May I?” “Of course.” The guy got behind Daddy and pointed his hard dick at the entrance to his arse. He didn’t push in he rested the head of his dick at his arse lips. Daddy just moaned of what was to come. Still the guy didn’t move or push forward. I felt Daddy was getting desperate needing that dick inside him. He pushed back on one long hard move fucking himself on the dick, the guy now moaned “fuck yeah fuck yourself bitch.” Daddy pulled and pushed his arse over the dick filling his arse. “Oh yeah, so good.” He moaned, Daddy was fucking himself on the guy’s dick so hard he wasn’t able to concentrate on sucking my dick. I managed to move out of the way and left them to it and I wandered off. My hard dick was leading the way. I soon came across a guy soaking up the sunshine. He was lying face down with a huge dildo beside him, I smiled to myself and lay down beside him. He turned his face and saw me “Hello handsome” he said as he looked me up and down “fuck you’re a horny fucker to look at.” I couldn’t really see much of him, so I had no idea how young or old he was, all I knew was that he had a great body on him. “Thanks, now do you want my dick or do you want me to fuck you with the dildo?” He looked at me and smiled “both” “Mmmm sexy and perverted, I like that.” I got behind him and felt his arse, I mounded as I felt him as he was nice and wet and sloppy. My dick jumped needing inside. I mounted him and pushed my dick inside his cavernous arse. I picked up the dildo and started to push that in alongside my dick, it went in easily enough and the guy was moaning all the time now and moaning under his breath “fuck me, fuck me” he screamed “fuck my cunt hard.” I started fucking and the dildo crammed alongside my dick was also giving me new sensations. “Fuck this is good.” I moaned out as I started really ramming in and out and using a hand to push the dildo as well. I grabbed the base of the huge dildo and pushed it into his arse as deep as it would go. “Oh yeah. Ram that dildo inside my cunt, oh fuck yeah.” At that moment I shot my load deep inside his arse.” I stayed inside him and managed to give him my piss “Yeah give me that piss, oh fuck fill my cunt up to over flowing.” He said as I filled his arse. “Wow that was a good fuck.” He turned and lay on his back and I saw him properly for the first time. “Will you fist me now, please?” he lubed my hand and part of my arm as he asked. “Fucking hell. Mr Treeves.” “Hello TJ.” “I never knew you were so fucking perverted. I mean I knew that you were gay but wow.” “Just fucking shove that fist in my cunt will you.” I smiled and put four fingers inside him and pushed. He raised his legs high to give me better access. I curled my thumb and pushed and with a plop my whole hand went inside him. “Fuck yeah, that’s great.” I could feel the piss pushing past my fist and dripping from his arse. “You like that Mr Treeves, I sneered.” “Oh yeah just push, I need more. Please used me TJ.” I pushed and pushed nice and slow and more and more of my arm was disappearing in his cunt. “Fuck, how much can you take?” “For fuck sake keep going, this is so wonderful, you are filling all my desires TJ.” I gently pulled and pushed, eventually my whole arm was inside his huge cavernous arse. “How much TJ?” “I am inside you all the way Mr Treeves. My whole fucking arm is in your arse.” At that second he moaned out loudly and show his load everywhere. He tightened his arse as he shot, I thought he wouldn’t stop cumming I had never seen so much from one man. I slowly pulled out and sat back and looked at his gaping arse. “Jesus fuck, that arse is amazing. So fucking open.” “TJ that was the most amazing sensation ever, I have never taken a fist so deep before but somehow I knew I could with you, you gave me sensations I have never felt with anyone and filled so many fantasies thank you.” I smiled at him “thanks for trusting me with your great arse.” We kissed and he turned and promptly fell asleep and I got up and walked back to Daddy, the other guy was just leaving, he turned back “Thanks for letting me use your bitch.” And he was gone. “Good time then bitch?” “Yes Sir thank you for allowing it.” We kissed and he noticed my arm. He moaned and licked it clean for me and we lay together in the sunshine, Daddy on my chest having the odd lick and bite on my nipples. Nobody came past and the sun was going behind some clouds, it looked as if it might rain. “Come on bitch, no more sun for us, time to get home.” “Yes Sir.” We made our way to the exit and noticed an old mate of mine standing smoking. “Ben.” And I shook his hand. “Fuck TJ, you look good, I haven’t seen you for 5 years, what a transformation, fuck you’re horny.” “Thanks Ben, you remember my Daddy?” Ben did a double take “Fuck does that mean. Wow your Dad as your own bitch. I am so jealous TJ, I always fancied my Dad and often dreamt of him fucking me into next week.” “Let me have a smoke will you?” “Mmmm of course.” And he lit it for me. “Thanks Ben.” “I suppose you are aware that your Dad frequents the toilets in Marsh Crescent?” “He doesn’t.” I smiled “He does and by all accounts he loves fucking young lads through the partition wall.” “How do you know all this?” “Let me say I hear things. If you make a move now, you can get there before he comes out of work and if you go into the stall and show him your cute arse, I’m sure he won’t be able to resist. When he has fucked you and unloaded, all you need to do is go outside and wait for him.” Ben smiled “I will, I have always wanted to know what it would be like to get fucked by him.” He smiled and ran off towards the said toilets. “Come on bitch” and we made our way home. Daddy kept looking at me “what?” “Sir, I hate to ask.” “I think I know exactly what you want bitch.” Daddy looked away. “Don’t fucking turn away from me bitch.” He turned and looked at me right away. “Much better bitch.” I grabbed hold of his tits and squeezed both hard, very hard he tried not to close his eyes in pain but couldn’t help himself. I smiled to myself “You want me to light up a cigar when we get home don’t you bitch?” he nodded “See I know my bitch so fucking well, we’ll see when we get home.” As soon as we got indoors the phone went. I took the call and put the phone down “Oliver’s bitch is coming round to install the sling and cage in the spare bedroom, so you’ll have to wait for the cigar bitch.” “Yes Sir.” He said despondently. “Don’t worry bitch, you can enjoy my cigar with me later.” And I pulled him in for a kiss. “Now scoot and get me a beer.” I slapped his arse as he went into the kitchen. Daddy came back with my beer and naked, he had stripped off in the kitchen, I went into the lounge and stripped off “get me a jock strap bitch” Daddy ran upstairs and came down with my smelliest and dirtiest jock strap in his mouth and sat on the floor and present it to me grinning. “How did I know you would choose this particular one?” I pulled it out of his mouth and he was grinning as I pulled it on. Daddy moved forwards and simply sniffed at the pouch. He didn’t touch me although he probably wanted too but without permission he wouldn’t dare. “You like that smell don’t you bitch?” “Yes Sir.” He nodded smiling “you smell of pure man, a smell I love on my Sir.” He was still looking into my eyes and still smiling. The door went, Daddy jumped and got up to see who it was. Daddy bought Oliver’s bitch into the lounge “Hello Sir, I am Justin, Master Oliver’s boi.” He came over and sat on the floor in front of me. He was wearing black leather running shorts and a tight vest. “You are overdressed boi.” “Yes Sir, sorry Sir.” He stood and took of his t shirt, shorts and trainers and stood with his arms behind his back in a presentation position. I looked him over, how old are you boi?” “17 Sir.” “How long have you been Oliver’s bitch?” “One year full time and 6 years part time when I was at school. We met when I was 10, he was riding past on his motorbike when I was being beaten up by some bullies, and he rescued me and took me to his home to clean me up. He told me that I was clearly subservient and he tested me and I soon swallowed his huge dick and as they say the rest is history.” He was looking at my pouch the whole time he was talking to me “kneel bitch.” Daddy left the room knowing what I was about to do. “Lick me” was all I said and he moved forward and took in the smell of the pouch of my jock strap. He licked making it all wet, my dick grew and he released my dick from the pouch. He stepped back for a moment “you are well hung Sir, just like Master Oliver.” And he moved forward and took the whole of my huge dick into his throat. “Oliver has taught you well.” He looked up and I could clearly see his eyes glinting in pleasure.” He sucked up and down every inch clearly loving his task. Just like Daddy he could tell when I was getting close as he took me down his tight throat just as I flooded him with my seed. He licked my dick clean and sat back grinning “Thank you Sir for letting me take your precious cum.” Daddy appeared as if from nowhere. Justin looked over at Daddy “Master Oliver said to tell me he will be over tomorrow to check up on my work.” Daddy smiled and nodded. “Sir.” He said looking back at me “permission to get dressed, I need to get the things from the van and get them upstairs.” “We’ll help.” “No Sir, I was under strict instructions to do this on my own, as if anything goes wrong, then I am the one to be disciplined.” I nodded and he dressed and left the lounge. “Sir, Daddy had his own bitch and he was only 10 years old when they started out together, I am shocked as it could have been me, but then I wouldn’t have got married and had a beautiful son who I adore and love being subservient to.” “Come here.” I demanded. Daddy came over and dropped to the floor and looked up at me. I smiled down at him “I love you too bitch.” “Justin, are you allowed a beer?” Daddy shouted upstairs. “Better not, thanks for the offer though. Water will be fine.” I nodded and Daddy went and got him some water and he also bought me a beer. “Thanks bitch, you need a drink later then?” he nodded smiling. Daddy also bought me my cigarettes. And handed me one. I lit up and took a long drag. “Mmmm thanks bitch, come and sit up with me.” Daddy sat next to me on the sofa, I took a long drag and kissed Daddy pushing the used smoke into his lungs, he took it in willingly. “Why don’t you smoke yourself bitch, if you like taking my used smoke.” “Sir I know it is silly but knowing the smoke has come from you makes me enjoy it, I just wouldn’t enjoy the same thing from a cigarette or cigar that I had smoked.” Daddy looked intently at me waiting for a response. I smiled and took a long drag. I pulled Daddy towards me and shoved my mouth to his and shoved my long tongue in his mouth and exhaled. Daddy breathed in taking my used smoke once more into his lungs. We parted and Daddy was smiling at me “How could I not let you do something that you really enjoy and I see you are horny too.” He nodded. Want to suck my dick?” he nodded looking down at my huge hard dick. He didn’t move and looked up at me waiting. “Good bitch, well done.” I nodded and quick as a flash Daddy was on my dick taking it all into his throat until my balls were banging against his chin. “Mmmm” I lay back and enjoyed my smoke as Daddy sucked my dick. He stopped sucking and moved to my bull balls and started sucking those, pulling each one into his mouth and gently pulling them before licking them again and taking my dick back into his throat. “So nice bitch, you’d do that all day if I let you wouldn’t you.” Daddy stopped sucking for just long enough to answer me “Yes Sir, of course I would.” Both of us grinned at each other and I pulled him back to his task, pulling him hard onto my dick. “Fuck, oh yeah, mmmm so nice.” I stubbed out the smoke and looked down at Daddy who was looking up at me and working hard to make me cum needing his prize. I closed my eyes and shot deep into his throat. Daddy swallowed all I gave him with ease and loving care. “Thank you bitch.” And we kissed. “Shall we go upstairs and see how Justin is getting on?” We went up and looked into the spare bedroom which was totally transformed at least part way. Justin had removed everything that was inside and left it in the hallway. He had painted the walls black and changed the lighting to emit three low beams, the sling was in place as was the cage for Daddy when he was naughty, and he took one look at it and shuddered. “You’ll only go in if you are extremely naughty.” I looked at him and he looked worried. “You have done well Justin, you have done a lot of work in such a short time. “Master Oliver gave me a timing schedule and I am pleased to say that I have managed to keep to it.” He looked pleased with his work “I would suggest waiting a couple of days until the paint has totally dried and aired properly.” I nodded my understanding. He opened the last box “some presents from Master Oliver.” He proceeded to put a speculum, several dildo’s all huge on a shelf that he had erected. He also pulled out a catheter and some sounds, plus a few things that I had never seen before but didn’t say anything, I could tell that were to inflict pain if required. “There, everything is now complete. Apart from the old furniture.” “I’ll make a call to a charity shop I know and they can come and collect it all.” I said as we went downstairs. Justin looked at his watch “I have to go Sir and prepare Master Oliver’s dinner.” I nodded “Tell Oliver to come round at 7pm, we are having some friends round for a small get together and I would like him to meet some of our closest friends.” Justin nodded and he made his exit. “What do you think bitch?” “I don’t like the cage Sir, it makes me shudder just thinking about it but I like the idea of a playroom and the sling of course.” “Didn’t think you’d like the cage, you will just have to continue to please me won’t you, unless of course I think you need locking away anyway.” Daddy shivered at that which pleased me no end. “What shall we do this evening bitch? Pub?” “Sir, please can we go to the gym instead and both workout?” “You want to go to the gym instead of the pub?” “Yes Sir” he grinned. “You have genuinely surprised me bitch, of course we can go to the gym. A light meal then and we’ll set off.” Daddy scurried off and called me when the food was ready, we ate and Daddy gathered our gym clothes together and he dressed me and then himself gaziantep escort and off we set, apparently we were running there. Daddy set off and I caught up easily and set off a little faster “Come on bitch keep up.” He sped up and caught me up and actually stayed at the fast pace I had set. “Well done bitch” I said as soon as we got to the gym. We went inside and through to the lockers where we changed into jock straps and went into the main gym. “Do you know what you have to do today bitch?” “Yes Sir, I know my schedule off by heart.” “Good bitch, get to it then.” “Yes Sir” and he went off and started his work-out. Daddy was clearly liking his work-out as I could see the concentration on his face. I just stood there and watched him work, at least I did until Jerry came over. “What the fuck are you standing there for?” and he slapped me over the top of the head. “You won’t get more muscles for your bitch to admire by standing there watching him.” “Sorry Jerry.” And I got to work myself, I heard Jerry chuckle as he walked off. After a couple of hours I felt fucking ace and Daddy was still at it but he was slowing down from his strenuous and very long work-out. After he had cooled down he came over to me beaming. “You have exceeded all my expectations bitch.” And I pulled him in for a kiss. “Now go for a walk and see if you can get fucked.” “Thank you Sir.” And he sped off. I started slowing down my session and stopped just as Tom entered the gym area. “Tom” I called out and he came over. “I want to thank you for the work you have done with my bitch, he has excelled himself beyond anything I could have hoped and he really enjoys the work-out now.” “Initially he only wanted to do as he was told but he soon got into it and wanted to do his absolute best for you and I must admit, he has done better than even I could have imagined, he must really love you so much.” I nodded grinning “He doesn’t show much extra muscle yet but he has toned nicely and is now really fit, I want to get him on weights next if you approve as I was to build up his arm and leg muscles.” “Yeah sounds good, I will have to work harder then as I don’t want my bitch to exceed me in the muscle stakes.” Tom smiled “what?” “Jerry said you might say that. He has written this for you.” And he handed me a revised work-out that would bulk me up faster. “It is a bit gruelling but he said that your body could easily accept it. We have some portable equipment that you can borrow as you need to follow this twice a day every day. We’ll have it delivered tomorrow.” I nodded and smiled. “Thanks” Tom went off and I went off to the sauna as I needed some