Gill Comes to Dinner


“Hey, I nearly forgot to tell you, your friend Gill is coming for dinner on Saturday night. She is going to her Mothers on Sunday so is stopping over as we are half way from her place.”

This news from my partner Sue gave me mixed thoughts. “Oh great,” I replied trying to hide my true feelings. But what were my true feelings?

So, some background: Firstly Gill isn’t really my friend. She is Sue’s but we have met a few times and I always got on very well with her. She is about 15 years younger than us, in her late 20’s. The friendship with Sue developed when Sue helped her through her parent’s acrimonious divorce (Sue was going through one herself). Sue also supported her as she went through one disastrous relationship after another. Gill is not stunningly pretty in a model sort of way, but she is attractive, fairly slim, a smile to die for and a nice figure. But more of that later. We had sort of lost touch over the last year as she had found a new job and moved a long way away. Also with the 15 year age gap, we were always surprised that Gill was the one that wanted to keep the friendship alive.

Now why did Sue say “your friend?” This is where things get a bit complex. The last time Gill came over and stayed the night, Sue had caught me taking a sneaky peek at Gill’s nicely proportioned cleavage. She didn’t have the largest pair of tits, but what she had was nicely proportioned and on this day, and the following morning when she wore a low cut night shirt and dressing gown for breakfast, my eyes were drawn to her cleavage and hints of what else she had. Like all men I have a thing for a sneaky look, the forbidden glance and the view was so tempting……..

Had she seen me? I hope not. Sue sure as hell did see me and when Gill left, she good naturedly ribbed me about it.

Over the next few months the ribbing continued and even in bed when we discussed fantasies and such like, Gill’s name came up and we laughed a few times about inviting her to join us for a three-sum. We knew she had a fairly active sex life and didn’t hide the fact that between relationships she had a couple of fuck-buddies. But this was pillow talk and fantasies stay that, fantasies. So the ribbing continued with Sue referring to Gill as my friend.

Sue doesn’t have a jealous bone in her body and when we have discussed fantasies, previous lovers and so on, it has always enhanced our love life. We are rock solid and when we did once half seriously talk about seeing each other with another person, we agreed that it would be erotic but our base and love was for each other. Sex for sex sake is something different. Would we do a three sum or other things with other partners? Who knows, probably not because there is large gap between pillow talk and actually crossing that divide?

Saturday night was soon upon us. Gill arrived at 6.30pm and smiled warmly as she took her overnight bag out of the car.

“Hi John!” she said as she greeted me with a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi Gill, great to see you, let me take your bag.”

“Hi Gill,” Sue said as Gill came into the house and the two woman gave each other chaste kisses.

“Great to see you guys again,” she said. “You’re both looking well!”

“You too Gill, love the tan,” Sue said, “been anywhere nice?”

“South of France for a couple of weeks, the only place to go to get an all over tan!” she replied laughing.

Sue looked at me and smiled that smile that only couples can do when they have a hidden agenda or know what the other person is thinking.

“Lucky you to have the body for an all over tan,” Sue said smiling at Gill.

“Oh, you do put yourself down Sue!” Gill replied.

“Come on, let’s get you settled and let’s have a drink,” I said desperate to change the conversation. I took the bag upstairs and showed Gill to her room. “Just as it was before,” I said. Get yourself settled and come down for a drink. What would you like?”

“Thanks John. A white wine. Large please!”

“Your wish is my command,” I replied with a mock bow.

The dinner and conversation went brilliantly. Partly fuelled by wine, there were no awkward pauses, no references to the previous events and no subtle digs from Sue about other matters!

Gill was wearing a white polo shirt and jeans, that showed her slim figure off to perfection and the tan was also enhanced by the colour of the shirt. The buttons were undone but no cleavage was on show, much to my relief!

We were soon relaxing in the sitting room enjoying more drinks and laughing at all sorts of things.

“Come on then Gill, who did you go to the South of France with?” asked Sue. “A new man?”

“No, no such luck,” she chuckled. “I went with a friend, a girl friend, and we just hung out and sunbathed.”

“You really do look great Gill,” said Sue, “doesn’t she John?”

“Yeah, great really good,” I answered, trying not to stumble over my words or look too much at Gill.

“Well thank you! We did have an awkward moment in France I have to tell you about,” she said as she sipped her wine. “We met up with a group of people and buca escort hung out with them most evenings. Well one night my friend disappeared so I assumed she had gone for a midnight walk and didn’t think anything of it. Anyway I got tired, went back to our room and found her there, in bed, with one of the guys. And they weren’t sleeping if you know what I mean!”

