Subject: Rooming with my Best Friend Sophomore Ch 65 ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND-SOPHOMORE 65 **************** THE USUAL DISCLAIMER APPLIES! I hope you will enjoy this chapter! **************** Ding! Ding! Were the sounds in our room waking us from our sleep. Corey reached over and grabbed his phone, which was closest. He shook his head and showed me the email the school had sent about there being no classes on this first Friday of February. He got up and went the window in our room. “Wow, look at the snow,” he commented with his hot ass looking great. I was intrigued and had to look for myself. Corey wrapped his arm around my bare waist. Outside was a winter wonderland with no telling how much snow with more still falling. “It is beautiful,” I commented. “Yes it is,” Corey said. He grabbed and kissed me. Feeling his soft lips on mine was such a treat. “I guess shortly we need to go assess the damage down in the room.” “We do. Scott told me last night to text him before we went and he’d help. We should drag Kris out of bed too since it was his idea… hold on… oh fuck no!” I said frantically scanning the room. “What’s the matter?” “I think I left my camera in the room last night. I’d die if someone grabbed it…” “It’ll be there… trust me,” Corey said. “Matt, where’s was Hayden all last night?” “Scott said something about Hayden wasn’t feeling hot. He really must have been because he missed the game as well,” I replied. Shortly, I found my phone and text Scott. In a few minutes, he replied and would meet us down in the room about 9:30, which was in about 10 minutes. Leaving, dressed in shorts and tees since our building stayed warm, we saw Kris and Colt still asleep on the sofa bed with the sheet barely covering Colt’s naked body. Stepping out the door, Scott emerged from his room in his shorts and flip flops. “What an epic night last night was,” Scott said. “I didn’t have much to drink and still had a blast. Do we not have the best guys here or what?” “We sure do,” Corey said. “How’s Hayden feeling?” “Worse after I called him to tell him what he missed. He sounds awful,” Scott said. We entered the big room with me holding my breath over the camera Ted had given me. As soon as I entered, I spotted my camera sitting in a chair and was so relieved. Looking around there was more work than I ever imagined. There was still trash littering the room. I left to find a broom to sweep while Corey and Scott tidied the place back up. After twenty minutes or so, we grabbed a seat after we finished. “Matt, you know you’re the main reason all this happened,” Scott said. “Huh?” “If you had being able to move off campus it wouldn’t have forced us to come here. I’ll tell ya Noah and Kendall regret like hell they didn’t move with us here. They said it wasn’t the same,” Scott stated. “If you remember, there was a little struggle. I was going to just stay with Matt but Kris said he wasn’t going anywhere,” Corey said. “Kris never fails to surprise. Even after a year and half of knowing that dude, I’m still amazed. He’s really one of a kind,” Scott stated. “He is,” I said with a smile. “Scott, don’t tell anyone this yet, but there is a good chance I’ll be allowed to move off campus with my scholarship next year. Please keep quiet until I know for sure. I don’t want to get everyone’s hopes up.” “I won’t. I’ll tell ya right now. Wherever y’all move my ass is next door, or better yet, with ya,” Scott stated. “It would be nice if we could find a large place,” Corey said. “Do ya think Hayden’s folks would let him move in with you?” I asked. Scott smiled, “I seriously doubt it. By the sound of things, his little ass is stuck in a dorm until the end. Dudes, did ya check all the snow we got? There is at least a foot with more falling.” “We did, but you know how things are around here. Come Monday it will be a distant memory…” I said. “You’re wrong there… Forecast says temps don’t get above freezing until Monday at the earliest,” Scott stated. “Well I guess we better head back and get ready for a big day then. It’ll be fun playing it. I just hope our lights stay on this time,” Corey said. “Hey, let’s take a look at all the hot pictures you snagged last night before we go back,” Scott said. We scrolled through the pictures. My favorite was the one of the four of us with Colt holding his cake. Then I came to one where it looked like Scott was sucking Alex’s cock. “Scott!” I said. Scott laughed, “Damn that turned out better than I thought it would. No, I’m not sucking his dick either. That’s my tongue making my jaw stick out like that.” “Wouldn’t surprise me if you did,” Corey commented. “I know I wouldn’t be opposed to it,” Scott said with us still looking at the pictures. We left the room and walked down the hall. Scott wanted to see what the plans were for the day so he was still with us. Corey opened the