arse to use. I went into the sauna and sat on the upper most tier and sat naked my dick pointing skywards needing attention. My body was nicely pumped from the work-out and I felt fucking great. The door opened and a slim guy walked in and started at me through the steam. “See something you like?” “Sorry” he said and looked away. “Get your arse over here now.” He looked at me and didn’t move. I pointed to the floor of the sauna directly in front of me “Now move.” He looked scared but he moved and stood exactly where I told him stand. “Much better. You’ll do well if you remember to follow instructions.” He stood stock still looking at my huge dick “Do you want it then?” he nodded. “Well come closer then and take me into your mouth.” He shuffled forwards and knelt down on the bench and took the head of my dick to his mouth and licked and sucked round the head of my dick. I grabbed hold of his hair and pulled him forward pushing more into his mouth “come on open that throat of yours, you know you want this don’t you.” He relaxed suddenly and his throat opened and took the rest of my deep into his tight throat. “Fuck yeah good lad.” As he sucked me dick I managed to get a feel of his arse, I used one finger and pushed inside, he took me in easily, so I used another finger and pushed both into his arse. He started to moan on my dick as I played with his arse. “Time for me to get in the other end lad.” He jumped and turned round bending over as he did so. “Eager aren’t you?” I put the head of my dick to his arse and gently pushed inside. His arse accepted me easily enough, that spurred me on and I grabbed hold of his hips and pulled his body fully onto my hard dick. He didn’t exactly moan but he did take a sharp breath when I bottomed out in his arse. He automatically clenched up “In pain then?” he nodded and I pulled and pushed very gently letting him get used to my huge dick in his tight luscious arse. I soon felt him pushing back and that encouraged me to start fucking harder. Within a few minutes I was ramming into him and he was pushing back “Fucking nice arse you have.” He rammed back to me and stopped so my dick was deep inside him. He spoke for the very first time “Fuck that feels great inside me.” And he fucked himself again and I started ramming “Please let me fuck myself.” I stopped pushing and let him do all the work. He was fucking himself on my dick using every inch to bring us both pleasure. “Please may I change position?” I slapped his arse cheek to let him know that was okay. He turned and had the biggest smile across his face I had ever seen. I stood up and picked him up in my muscled arms and slowly dropped him onto my dick, he momentarily closed his eyes in sheer pleasure at being filled again. There we were, I was standing up with this very cute long blond haired boy and he was bouncing up and down on my dick whilst I held him in my muscled arms. He reached in for a kiss and he gave me his tongue and I pushed mine into his mouth. I felt myself getting close and he smiled at me when we parted and clenched his anal muscles as tight as possible, that bought me off and I shot my huge cum load deep inside his arse. “That was wonderful. Thanks” I said as we parted and I put him back on the floor. The door opened and a huge muscled man appeared. “Ah there you are Frazer, come on son time to go.” Frazer walked over to his father and turned and winked at me and they both left. I needed to find Daddy as I was needing a shower. I walked out of the sauna just as Daddy came round the corner. “Sir, I thought you might be here as a young lad was talking with his father about getting the fuck of his life from a muscled skinhead and I knew it was you.” Daddy stood looking at my dick before looking up at me smiling “Can I clean you in the shower Sir?” I nodded and we walked off to the shower, Daddy made sure that we got one at the front where anyone could see us. He got ready and invited me to stand with him and he got to work. “Mmmm” he moaned as he felt and washed each muscle group. Daddy knelt on the floor looking up at me as the water poured down on us both. A small crowed was watching and I turned off the shower leaving us dripping. Daddy stayed where he was and I pissed over his head soaking him. “Come on bitch you can dry naturally.” And we headed off to the locker room. We headed out Daddy stinking of my piss shower towards home. “What do you want to wear to work tomorrow Sir?” “It will have to be my best skinhead gear bitch.” “Good, I will clean your boots for you then Sir. He said with pleasure in his voice. We got home and Daddy stripped naked as soon as the front door was closed. “Do you need me for anything Sir?” I shook my head and Daddy ran upstairs his hard dick leading the way. Took off my own gym clothes and padded upstairs quietly and watched Daddy with sheer delight on his face cleaning, licking and worshipping all my boots. I quietly went downstairs again and caught up on a few emails. All the guests for the party confirmed that they were still coming. I checked the cupboard and noticed that we had a lot of beer in stock and even more in the fridge chilling. Food was all ready for Daddy to prepare. “Mmmm” I thought to myself “what a good bitch Daddy is.” And I helped myself to a beer and again read the sheet that Tom gave me from Jerry. I understood what he wanted me to do and couldn’t wait until the equipment arrived. “Yeah those exercises should increase the muscle mass in my arms and legs nicely. I can’t wait to bulk up even more. Daddy will be impressed.” I said to myself “fuck I am getting hard again, just the thought of putting even more muscles on my fit body was really turning me on.” I wanked my huge dick a couple of times “BITCH” I shouted from the kitchen.” Daddy came running and knelt on the floor in front of me looking up into my eyes, I smiled and nodded, he knew what was wanted and he took me into his mouth and slowly down into his throat. “Mmmm” I moaned as Daddy sucked me “Just what this Master needs. His bitch at his feet sucking his dick.” Daddy’s eyes never left mine and watched me intently, I poked out my tongue and grabbed his head and face fucked him, I knew Daddy liked it hard and got him extra horny. Both of us were enjoying the sensation of the hard face fuck and I soon got close and shot my load deep in Daddy’s throat. “Thank you Sir.” He went back to my dick and licked a spot of cum he had missed. “Not like you to miss a drop bitch?” “No Sir, I must be slipping.” We smiled at each other and I pulled Daddy up for a kiss. “Please Sir.” Daddy said begging. “I bet you want to watch me smoke one of my cigars.” He nodded “Go and get it ready for me and we can settle down in the lounge. “Thank you Sir.” He went off grinning. By the time I got into the lounge Daddy had my cigar ready and my lighter. I sat down on the settee and Daddy knelt on the floor waiting for the nod from me. “Up here with me bitch.” Daddy got on the settee and sat next to me. “That’s better.” I put the cigar to my lips and lit it, for a big cigar it lit easily and I took a long drag and blew out the smoke. I could see him watching me intently holding the ashtray tightly in his hands. His dick was rock hard and pulsing all by itself, clearly wanting to shoot a load off. I took another drag and this time I kissed Daddy and exhaled into his mouth, he breathed in heavily taking the used smoke into his own lungs. “Mmmm thank you Sir.” And he breathed out the smoke. It took me quite a while to smoke it and Daddy watched me smoke every inch his dick still pulsing wildly. Daddy took the last of it and stubbed it out in the ashtray and disposed of it. He came back and kissed me before taking his place on the floor at my feet. “What was the kiss for bitch?” “To say thank you for smoking and letting me watch you.” Daddy leant down and kissed my feet. He looked up at me again grinning. “Come upstairs bitch” He nodded quickly. We went up to the bedroom and I put on a jock strap, I made sure it was the smelliest one I had. I did some simple poses to begin with which I knew Daddy likes seeing me pose, my muscles shown off to perfection. Daddy was grinning sitting on the floor cross legged watching me show every muscle group off to him. He loved watching and his eyes never left my body. I relaxed and sat on the bed “you like?” He nodded still grinning. “You know I love watching you pose like that, make me horny needing my Sir inside me again. “Mmmm I hoped it might, we can go to bed soon and I can fuck you. But first