“Oh God no!” cried Sue.

“Yes,” Gill laughed, “they were in a very intimate position. I shrieked and ran out and went back to the bar, had another drink and was wondering where I would spend the night when my friend came and joined me, ordered a drink and smiled and said I could now go back to the room.”

“Oh how embarrassing!” Sue said in amazement. “Did she say anything?”

“Well when I went to the room she couldn’t speak as her mouth was full if you know what I mean!”

“No, I meant afterwards!”

“She just said sorry that I had caught them.”

“I don’t know what I would have done,” Sue said. “What would you do John?”

I thought for a moment. “If I was the guy I would say, shut the door on your way out Gill.” Both girls laughed.

Gill laughed. “Good one!”

“You bloody wouldn’t John, you can’t talk when that happens to you!” Sue said laughing and prodded me in the chest.

“Wow, too much information guys!” Gill cried out smiling at us both.

“Guys do like their BJ’s don’t they Sue?” Gill said after a brief pause. Sue nodded and looked at me knowingly.

This was now going to a place that I was getting uncomfortable with, or was I? The wine and Gill’s tale had certainly loosened lips.

“More wine ladies?” I said to try to change the topic.

“Please,” Gill said raising her empty glass.

“And me,” Sue said doing the same.

“So apart from finding your friend giving a guy a BJ, what else did you get up to?” Sue asked.

“Not much. I was celibate before you ask,” she replied with a mischievous smile. “We sunbathed a lot, took in some sights and just did very little. You ever been to a nude or topless beach Sue?”

“God no, I would be too embarrassed,” Sue replied. “I have walked along them, but never got these out!” she continued pointing to her boobs. “They are enormous and horrible and I hate them, not like yours.”

“They aren’t Sue, I would love to have bigger ones like yours. I bet John likes them don’t you John?”

“Yes, very much,” I said sheepishly.

“But John likes yours Gill,” Sue said quietly.

“What?” Gill looked at both of us.

I looked embarrassed and Sue gave me that knowing look.

“These little things when he has your marvellous ones to play with!” Gill laughed trying to lighten the atmosphere.

“No Gill, he likes yours, don’t you John?”

I was speechless with embarrassment.

“Well are you going to tell her John, or am I?”

I just wanted a massive hole to open up and for me to disappear into it.

“Well Gill it’s like this,” Sue started. I could hear her speech was a bit slurred so clearly the wine was talking too!

“When you came here last time I caught him trying to look down your cleavage like a naughty school boy. Caught him red handed! Now I wasn’t jealous but ribbed him mercilessly. And sometimes your name came up when we had pillow talk fantasises.”

“Oh no, come on Sue, Gill doesn’t want to hear this!”

“Oh I do,” she interrupted. “I am flattered. Thank you John.”

Silence descended on the room for a second, but it seemed like ages.

“But I don’t get it John. I know men like to look and so on, but you have Sue’s fantastic pair to enjoy. What are they Sue, 36 B?”

Sue nodded.

“And these are only just 34 on a good day! I just don’t get it!”

I was still consumed with embarrassment. “Well they look pretty good to me, and last time you had just that hint of cleavage that drives men wild.”

“I really am flattered, now top my glass up and tell me about these fantasies!”

“No, I don’t think so,” I said as I poured more wine.

“Oh don’t be a spoil sport. Sue you tell me.”

“No Sue.” I said.

“Yes Sue, please.” Gill pleaded.

Sue looked at me.

I sighed. “Well it can’t get much more embarrassing, go on.”

Sue took a sip. “Well there were a couple of things. Are you sure Gill?” Sue seemed to be hesitating now.


“Well one was I want to see John get a blow job and cum in a girls mouth. I don’t do that, let him cum in my mouth, and we discussed various names and your name came up and…”

“Go on”, interrupted Gill.

“John wants to see me with another woman. As I say it was pillow talk and sorry but the wine has talked I shouldn’t have. Sorry.”

“Wow!” Gill said. “I don’t know what to say. I guess I am flattered, but fucking hell I am surprised!”

“So now we are all embarrassed, lets change the subject.” I said.

“No, I like it, I am not embarrassed.” Gill smiled.

“Have you ever been with another girl Sue?”


“I have once, no twice. It was nice, I enjoyed it. And Sue doesn’t let you alsancak escort cum in her mouth John?”

“No, but it’s no big deal.”

