Subject: The Making of Daniel 48 The Making of Daniel Chapter 48 The normal restrictions apply…..18+ and of course naked……Enjoy! I could feel the last of his cum dripping into my ass from his hard cock as he gave one or two small thrusts into me, draining his balls completely. And as his orgasm was coming to an end, I was staring at my brother standing over us. His cock and balls were completely out of the zipper of his jeans, with his right hand tightly gripping the long shaft of his hard cock. Jon fell on top of me, pushing us both to the ground. “Fuck, dude, that was hot!” Jon said, not bothering to look up, his head buried in my neck. I watched quietly as my brother removed his shirt, and then his jeans. Jon still hadn’t moved, except for another few small thrusts of his hips, pushing his still hard cock into my cum soaked hole. “Jon, flip him over, and lets give him a double fuck, like we did last weekend!” Todd said, as he got down on his knees. Next thing I knew, we twisted with a jolt, and I was sitting on top of Jon with my knees on each side, his cock still deep inside me, and my brother at my back. ‘Bend forward, Little Dude’, he commanded, with his hand pushing the back of my neck. As I did, Todd laid down on his back, and pushed himself into Jon’s crotch, so they were balls to balls. I turned, and could see his cock sticking up in the air, as it rubbed against the crack of my ass. Two cocks, same hole! Fuck yea! So I lifted myself up, letting Jon’s cum soaked cock fall from my asshole, which my brother grabbed immediately. With both hands, he held them together as I slowly lowered myself onto the double shaft. At first, they took my breath away; I hadn’t been fucked with two cocks in a while, but my ass was aching, and these two guys were ready to fill me with their hard meat; I took them like a man. OH FUCK! They hurt, but both cocks were soon inside me as I now had every inch of their hard man muscle deep in my asshole. Up and down I moved, fucking both their cocks, taking long, slow strides on their hard shafts. My ass was getting ripped apart, but I loved it! The girth had to be at least the size of a coke can or more. And with Todd’s 9 inches and Jon’s 7 or more, I was riding them hard. It was Todd whose balls began to pump first, and as his cock was about to blow a huge load up my ass, he thrust his hips up so hard, I fell forward, causing Jon’s cock to respond summarily with an intense orgasm of his own. Suddenly, I had two hard cocks spewing their hot spunk deep inside me. The intense heat, from their loads, pushed me over the edge, and my cock was soon spraying Jon with the most intense orgasm I had felt in a long time. Cum came flying out of my cock, rope after rope splashing directly in Jon’s face, and all over his chest. Within seconds, Jon was covered in layers of my milky, white spunk, dripping from his hair, face, arms, chest, and puddling in every nook and crevice of his upper body. That’s when it became obvious that Todd wanted more. As he pulled his body up off the floor, he pushed me down onto Jon, and crawled onto my back. I was now face to face with Jon, as Todd maneuvered himself behind me, and OH FUCK! Again his hard cock pounded into my already cock filled asshole. But this time, Todd was in control, and I was soon screaming happily, as his huge fucking cock filled my hole once again. He was pounding my ass relentlessly with his 9 inch, hard, fat cock. Jon wasn’t moving much, but his cock was still hard and balls-deep in my ass. And while Todd was fucking the life out of me, Jon and I were enjoying my last orgasm, as I licked his face clean, and then deep French kissed him, sharing my warm, spunky sperm with every kiss. It wasn’t until the third or fourth cum filled kiss, but it happened again. As my tongue was deep in his throat, and my jizz was floating around our mouths, Jon began to moan heavily, followed by a couple of small thrusts of his hips, and I knew he was dumping a fresh load of his man spunk in my ass for the third time today. “Oh fuck, Little Dude, I missed this ass so much,” Todd said, kinda’ breathlessly, as he continued to pump my ass with his hard cum soaked 9 inch cock. With four huge load of cum deep inside my ass, the sounds of Todd’s cock fucking my man hole were becoming sloppy. You could hear his cock sloshing around in my asshole as he picked up the pace of pounding my wet hole with gaziantep travesti his hard cock. Once