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Subject: DOOBY rhymes with Scooby Chapter 15 DOOBY rhymes with Scooby Part 15 By Jamie Haze The weekdays following the first big cookout rocketed by too quickly for Dooby and Cory. Together they taped two shows which took two full days, Tuesday and Wednesday. Each of those days after Scott was satisfied that he and his new cameraman/lover Artie, Dooby’s older brother, had sufficient tape to edit down, they planned, but only planned to separate. Dooby was going home to Tom’s and continue building the terrace summer kitchen while Cory was going to the Spelling’s offices to get the Lacrosse league organized. Tuesday afternoon they walked the short distance from Scott’s loft where the kitchen set was built, across the complex to Dunn and Patterson Advertising. Christian agreed that morning to be their driver for the day. They were surprised to see the Corvette parked near the door alongside Christian’s Honda. They assumed that Tom was there although he left the house driving the Tahoe and wondered why he’d gone back and switched vehicles. They climbed the stairs two and three at a time, “WE’RE HERE!” they sang together needlessly as if their clomping feet weren’t sufficient announcement. “Who’s here?” Christian asked with a giggle and peeked around a large canvass sitting on an easel so the back faced the stairs. “Shit I forgot I have driver duty. Okay, I’ll be with you in a few minutes.” “If you’re busy Uncle Tommy can do it.” Dooby said as they walked around the C shaped area in the middle of the empty loft that Christian defined as his personal work space that was comprised of a computer desk, work table, large tilted drawing board and two easels each occupied with large canvases, works in progress. One was a portrait of Charlie and the second was of Charlie, Laura and Cory. Tom commissioned the first for the company to be reproduced in a reduced scale intended to replace the thirty year old glossy photos in all the stores, while the second was to be a wedding present. However Christian was working on a third canvass. “Tommy’s not here,” Christian answered absently, with his concentration already restored on the third canvas. The boys looked at the painting and shrugged; Christian was working on the dark background and had only painted a pale pink oval where the subject’s face would be added eventually. “The Vet’s here, maybe he’s peddling some space somewhere in the complex.” Cory wondered. Christian backed away from the canvas and grinned. He pointed to the table, “The Vet’s a gift believe it or not, check out the card. I guess it’s really an advance payment, Auggie said he’d like me to do a portrait of the sketch I gave him at the party AND he said he’d send me something nice.” Dooby rested his chin on Cory’s shoulder so they could read the card together. HEY Christian boy! Here’s the something I promised you for the handsome sketch you drew of me. Maybe when you have the time you could do it in oils for me. Your friend, Auggie “Sonofabitch, Auggie thinks nice like us! Wow!” Dooby pounded Christian’s back until he stepped back to the easel. “Yeah wow,” Christian agreed before he sighed obviously reluctant to stop, “I may as well take you now I guess.” “No don’t stop for us, it’s already late, keep working until the light fades or whatever. We’ll just watch,” Dooby encouraged. Cory agreed, “Yeah and we’ll do it quietly too won’t we Doob?” Dooby grinned, “Implying what?” he asked always ready for a verbal joust. When Cory frowned he reconsidered, “Yeah I’ll shut up.” Christian nodded once and then forgot them for the next two hours. Dooby pulled Christian’s big leather desk chair over to one side, sat down and pulled Cory into his lap and then discovered that the chair reclined when Cory leaned over and pushed the release handle before he snuggled into Dooby more comfortably. Dooby’s hand automatically went to the elongated bulge on the inside of his willing lover’s left leg while Cory’s snaked up from Dooby’s belly to his chest under his shirt. That was as far as they got in their planned make out session when they began to get interested in how Christian worked. The only sound in the room came from the computer speakers, the sound of bubbles rising among colorful coral in the middle of the big plasma screen in the rest mode. Christian stopped those for a time by clicking the mouse to bring up the picture of a huge antique RCA Victor radio when he moved to that side of the canvas to begin blocking in its outline. Cory got up once to get three Cokes from the refrigerator. He opened Christian’s and put it on the corner of the rolling cart that held his paint tubes and brushes. The artist drank from the can as if there was always a cold soda waiting there. The phone rang to startle all three of them out of their trances. Cory answered and looked at his watch. “Hi Tommy, yeah we’re still here, Christian’s painting. We’ll be there when he feels like quitting.” “That would be now,” Christian called out so Tom could hear him. “We’ll be home in fifteen minutes.” Cory nodded, “Yeah pizza is a great idea. Okay bye.” Christian told them all again for the third time how a stranger showed up and handed him the note before they went downstairs to look at the gift. The man was a local Chevy dealer who was delivering the Vet from his inventory for a dealer in Georgia as soon as the note arrived via FedEx overnight. They were sitting in the closest Justa Pizza and waiting to devour two large garbage pail specials. Tom had changed from his suit to shorts and old shirt by the time the three arrived home in the Vet, and after enjoying a quick celebratory beer they drove the Tahoe to supper so Christian could drive his Honda home after they finished. They didn’t go to Justa Pizza for the purpose of inspecting the store although all four looked around carefully. The store was clean and tidy; there were two workers behind the counter, one waitress, and a manager on duty denoted by his shirt color as well as two cars with lighted rooftop signs parked at the side of the building waiting to make speedy deliveries. They only element missing in the mix was customers. Dooby was the first to scowl and comment after their pies were served, “You know Uncle Tommy, not to be a hard ass or anything, but these pizzas don’t look anything like the ones we had after our Lacrosse matches. Those were piled with good shit and lots of cheese,” he twisted his head to look at the lighted menu board over the counter, “they looked like that one up there,” he pointed. Christian and Cory agreed with nods and astute Cory added, “These things kind of solve the mystery of the missing customers even for a Tuesday night. It is dinnertime and there should be some action.” He looked out the window, “The delivery guys look like they’re about to take a nap too.” They all sat and looked at the two anemic pizzas. Tom sighed, “I guess my first official act as the President of Justa Pizza is to kick some ass.” He stood up, got out his billfold and presented each of them with a highly embossed business card. “Charlie gave me a box of these today as he was leaving for home, of course he was laughing his ass off too hard to say much more than offer his congratulations and assure me that I could handle the job.” He put his finger to his lips when they started to laugh and join their loud congratulations to Charlie’s. He picked up one pie, “Someone bring that one along too.” The manager was busy supervising the preparation of two pepperoni pies when Tom and Dooby placed theirs on the counter. Dooby was giggling silently very much enjoying the ass chewing that someone else was about to receive for a change. “Six pieces