door. “Dammmn!” Scott shouted. “Whoa…” Corey said frozen in his tracks. “Sorry guys!” Kris was fucking Colt doggie style on the sofa bed, holding on to Colt’s hips and really pounding him. “Shut the goddamn door!” Colt yelled, pushing his ass back against Kris’s cock. “Fuck yeah! I’m just in time this time!” Scott said, quickly locking the door. It was if time stopped for a brief moment. Before my eyes were Kris and Colt going at it. I know without a doubt my mouth was agape when they showed no signs of stopping and acted as though we weren’t even there with Kris’s thrusts never slowing and Colt continuing to rock back trying to drive the cock even deeper inside him. “You like my present to Colt?” Kris asked us. “Hell yeah I do,” Scott replied. “I love it,” Colt moaned and reached back, pulling Kris closer to him. As he leaned up I saw that his cock was harder than ever and precum was just flowing out of the tip. “Fuck me, Kris! Fuck my ass!” Scott didn’t ask if he could join in he just dropped his shorts. His cock was rock hard with the head exposed. Corey grabbed me and kissed me passionately while Colt was moaning loudly, but clearly loving second of it. Kris was slapping his ass and fucking him pretty hard. Corey reached down and pushed my shorts off of me. “I’m so fucking turned on right now.” “Fuck yeah,” Scott said. “Fuck him, Kris!” Kris was in his own world and didn’t reply. I’m not even sure he heard Scott speak at all. He leaned over and kissed Colt on the neck while hammering his covered cock in and out of Colt’s ass. Both were breathing hard as ever with sweat on Kris’s face and pecs. The next thing I knew Corey was on his knees sucking my hard dick with his shorts gone. Watching Kris and Colt fuck did get me excited. Even though Kris was fucking Colt pretty hard he was still quite intimate with him, running his hands up and down Colt’s back or leaning over him to feel Colt’s hard pecs, abs and throbbing cock, which Kris gave a few quick jerks while kissing Colt’s neck and shoulders. Corey’s mouth engulfed my cock, taking almost all of my eight inches in one go while I watched as Scott moved to kiss Kris, slipping his arm around Kris’s waist and looking like he was trying to push Kris harder and deeper in to Colt. Kris kept up the pace and continued to fuck Colt while maneuvering himself in to a position where he could play with Scott’s hard cock. After a minute or so, I pulled Corey gaziantep travesti from his knees for a long kiss, enjoying the feeling of his tongue battling with mine while watching out of the corner of my eye as Colt reached back and slapped Kris’s hand away from Scott’s throbbing cock, wrapping his own hand around it and pulling Scott up the bed until the uncut cock slid between his lips. I heard Kris growl followed by loud slapping sounds as he started fucking Colt even harder while Colt was sucking away on Scott’s dick. The scene unfolding was very unreal and I needed more than just a blowjob. “I want you fuck me, Corey!” I said. “I’ll fuck you alright,” he said. He pushed me to my knees to worship his thick cock. While sucking and slurping on Corey’s hard dick I could hear the other three still going at it on the sofa bed. There were lots of moaning and sex talk, with Kris and Scott telling Colt how good his mouth and ass felt around their cocks, along with the smell of man sex filling the living area. I pulled off Corey’s cock and turned my ass around. I wasn’t sure how clean I was but I didn’t care. I wanted fucked in the worst way. We walked over the small counter near the fridge. I leaned over and grabbed the counter while Corey quickly retrieved the bottle of lube that was lying on the ground by the sofa bed next to a box of condoms. I shivered as his finger entered my ass with the cold lube and he finger fucked me, getting me ready for his thick cock. He pulled his fingers out and stood up, kissing between my shoulders. I pushed out when feeling the head of his dick against my hole. It eased inside me. “Oh yes Corey!” I screamed. He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him so his dick went deep inside. I could feel his thick cock stretching me out and going deeper still. “OOOO fuck!” Kris screamed. “Take my fucking load!” I assumed Kris nutted but was so into having Corey inside of me, his thick cock hitting my spot, to try to see for myself. Corey pushed all the way inside me and stopped, wrapping his arms around me so we could both walk in unison toward the sofa bed. Kris was just pulling his dick out of Colt’s well fucked ass with the condom bulging from his massive load. Kris was covered in sweat and it glistened off his amazing body, making him look hotter than ever. Colt took his mouth off Scott’s cock and flipped over onto his back, lifting his legs and spreading them wide. “I want to cum so bad, but I want a dick inside me when I do. Fuck me Scott!” I