again, the room was filled with sounds of me getting the snot fucked out of me, as my brother fucked my ass hard. His hands were on each side of me, pressing me into Jon, as he laid on my back, with my brother’s ass in the air pounding my boy cunt hard. We fucked like that for at least 5 more minutes, until Todd’s balls produced another huge load of his seed, and he soon made another sperm deposit in my ass, to go along with all the others inside me. “What do you say we hit the showers, guys?” Todd said, as he pulled his wet slick cock from my ass and stood over us. “My fucking ass is so full of cum, I’m not sure I’ll make it to the shower,” I said, as I rolled off of Jon, his softening cock falling from my ass, as we both laid there next to each other, quite exhausted. “Come on” Todd said, as he extended a hand to help us up off the floor. Following his lead, we left the room just as were, completely naked and drenched in sweat and cum. The showers, or communal bathroom, was up two landings from their room. The bathroom was quite large, with 4 or 5 sinks against one wall; and, on the opposite wall,were 8 stalls, some with doors, and others with white plastic shower curtains. But what caught my eye immediately, were the 4 urinals at the other end of the bathroom, and the two naked guys standing in front of them. Although they weren’t right next to each other, the guys were casually chatting as each one held onto his dick, aiming his pissing cock into the urinals. I looked at Todd wantonly. He nodded his okay, with a smile on his face. I moved quickly and was soon in-between them. I looked at both, turning my head from one to the other, and then down to their pissing cocks. As my knees began to sink, they both watched intently; and, by the time I was kneeling on my back legs, they had both turned towards me. The guys had stopped their cock’s piss flow, as I took both soft, wet cocks in my hands. I could feel they were heavy with piss, and as I put the one in my right hand against my lower lip, his stream immediately began to flow again, into my open mouth. His piss was slowly at first, until I closed my mouth around his cock head; then his piss stream began to build and was soon gushing out of his cock. Gulp after gulp, I drank down his warm golden nectar, still holding onto the other guy’s waiting cock. The two guys must have just begun their piss, as this one guy’s cock was flooding my stomach with gallons of his warm sweet piss. As his stream, unfortunately, began to wane, I moved my mouth to engulf his friend’s cock, that was patiently waiting in my left hand. Again, my mouth was filled with hot piss which I drank down without losing a drop. It flowed steadily for a good two or 3 minutes, filling my already piss filled stomach. But when he pulled his dripping cock from my mouth, there was another cock ready to replace it. I looked up to see Jon standing there, his cock in his hand, waiting for me to take it in my mouth. I opened wide and engulfed his full flaccid cock. Immediately, I could taste my ass, and cum on his shaft; but that was short lived, because his cock began to spew his warm yellow piss into my throat instantly. Almost causing me to choke; but soon his piss was flowing freely down my throat. As my throat was draining his cock of all the piss my mouth could handle, I felt my face being splattered with a thick warm liquid. I looked up, and saw two hard cocks spewing their semen all over my face and body. I pulled back from Jon’s cock, leaving only the head of his pissing cock in my mouth, allowing the other two guys to cover my body with their warm, gooey spunk. When their orgasms had come to an end, Jon pulled his cock free of my mouth, and washed me down with the remainder of his piss. FUCKING HOT! As his hot piss flowed over me, I jerked my aching, hard cock until my orgasm exploded out of me, shooting huge volumes of cum high over me, and eventually, once again, being covered with my own warm, thick spunk! I could feel my brother watching me, as I pulled my pants up over my naked ass, and tucked my soft cock down the left leg of my jeans. We had showered, and were getting ready to go out on the town for the night. Jon was running out of the room, heading home, as he had intended to do hours ago. The pizza gaziantep masaj salonları was great, and Todd let me share his beer, as they refused to sell us two. The place was filled with college-age guys and girls, all enjoying