of pepperoni are enough on delivered orders; remember these are two for one Tuesday specials. If you guys ever want to make manager, you always have to remember your bottom line,” the man explained pompously. “But boss,” the oldest of the two workers began to argue while he pointed to pictures of uncooked pies and lists of ingredients for each size pie. Thin slices of pepperoni covered the pictured pie. “Is there something wrong?” the waitress asked hesitantly. “Yeah there is. We ordered two large garbage pails like the one up there,” Tom pointed at the sign first and then moved his finger to the wall behind the preparation counter, “or that one there.” The manager rushed up behind the waitress and moved her aside using both hands on her elbows. He frowned at the pies for a second and turned on the two powerless prep workers, “I’ve told you a hundred times, DON’T SKIMP on the ingredients!” He offered Tom a radiant smile and a ten percent discount if he would accept the pitiful mistakes. Dooby broke up, laughing openly, “Better and better,” he slid Tom’s business card across the counter, “read it and weep asshole!” The manager paled on reading the card, Tom nodded, “Sorry, I’m afraid that’s me,” he put an arm over Dooby’s shoulders, “and this young man is in charge of quality control. His free arm found Cory, “And this young man’s name is Cory Spelling.” He nodded toward Christian, “And that guy is working on a new ad campaign for Justa Pizza.” “I am?” “Yup, sorry there hasn’t been the time to tell you yet, but I was going to get around to it eventually.” Tom giggled until his eyes moved back to the manager’s and dropped to the man’s waist, “Is that the key ring for the store?” He put out his hand palm up, “I guess your last check will be in the mail tomorrow morning, have a nice evening.” The man’s shoulders slumped. He turned and began to walk to the small office. Tom stopped him, “Would you use the front door please? Anything personal in there will be boxed and waiting for you tomorrow.” He tossed the key ring to the elder worker, “Congratulations on your promotion to manager. Now redo those two pies the way they should look and get them into the oven.” “Man Uncle Tommy that was smooth, you never raised your voice once.” Dooby slammed Tom’s shoulder with an excited fist hard enough to make him wince and reach for Dooby’s throat with both hands. Dooby danced away laughing. “Save some energy for making pies Dooby, we’ve got to turn this store around if we can starting now.” The new young manager stood stupidly staring at the manager’s key ring, his symbol of authority while his buddy hurriedly reworked the two pepperoni pies. Tom got him moving when he offered the boy his hand and introduced himself and then Cory, Dooby and Christian when they joined him behind the counter. He first asked how long the ex-manager worked there and sent him into the office to pull all the phone orders starting with the man’s start date six months earlier. He assigned the waitress to first call the phone numbers for the few orders placed that evening. She was to apologize for the pizzas delivered as being substandard and offer to replace them free of charge within the hour or offer a full credit for a future order, and then she was to keep working backward through successive weeks’ Tuesdays until closing time or whenever they ran out of prepared dough. Tom took the new manager, Bill, aside and explained that someone was to be assigned phone duty until everyone who placed a phone order during the last six months was contacted on the same day of the week and at the same approximate time and offered free pizzas to be delivered immediately or given a credit. Meanwhile Dooby and Cory rifled through stored boxes until they found shirts, aprons and sun visors, the Justa Pizza uniform and then they went to work helping Bill and his assistant, starting with two garbage pail pizzas first of course. The two drivers were ecstatic and eagerly waited for pies that emerged from the oven, sliced, and boxed them, matching orders with pies until they had enough to deliver safely within the one hour time limit. They worked in the store until closing at eleven o’clock when Bill expressed his main concern, “You know Tom, giving away pies will get us all our business back eventually, but by the time that happens we’ll be so far in the red we’ll never make a profit.” Tom grinned, “You’re just lucky I know someone in high places in this company, since this was my idea, how about if corporate eats all the freebies, coupons and discounts for the next year? Would that help you out?” Wednesday was a repeat of Tuesday except the meat changed from pork chops to ground beef. They were going to make stuffed peppers as that weeks’ entr�e since green bell peppers were to be featured in the produce section. The only problem was that Dooby didn’t like peppers of any color and if some was included as an ingredient in a salad or anything cooked he was served he’d just use his fork to pick the pieces out and move them aside. They compromised by including a meatloaf. The first item of business at seven o’clock each morning on days they taped a show was to go to a Spelling’s and shop for groceries, or appear to. Tuesday morning there were just a few early morning shoppers and those either recognized the boys from watching the first show or were attracted by the cameras. Dooby and Cory signed a few autographs and they stopped to chat with anyone who wanted to talk to them. Scott wanted a larger crowd of fans and hoped to even attract some teenage girls for Wednesday so he whispered to Artie and by the time they left the store everyone there knew that they’d be back the next morning at the same time. Wednesday morning when they drove in to the parking lot in Scott’s van the lot was already half full and more cars were arriving. “Hey what’s happening here? Who shops at seven o’clock in the morning?” Dooby wondered. Scott and Artie laughed, Scott explained, “We spread the word yesterday. I need some footage of you two with girls to keep you in the closet. I thought some occasional interaction in public would be good. Now let’s hope that some mommas brought their daughters along. You guys can handle this right? I mean you don’t need to make out with them or anything but you need to be seen with some.” He looked back at them, “Shit you forgot to put on your jerseys, oh well, next time.” Dooby shrugged and grinned, “Fuck the shirts; and we’ll even fuck girls for you if you want. We aren’t exactly virgins in the girl department either you know.” Scott and Artie both looked surprised, “Since when little brother?” Artie challenged. “Since none of your fucking business, that’s when.” Dooby turned the tables, “Don’t tell us that you two are still virgins when it comes to real pussy?” he jeered. “Uncle Tommy and Christian aren’t either. You sissies should try it sometime; it’s certainly a nice change of pace occasionally.” The growing argument ended when Scott parked in the fire lane at the front doors and the sidewalk immediately began to fill with girls and women from inside the store plus more from the parking lot. “Stay in the van until we get the cameras rolling,” Scott ordered, “Shit, next time we’ll have to get here early before you guys.” He lamented as the small crowd of eager smiling female faces edged closer. Dooby obeyed Scott’s order until he heard the rear doors open, “Look at that redhead licking her lips.” “Yeah and her friend isn’t as tall as me.” Cory laughed and then whispered, “You don’t really want to make them do you?” Dooby winked, shook his head and tipped it toward the back of the van, he mouthed the word nope, then aloud, “Fuck this, we gaziantep