let’s do some more stretching on your rings.” “Ooh thank you Sir.” He ran into the play room and got everything needed. He sat on the bed whilst I cleaned everything as I do every time before and after use. I got the larger flesh tunnels out and showed them to Daddy. He nodded and closed his eyes, I pulled out the small one he had in and forced the new ones into his ears and secured them. I cleaned them up and nodded my approval. I did the same with his tits and his septum piercing. “I think that the tit piercings are as large as we dare go bitch, I don’t want them to tear your tits.” Daddy nodded looking down. “Your ears can take more as can you septum.” I smiled and Daddy nodded. He jumped up and looked in the mirror. “Fucking ace” he turned and kissed me “Thank you Sir. I love it.” “Go and get me a beer bitch.” Daddy ran downstairs and came back in double quick time with a beer in hand. “Thank you.” Daddy sat on the floor whist I sat on the edge of the bed drinking my beer. I looked at the clock on the bedside table “still early” Daddy looked over and nodded. “Need a fuck?” Daddy smiled “Always Sir.” I picked up my mobile and dialled “Toby what are you up to at the moment?” “Nothing that can’t wait why.” “Daddy needs fucking.” “I’m on my way.” And I put the phone down. “A mate of mine from the gym is coming round bitch, he has almost as many muscles as me but not quite” I grinned “He loves fucking whilst being fucked himself.” 20 minutes later the door went as I went to let Toby in. “Toby was wearing sweat pants that didn’t quite hide his arousal. Through his loose vest you could clearly see large rings through his nipples, with a bar going through the other way. He was sweating nicely “Ran all the way here as I know you both love sweat and I have drunk a lot of water as well” he said with a grin. Daddy crawled over to him and looked up at the growing dick “Mmmm” he moaned, Daddy pulled down the sweat pants releasing the hard dick inside. He licked all the way along the underside of the long dick and went down again and took the meaty balls inside his mouth licking the sweat away with his tongue. “Why has it taken so long for you to ring me?” I went over and took his loose vest off and tweaked his nipples, Toby closed his eyes and moaned the harder I twisted his nipples the more he moaned his dick was pulsing. Daddy took the head of his dick into him mouth and slowly taking him deeper and deeper. “Fuck TJ, you didn’t tell me he could deep throat.” Toby was moaning with his eyes closed and a huge smile across his face. “Enough Bitch.” Daddy stopped and sat back. Daddy knew me by now and he lay on the floor and got his legs in the air. Toby smiled and got to the floor behind Daddy and lifted his legs over his shoulders. He pulled Daddy towards him and his long dick was at the entrance to Daddy’s arse. “Please fuck me Toby.” He begged “Please ram that dick in and out of me and seed my arse.” Toby smiled “Okay then here we go.” He pushed the head of his dick inside Daddy rested and pushed the rest of himself into Daddy until his balls were banging against his arse. “Thank you, oh God that feels good.” Toby muttered. “Right my turn.” Toby lifted Daddy’s arse higher as that enabled him to fuck him harder and also raise his arse higher ready for me to fuck him. I used plenty of lube on my dick and liberally coated Toby’s arse. I pushed the head in “fuck you’re tight Toby.” And I stayed still letting him get used to the head of my dick. “I don’t get fucked that often TJ. My muscles ensures that most guys want me to fuck them.” I pushed and a little more of my huge dick went inside Toby. “Fuck.” He yelled out as I went inside him inch by inch. After a lot of pushing and waiting, my balls were banging against his arse lips. “Now I am going to stay still, you can fuck Daddy and fuck yourself at the same time.” “Fucking hell TJ I feel so fucking full.” Toby started fucking Daddy harder which meant he was fucking himself on my dick too. “Oh fuck this is too much.” But he didn’t stop he continued fucking and fucking himself at the same time. He stopped dead, not moving a muscle. “Shit, I nearly shot my load then, I want this to last I don’t know if I will get the chance again.” He started slowly pushing into Daddy and slowly fucking himself on my dick. “You can regularly be bitch in the middle if you really want too Toby. You are a good fuck, and well Daddy is only truly happy when he is being used.” “Really.” He said surprised “we can do this whenever I need to?” “Of course.” He sped up his fucking and started to ram in and out of Daddy, and that gave me the best sensations too as his tight arse was clenching round my huge dick. I knew I was getting close “I’m going to shoot Toby, you had better be ready.” “Fuck yeah TJ, I’m so fucking close.” “NOW” and I shot my load deep in Toby as he shot his load deep inside Daddy. Toby relaxed down onto Daddy and they kissed. “Thanks for the fuck” he said to Daddy, I’ve wanted to fuck you for ages.” And they kissed again. I pulled out of Toby and reached for one of Daddy’s smaller plugs and pushed that inside Toby. “What the hell.” “Well you don’t want to leak everywhere do you?” Toby felt the plug sealing my load inside him. “No I suppose not.” He smiled. Toby reached for Daddy’s large plug and pushed that inside. Toby and I relaxed with our backs against the settee. Daddy made himself comfortable on my chest but not before seeking permission which I gave with a slight nod and a smile. “That was some session thanks TJ.” “You’re welcome Toby, I know how long you have wanted to use the bitch and to be honest I’ve wanted inside your cute arse too.” “Really” he said with a smile. “Yes, I knew you were versatile the minute we became work-out buddies.” “Was I that obvious?” I nodded and he went red. “Tell me.” I asked with a serious look on my face. “Do you prefer fucking or getting fucked?” “That’s tough as I like both but I suppose if I had to choose then I would say getting fucked.” He said still very red. “What do think of my bitch and our relationship?” “As Father and son or Master and slave?” “Both.” “I think it is incredibly horny that you have made your father into your own personal bitch and I must admit the thought of a Master and slave relationship is so incredibly horny, I wonder if that I could become a slave bottom to a muscled Master.” I smiled “mmm interesting I am surprised that you haven’t done anything about it.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Scared?” “Actually I am more worried about making an absolute tit of myself.” “That’s cute.” And Toby went very red and looked away. “Sorry Toby, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, you have become a good work-out buddy, and really spurring suriyeli escort me on to do better and better, I want to do something for you.” He looked at me and half smiled. “Do you know Gunther?” Toby looked at me and shook his head. “He is the hugely muscled Daddy type, he works out early mornings.” “Oh yeah I’ve seen him around. Isn’t he old?” “Actually he’s Daddy’s age but his long grey beard and hair makes him look a lot older, I happen to know for a fact that he is looking for a boy and he wants you.” “Me?” he said very surprised. “Yes you, I said I would invite you round and talk to you about it.” “Why me.” “He said he has always fancied you but thought that you would run a mile from having a Daddy Master, so he kept his distance.” “Fuck.” “So you interested then?” “Don’t know. The thought of having a Master is intriguing.” “Good.” As if my magic the front door went “Ah, perfect timing. Let him in Daddy.” Daddy got up and went to the door. Daddy bought Gunther into the lounge. He was wearing leather chaps over skin tight 501’s that showed his big package, he wore Dehner boots up to his knees and a leather vest showing off his tight and very muscled hairy body. “Fuck.” Toby uttered as he looked at Gunther. “Maybe later.” He said with a grin. “Eh.” “Never mind boi. I’ve seen you from a distance for ages and I want you to become my boi, I know you can do as you are told and I know that at work you are a little submissive. You see I have been investigating you and you will make a perfect boi for me.” Toby looked as if he was getting angry. “Please don’t get upset Toby, I am very selective and I have been looking for a boi for 5 years and you Toby are the boi for me.” “I don’t know what to say.” “Then say yes.” Toby smiled at Gunther “I have nothing to lose except my dignity. So yes Gunther.” “You can call me Daddy.” “Yes