“Liar,” smiled Sue. “All men want that and I just can’t bring myself to let him. Never could with any other man and I am always ribbing him about his past when girls did.”

“Any other fantasies you had me in guys?”

“No,” we answered in unison.

“Look I am sorry, I shouldn’t have said what I said, it should have remained between John and I. Put it down to wine talk and try and forget it,” Sue said after another silence had descended on the room.

“Yes, let’s drink to that,” I added as I got up and got another bottle.

“We’ve put you in a terrible position Gill and embarrassed ourselves. Sorry,” I said opening the bottle.

“No, I am not in the least embarrassed. I am flattered and get a kick out of the thought that I might be part of someone’s fantasy. It’s a bit of a turn on if I am honest.”

“But fantasies should stay that and not be disclosed. They are private,” I said.

“Ok, so you say,” Gill said, “but now they aren’t answer me one thing please.”

“Ok,” we said almost together.

“Going back to where this started and John trying to look at my boobs.”

I nodded.

“It’s no big deal, hundreds of guys saw them last week on the beach, but most would surely like to see a bigger pair like Sue’s than mine?”

“Well John?” Sue asked smiling.

“Oh God!” I sighed. “I suppose it’s something about seeing or having something you aren’t supposed to. I love Sue’s boobs, I love sucking and playing with them, but there was something about your cleavage last time. It’s crazy I guess I have seen loads of boobs,”

“And played with a fair few too,” laughed Sue as she interrupted me.

“But yours got to me,” I finished and shrugged my shoulders.

“Do you want to see them John?” Gill said quietly.

Before I could answer, Sue jumped in, “is the Pope catholic?”

“Sue, if I show John mine, will you show me yours?”

“But mine are horrible,” Sue stammered.

“No they are not,” I admonished.

“Come on, fairs fair Sue,” Gill said, almost pleading her.


With that Gill stood up and lifted her polo shirt over her head, showing her tanned slim body with flat stomach. Her white cotton bra was soon removed and joined her shirt on the floor. I starred at her boobs. Perfectly proportioned topped off with dark nipples that showed a hint of hardness. I was mesmerised. I looked up at her face and saw her looking at me and then Sue.

“Happy?” she purred feeling her boobs in an erotic way, making the nipples harden.

I nodded, “Gill, they really are perfection.”

She smiled, “come on Sue, a deals a deal.”

Sue stood up and quickly took her tee shirt off, looked at me and Gill and quickly removed her bra.

Her 36B boobs were there on show, her large dark areola that had been licked and sucked so many times and never failed to turn me on had a hard nipple at its peak. I could tell Sue was turned on.

“Jesus!” exclaimed Gill. “They are fantastic, awesome.”

The two girls looked at each other. I compared and wondered when my dream would stop.

“Come on John, your turn.”

Gills command interrupted my thoughts.

“No, I am a flabby middle aged man with man boobs and a beer belly, no six pack to turn you on, sorry.”

“John, I don’t care. Top off now!”

“Go on John,” urged Sue.

I did as asked and we stood in the middle of the room, certainly I was self-conscious. Gill didn’t seem to be and knowing Sue she probably was too, but her hardening nipples were giving another sign.

“Can I touch them Sue?” Gill asked quietly.

Sue hesitated and then nodded.

Slowly and gently Gill reached out and took the weight of a boob in her hand and ran her thumb over the nipple. Sue shuddered and shut her eyes. She was clearly enjoying it. Gill then did the same with the other boob.

“Oh god they feel great,” she whispered.

She took a step closer to Sue and before I knew what had happened she bent down and took a nipple in her mouth.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured as she licked and sucked the nipple to even more hardness.

“Is that nice?” she asked Sue breaking off her licking and sucking.

Sue just nodded.

She started licking the other boob.

“Oh yes,” Sue moaned. “That’s so nice.”

I could feel myself getting hard as I looked at Gill sucking on Sue’s tits. I looked at Gills and wondered if I could, or if I should touch them. The atmosphere in the room was electric.

Gill stopped her licking and looked at Sue. “OK?”

Sue nodded. “Yes.”

Gill looked at me and stepped towards me.

“My turn, is that Ok Sue?”

She nodded.

Gill grabbed one of my hands and placed it on her boob. Instinct took over and I gently cupped and stroked her nipple. I heard her gasp. I then did the same to the other boob feeling both nipples harden to my touch.

“Yes, that’s it John,” she said quietly.