travesti look stupid sitting here, let’s go schmooze.” He opened the curbside door, “You guys just catch up whenever,” he called to Scott and his brother before he and Cory waded into the crowd and made their way politely into the store, pausing to chat, pose and sign autographs along the way. By the time Scott and Artie reached them Dooby and Cory had invited the two targeted girls to go shopping with them and Cory was busy showing them the ad mockup he was to carry while Dooby pushed the buggy and selected the major sale items after Cory pointed them out. Dooby’s redhead had difficulty keeping her eyes above his waist and Cory’s saucer eyed pixy didn’t even try after the first appraisal of his shorts. When they began shopping for the cameras, Dooby’s new friend joined him in pushing the cart so they touched arms and bumped each other occasionally, while Cory’s developed an intense interest in reading the entire ad so she put an arm around his waist to hold her body close while she walked twisted to push her breasts against his upper arm. When the boys were finally able to slide the side door closed after Scott started the van moving, both looked at their palms and giggled together, both had phone numbers written there with a Sharpie pen. Cory’s girl almost missed his palm and she had to use his middle finger to print the last four digits. Early on they discussed having a cook come in to actually cook the finished dishes before they taped the show, and then like all the other cooking shows Dooby would take the finished entr�e from the oven at the conclusion, but that wouldn’t help Dooby demonstrate preparation. He still needed a hands on rehearsal so he appeared to be knowledgeable on camera so the first item of business each morning was for Cory and Dooby to make up and cook the finished dishes. This preparation time was a play period for Dooby and Cory while it also yielded miles of candid tape for the reality show. Both knew that the cameras were running and ignored them after Scott assured them that anything too far off would be censored by editing. Skin was encouraged, and they immediately took off the shirts they wore from home and there was no point in changing to their Spelling jerseys until they were ready to begin taping. That morning Dooby wore his favorite old red nylon shorts and a tank top tucked in while Cory wore a pair of the soft cotton shorts that Tom liked best and a tee shirt and since Dooby convinced him that ostentatious display was a good thing, his shirt was also tucked in neatly. Cory also wore a jock because he had to while Dooby always used the expedient of pushing his short shorts lower on his hips. It didn’t matter what they wore behind the island work area to tape the program because only the Spelling jerseys would show above the counter. They worked steadily through the morning and finished the show at twelve-thirty. It was time for lunch and lunch was ready. A fast phone call brought Christian, Kevin and Rob running from the ad agency to enjoy the benefits of the cooking show. The boys stripped off the Spelling shirts first and everyone pitched in to set the table. Dooby ignored the stuffed peppers and then wrinkled his nose when he looked at the meatloaf, “You know I think I’ll just make me up a nice big rare burger since we have the stuff and those giant hard rolls. Anyone else want one?” Rob grinned, “Need you ask a growing boy like me? How come you didn’t include them in this show?” Christian answered for Dooby, “We’re saving them to go in the July Fourth cookout ad.” Everyone started eating after Scott got up to turn on the fixed cameras again and check to see they were focused on Dooby. He got out a big frying pan and started with bacon. When that was done he replaced it with a half dozen cloves of chopped garlic, the combined odors rose to permeate the loft. While the garlic saut�ed, Dooby sliced fresh mushrooms and eventually added them to the pan while he formed two one pound burger patties. Gradually he began to explain what he was doing as he would during a show but was mostly talking to himself, “Let’s see, I need cheese, thick slices of purple onion a big ripe tomato and some lettuce.” He prodded the mushrooms onto paper towels to keep the bacon grease in the pan, “I don’t know why everyone cooks the shit out of mushrooms when you can actually eat them raw and if they’re cooked too much they fill the pan up with water which you have to dump and then lose too much flavor.” At some point Scott got up from his lunch and grabbed Artie’s camera. The burgers started cooking in the frying pan and when they reached a certain point of doneness, Dooby moved them to the broiler after carefully stacking on the mushrooms and then anchoring them with a blanket of cheese slices. The hard rolls were buttered and toasted by the time he deemed the burgers ready to serve. He added the bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion to both and carried them to the table. “Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Auggie Burger!” he shouted and lifted his up to the camera lens so fast Scott had to refocus hurriedly when the burger filled the view finder. Dooby replaced it quickly with his face. “If you liked the looks of this burger Auggie, I’ll make you one the next time I see you. Now get that camera out of my face!” Dooby demanded and took the first bite of his creation. “Would you make one of those for me?” Christian asked. “Me too please,” Cory added quickly. “I’d like one too,” Scott chimed in and Artie nodded enthusiastically. Rob looked up over his half eaten Auggie Burger, “I could go for seconds while you’re making theirs.” “Yeah,” Kevin watched Rob lick his fingers almost sensuously and look at Dooby hopefully. Dooby rolled his eyes a split second before he was inspired, “I’ll make them for supper on the grill at home tonight if you all come home with me now to help in the shop. I’ve got it all cut out, now I just need to get it glued and screwed together.” There was some initial reluctance until Dooby pointed out that everyone in the room was a boss except him and that they certainly could sneak away for one afternoon. He suggested an alternative, “You could stay here and work and then go home and eat fucking leftover stuffed peppers and meatloaf again.” Kevin intercepted Rob’s hand before he could lick his fingers a second time, “Here let me do that, you know you really need to work on your table manners.” Rob’s middle finger disappeared in Kevin’s mouth. Rob looked helpless when he asked Dooby “Can we take swim breaks now and then?” “You sure can, anytime because this monster needs to be assembled on the terrace or we’d never get it out of the basement.” Dooby grinned at Scott as he began messaging Artie’s shoulders, massaging or once again reassuring himself that his beautiful lover was real, “Which also means no cameras so we can get some sun while we ah work and you’ll be too busy anyway.” Dooby’s plans for the summer kitchen began to recede to the back of his mind. Artie looked up at his younger brother hopefully, Dooby winked, nodded and verbalized their thoughts, “It just occurred to me that you two are newbies, and you’ve been newbies since Sunday. We can’t have that just in case we have a sleepover tonight. Maybe we should divorce each other as brothers temporarily until we see how things go?” Christian watched Kevin work on Rob’s fingers and Rob loving it, his voice turned husky, “I should call Tommy, maybe he’s got time to take a meeting with us this afternoon, ah, to talk over Justa Pizza and ah stuff.” He looked at Dooby quizzically while he unclipped his phone. “Are we having a sleepover tonight?” Dooby grinned and looked surprised, as