leaned over the arm of the couch and Corey started fucking me again, pulling me back onto his cock, as I watched Scott quickly slip on a condom and plunge his dick into Colt’s ass, not wasting any time as he started fucking Colt right away. “OOO yes Scott! Fuck my ass!” Colt screamed. “I need to cum! My fucking balls hurt!” “Your ass is so fucking hot and tight, even after Kris fucked it,” Scott said. “I’m gonna fuck that cum right out of you.” Corey pulled his cock completely out of me and then drove it back in and started fucking me hard. I was delirious with the visual scene in front of me and the feeling of Corey inside of me. Kris had come down from his orgasm and moved up the bed to kiss me, while sounds of skin slapping together could be heard all over the room as two hot asses got fucked by two hot cocks. “Damn this is fucking hot!” Kris said. While Corey kept pounding me, Scott was giving Colt all he could handle. Colt was moaning and groaning as loud as ever, almost yelping with pleasure. I looked down and saw Kris’s cock had recovered and was hard again after only a few minutes. I was now breathing hard and could feel sweat forming under my arms. Corey leaned over and kissed me at the same time Scott was lip locked with Colt, who had his legs wrapped around Scott’s waist. Corey began fucking me frantically and I knew he was close. He pulled out and shot his hot load all over my back. He pulled me up and kissed me while reaching around and stroking my hard cock. “Matt, can fuck you?” Kris asked in a lust-filled, pleading voice. I glanced at Corey for a second. He nodded okay. Kris found a condom and quickly had it on his cock. I moved around with my cock hard as ever. This wasn’t how I imagined Kris would fuck me for the first time but we were in the moment with sex in the air and I knew we both wanted it. Kris sat down on the couch and stroked his cock a few times before holding it up. I faced him and wrapped my arms around his neck as I lowered my ass down onto his cock. We both moaned and looked in each other’s eyes as his dick was going deeper inside of me. “OOO Kris,” I moaned. “Fuck yeah, Matt,” Kris said, “so hot!” I leaned back a little and began slowly riding Kris’s hard cock. Corey walked around until he was behind me, wrapping his arms around me and turning my head for a kiss. He moved in time with me so we were both going up and down as I continued to ride Kris’s cock, impaling myself on his hardness. Corey ran his hand down my body and wrapped it around my big dick, which had been rubbing against Kris’s abs, and he started to jerk me off. “OOO yes!” I screamed about the same time as Scott screamed in the pure pleasure of his orgasm. “OOO fuck! I’m sorry, Colt, I can’t hold back, your ass is just too fucking good! OOOO FUUUUCK!” Scott screamed. Hearing that turned me on so much when added to the feeling of Kris’s dick inside me, Corey’s lips on my neck and his hand around my cock that I bounced up and down on Kris’s dick as hard as I could, drilling my ass down on his hot cock. “Ride my dick! OOO yes… ride me! Fuck yeah!” Kris moaned with his head tilted back. Between getting fucked by Kris and Corey jacking me off, I didn’t last that long. With Kris’s hot cock planted deep inside me, I spewed my load all over Kris’s incredible body. It was an intense blast that left me weak and both Corey and I fell forward onto Kris. Corey let go of me and moved to sit on the couch, licking my cum from his hand. Slowly I pulled my ass up off Kris’s cock which was still rock hard. I was still weak and pretty much collapsed beside Kris, turning my head to see that Scott had pulled out of Colt and was now deep throating his hot cock while sliding a finger in and out of Colt’s well fucked hole. Suddenly Colt screamed and arched his back as he began to bust his nut. Scott clamped down tight and took all Colt had to offer. “Holy fuck, that’s hot!” Kris said as he gripped hold of his throbbing cock, pulled off the condom and jacked his cock furiously, spewing his second load onto his incredible abs to mix with mine. We sat there a minute and tried to process what had just occurred. “Again, the best shit is unplanned,” Kris said smiling and rubbing our cum up and down his body. “Colt woke me up, horny as hell, and said he wanted his present. We looked around and assumed y’all were out in the snow.” “Where were y’all?” Colt asked looking well spent but so satisfied. “We went to clean up the room,” I replied. “Again, happy birthday Colt.” “Man, this is a great fucking birthday!” Colt said. “Nothing better than five friends enjoying sex with each other.” “I agree,” Corey said. “So much now for the cuss canister, huh?” “I guess so. I’m not sure it worked,” I said. “It did a little,” Kris gaziantep masaj salonları said. “We did prove we could talk among each other without every other word being a cuss word. We