their Friday night. Several guys came up to the table, and Todd introduced me to most. But they all seemed much more interested in whether “WE” were coming to the party tomorrow afternoon? “Party?” I asked, when they had left. “Yea, it’s a Frat party at a local house. They tried to get me to join during pledge, but I was hanging with Jerr, and didn’t think it right.” “Where is Jerr? Are you guys still ….ah dating? I said, not real sure what was appropriate to call it. “Oh yeah, we are still together; you’ll see him tomorrow afternoon”, he said, just as another group of hot fucking guys came up to the table. We tried to get into a couple of the college bars around town, but I was a “NO GO” to the bouncers. So Todd grabbed a 12 pack at the store and we went back to the dorm. It was pretty deserted, being a Friday night, so we just hung out in the common area, drinking and catching up on life back home. I told him about my birthday present, and mom catching Dave and I in bed. He was shocked at her lack of saying anything, but I could see by the bulge growing in his jeans that he was getting quite excited as well. The night went fast, as did the beer. He pissed, I pissed, we drank more, until Todd got up and took me by the hand. We didn’t say a word… our eyes just met as I stood, and we both knew it was time to go to bed. We walked hand and hand down the hallway to his door. When we reached his room, he turned to me, and pushed me up the door, and with his right hand bracing against the door, he leaned in and kissed me passionately. Our mouths opened, and his tongue darted into my mouth. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths, as my cock grew harder, until it was pressing against my jeans and Todd’s leg. He slipped his hand inside my jeans, and reached deep and pulled my cock up, relieving the pain instantly. Our kiss became more intense as he cupped my balls in his hand, and squeezed them gently. “Fuck me, Todd; I want you inside me so fucking bad,” I said, as I pulled away from our kiss. I fell into his room, as the door opened behind me. If Todd hadn’t been holding onto me, I would have been on the floor; but his hands were on my side, and, as I fell, he pulled me close, and we again fell into a deep passionate kiss. We moved towards the bed, where he gently lowered us both, and he was soon on top of me, our lips still locked in a burning tongue tangling kiss. I could feel his hard cock press against my wet, pre-cum oozing hard-on, as he ground his hips in my groin. My hands were inside his jeans, clutching his round, bubble ass cheeks. I would force them down, aching to feel his hard cock press deeper into my balls, as he kissed my neck, ears, mouth, face, and every part of my head. I was so hot for his sex, I thought I was going to blow a load right there in my jeans. He pushed my hands up over my head, and pulled off my T-shirt. My nipples were hard, and he went right for them. With his left hand, he squeezed and pulled on my right nipple, as his mouth sucked and chewed on the left. He switched back and forth, making my nipples hard as rocks, which was sending fucking hot sensations through me. My cock was leaking pre-cum heavily, causing the front of my jeans to have a huge wet spot, almost like I had pissed my pants. But he just kept playing with my aching sex crazed nipples, working them and me in to an absolute orgasmic state. When he finally got off me, both my nipples were quite red and raw, harder and larger then I’ve ever seen them. But they felt great, and I needed more. So when he got up to pull my pants off me, my own hands went directly to my nipples and I pulled and twisted hard, causing my cock to continue leaking my clear ball juice out of the deep slit of my hard-on. With both of us naked now, Todd again laid down on top of me. Our lips met again, only this time our kiss was soft and deeply passionate. I could feel his cock pressing slightly against the lips of my ass, as we continued to kiss. Wanting him more than I could express, I pushed my hips up, causing the head of his rock hard cock to penetrate my asshole, and slip inside me. With a small thrust gaziantep escort bayan on Todd’s part, his 9 inch rod was completely filling my asshole. As we continued our kiss, he fucked me gently. Slow and even thrusts of his hips caused his stiff cock to slip in and out of my ass with long, steady strokes. I could feel every inch of his cock as it slid out, until