if the sleepover was Christian’s idea, “We may as well so we can all watch the show together tomorrow morning and then we’re all invited to Charlie’s for breakfast.” Christian nodded and speed dialed Tom’s cell phone. Auggie didn’t look up when the study door opened; his attention was split with reading a newspaper and watching a financial news broadcast. He was expecting Zeek with his breakfast tray. “Yo, get them clothes in there without wakin’ `im?” he asked absently. “Sho `nough `cause he weren’t in dere. I’s thinkin’ mayhap dat boy done woke up an’ lit out fo’ home,” Zeek ventured with a giggle, instantly getting Auggie’s frowning attention. He continued smoothly to solve the mystery, “least ways I’s thinkin’ that way until ah looked in dat Ryan boy’s room an’ dere dat Trasker boy was. He moanin’ and groanin’ an’ lovin’ ever inch o’ gettin’ hisself serviced right by that Ryan boy! Yas sir, he sure was!” Auggie threw his paper down and reached for the remote, “SHIT A GODDAMN!” he swore, angry at himself for not checking on the boys earlier, at the remote and his inability to use it efficiently. “Call that boy Stevie in here!” he snapped and when Zeek started for the door his anger turned to impotent rage. “Use the fuckin’ phone Zeek! Ah swear if’n’ yo’ wasn’t my tadpole fuck boy when we was kids, I’d send yo’ sorry black ass packin’.” Zeek burst out laughing, immune to his boyhood lover’s threats. Trevor, Phillip and Stevie arrived on the run. Trevor and Phillip were sleep tousled and/or just interrupted. Stevie still had drops of water on his shoulders and his towhead fine blond hair was damp but combed, he barely had time to put up his hands to catch the complicated remote before it hit him in the face. “Dial up them bedrooms boy, an’ do it quick.” Auggie growled. Stevie quickly erased the snowstorm Auggie created by pushing buttons randomly. Trasker’s empty room and bed appeared, Auggie rolled his eyes, “T’other room yo’ little geek,” he instructed, not unkindly, and with a touch of envy in his voice. The scene changed to Ryan’s room and his bed. Ryan and Trasker were done and lay on their sides facing each other. They were busy rubbing noses wearing fixed grins while their hands traveled freely over the other’s body. “Well just fuck a goddamned duck, we’re a mite late. Too bad too I was thinkin’ that there nephew was virgin meat,” he sighed. “You could always look at the tape unless you shut off the recorders, if there was tape in the recorders, wherever they are, after we left last night.” Stevie suggested absently while he demonstrated his proficiency with the remote by zooming in and panning each body individually. Auggie’s eyes widened before they disappeared in laugh lines, “Stevie boy ya’ll are one big bundle o’ surprises,” he was about to say more when movement caught his eye. Trevor had forced Phillip to his knees and was about to mount him from behind while he watched the television. “You two boys kin jus’ haul ass outta here back to the stable. I ain’t even had breakfas’ yet an’ you come in here all stenchy an’ nasty lookin’.” Phillip looked disappointed. Trevor offered a bright idea when he saw Trasker and Ryan leave the bed and stroll toward Ryan’s bathroom, “Ya’ll want me to head on up there an’ plug one o’ them? That there younger one is just ripe an’ the older guy is probably more bottom too which is why ol’ Phillip here struck out las’ night.” Auggie hoisted an eyebrow, “that younger boy is my nephew an’ the older boy is runnin’ my company which means to you two that if they wants yo’ to bend and spread that’s jus’ what you do, yo’ ain’t no purantee top `round them two,” his gaze settled on Phillip, “‘an yo’ is a top if’n they say, yo’ got that?” Both older hustlers forgot where they were and who they were talking to. They argued that they weren’t about to change and that was that. After a head wrenching nod from Auggie, Zeek pushed them bodily out the door and closed it. “They jus’ uppity white trash boss, mayhap it be `bout time fer another change.” Auggie nodded his agreement and smiled reassuringly when he saw Stevie look worried suddenly, “Don’t yo’ worry none about gettin’ kicked out Stevie boy, yo’ is now my official button pushin’ geek.” He pulled the teenager in close with an arm around his waist and used his free hand for a frank close up appraisal. Stevie grew hard in his hand. He bent his head to sniff the boy’s body, “Ya’ll smell fresh an’ clean, fresh outta the shower, I like that. Yo’ feel like yo’ could come up with some breakfast?” Zeek took a step closer to get a better view. “Zeek boy ya’ll get on outta here now, yo’ wastin’ time watchin’ this here show, I believe I’m done with them two, they come in here all stenchy an back talkin’. Why don’t yo’ round up the young friends yo’ got in YOUR own stable an’ go visit with `em awhile? Ya’ll know they likes an’ dislikes an’ yo’ got all day to teach `em otherwise, jus’ don’ mark `em up none, they already look rode hard an’ put away wet too many times in the light o’ day. This afternoon take `im into `lanta. I’ll give yo’ their pay for six months.” He looked inspired, “Tell yo’ what, ya’ll take Stevie here with yo’ too. He’ll be needin’ some decent clothes, an’ no fancy boy hustler clothes neither,” he warned Stevie. “Then let him pick out one replacement boy,” he smiled at Stevie, “get one yo’ like, somethin’ good lookin’ with a proper body who ain’t too fussy about top nor bottom an’ if yo’ can an’ not too over used, maybe one with some smarts jus’ like yo’. I know it’s some tall order but mayhap a kid just startin’ in the business. He’ll be needin’ clothes too. From now on you’ll both be travelin’ with me. The new kid will be my step an’ fetch it boy an’ you’ll just work all this here electronic shit. Oh, an’ ya’ll jus’ plan on livin’ here in the house close up too, mayhap in the boom boom room,” he advised a delighted Stevie. “Mister Bligh Sir, ya’ll are callin’ up my first morning shot an’ about three more strokes is gonna make you all sticky.” Stevie advised Auggie right back as the muscles in his neck failed, his eyes turned into slits staring vacantly at the ceiling and the muscles in his legs began to twitch.” “OOPS, now Zeek I done tol’ ya’ll to git, NOW GIT!” Auggie snatched his hand away until Zeek slammed the door on his own giggles. When Auggie’s hand returned to Stevie he used the tips of his fingers as guides to his mouth. Stevie underestimated the number of strokes required but Auggie didn’t seem to mind. “That there was one pure fine shot boy.” He pointed Stevie to a chair and then at the remote he still held. “You mentioned somethin’ about recorders; no way I could `a turned `em off cause I don’t know nothin’ about turnin’ `em on.” Stevie took the hint discovered there was tape in the recorders and quickly tracked Trasker from when he woke up, looked around the empty lighted room, down at his straining erection and his quick exit out the French doors after he found the connecting door to Ryan’s room locked. The screen blinked to Ryan’s darkened room too fast for Auggie to complain. Stevie hit fast forward and resumed play when Ryan turned the lights on. Then both man and boy became enthralled in the mini love story that unfolded on the screen. Auggie’s eyes widened when he felt a sensation in his loins. He looked over at Stevie relaxed. He’d moved his chair enough so he could look directly at the screen while presenting his body to Auggie in profile. Like all teenagers, who never just sit in a chair, he’d stretched out his lithe form until his ass was balanced precariously on gaziantep masaj salonları the brink of sliding to the floor. Stevie ignored his erection, he knew Auggie could see it and