Daddy.” Gunther slung a backpack at Toby “Put these on boi.” “Yes Daddy.” Toby looked at the things on the bag, he took off the few things he was wearing and pulled on the tight leather shorts, he breathed in as the butt plug pushed deeper into his arse, he put on a pair 14 lace-hole DM’s. Toby stood up. “Hands behind you back boi.” He did as ordered and Gunther used a padlock on the zip and locked them in place. Gunther smiled “they will only come off when I say so, okay boi?” Toby gulped and looked worried. “Yes Daddy.” “Good boi, if you continue to follow orders like that then you and I will get on very well. Come on boi, time to get you home and see what my boi can do.” Gunther left and Toby followed a couple of paces behind. “Well done Sir.” Said Daddy “Job well done I think.” “I hope so bitch, I hope I have done the right thing.” Daddy leant down and kissed me. “What was that for?” “Sir, you always do the right thing by your friends. Everyone deserves some happiness.” “Thanks Daddy.” I stood and took Daddy’s hand and led him upstairs to bed. I fucked Daddy three time during the night as I was so horny, that said I didn’t want to get up for work but Daddy insisted as it would show on him if I was late. Daddy washed me in the shower and dressed me before bringing me a mug of coffee. “Mmmm now I feel more human again bitch, thanks.” “Stand up Sir.” I stood up and Daddy fussed round my boots and socks making sure that the tops of the jeans were neat and showing off my red socks, he re-tied the laces as he wasn’t totally happy with the look. “Mmmm much better Sir. Now you are ready to go to work.” Daddy smiled and kissed me, he stepped back and hung his head. “Yeah you did take a bit of a liberty didn’t you bitch?” “Yes Sir, I realised right afterwards. I am sorry Sir.” “Look at me bitch.” Daddy looked up and into my eyes. “I cannot remonstrate bitch, after all you make sure I am turned out perfectly. I pulled him in for a kiss “I will have to take it out on your arse with my dick when I get home won’t I bitch?” “Yes Sir thank you Sir.” “Make sure you are ready then.” I pulled him into another kiss and left for work. I met Charlie coming out of the newsagent, he was opening a packet of cigarettes. “I didn’t know you smoked.” He offered one to me and I took it and he lit it for me and then lit his own. “I used to a few years ago but I stopped as my girlfriend at the time hated it but now, and this sounds a bit silly, I think it goes with the image and I always missed it.” We got to the shop and stood outside finishing our smokes. Charlie opened up and turned the alarm off and rushed round setting everything up whilst I watched him. “I can help you know.” “No Sir” he stopped and looked at me smiling “An alpha male should not have to Sir.” “Come here.” And I pointed to the floor directly in front of me. “Thank you Charlie but I am here to work and work I shall. We have time before we open don’t we?” He looked up at the clock and nodded. “About 30 minutes Sir.” “Good strip naked and put the rubber Fred Perry on and the kilt and put your boots back on.” “Please no Sir.” “Never say no to me Charlie, I am the alpha male remember.” “Yes Sir” and he hung his head and picked up the items and was about to go into the fitting room when I coughed, he stopped and sat on the floor in the centre of the shop and stripped. “Good boy.” When he had dressed himself and stood up and looked in the mirror, he actually smiled. The boss walked in, took one look at Charlie “mmmm very nice Charlie. You are going to wear that all day today. He looked to the floor and went very red. “You look very nice Charlie. Good enough to fuck.” He looked up and actually smiled. “We haven’t time now we need to open up.” Charlie went and unlocked the front door and came back to the counter and turned on all the lights. I felt his arse “you need lubing up boy.” I reached for the water based lube and one of the play syringes that shoots the lube deep into boy arse. I smacked his arse when I had finished. “All done boy.” He turned round to thank me and I noticed his dick was hard and pointing up through the folds of the mini kilt. I smiled at him “I like the way you show your appreciation Charlie.” He got embarrassed again “The boss and I will have to find some way of stopping you going red all the time, cute though it is.” The first customer of that Saturday morning came in. A guy wearing full leathers carrying a motorcycle helmet. “I need a Muir cap.” “Yes Sir.” And Charlie showed him where they were. He put his helmet on the counter and went with Charlie over to the display. Charlie reached and got several down for sizing and the guy felt Charlies arse. I head a low growl from the leather guy, the door went and I looked and it was another customer. “Good morning.” I said with a smile on my face, his face lit up and he grinned back. “Thanks for being bright and cheerful, I have had a shit couple of days and your good looks combined with your cheery demeanour is just what I need right now, but first I would like a leather jock strap.” I took him over to the selection and showed him the different types “So where are you going to wear one?” “I am off on holiday next weekend to Gran Canaria and full leather will be far too hot, so a leather jock strap and my boots will be good enough.” I looked him up and down and selected a few different types to look at. “What do you think?” “I think this style” “What colour piping?” “Blue, I want the guys to know that I get screwed, my favourite hobby.” He smiled and I nodded. “Sure you don’t want one with yellow or red as well.” He looked at me and smiled. “Oh go on then.” I rang up the sale and he went out much happier then when he came in. The boss came down and he came over and stood with me and I pointed to Charlie. He was bent over getting royally screwed by the leather guy. He yelled out and we assumed he was pumping Charlie full of cum. “Thank you Sir.” Charlie said and he sounded pleased. Charlie bought over the customer and the Muir cap and rang up the sale. “You had better add a plug for his arse, otherwise you’ll leak cum everywhere.” “Yes Sir thank you Sir.” “Great customer service.” He said as he walked out. Charlie walked over to the butt plugs and selected a medium one, he lubed it and in from of me and the boss he pushed it into his arse. “Fuck that feels good.” Charlie’s dick was still hard poking out of the mini kilt. He looked at me and the boss and went red again. “I am getting into this and I love getting fucked.” We had a very busy morning and it was lunchtime before we realised. I went out and got sandwiches for all three of us and we managed to eat in between customers. It was late afternoon when the lull started and the boss told me that I could go out for a smoke, Charlie joined me. He lit up and handed it to me before lighting his own. “You are learning boy.” I said with a smile. I leaned back against the wall and enjoyed the smoke. I went in with Charlie following and the boss went out and had a smoke himself. As soon as the boss came in the late afternoon rush started and we were busy right up to closing time. The boss locked up and we all said our goodbyes and each of headed home. I opened the front door and bitch was there his arse in the air waiting for his fuck. “Well this is nice bitch.” And I slapped his bare arse but only lightly I unbuttoned my tight skinhead jean and let my huge dick out. Daddy didn’t move a muscle, he stayed on the floor arse high � waiting. I didn’t disappoint him either. I knelt on the floor behind him and put the head of my dick to his arse. “Please Sir.” “Please what Sir.” “Please fuck your bitch Sir.” “Okay then” and I grabbed hold of his hips and rammed inside him as hard as I could buying all of my huge dick inside his arse. Daddy started to cry. “Thank you Sir, that feels wonderful.” Daddy started pushing back to meet my thrusting inwards. “Fuck bitch you are a good screw.” Daddy moaned lustily hearing that comment and he clenched his anal muscles hard making the sensations for himself and of course me his Master even greater. It was my turn to moan now as Daddy was clenching so hard he was nice and tight for me. “FUCK” and I dumped my load deep in Daddy’s guts. I rested on his back and felt his dick it was hard and leaking but he didn’t shoot. “Well done bitch, waiting for me to tell you to cum?” “Yes Sir.” I pushed Daddy to the floor and lay my muscled body on top of him my dick still hard and still buried deep in his arse. “Now, I need to relaxed just