Without bornova escort prompting I leant down and took one in my mouth and sucked and licked the nipple. I loved the way I felt it harden in my mouth.

“Sue suck on the other one.”

Gill was taking charge and I felt movement as Sue did as she was commanded and started to lick Gills other boob and nipple.

“That’s so good!” we heard her say.

After a few minutes, almost unprompted we stopped and looked at each other. Both girls faces were flushed, clearly aroused and if anyone had looked they would have seen the state of my erection pushing at the front of my trousers.

“Pleased to see me John?” asked Gill smiling as she looked at me and pointed to below my waist.

I laughed an embarrassed laugh.

“Well you know…”

I sat down which was the queue for the two girls to do the same. There was no hint that we should redress but neither was there any hint that we may go to the next stage.

We all sipped our wine. I continued to look at Gills boobs. Of the hundreds I had seen and the 10’s I had felt they really were perfect ion in my view.

Gill broke the silence. “I really can’t believe you have never been on a topless or nudist beach Sue.”

“Maybe I would have when younger if I had your figure, but I always carried a few extra pounds and hated my boobs, regardless of what people have said about them.”

“How did you feel the first time you went naked on a nudist beach Gill?” I asked.

“First time I was nervous, but I thought what the hell. Everyone has seen boobs, different sizes and so on and all girls have a pussy and most men have seen them, so what the hell. I just stripped off and lay down.”

“I must say, the tan is great Gill,” Sue said. “No white bits that I can see. She looks great doesn’t she John?”

I nodded.

Gill stood up and before we knew it was standing in front of us in a tiny pair of pants, her jeans having joined her shirt and bra on the floor.

“No while bits,” she laughed.

It had happened so quickly and now I could see her in virtually all her beauty. Tanned legs and as I took in the view she turned around and showed her perfectly shaped bum.

“Hell Gill, fantastic!” said Sue.

Gill had the good nature to blush as she muttered her thanks and sat down.

“Come on Sue, your turn. I want to see you.”

“No, we have done enough. You don’t want to see a middle aged women nearly nude in here!”

“I do, come on Sue,” urged Gill.

Sue looked at me for support.

“You know my views of your body, I love and adore it.”

“Oh shit, this is madness,” sighed Sue as she stood up and removed her jeans and sat down, but not before I noticed Gill take a good look at her near nakedness.


The request, or was it a command, from Gill was clear.

In a daze I stood up. I looked at Sue, who smiled and nodded at me, and quickly undid my jeans and stepped out of them. Standing for a moment in my boxer shorts, I was aware that both girls must have seen my erection before I sat down.

All three were now sitting down with our total nudity only covered by our pants.

The silence was broken by Gill. “Do you shave down there Sue?”

“No, do you?”

“Yes. I have done since I was about 15.”

I felt my cock twitch. I had urged Sue to shave her bush but she had point blank refused. I loved seeing bald pussies in porn and whilst I had no idea where this evening was heading, I somehow had a feeling that if nothing else I would see Gill’s pussy. By now I was seriously hoping I would.

“Can I see it Gill?” I heard Sue ask Gill very quietly.


Gill stood up and without batting an eye or showing any embarrassment consigned her panties to her other clothes on the floor. My cock gave another twitch.

She stood, her legs slightly apart, as Sue and I took in the sight of her hairless, bald pussy. I could clearly see her lips, slightly wet, and her clitoris peeking out of its little hood.

Gill sat down and did nothing to hide herself.

“Your turn Sue.”

Sue stood up and looked at me as she took her panties down and stood like Gill had done as both Gill and I looked at her hairy bush. Whilst I always wanted her to shave I still loved licking and sucking her pussy to orgasm, hairy or not.

Sue sat down and I felt both girls looking at me. Unprompted by words I stood up and took my boxers off. I was as hard as I could remember. I am no porn star in size, I am Mr Average, but have never had any complaints however I felt embarrassed as I looked at both girls looking at my hard prick that already had some pre cum wetness on the end.

“Nice one John,” I heard Gill say as I sat down. “Lucky Sue.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled as I sat down.

The silence in the room was now filled with both a tension and a sexual overtone that I had never encountered before. We were all looking at each other. Sue and I had seen each other naked on countless occasions and had an active and varied sex life, but I knew neither she nor I had ever been in this situation. Someone had to break the spell.

Unsurprisingly it was Gill.

“Sit closer together you two,” she said as she stood up.

Silently we did so and she knelt down in front of us so my legs were one side of her, Sue’s the other.

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