would tell him how the renewed problem should be handled when he was ready. Since Stevie was preoccupied, Auggie slowly pulled apart his loosely tied robe just far enough. The turgid knob that greeted his eyes also brought them tears of unbridled joy; his face was covered with a vast smile of delight. Stevie cleared his throat. Auggie looked up and closed his robe, embarrassed at being caught. Stevie smiled, looking both eager and hopeful, “How come you hide that big ol’ boy from us Mister Bligh?” Auggie was pleased with the boy’s attitude, “I ain’t never had to for somewhat over ten years, the some bitch up an’ took a nap. I think you an’ them two boys there up an’ woke him up! Now just don’t that beat all?” he asked in wonder and risked another reassuring peek while Stevie moved to kneel in front of him. “AUGGIE?” Ryan’s shout echoed. “Shit a goddamn, we’ll just have to put this here on hold. Set over there innocent like.” Auggie ordered conspiratorially before he answered Ryan. “In here!” he called then looked up at the screen to see Ryan in the slow process of mounting Trasker, his very eager, willing and helpful virgin student, apparently for the first time. “Shut that off quick like a bunny!” he said in a loud whisper. Stevie was just pulling the remote from between the chair arm and seat cushion when the hall door opened and Trasker playfully pushed Ryan into the room, “I told you he’d likely be in,” Trasker stopped talking in mid-sentence. Stevie froze in place facing the door except for hiding the troublesome elusive remote behind his back while Auggie hugged his robe together with both hands, all while Ryan continued to make love to Trasker on the big screen TV. Ryan in the room grinned while Trasker hid behind him with only the top of his head showing down to his wide eyes that were fixed on the screen from over Ryan’s shoulder. Auggie made a lame effort to head off any accusations, “Good mornin’ boys, Stevie here was just showin’ me a feature on this here old video system ah didn’t even know ah had,” he managed weakly with a forced smile. “Now don’t that beat all?” Ryan was laughing silently and shaking his head. Trasker ran to the television, couldn’t find the control panel and just stood with his back to the screen to hide his and Ryan’s busy images, “UNCLE AUGGIE, YOU AIN”T NOTHIN’ BUT ONE OLD PEEPIN’ TOM! That’s what you are!” Trasker saw Stevie clutching the remote behind his back, “You, whatever your damn name is, shut this damn thing off now!” Ryan burst into open laughter, “You forgot lecher,” he reminded Trasker. “Yeah that too!” Trasker agreed. Auggie adopted a conciliatory tone, “Now Trasker boy jus’ y’all calm down a mite, it was just damn bad luck that Stevie here picked that camera,” he tilted his head to look at part of the screen and got inspired, “Which appears to me to be in ol’ Ryan’s room. How’d y’all get in there anyway, sleep walkin’?” Trasker turned beet red as the screen darkened, “Ah, yup must have.” “Yeah Auggie,” Ryan giggled, “you should know that your nephew here is the soundest sleepwalker I ever saw, you might’ve noticed I tried everything to wake him up and what you were watching just now was a last resort.” Auggie let out a belly laugh that was catching, he wiped his eyes, “Appears to me it jus’ might’a worked, no doubt you had him anchored to the bed so he wouldn’t get away an’ harm himself.” Trasker’s high color remained but he grinned finally, “Yup that’s exactly how it was, but Uncle Auggie ain’t a body gonna have any privacy around here?” he asked while he moved to the desk, pulled up the chair and sat down with his arms on the blotter with his fingers intertwined exactly as Auggie did frequently while sitting in his scooter leaning on the handlebars. He cocked his head with a raised eyebrow and grin waiting for his uncle to think up an answer. Ryan was startled by the family resemblance. Auggie shrugged finally, “Now Trasker boy, I already seen y’all goin’ at it an’ ya’ll already up an’ caught me, so givin’ ya’ll total privacy would be akin to puttin’ toothpaste back in the damn tube. By the way boy, you most definitely are one fine lookin’ Bligh boy where it counts an’ you sure do use it like one too, it’s a wonder ol’ Ryan here is up an’ walkin’ without no help.” Trasker nodded, blushed and grinned, “At least you’re one of them honest dirty old men. Is there any chance we could get a copy of that tape? I found what little I saw of it to be down right stimulatin’.” “Me too,” Ryan agreed with a leer at Trasker before his eyes settled on Auggie’s forgotten untouched breakfast tray, “but later, right now I’m kind of starving for some real food. It occurs to me we haven’t eaten since lunchtime yesterday.” Auggie nodded and looked at Trasker, “Dial up the kitchen son, an’ tell `em we need breakfast for four in the dinnin’ room.” To Stevie with a big smile, “Y’all heist off to yer room an’ get you some duds on Stevie boy, then after breakfast dub these boys a copy of that there tape. There’s a room in the basement where everthing works from.” Auggie watched Stevie take off running, “You know that kid’s a nice boy an’ smart too once he got shed from them other two dirt bags.” “Where are they anyway?” Ryan asked. “I’m lettin’ `em go back to `lanta. Zeek and some boys are gettin’ `em packed up right now,” Auggie giggled at his joke without explaining. “Hey Ryan boy, while we’re settin’ at table how about playin’ them tapes we brought back? Scott tol’ me there was some fine Dooby skin shots in the out takes after his daddy shucked `im outta his suit.” “Who’s this Dooby?” Trasker asked his uncle after Ryan went back upstairs to find the tapes. “Dooby’s a joker boy, always on the go an’ thinkin’ up ways to fuck with his buddies, but nice like, not hurtful. All of `em are one big happy family. They’s all couples kinda like you an’ Ryan now I guess, but that don’t stop `em none from gettin’ in bed with anyone else in the mob or mayhap all together. I believe you two boys `ill fit right in `em as soon as they all get down here on their way to vacation.” Auggie snapped his fingers, “Ryan was goin’ with `em since he’s producin’ the show we’re startin’; now I’m thinkin’ we’ll all go along.” Trasker blushed and looked at Ryan inserting a tape in the dinning room player, and then at Stevie when he returned dressed in white shorts, a Polo shirt and boat shoes, he looked every bit like a preppie school student. Stevie blushed through his golden tan from the close scrutiny, “Sorry, I’m an ol’ clothes horse when I get to wear `em.” “Didn’t you mean fit in WITH them?” Trasker asked. Auggie winked and snickered, “Nope, I had it right the first time, an’ I expect some might just fit in you boys too along the way if you willin’. You jus’ remember you a Bligh an’ you representin’ the family.” Ryan presented Stevie with the small remote. The dinning room television and its DVD and tape players weren’t hooked into the house system. They watched the mob as Auggie referred to the Yankee boys or individuals mostly. The picture jiggled when Artie laughed as he taped his father and younger brother in the pool just before Dooby gave up his bathing suit to get free of his father’s wrath after drowning his cell phone. The picture blinked when the recording switched cameras and Scott chased Dooby smoothly into the house with the Steadicam. Auggie had Stevie freeze one frame of Dooby posing in the nude after Scott explained that a certain amount of nudity would be allowed on the cable show to be broadcast after primetime hours. “Damn that sure is one beautiful body,” Stevie whispered to himself. “Damn right it is,” Auggie agreed, “you bring home one jus’ like that tonight an’ I’ll up an’ triple