need to do it again just before we all go home this summer.” “Boys, I’m hungry,” Colt said with all of us agreeing. We hoped food services would be open. Scott left us after putting back on his clothes and thanking us. We quickly showered two at a time to wash the sweat and cum from our bodies, dressed warmly and called to see what part of the crew was interested in joining us. Kris even called Ethan, Cody, Keith, David, Seth and Kwan, plus a few girls to join us. A majority were willing with Kwan surprised Kris had called. We stepped outside for the first time to see a lot of snow covering everything, with more lightly falling. We were barely ten feet out the door before I saw Kris nail Scott with a snowball. Scott had to get him back before we called a halt to the action. We entered the main center and were lucky to have a few things open for us to eat, but only until four, which meant we’d eat big and then grab stuff to go like cold sandwiches for later. Corey and I took our seat and were next to Scott and Kwan. Kwan filled us in on his background. He was born to Korean parents but had lived in the US his entire life. He had just recently transferred with a friend from an out of state school since our college’s petroleum engineering program was one of the better ones around and better than his other’s school’s program. “Kwan, where’s your friends at?” Scott asked. “I’d say sitting in the room on his computer. Carlos thought it was just plain weird when I told him about the party last night. I swear he needs to get out the damn room for a while, same as my other two suitemates,” Kwan replied. “I think you lucked upon a group that doesn’t sit in the room all the time,” Corey said. “No doubt. I think you guys live at that Rec Center,” Kwan said. “Damn right we do. Corey and Kris work there,” Scott stated. “It really shows too,” Kwan said. “Just hang around. You’re welcome to join us any time,” I said. “Thanks, you are too nice,” Kwan said. As we were exiting with extra food for the night, we were rather excited about the possibility for snowball fights with the snow still falling. “Ah, this is nothing,” Antonio stated. “We get snow like this all the time where I’m from.” “We don’t,” Scott said. “This much snow is a rarity.” “You act like you’ve never seen it though. All you guys are acting like ten year olds,” Antonio said. “We are,” Kris stated and threw a snowball at Colt. Colt fired one straight back. We raced to put away our food and bundle up even more. Barely outside and back to where we had laid out at the beginning of the fall semester, the snowballs started flying in every direction. Thankfully, they didn’t pack them that hard so they didn’t really hurt. It became a game of hunt and chase for us crazy enough to be out in the snow. We did walk over to our sledding hill but it was too deep, say about a foot, so we headed back. After about three to four hours of playing in the snow and with darkness setting in, we went inside with a bunch of red chapped faces. In our room, our hats came off with Kris and Colt’s mops flying around as they shook off the wetness. Our top layer was removed and scattered around the room to dry the best they could. We lost our next layer and were naked. “Bros, you can’t say that out there wasn’t a blast,” Kris stated. “I think you enjoyed flirting with all the girls that came out, especially that Megan girl,” Corey said. “She was fucking hot, huh?” Kris asked before we went to find clothes. We returned after drying off and becoming decent, with Kris, Colt and Corey donning pants or shorts whereas I was still cold and had on a shirt and sweatpants. We were reliving all the fights, with them cracking up over my futile attempts to nail Kris with snow after he blasted me and Corey numerous times. We heard the usual knock and announced it was open. The door slowly opened with blond headed Megan entering. Kris stood and went to greet her. “Megan, did you enjoy that out there today?” Colt asked with a dip in his lip. “It was fun just watching a bunch of crazy hot guys having fun,” she replied and turned to Kris. “You’re even hotter without a shirt. All of you are.” “Thanks,” Corey said with his arm around me. “Corey, I take it Matt’s your boyfriend,” Megan said since Corey had his arm around me. “He is…” Corey said. “Here I had the perfect girl for you lined up,” Megan replied with a smile. “I have the perfect one right here,” Corey said and kissed my cheek. “That’s really sweet. So Kris, you and Colt don’t have a problem with them unless…” Megan said and stopped. “We don’t have any problem, and no we’re not,” Kris said and explained how he and I were high school friends. “I knew there was something special about you,” Megan said with another knock on the door. Shawn, Garrett and Scott came in, with Shawn and Scott going without a shirt as well. “It just keeps getting better around