a little” and I kissed the back of Daddy’s neck as I rested. Daddy moaned knowing what I wanted to do. “Here we go.” And I pissed in Daddy’s arse. “I’ve been saving this all day for you bitch.” I said as I let go. Daddy moaned as his arse filled with my hot piss. “Now for a second fuck and this time bitch, I cum I will allow you to shoot as well.” I pulled Daddy up to the doggy position and started my second fuck. “Thank you Sir.” Daddy said on the verge of crying “Thank you for fucking me and giving me your piss.” And Daddy shot his cum all over the floor. Daddy pushed back needed and wanting me to fuck him as hard as I liked. His arse was so full of my piss that as I fucked it was squelching out covering the floor. “Fuck this is good bitch.” I fucked deep once more and shot a second load of cum inside Daddy. “Mmmm.” And I kissed Daddy’s neck making him shiver once more. “Come on bitch, let’s shower.” Daddy clenched and we went upstairs and we cleaned each other in the shower. I knelt down and sucked his dick, he soon sent a load of cum into my throat. “I won’t make a habit of the bitch.” “No Sir, of course not Sir. Thank you, that was so special.” And he stood on tip toes and kissed me. “You are getting even taller Sir.” Daddy turned off the shower and we dried each other. “Sir please will you wear this?” he begged. He showed me a new yellow jock strap. “Sir, forgive me, but I want this for myself but only when it has been marked with your scent, piss and cum.” He put his arms behind his back and looked to the floor. I put the jockstrap on and walked over to Daddy, I lifted his head. “How smelly do you want it then Daddy?” His face turned to a huge smile. “I don’t care Sir, as long as it smells of my Sir. I can wear it when you are at work.” He beamed. “You miss me that much?” he nodded going slightly red. “Come on Daddy, we’ll cuddle up on the settee together. “Come on then.” We went downstairs and I sat down on the settee and patted the seat next to me. Daddy sat next to me and lay his head on my shoulder. I knew he wanted to play with my nipples but he stopped himself as I didn’t say he could. I grabbed hold of his hand and put it on my nipple and kissed the top of his shaved head. Daddy played with my nipples gently tweaking and pulling on the rings through them “Mmmm that’s nice Daddy.” I said encouraging him. He looked up at me and as I smiled he bent down and took my left nipple in his mouth and bit down gently. “Is everything ready for our guests, they are due to arrive a 7pm.” “Yes Sir, I have set everything up in the dining room, apart from the beer of course and that is chilling in the fridge.” “I ought to wear something else when are guests are here.” I went upstairs and came back wearing my Lycra running tights and matching vest top showing of my muscles to perfection, I threw Daddy a piss stained jock strap that Serge from the gym gave me as apparently someone had left it behind. He put it on. “Thank you Sir for the gift. Please may I go and check everything just to make sure.” I nodded and Daddy went off to the dining room. He came back with a beer for me. My mobile pinged, I picked it up and opened the text message. “Mmmm Bob and Luke are not able to make it tonight. They are flying off to Amsterdam for a week.” “Oh, I was so looking forward to seeing them both.” I took a sip of the beer “Mmmm just what I need.” “Yes Sir I know.” Daddy said smiling and he got to the floor at my feet and curled up. We rested for a while until the front door went. Daddy got up like a shot and went to see which of our guests it was. Juan was the first to arrive with his dog boy at his heels. They went into the lounge and dog boy stayed at his heels the entire time. “Go and say hello boi.” Dean padded over to me and looked up into my eyes and smiled. “Hello boi, how are you.” Dean nuzzled against me and rubbed my legs. He woofed a couple of times nice and gently. “You are fine aren’t you boi.” He woofed again nice and strongly this time. Juan spoke “He is not allowed to speak in human tongue anymore TJ, but I know he wants to tell you that he is incredibly happy with me aren’t you boi?” Dean got up on all fours and chased round wagging his tail “We even go out and he is on all fours, he won’t get up and stand, he doesn’t give a shit what people think. Dean had become my perfect companion and he accepts anything willingly, don’t you boi?” he woofed excitedly still chasing round. “Now settle down boi.” He padded over to Juan’s booted feet and licked and worshipped his knee high skinhead boots before resting and calming down. Daddy disappeared and came back with a beer for Juan and a bowl of water for Dean. Dean woofed quietly when Daddy put the bowl down next to him. The door went and Daddy went. Jon and Maxine came in. “Wow Maxine what a transformation.” Maxine was wearing a short miniskirt and stiletto high heeled platform shoes. “You look stunning.” “Juan this is Jon and his boyfriend Maxine, Jon this is Juan and his dog boi Dean.” Jon and Juan shook hands and Dean got up and went over and sniffed Jon and Maxine, happy that they smelly okay he let out a friendly woof and sat back with his Master. “I think my dog approves of you both.” Dean let out a woof and everyone laughed. “TJ, this is only the second time that I had gone totally female, I thought that I would feel” he thought for a moment “actually, I don’t know how I would feel but I know that Jon loves it and deep inside me I think that I do too.” “Really babe?” said Jon surprised. “Yes, I think that I love it and that is thanks to TJ for pushing me.” Daddy had disappeared and came back with a beer for Jon and a glass of wine for Maxine. All six of us chatted and our guests soon became comfortable with each other, actually it was weird really, a butch skinhead with a dog boy and Jon with his boyfriend in full girly mode. I wondered what Oliver would be wearing. As I looked up I noticed Maxine looking at my crotch that of course made me hard as it down whenever anyone stares at my package. The door went it must be Oliver. Daddy ran to the door and heard “Daddy.” He bought Oliver and Justin into the lounge. Oliver was wearing a set of full leathers that moulded his physique perfectly. His leather jacket was open just enough so you could see his impressive chest and the fur rug that complimented his beard. He wore knee high engineers boors shined to perfection and a Muir car and mirrored sunglasses. The whole outfit was perfection. “TJ, good to see you.” And we hugged. Daddy moved close to his Father and they hugged tightly. “Hey son, put me down, I am not going to run away.” “Sorry Daddy, I am so please to see you.” “Yeah, I can see how pleased you are.” Daddy’s dick was hard and poking out from the smelly jock strap. Oliver smiled and slapped Daddy’s arse gently. “Get me a beer boy.” Daddy ran into the kitchen and bought back a beer for Oliver. Justin was quiet through all this, he was wearing leather chaps that he wore nice and tight and boots to match Oliver. As he sat down on the floor next to Oliver I saw that he was plugged. Oliver finally sat down after being introduced to everyone and Justin sat next to him, Daddy sitting back at my feet. We chatted for a while and Daddy looked up at me, I nodded knowing what he wanted. He disappeared into the dining room and made the final touches to the nibbles. When he came back, he sat down at my feet, nodded and relaxed. “Everything is ready in the rus escort dining room.” We all got up and wandered in. Daddy had excelled himself. “This is a good spread son.” “Thanks Daddy.” “From the supermarket?” “Never, Daddy always makes everything himself from scratch.” “I am impressed. Justin could take a few ideas back with him, he can cook but he lacks pizazz.” “Sorry Master.” Justin said looking at the floor. “That’s okay boy. I’ll go up and inspect your work on the playroom.” Oliver disappeared and went upstairs. I could see Justin was uncomfortable. “Hey Oliver won’t be long. You are among friends here.” “Justin. If I can be comfortable dressed like a girly slut for my boyfriend then you can do anything.” Justin smiled. “Now that’s much better.” We all had something to eat on a plate and moved back into the lounge where Daddy watched everyone closely and got more beers for the men and wine for Maxine. Oliver reappeared. “Boy come here.” Justin went over looking down at his feet. “Look at me boy.” Justin looked up and noticed that Oliver was far from angry he was actually smiling. “You have done well boy.” And Oliver