Showered With Love


Warm soft lips nibble my left lobe, causing a slight tickle, and you whisper huskily, “Hopping in the shower. Join me?”Only days since we rang in the New Year with a bang. It’s the usual cold morning following the previous night’s light and fluffy snowfall in our mountain hideaway.”May I?” I reply in my best attempt for a sultry voice to show my interest in your invitation while wiping sleep out of my eyes. You wink, slide from under the warm duvet, and give a quick booty shake as you traipse stark naked to the bathroom just a few steps from the king-sized bed in which I’m comfortably tucked.After a minute of contemplation, I follow you, untying the ribbon of my mid-thigh silk red robe and chucking kocaeli escort it into the hamper. Goosebumps coat my nakedness and I shiver in the brumal air. My usually inverted nipples are erect and I smile seeing these perky bits in the full-length mirror.Watching you through the shower cubicle’s glass wall, I proudly think, “That’s my sexy man.” I’m proud of you not only for the magnificent magic you can achieve in bed but as a responsible individual and a role model. My father would be jealous if he knew that I regard you as a better father to your children than he has been to me.You’re not perfect — but you’re perfect for me.I’m turned on by those thoughts: my smooth pussy throbs and moistens kocaeli escort bayan in excitement.Steam from the hot water fills the bathroom. It’s like a sauna as I listen to you singing along to “Waiting for a Girl Like You” by Foreigner. You’re several decibels above a whisper but don’t notice me stealthily slide open the glass door of the shower. You’re busy rinsing the shampoo from your short salt ‘n’ pepper hair while stomping your right foot on the wet floor to the rhythm of the song. The flat rough stones were installed for pumice foot scrubs but, right now, I concentrate on your physique: the firm posterior and your muscles moving in perfect choreography. Your biceps flex as izmit escort you wash off the foamy shampoo.My big dark brown eyes darken with desire as I gaze at your shower-wet fleshy trapezius connected to your sexy neck I so love to mark. Your recent admission of liking me to leave love bites is such a turn-on and it’s a shared pleasure. I wear your marks on me like trendy bling. We’re no longer teenagers to do such a crazy thing — but who cares?My tummy growls as I wet my lips with my tongue, feeling my swollen lower lip from last night’s intense kisses. I recall how lovely it was when you gave in for a piggyback ride from the bedroom to the kitchen downstairs on Christmas Day morning for an intense devourment. My pussy gets wetter with that torrid memory. We missed breakfast in bed that day and, instead, had breakfast with a head. With warm cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate with cream, you come in randy retrospect.

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