here.” Scott threw out his arms, “Hell yeah girl! We’ve got kick ass bodies and love to show them off. You’re damn lucky Kris ain’t butt ass naked…” “More like unlucky,” Megan laughed. “Hey don’t tempt him,” Colt said and spit. Shawn was asking for his can. “Are y’all like this all the time or just showing out for me?” Megan asked in the cutest sounding accent. “Babe, this is just part of the crew,” Kris said with Holly and Jill coming in the door with Toni and Bryson behind them. “See what I mean.” “This is awesome,” Megan said and was sitting so close to Kris. No doubt there was a connection between them. Little by little, our suite began to fill. Kris and Colt suggested we again move the party back down to the big room to be more comfortable. We opened the door with Ethan and Cody already there with the beer pong table going in full force. Kris pulled a few of us aside. “Bros, please keep your mouths closed…” “We will,” Colt stated. “Right guys. Kris is making headway with Megan.” “Gonna get ya some, huh?” Shawn asked. “We’ll see, but I don’t wanna run Megan off with my little secret…” “Hell, what secret?” Scott laughed. “The entire floor is clued in on you and Colt.” Kris rolled his eyes and left, with Megan on her phone a short distance away. She asked if some of her friends could join us. Kris was never one to say no to more people. I walked away and found Ted talking with Brennan as Megan’s friends came in the door. They weren’t anywhere near as cute as Megan from what I could see. “I bet Reese is so disappointed.” “He is, but he’ll be here as soon as he can. You need to talk to him soon. He’s really doing great. I hope his troubles are behind him,” Ted said. “Let’s hope,” I said. “Did ya have fun with us?” “Don’t I always? No one showed a bit of mercy on me out there today,” Ted laughed. “Do we ever? Say, are you joining us on Spring Break?” Brennan asked. “I know Myles and I are planning on the camping thing for sure,” Ted replied. “I can see why some got a little pissed earlier this semester. It’s just addictive to be around y’all and just good fun.” “Cause we treat you like a fucking nobody,” Brennan said. “And gaziantep escort bayan I appreciate that,” Ted said with the door opening. Things got silent with Rick standing at the door. “Alright, what’s this all about?” Rick asked with his hands on his hips. Kris stepped up, “You said you wanted the hall to be more sociable, so that’s exactly what we’re doing here.” Rick looked around, “Amazing… utterly amazing. We have rules in this joint.” “Hide the beer, whiskey and vodka `til Rick leaves!” Kris yelled. “Too late for that,” Rick said. “Each and every one of you are skating on thin ice around here.” “Tell us what we’re hurting,” Scott asked. “Yeah Rick, we’re chilling here and not causing a bit of trouble. Of course we’re breaking a lot of rules, but we’d being doing the same exact shit in our rooms. We want to be together and have fun. We’re adults here now with some of us being of age…” Kris stated. “Rick, it could be worse. We could be out on the road driving in this shit,” Alex said. “Yeah, you sorry no good drivers,” Antonio stated. “No one here knows how to drive in snow or on ice.” “Damn right we don’t,” Joe said. “We’re smart and not out causing wrecks.” “Alright… alright, you got me again. If I hear one word about this…” Rick conceded. “You tell us and we’ll deal with them. Everyone is more than welcome,” Kris said. “No shit!” Colt said. “I know by living with this dude. He’s not happy unless there’s a crowd.” “And the center of attention,” Antonio smartly said. “Fuck off Antonio,” Kris stated with his face getting red. “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with it. Someone has to be the leader here and the leader of our team,” Antonio said. “I’m glad he is,” Shawn said in defense. Rick didn’t leave and hung around to enjoy the gathering. It wasn’t a so-called party just a group of us in the big room doing what we would in our room. However at midnight, Rick stated it was time to break things up. No one said a thing and agreed after a long day. For the whole time we were there Kris was trying his best to be around Megan. We came to our room with Megan following Kris. We talked a little about what just happened and how well everything went. “So are y’all going to date or what?” Colt asked. Kris and Megan looked at each other. “I will if he asks me,” Megan replied. “Ummmm… first, if you can’t tell there’s not a thing that will come between me and these three guys. I want you to know that from the beginning, that way you’ll understand if I call off a date because one of these or few of the others have problems…” Megan looked at Kris, “I can see that just by being around you the short time I have. Kris, you’re special in a lot of ways. You have that personality that makes people like you no matter what. Actually, I hate a