kissed Justin.” “Thank you Sir, I was worried that it wouldn’t meet your exacting standards.” And he looked at his feet again. “You can sleep with me in my bed tonight boy and not on the floor.” Justin looked up grinning. “Thank you Master.” “He looks as though you have given him a present.” Said Jon. “In a way I have, he knows that he sleeps on the floor on a simple mattress unless he has excelled himself as he had done today, he loves nothing more than cuddling up to me at night, and he only gets to do that on occasions such as this.” Justin continued to look into Oliver’s eyes with a huge grin across his cute face. Justin turned to me “I really, really hoped that Master would permit me to sleep with him if I did a good job on your play room, that’s why I wouldn’t let you help me.” He went red. “See TJ, my boy knows how to please me as I love cuddling him in bed too.” I noticed that Justin was staring at Jon and his crotch. That didn’t go unnoticed by Oliver or Jon. Jon rubbed his crotch and spread his legs showing off his growing hard dick through the tight skinny jeans. Justin looked at Oliver “Go on then boi.” Justin smiled and crawled over to Jon and rubbed his package. He slowly opened the zip and Jon wiggled as Justin lowered the skin tight jeans. Justin looked up at Jon “Like what you see then Justin?” “Yes Sir.” And he took the long dick into his mouth and down into his throat causing Jon to moan lustily. “Get over here Maxine, I need your boy pussy.” I said to him. She came over “sit on my lap facing me.” Maxine moved and sat on my lap and I moved her thong panties aside and as he sat down he took my huge fat dick into his boy pussy. Maxine moaned as I entered and as she sat deeper on my dick I could feel her small dick getting hard. “Feel good then Maxine?” “Yes TJ, feels wonderful.” Daddy crawled over to Juan and started to lick his boots just as Dog boy padded over to Oliver. He sat on his haunches looking up at Oliver “Want something boy?” Dean woofed and hung his tongue out. “Want a bone then boy?” Dean woofed again. Oliver started to undo the zip on the cod piece of his leather trousers. He released his substantial dick. “I know you can manage this boy looking at your Master’s dick.” Dean woofed again. “Go on then boy.” And quick as a flash Dean had all of Oliver’s meaty dick inside his throat. “Mmmm good boy.” “This is my sort of party TJ.” Jon said as Justin was taking Jon’s beer piss. Juan grabbed Daddy and turned him sinking his dick deep inside Daddy’s arse. I looked round at the scene as Maxine was fucking himself on my dick, all my friends were having sex and with different partners, it made me so fucking horny to see. “You had better stop if you want my dick in your doggy arse boy.” Dean stopped immediately and sat back on his haunches. “Good boy, you are well trained, a lesser boy would have continued until he got his reward.” I could see Dean smiling through the doggy mask. Dean moved position, his arse up in the air and his head low. Oliver got behind him and put the head of his dick to his arse and pushed inside. Dean whimpered loving the big dick filling his arse “That good then boy?” Dean woofed loudly and excitedly. “Your pup has a good arse on his Juan.” “Thanks Oliver, I have taught him to tighten his anal muscles anytime anything want to fuck him as the dick inside his arse needs the best sensations.” “Well he certainly is doing that.” I pulled Maxine in for a kiss “You okay Maxine?” she nodded. “You don’t feel out of place?” I kissed him again. She shook her head. I kissed her again and I picked her up in my muscled arms and stood up. I put her on the floor and lifted her legs over my shoulders making sure that the high stiletto heels didn’t get in the way. “Now I can fuck you properly.” I smiled and Maxine smiled back. I started to ram in and out building up to a nice rhythm. As I was fucking I looked over at John who was grinning back at me. He picked Justin up and lay him next to Maxine and he lifted his legs and started fucking Justin’s tight arse. “Well if everyone else if fucking.” Said Juan as he pushed Daddy on the floor and shoved his big dick inside Daddy and started fucking. Now all the men were fucking and all the bitches were loving it and moaning and in Dean’s came whimpering. Being a horny teenager I was the first to cum yelling out loud as and I shot my load deep in Maxine’s boy pussy. That bought all the others on and soon all of the other shot their loads. “I say we all move one arse right.” Said Jon grinning. “Fucking good idea” Juan responded. Oliver shrugged his shoulders and we went to move one place right. “But first.” Juan used his bare hand and started to slap Daddy’s arse. “Oh fuck.” Daddy moaned as his dick started to leak pre-cum all over himself. “I like a bitch who loves a beating, my own dog boy doesn’t enjoy them yet but he’s learning.” He said as he continued beating Daddy’s arse until he was red. Juan rubbed it “Mmmm nice and hot and ready for the next fuck.” I was now behind Justin, Oliver was behind Daddy, Juan was behind Maxine and Jon was behind Dean. I entered Justin and he mooned out loudly at being filled by such a large dick. “Shut the fuck up bitch, your fucking pleasure means nothing” I snarled. “Oliver surely taught you that?” “Yes Sir, sorry Sir but to be fucked my two men of the same family is so fucking horny, I can’t help myself. I lifted his arse off the floor and raised it as high as I could, that enabled me to ram harder into his tight arse. “Oh Sir thank you for the hard fucking. Please may I shoot Master?” “No you fucking can’t and if you do you I will allow TJ to severely punish you.” “Shit.” Justin moaned out and he shot his load everywhere. “You fucking stupid bitch.” I snarled as I pulled out of his delightful arse “I was enjoying that and you fucking spoilt it by cumming.” I slapped his arse hard “Go and get the cat from the play room and you’d better be quick.” He ran off tears showing on his face. “Good, I can’t wait to watch this.” Juan said as he stopped fucking and pulled Maxine towards him and cuddled her close. Jon also stopped fucking and pulled Dean to his dick “suck me nice and slowly dog boy whilst I watch this beating.” “You took your fucking time boy.” I snarled when Justin re-appeared. He got on the floor and presented his arse to me, his head was low, and I caressed his arse and pushed a couple of fingers into him. He kept quiet this time and didn’t utter a sound. “Much better boi.” I pushed another fingers inside him “You realise that everyone has stopped fucking because you took your pleasure before me.” He looked up and noticed everyone was watching closely. “Sorry Sirs” and he lowered his head to the floor again. I took the cat and pulled it gently down his back. He shuddered. I stood up my huge hard dick red and pulsing. I used all my muscled strength and hit him once over his bare arse, he screamed out. “Every time you scream boy you will add another stroke of the cat.” I had my mind set on hitting him 5 times but he screamed out three ties in all adding another three strokes of the cat. I noticed that his dick remained hard throughout the beating so I knew that he like Daddy was enjoying the scene. “That’s eight strokes boy, I’ll add another two just to round it to an even number.” I lifted the cat high and bought it down on his bare arse in quick succession. I put the cat down and rubbed his hot and very red arse. “What do you say boy?” “I am sorry Sir that you had to stop taking pleasure and beat this worthless boy, I do try not to cum when being fucked but sometimes I get so horny I cannot help it.” I got in position behind him and had my fuck. I could feel the heat from his arse warming my crotch every time I went balls deep inside him. Everyone started fucking again “Good job TJ, you are as much a sadist as I am.” Said Oliver, we looked at each other and grinned. I could feel Justin clenching his anal muscles making sure his arse remained tight for my fuck. It was my turn to moan now and I soon felt myself getting close. I rammed deep and held his shoulders and pulled him towards my dick and unloaded. I rested on top of him and whispered in his ear. “You are a good fuck boy, I can see why Oliver keeps you around.” My dick was still hard and I moved in and out of his arse a few times whilst I came down from the great fuck. “Suck me boy.” Justin moved quickly and took my huge dick into his throat. He cleaned and gently suckled on my dick clenching his throat muscles. “Mmmm good boy.” I looked down