your salary boy,” he grinned at seeing Stevie’s pleased surprise. “In all the hubbub I plumb forgot, it’s already doubled.” Stevie offered his hand to seal the deal, “Think I can’t?” he challenged when Auggie frowned at the suddenness of the offered hand. Auggie shook, “Okay, now where you goin’ to find him in great big `lanta?” Stevie looked smug, “I happen to know where there’s a runaway shelter because I was livin’ there or they thought I was. Half the guys that live in there are gay or at least gave it a try an’ some of them found it wasn’t so bad if they got picked up by a decent trick `an the rest would if they could find themselves someone their own age to start with. Ol’ Zeek driven’ that big new limo of yours found me walkin’ down the street nearby there. When he stopped to ask me if I wanted a lift, I plumb couldn’t resist findin’ out who owned that car. Then when he offered me a salary an’ found for just puttin’ on shows with guys near my age, I signed on. Tonight after we lose them two dumb rocks, I’ll be settin’ in the back of that limo by myself, an’ I’ll do the offerin’.” Auggie giggled, “Some bitch, I believe I jus’ got hornswaggled! But a deal’s a deal. Say, how’d you come to be livin there an’ still, ah, workin’ the streets, if you don’ mind my askin’?” Stevie giggled, “I never said I was workin’ because I wasn’t, I was livin’ there under a fake name but I was more like a trick. That shelter was prime country for pickin’ up guys my own age an’ bringin’ them home to my apartment for a stay an’ etcetera.” “HUH? Best you don’ leave it there boy, fess up with the rest o’ the story.” Auggie didn’t bother to hide his eager curiosity. Stevie shrugged his indifference, “Last year when I was sixteen, I came out to my parents. My mom took the news okay, but my father took umbrage, kicked my young ass out o’ the house and cut me off.” When Stevie saw three surprised faces he elaborated, “Not all guys on the street come from down an’ out broken homes, that’s just good press from the charities; my daddy’s the mover an’ shaker of a big venture capital pool.” Auggie and Ryan nodded in understanding but Trasker frowned. “That’ a bunch of big money guys who invest in new start up companies with hopefully good ideas. One or two out of five succeed and go big time. Big time meanin’ they buy in for a dollar a share and a year or two later that share is worth a hundred dollars. Say they bought a hundred thousand shares to start with, you do the math.” Trasker’s eyes got bigger than the top of his coffee cup. “Anyway, I just ran as far as my granny’s, my dad’s mom just like he knew I would. I fessed up to her straight off. It turns out she kind of suspected since I was around fourteen because she told me I was just too damn pretty to be entirely all boy, bein’ good at sports not withstandin’. She sided with me an’ set me up in a nice condo right downtown where she could keep tabs on me. She also got me tutors to continue my education since I told her I wasn’t goin’ back to school.” Stevie looked at Auggie hopefully, “Now that I’m tellin’ you all this, is it okay to get them to come out here? Granny’s gettin’ a mite frazzled about that. She knows where I am an’ that I’m safe. I promised to always be straight with her an’ keep in touch,” he rolled his eyes, “OR ELSE! The or else bein’ that she’d send heavies out to get me an’ keep me locked up in her house until I was too old to get a hard on, I believe she’d do it too since she used those exact same words, an’ her a darlin’ little old lady who’s a prim an’ proper pillar of Atlanta society. I still can’t quite believe she said hard on to me.” Auggie sputtered, “Fuck a duck! Your granny knows you’re livin’ here?” “Yes Sir, I had to tell her, remember them heavies? She knows who you are an’ she’s cool since I explained that messin’ around with one or two guys was safer than messin’ around all of Atlanta. I know it’s a lie but I kind of told her that this whole plantation was maybe goin’ to be a home for disadvantaged boys and you’re just experimentin’ with a few to start off with, but she’s gettin’ down right testy about my tutors.” Stevie giggled, “Granny believed I might be fixin’ to have my way with the whole town too since I’ve got nine full cases of condoms stuffed in a closet plus the case I was workin’ on. I’ve got no notion where she got `em but I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t own a fair block of stock in that rubber company.” “Shit a goddamn son, you just heist your pretty ass to the phone an’ get them tutors out here pronto, an’ then you just make sure your ol’ dear granny knows about it too. In fact you just take time to be visitin’ with her too whilst you’re in town so’s she can see for herself you’re all right.” Auggie tossed his thumb at the nearest phone, “Call her an’ let her know you’re comin'”. When he heard Stevie talking, he whispered to Ryan, “Y’all buy that boy a nice car too,” his gaze shifted, “whatever you want Trask boy, get one for Stevie too. Oh an’ Ryan, stop by the Chevy dealer an’ order one o’ then Corvette sport cars, a red one. I want it sent up to that nice Christian boy as a gift an’ a hint to do that picture he done in oil paint. His partner Tommy’s got one, now they’ll be a pair. “A Christian boy,” Trasker looked dumb, “what in Sam Hill has a man’s faith to do with bein’ an artist? An’ Unc, what car you talkin’ about me buyin’? I can’t afford no car for myself, let alone buyin’ Stevie one.” Auggie and Ryan both cracked up. Ryan grabbed the remote and back tracked until a sequence appeared with Christian standing near the edge of the pool aping dramatically and unconsciously provocatively for the camera until Dooby shoved him in the water. Auggie started nodding while he laughed at Trasker as Ryan showed him which Speedo clad body was Christian’s. Auggie wiped tears from his fleshy cheeks, “You were so snockered from swillin’ that there `shine you don’t remember do ya? Where’d you get that stuff anyways? Whoever’s makin’ it best not be doin’ it on this place.” He watched Trasker clamp his jaws together, a Bligh stubborn trait and a clear indication that he was not planning to squeal on his second cousins and neighbors. Trasker wasn’t going to lie; he just wasn’t going to talk. Auggie pursed his lips and frowned, puzzling out who among the family the guilty party was. Trasker attempted a diversion, “What about me buyin’ a car?” Auggie ignored the question, “You a neighbor of them no account cousins Argyle and Thurston ain’t you? I believe that boy Thirsty was born snockered, that’s why his momma named him so, she done seen the writin’ on the wall there.” Trasker’s lips disappeared as he took a sudden interest in the television. “Okay don’t talk, I’ll be seein’ them personal when they get back. Right now you an’ Ryan is goin’ off to town to get you an’ him some new wheels, that truck you was drivin’ is hid under a tarp out to the garages. Maybe some dark night you might sneak it to a body shop an’ git it finished proper. Now git outta here, you got some shoppin’ to do.” Auggie stopped them at the door long enough to get Ryan’s home address so he could have his personal effects shipped. Ryan grinned, “Say Auggie, I think we’ve got our benefits package all settled but we never did get around to discussing salary.” Auggie fished a pen from the pocket of his robe and used a linen napkin as paper. He wrote a number that seemed to include gaziantep escort bayan a lot of zeros and then tossed it to Ryan. “That be alright for starters? You be earnin’ it from early on cleanin’ house o’ them ass kissers.” “Three commas?” Ryan managed to squeak. Auggie nodded pleased that one million dollars was adequate. Trasker