clingy boyfriend. My last one wouldn’t hardly let me breath. Oh my God you talk about jealous, he was the worst. I didn’t care how cute he was I just couldn’t take it anymore.” “You don’t have to worry about Kris being clingy for sure,” I said. “Megan, I want to be very honest with you. I’m bisexual,” Kris said. “Say what?” she asked in amazement. “I’m bisexual but lean towards girl more. You need to know that now rather than finding out later. I’m surprised no one said shit about it tonight,” Kris replied. “I knew it,” Megan said. “Kris, you’re a really sweet guy but before we get any further I’ll need to consider what you’ve told me. You really mess around with guys?” Kris shrugged, “I do, but I enjoy girls more.” Megan stood, “Well, it was a really fun day with all y’all.” “Here, I’ll follow you out,” Kris said and stood. “No, I can find my way down the stairs,” Megan said, but Kris did follow her to the door. He attempted to kiss her but she walked away. “Bold move there, slick,” Colt stated. “I know, but fuck it. I’d rather she know right now than find out later and blow a gasket,” Kris said with his shoulders slumped. “I fucked up, didn’t I?” “No Kris, you didn’t,” Corey said. “You told her the honest truth.” “I did, and if she can’t accept it then there will be one out there that will,” Kris said. “At least, I’m at peace with it.” “Guys, I can’t think of a better birthday in my life! Thanks!” Colt stated. “Bro, I forgot all about it now,” Kris laughed. “Me too,” I said. “That’s cool, since we celebrated last night and this morning,” Colt said, smiling. “Speaking of,” Kris said. “I think our fucking around has gotten a little out of hand.” “I agree, but it is your birthday coming up,” Corey said. “True, but we’ve gone over the top in my mind. Yeah, I love fucking with each one of you but… it ain’t really Colt or me…” Colt dropped his head, “I have to agree with Kris. Every once in a while it is fun as fuck. We’re not gay, just bi.” “Do whatever you two feel comfortable with,” I said. “Corey and I never ever want to make you in to something you’re not. Of course this morning was scorching hot fun. Kris, I loved getting fucked by you…” “I loved it too. We just went with the moment and fucked. It’s not how I pictured my first time fucking you, but I did it,” Kris stated. “Guys, I’m with Matt,” Corey said and pulled me closer. “We all love the hell out of sex, me and Matt more than anyone here. We’re just so damn close that we enjoy pleasing the other sexually. It may not be right but it was a great time. Kris, I loved seeing you fuck Matt. It was short but you could see the love you have for each other. Colt, you really seemed to love Kris inside of you as well.” “I did,” Colt said. “We just need to pull back just a little.” “The cure to this problem just walked out the door,” Kris said. “You really wanted that pussy,” Colt said. “I did, but after we have a stable relationship…” Kris said. “Cut the shit,” Colt laughed and hit Kris’s bare shoulder. “You’d be fucking her right now if she wanted to.” “Maybe, but I don’t want sex to be the main reason with Megan or any girl. I see you and Andrea, along with Matt and Corey and think, yeah, y’all fuck, but you fuck because you are showing your love to each other in a different way. I want someone like that. I want a good relationship with sex being secondary in it,” Kris stated. “Kris, I hope you’re not just saying that…” I said. “Bro, I’m being so truthful here. I can fuck just about anyone around here. I wanna make love with someone,” Kris said. “Damn, I wish Andrea was here right now,” Colt laughed. “I’m glad I have Matt,” Corey said and kissed my cheek. “That’s what I’ve been missing. I actually had such a great feeling about Megan but if she can’t live with me being bi then I’ll keep searching,” Kris stated. TO BE CONTINUED… Thanks for reading `Sophomore Chapter 65′. I hope you enjoyed this chapter and was what you were waiting for. We’ll see how things go after this one. I’m still amazed at your response to my story. I want you to know it is always greatly appreciated and welcome. If you want to write me with your comments and/or suggestions, please do so at: [email protected] I love hearing from you and will try to respond to each one. Be sure to put `Sophomore’ or `Rooming’ in the title line so your email doesn’t go to my spam. If you don’t want to miss when it is posted, I suggest you go to my website I have established and sign up to be notified for the next installments. The web address is: ies. Also you can find other chapters related to this ongoing series that was written by others that I only post there. It could fill in a few spots that may be missing in the story. Please if you could I know NIFTY would really appreciate your donations. It would help keep this wonderful site alive and going.

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