at him and he was looking up into my eyes. “Drink?” He pulled off my dick “Thank you Sir.” And gobbled me up until my balls were banging on his chin. I took my piss and it went directly down into his stomach. “Thank you Sir.” He said when I had finished. “Thank you for beating me Sir, I am sorry I shot my load and hope that beating me gave you pleasure.” I caressed his cute face “it did boy. Rest with me whilst we watch the others.” I lay with my back to the settee and he lay on my chest. My huge dick remained semi-hard not going totally soft as I watched Oliver use Daddy. Oliver was pushing his dick into Daddy’s arse and Daddy never stopped smiling as he looked up into Oliver’s eyes. Oliver snarled but Daddy never stopped smiling at him. “I assume you are enjoying this son?” “Yes Daddy, this fulfils all my dreams and desires. I longed for this as soon as I knew that I was gay, I longed to be able to find you but I never had the courage as I never knew if you went away because of me.” “I told you that I went away because of my feelings. I was a confused young man and frightened to act on them.” Oliver leant down as he was fucking Daddy and they kissed. “I never wanted to hurt you son. I am happy how things have turned out and I will never leave again.” Oliver kissed Daddy once more “Now take my seed deep in your arse son.” Oliver grunted and shot his load inside Daddy. “Thank you Daddy.” And Daddy reached up and pulled Oliver down to him and they kissed deeply and lovingly. Oliver pulled out of Daddy and he moved and took Oliver’s half hard dick into his mouth and gently cleaned it with his mouth. I saw Daddy’s Adams apple bob up and down and knew that he was being fed Oliver’s beer piss. “Thank you Daddy.” “Justin will be upset with me letting you take my piss.” He smiled and Daddy looked at Oliver whose face didn’t change for fear of another beating. The rest of the evening went the same way, Daddy kept an eagle eye on the men and made sure that they always had a fresh and cold bottle of beer ready for them. It must have been around 3am when everyone ended up with their own partner and we all fell asleep on the lounge floor. I woke first. Actually I was second, Daddy was cuddling me looking into my eyes with a smile on his face. All the others were still asleep. Daddy kissed me “That was a lovely evening Sir, I really enjoyed it.” “Mmmm so did I Daddy. We kissed each other “I need a piss Daddy.” He moved quickly and took me dick into his mouth and down into his throat, I let go with my morning piss and Daddy drank the lot, letting it slide down into his stomach. “Thank you Sir.” And Daddy cuddled close to my chest as we looked at all the others in various places on the floor of the lounge. Slowly everyone woke, Oliver was the first to speak “Well I haven’t done that for fucking years, it was a great evening. Thank you for inviting me TJ, and you are a great host son.” “Thank you Daddy.” He said with a huge smile. Justin was still only half awake. “I need a smoke.” Daddy was up on his feet and running to get one of my cigars for Oliver, he handed it to him and he lit up and kissed Daddy blowing the smoke into his lungs. “Thank you Daddy.” Daddy moved back to me and handed me a cigar, I smiled and nodded kissing Daddy. I lit up and took a huge drag, I kissed Daddy and gave him the used smoke. Poor Daddy didn’t know where to look or who to watch, me or his Daddy. I grinned at his confusion and pulled his face to me and kissed him. He watched me for the rest of the time watching me closely smoke the huge cigar. All the others had now come to, probably from smelling the cigar smoke. I sent Daddy to make tea and coffee for us all and soon came back with a tray and served the men first and then the bitches. As we drank and came too properly Daddy opened the bi-folding doors to the garden “mmmm that’s better, it was smelling like the inside of a sweaty jock strap in here.” “You would know Daddy.” And he went very red. He sat on the floor with me as we all drank and came too after the long evening of hot sex. “Did you enjoy it all Maxine?” “I don’t know why Jon but yes I did, I could get used to being a slut like that. Jon pulled Maxine into a long snog. “Continue to dress like a slut and I’ll make sure you get all the dick you want baby. I get so horny when I watch you get fucked.” Maxine whispered into Jon’s ear, Jon smiled and Maxine crawled over to me. “Will you fuck me again TJ?” I smiled and released my dick, Daddy moved away and Maxine got on my lap and put the head of my dick to his boy pussy and sat down. Maxine took the whole length of my dick into him. Maxine started bobbing up and down fucking himself, he looked at Jon who was slowly wanking his own big dick. “Want to go upstairs and look at the play room boi?” “Yes Master.” Oliver took Justin’s hand and they went upstairs, I guess to have sex. “Fuck” Juan said “I am horny again. Come on dog boy.” And he attached Dean’s lead and they went off into the garden. Jon stood up and walked over to Maxine and I “You little fucking slut, fancy letting yourself get fucked in front of everyone.” His dick was hard, pointing skywards and in front of Maxine’s mouth “Yeah, I am hard slut, so take it in your throat and show me how much of a slut you really are.” Maxine continued bobbing up and down on my dick whilst he took his lovers dick into his mouth and down into his throat. “Fucking slut. You love men using both holes don’t you?” Jon grabbed hold of Maxine’s long hair and face fucked her. Daddy moved away and as he did I noticed that his dick was hard and pulsing. I would let him cum later when everyone has gone, I might even suck him off as he had been so good last night and today. Maxine stopped fucking herself on my dick and shot her load all over the two of us. “What a fucking slut, she even let’s her small dick shoot cum everywhere.” As Maxine came down from shooting her load she started fucking herself again letting my huge dick use every inch of her boy pussy. Jon screamed out and stooped face fucking Maxine and unloaded his cum deep in her throat. “Fuck that was good baby.” And he kissed his lover tenderly as I felt myself shoot my load deep in her boy pussy. Maxine leant forward and kissed me “thanks TJ, I enjoyed that.” And she turned to Jon and smiled. She pulled him down and kissed him. “I love you so much. You know what turns me on and I have learn what turns you on and that of course means I get lots and lots of lovely sex from the man I adore most in life.” “Come on baby, let’s get cleaned up and go home, I think that we can spend the rest of Sunday in bed, as some horny bitch has got me so turned on I need to fuck her so many times.” “Thanks TJ, I hope to see you soon and thanks for a great evening, we must do it again some time.” I nodded shook his hand and they departed. Oliver and Justin came downstairs and Justin was all smiles and holding Oliver’s hand. “This boy has been well used and now full of cum and piss from me. I have taken one of the butt plugs from the play room TJ as he is rather full up and I don’t want him making a mess on the bike.” They too were about to depart promising that they would host next time. Daddy came running “Hello son” Oliver took Daddy into his arms and hugged him closely. “Good to see you son.” And they departed followed closely by Juan and Dean. “Sir.” “Yes bitch.” “I will always remember that it was you that found my Daddy for me, I will never forget it TJ.” And he kissed me on the lips. “Well Daddy.” I said taking him into my arms. “Did you have a great time?” “Yes and no Sir.” “Eh.” “I have had lots of sex in the last 18 hours, and now I need my Sir most of all.” I picked Daddy up in my arms and carried him upstairs to the bedroom. I gently lay him down and got on the bed with him. “I should clear up Sir.” “Fuck that, you have the rest of the day.” Daddy started kissing my nipples and worked his way down my chest licking my huge dick that had got instantly hard. I managed to get hold of his legs and pulled them round so his dick was level with my mouth. I took Daddy into my mouth as Daddy took mine into his. We both gently sucked each other until we both shot our loads into each other’s mouth. Daddy righted himself. And kissed me “thank you Sir, I love the hard sex as much as you but I do really enjoy the quiet time we have too, laying here snuggling after a gentle sucking is.” I stopped Daddy talking by kissing him “I know.” And we both dozed off. THE END…

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