read the number and began congratulating Ryan on his good fortune until he remembered something his uncle said. “Say Unc, how’d you know Argyle an’ ol’ Thirsty aren’t home?” Auggie giggled, “Gotcha!” The guys played Cory’s pick a number game to find out the order they would take in visiting the master bedroom shower. Since it was Dooby’s idea, he thought up the numbers for a change and still playfully lost or seemed too. “Five,” Scott said after consultation with his partner Artie. Both were nervous and excited since they were the newbies, and Artie more so since he was Dooby’s elder brother and their brotherly relationship was about to change dramatically and Dooby while younger, was already vastly more experienced. Both newbies also looked on Cory’s erection for the first time with considerable trepidation; the constant bulge was definitely not a pair of socks. Dooby the actor looked shocked, “Damn, I can’t win this game even when I think of the numbers. You win, you two go first.” He smoothly swung on Jeff and Kevin, “You guys were probably going to pick the number three so I lose again, you go next, which makes us last and I guess we’ll help the orphan.” He grinned at a disappointed Christian. Tom was in a meeting and couldn’t get away, but promised to get home as soon as he could, although he wasn’t optimistic about getting there early. Dooby appointed Christian, Cory and himself to be quality control inspectors and the shower area quickly developed a party atmosphere. They attempted to time red faced Scott on his first run to the enclosed toilet but no one had a stopwatch so they gave up making first trips into a contest. Dooby felt free to sensually inspect his brother’s body with his hands while they waited, “We wasted an awful lot of nights bro, and while we’re on the subject of jerking off, how could you stand sleeping in cum filled PJ’s?” “Huh? I never did, I always had a wad of tissues under the covers somewhere.” Artie reached out hesitantly to touch Dooby. Dooby squeezed his brother’s fingers tighter and thrust himself into his hand, then his hand went back to palm Artie’s balls. “Oh, I always wondered about that. Damn, just think of the tissues we could have saved since I was about thirteen. I wouldn’t have moved upstairs, but it was so frustrating knowing what you were doing.” “Yeah, it was for me too. Every night I had the picture of your, well this in my mind and I was so tempted to just get out of my bed and slip into yours. I just knew after that first time; if I showed you how good it felt and how much fun it was, well, it could have been every night, but I just couldn’t ever develop the balls.” Artie blurted his confession. “Too bad,” Dooby agreed, “I was scared too; scared to just join you in your bed when I knew you were jerking off. I dreamed that if I could just get my hand on you the first time that you’d let me stay and then you could show me stuff and we could try stuff, you know experiment.” Artie nodded, “Yeah too bad.” Cory watched the brothers and listened to the quiet conversation although he was sitting like an Indian on the edge of the bedroom carpet next to Jeff and Kevin who were making out passionately with Jeff dry humping Kevin’s belly while they awaited their turn. When Scott opened the toilet door Cory motioned him over and whispered, “Want to switch partners just to start with? I was thinking it will be neat to watch Dooby and Artie get together for the first time.” Scott nodded with his eyes on the brothers when Dooby pulled Artie’s head down to his level and they kissed for the first time. Scott didn’t seem to be aware of exactly when Cory pulled him down to the floor or even know if it was his idea to take and hold up the monster cock that he’d been fixated on since the first time he saw it boldly outlined in the front of everything that Cory wore when it wasn’t hard. It was hard at that moment and his hand wasn’t adequate. He lowered his head and attempted to swallow it. He gagged, “Sorry,” Scott mumbled. Cory had stretched out and was holding his body up with his elbows to watch, “No problem. No one can do it at first especially trying by kneeling beside me. Swing around over me so I can get at you while you experiment.” Cory offered as a suggestion, but lay back and used his hands to move Scott into a sixty-nine position. He raised his head a last time to see how Dooby and Artie were progressing before taking Scott in his mouth and his view was blocked. He wasn’t surprised to see that Dooby had taken charge of his brother’s body. He had Artie kneeling bent forward barely supporting his upper body on his forearms. Dooby stood on his knees between Artie’s legs to wield the disposable enema bottle, and he very quickly heard Artie’s bare feet slapping wet tiles as he ran for the toilet. He didn’t take note of the second journey, but tried to grin when he heard his lover’s rapid stomp, his loud sigh and then the flushing toilet and banging door, all distinctively Dooby. Cory was too busy swallowing to nod in acknowledging Dooby’s excited whisper in his ear to say that he and Artie would be out on the terrace and called first dibs on the big air mattress before he giggled and suddenly gave Scott’s ass a push before he scampered out of range of Cory’s slashing closest fist. Scott became methodical in swallowing Cory’s cock. Each time he lowered his head his neck muscles stood out staining to force his head lower while he consciously relaxed his rebelling throat and ignored his gag reflex when it attempted to repel the unnatural invader. He worked quickly to avoid actually gagging, and when his lips finally brushed Cory’s tightly trimmed bush he was so pleased with himself he forgot what he was doing and tried to shout his success, which sounded like a long hum. The vibrations were enough to set Cory off. Scott laughed so his humming grew louder as he hugged Cory’s thighs. By the time they separated Kevin and Jeff were both kneeling under the showers and Christian sat on his heels behind them. All three were distracted by continually stretching their necks to look out the windows at Artie and Dooby. By then Dooby was firmly ensconced on top of and in Artie’s willing body. At first glance they appeared to be wrestling except Artie was intent on remaining the loser and tightened his leg lock on Dooby’s body whenever he thought his brother’s exuberant struggles might result in his popping out. Cory laughed, “Just look at him go! He’s just getting a few years of frustration out of his system, of course old Dooby’s doing it all in one shot.” They watched Dooby freeze in place and the crack of his tiny ass disappeared. “There he goes! A word of caution guys,” he warned as a joke, “do not have your fingers in that crack when he goes ballistic like that.” Dooby felt Artie’s body vibrating as Artie lifted them both by arching his back. Dooby frowned and straight armed the air mattress to break his brother’s death grip hold so he could look down between their bodies. “Goddamnit Artie you crazy rookie,” Dooby scolded through clenched teeth since he was still pumping cum, “you could have told me, but it’s not too late if you let me go so I can move.” Artie obediently dropped his legs in contrition and no small amount of embarrassment. He certainly didn’t plan on acting like a punk kid without control. When he felt Dooby coming he exploded at the same time. He went limp trying to figure out what Dooby was trying to do. Dooby was trying to get into a kneeling position with his brother’s butt resting on his thighs so he could lean down and capture Artie’s bountiful first shot before the thick white runs escaped to become the first wet spots on the clean towels, just like Cory did