the mushroomed head was the only part still in me. Again, a long slow stroke filled my ass with a hard, fat, 9 inch cock. We both moaned through our kiss, as we fucked the night away. My first orgasm didn’t come until we had fucked for over 20 minutes, at which time Todd had already had two large, cum filled orgasms. Then he moved behind me, and we spooned tight, again he fucked me slowly. I felt so protected and loved, with his arms wrapped around me, and his cock deep inside my ass. Todd came at least 5 times, and I had blown 4 loads by the time we fell asleep. I remember his last orgasm was barely a whimper, as his cock spewed another load of his ball juice into me. I was in heaven, and slept better than I can ever remember, with Todd cradling me with his balls wedged between my ass checks and his cock still deep inside of me. I don’t remember how many times during the night, I felt him fucking me again. Whether he was asleep or awake, but I would wake to his hips thrusting into my ass for a minute or two, and then a long hard thrust as his orgasm dumped another load of cum into my ass. And that’s how I woke up the next morning, still in a tightly held spoon embrace, and Todd’s cock pulsing with blood inside my ass as he began to fuck me again. By this time my butt was so full of cum, I could feel it being forced out of my ass with each stroke he took. My cock was hard, and full of piss and cum, as I stroked it to the rhythm of Todd’s masterful fucking. The feeling of Todd’s 9 inch cock, fucking me again, was all I needed; and, all too soon, my cock was exploding once again, all over the sheets. As my orgasm subsided, Todd flipped one of my legs over his shoulder, and then I was on my back with him between my legs, with his cock still embedded inside me as we twisted. As he bent down to kiss me, he lifted my ass in the air, and began to pound my hole hard. Instantly, the room with awash with the sounds of us fucking; from me screaming with pleasure, to the bed springs singing away as his ass pounded down into me. He was fucking me hard, as he pulled my ass higher and higher off the bed. My cock was still rock hard, and was now being slamming hard against my bare pubic bone. It actually hurt, but I didn’t dare touch it, as it was so hard and full of piss…that was until Todd grabbed me behind my knees and pulled us both up, so only my upper back and head was on the bed. He was know standing up, his cock bent downward, still embedded in my ass, as he continued to wildly pump his huge bone into my ass. I don’t know if it was the angle, or that Todd balls were smashing mine with each thrust down, but I couldn’t control it any longer. So as my cock hung right above my face, it started out as a trickle; but torrents of hot piss soon came streaming out of my cock. In a moment, piss was spraying everywhere, as my cock was being jerked violently by Todd’s constant assault on my ass. Almost instantly I was soaked, as were the sheets on the bed; and, soon, so was the floor around us, but that didn’t stop either of us. Actually, as my piss began to flow, Todd got even wilder. He began grabing handfuls of piss from my cock, and sucking it into his mouth, as he continued to fuck me frantically. This didn’t last long, as Todd’s orgasm came on quickly. I could see it in his face, as his hips pushed harder and harder into my ass. As his orgasm began, he pulled his hard, slick cock from my ass and pumped his hot, white, creamy spunk all over me, covering my face, hair and upper body with his cum. The fucking room was a sexual disaster area, I realized, as I got up to go to the bathroom. I needed to go, as I couldn’t hold the massive amount of cum in my ass any longer! I looked around for something to wear, when Todd, who was still lying on the piss and cum soaked bed, said to just go as I was. So I grabbed a towel and closed the door as I walked out. The bathroom was empty, thank god; I was a mess! But after dumping my ass, and a hot shower, I was feeling pretty good. I opened the shower curtain, and reached for my towel on the hook, but never took it, as my eyes focused on the guy standing at the sink right in front of me. I knew him instantly, but it wasn’t his reflection that I recognized; it was the tight white underwear with the name ‘Bonds’ stitched into the waistband. “Rob”? Hope you got off good….Let me know, love to hear the messy details. aol

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