with him. He just succeeded without popping out although he remained connected by only a softening head. He chased one stream with his tongue straight down Artie’s side. Both brothers were extremely ticklish, Artie giggled and wiggled and Dooby was regrettably free. Dooby stretched out on Artie again, grabbed his relaxed shoulders and rolled until a surprised older brother looked down on him. “Well?” “Well what?” “DUH, well it’s your turn, that’s what. Fill up this poontang; you must know how to fuck by now.” “Already?” “Already? Oh, I forgot you’re new. We don’t count first shots as shots around here; they’re like warm up exercises.” Dooby explained condescendingly as he began to enjoy his brother’s weight and consternation. “Just think Artie you could have been fucking me for years, I’ve dreamed of you on me just like this since before I even could shoot a load or had any hair around my cock.” Dooby’s trash talking produced almost instant results. Artie grew on Dooby’s gut. He closed his eyes to picture his naked little brother when he was ten or eleven and he was around fourteen. He remembered one summer night, Dooby was sound asleep evidenced by his infrequent breathing. He still couldn’t sleep after jerking off. He looked over at the dim outline of Dooby’s body lying on his back; he never wore anything to bed or even covered himself with a sheet. Naked and vulnerable was like an invitation every night. Artie kicked his sheet off and stripped off his shorty pajama bottoms and then sat up with his back propped against the headboard so he had a better view. He willed Dooby to wake up suddenly and catch him and then watch him and maybe even get out of his bed and come closer to see better. Dooby remained asleep. He began to jerk off while imagining exactly the scenario Dooby just described. His fear disappeared with his inhibitions. He got off his bed and moved to sit on the floor by Dooby’s. He carefully reached to put his flat hand on his little brother’s relaxed belly. The feel of the warm taught flesh was thrilling. He planned to slide his hand slowly down until he found the limp cock. He was going to pat it and stroke it ever so gently until Dooby got hard. He hadn’t made plans for what to do after that. He lowered his hand and discovered that Dooby already was hard. Impulsively, without thinking he got to his knees and used one hand to hold the adolescent cock up while he lowered his open mouth. The other hand traveled up and down Dooby’s body freely and daringly. Daring because he wanted Dooby to wake up by then to see his brother holding him in his mouth and hopefully feel the exquisite feelings of being nursed so that he’d be welcome to return for more. His explosive ejaculation without touching himself landed somewhere under the bed and with it his fear and inhibitions returned along with guilt and shame that caused him to return to his own bed. He covered himself with the sheet, totally including his head. He lay still and wide awake waiting for Dooby to break his silence if he was awakened when Artie unceremoniously abandoned the youthful cock to let its weight slap the boy’s belly like a clap of thunder, but Dooby never stirred. He pictured Dooby’s cock hard in the light, a beautiful and delectable sight until his vision blurred when his eyes were too close just before it disappeared into his mouth again. His imagination knew no bounds; he bobbed his head experimentally and found it good. He stroked his renewed erection lovingly as if his little brother might be returning the favor with equal gusto. He felt himself coming again and no less forcefully and he imagined Dooby coming in his mouth. He quickly made a cup with his free hand and promptly filled it. The warmth was startling. He sat up and gulped and then licked his palm in greed. Artie came two more times that night before exhaustion overtook him and each time he savored every drop of Dooby’s imaginary cum. Dooby bounced them on the mattress, “Hey, are you alright? You can take a break if you want to, but I don’t think your cock is as interested, and don’t you dare come from dry humping my gut.” Artie grinned and began backing down Dooby’s body, “I’ll fuck you after, I want to make you come again with my mouth first.” “WELL ALL RIGHTY THEN!” Dooby sang. Artie held his brother upright in front of his face so the shaft separated his eyes, “There’s something I need to tell you first, I hope it doesn’t gross you out.” Dooby rolled his eyes and made rapid circular motions with his index finger to speed up the story. Artie confessed what he’d done and concluded by admitting he lied about having tissues under the covers. He never used tissues because he caught his cum in his hand and ate it imagining that it was Dooby’s every single night. Dooby started smiling halfway through the story and by the time Artie finished completely red faced, Dooby was laughing as if he was being tickled. “Like I said, all that time we wasted and let us not forget gallons of cum, you silly asshole, why do you think I always slept like that? And of course just the night you finally found the balls to get me I fell asleep early! Unbelievable, you actually beat off in your hand every night, why didn’t you just suck yourself off that’s what I always do. Check that DID, before I put the make on Uncle Tommy. I stayed awake that night and I was irresistible.” Artie frowned after he pushed Dooby’s cock to the side, “What do you mean you sucked yourself off?” Dooby demonstrated the technique without warning since Artie was stretched out on his belly between Dooby’s legs. He kicked out suddenly and rolled to his shoulders with his feet out beyond the top of his head. Artie crawled forward in time to see Dooby claim over one third of his cock with his mouth without apparent strain. “HEY!” Artie shouted while he pulled back on one of his brother’s legs until he was lying flat on his back again. “When I started doing that, I was just sucking you off to start with but then of course I branched out to all the good looking guys in school. When I really looked at Uncle Tommy at his father’s funeral I added him and when I got to high school I fell in love with Christian’s body too, but mostly I just sucked you three, all using my own cock.” “And I thought I was perverted!” Artie laughed with Dooby while he got back in position and to make sure Dooby stayed put, he put his elbows outside his brother’s thighs. “Are you trying to talk him off?” Scott asked Artie. He was standing over the brothers with Cory and Christian half hanging on him or half holding him up. He laughed, “These two guys take quality control to a whole new dimension. I may never walk again without support.” Jeff and Kevin walked by looking pleased with themselves and slipped into the pool together. They swam one length and back before they climbed out to lower their bodies into the spa. Five seconds later the surfaced boiled. Dooby lifted his head to frown at them, “You guys don’t be using my pool to wash off!” he warned. Both older guys gave him the finger before they started or resumed making out with each other. “DUH, we just got our first shots out of the way IN the shower,” Christian explained, “how clean do we need to be before we can get in OUR pool?” “Are you alright?” Artie asked Scott. Scott’s smiling leer down at Cory’s cock said he was. He nodded, “You will be too as soon as you get done playing with Dooby if ever. We’ll all be in the spa watching if you want us for anything and you better, you haven’t lived until these four guys get done with you.” Artie nodded by bobbing his head on his brother’s cock as he also began making up for lost time.

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