New Horizons Ch. 05


In the days that followed Tammi’s orientation session, I’d had a lot of time to mull over my actions and the changes that had taken place in me. In less than six weeks, I had taken part in four intensive sexual encounters. I began to wonder if I were becoming obsessed with sex, or just trying to find my way or what? I was less than two weeks away from the scheduled chapter meeting and had to decide if I was up to it or not, considering the unfinished business with Justine and the thinly veiled threats from Cricket and Trish. The other thing that continued to bother me was the existence of the bondage equipment in the meeting room. Though I had been promised that nothing would be done against my wishes, I now knew that my resistance to anything sexual had failed to materialize so far.

One thing I had learned was that in spite of the intensity of the events, and the extreme high that they gave me, something was still lacking. Certainly not lust or desire. There was enough of that for an army. My libido had gone out of sight on the seismic scale, so that wasn’t it. No, I decided, the missing ingredient was the emotional bond two women share after just a few nights together.

It didn’t have to be love, or anything close to it, it could just be admiration or that special feeling you get from someone you’ve shared your bed with on several occasions. Someone that knew what lit you up or turned you off. Someone that knew where your special trigger sites were intimately, and knew when to be soft and slow, and when to drive into you with jackhammer speed, or just how much pressure to apply to your nipples and your clit with fingers or teeth, without causing enough pain as to kill the mood and ruin the evening. That was the elusive ingredient that I would continue to seek.

When I got the reminder of the chapter meeting, I put it aside, still undecided, and I suppose, somewhat frightened, though I didn’t want to admit that even to myself.

With only a week before the meeting, I still mulled the decision over and over again. I’d almost decided against it, when I received a deciding phone call from Justine. I don’t know where she called me from, but I could hear Cricket’s bright voice in the background, speaking to someone else on another phone, giggling cheerfully.

“Samantha, we haven’t received your confirmation. Is something wrong?”

I hesitated, fearing that I might say the wrong thing. “I’m just having a hard time deciding on what to do,” I honestly replied. “I mean things are coming so close together and I don’t want to burn out if you know what I mean.”

“Did I say anything to make you worry?” she asked. I chuckled and admitted that giving her a chance to get even was somewhat intimidating.

She laughed. “I promise to take it easy on you, at least at first,” she replied. “Come on honey, it just won’t be the same without you.”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course…anything.” she replied.

“I’m going to sound like a woos, I’m sure, but I’m not comfortable enough yet with the whole situation to handle the kind of bondage your room indicated. Why wasn’t that shown in the guide? It doesn’t show bondage at all in your mission statement.”

“Aha,” she replied. “Now I know what’s really bothering you. The previous owner used to use it a lot before Cricket bought the house.. She was going to take it out entirely but we asked her to leave it, just in case one or two of us wanted something different, but we don’t get into the heavy stuff and we absolutely do not do discipline. Spanking is about as aggressive as any of us get. You don’t have to allow anything at all though. The rule is that if a member objects to anything, it must stop immediately and that rule comes right from the top. Now are you coming, or not?”

“Oh damn, I suppose. I probably would have anyway. I might have to skip the next orientation but we’ll see. I’ll see you there.”

The next afternoon, I left for lunch a bit early to pick up a replacement blouse for her. She wasn’t kidding about the value of the item. Even after cajoling the manager of the store into an extra discount when I told her why I had to buy it, I felt like I’d just bought a piece of furniture. The total was over two-hundred fifty dollars and they didn’t have it in the same color. When I described her to the manager, she smiled and said she remembered ordering the blouse for Justine, recommending instead, a shimmering shade of green that she said Justine almost bought instead of the red.

Reminding myself of the Justine revenge factor, I made one more decision. Whatever I decided to wear had to be seductive, but not too revealing, and it had to be something she could tear to pieces getting if off of me.

When I got there, Cricket was waiting for me at the door. After the customary embrace and kiss, she pulled me over to sit in one of the wing back chairs in the foyer, motioning for me to be seated in the other.

“Samantha, Justine spoke to izmit escort me of your concerns about the bondage apparatus. Believe me when I tell you that nothing is done here to cause intense pain or a feeling of confinement unless you are the one that requests it and even then, I reserve the right to bring it to a halt. I was going to have it stripped out completely but the other women argued against it. I don’t want to lose you as a member, Samantha but you’ll understand, I’m sure, that all of you have a voice in what we do so I left most of it there. I hope you won’t leave us over its presence, but I’ll recommend another chapter to you if you do.”

I sat there for a few minutes, thinking of my reply. “Cricket, I…I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to leave the group. Everyone has been so wonderful and sweet. I got to thinking the other night that some women would have been offended by what I did to Justine. It frightened me when I lost control like that. We all have different wants and needs and what may be pleasant to some would be terrifying to others. All I can tell you at this point is that being restrained is one thing. Being confined and controlled is something altogether different. I know that I could never stand to be controlled or dominated.

I will never allow anyone, man or woman to whip me or beat me in the name of sex or any other reason. I believe I could tolerate a reasonable amount of pain but at this time, I don’t know what reasonable is and I won’t be pushed to see what my limits are without an absolute guarantee that whoever is causing the pain has the ability to stop if requested. I lost control and if another person lost control while deliberately inflicting pain on me, I’d leave not only the chapter but the whole group.”

“I understand, Samantha,” she replied, “but what you did to Justine wasn’t cruel, or vicious. Quite frankly, it was incredibly erotic to the others and other than her ego, she wasn’t actually hurt. She talked about those orgasms for days afterwards. If we thought you were a threat to us, you’d be asked to transfer and that goes for everyone here. You always have the right to end whatever is being done to you, just as do we all. It’s a hard and fast rule here and with the management team. Even the groups that reflect an interest in BDSM are bound by that rule and they are strictly monitored at every meeting and every session. Think about it, Samantha. If just one woman were to file a complaint, the whole world would learn about our mission and the group would be forced to disband. It’s not going to happen.”

I stood and offered my hand to her, lifting her to her feet, then embracing her warmly. For several seconds, we just enjoyed the warmth of each other’s bodies but then we turned to head for the main room.

“Oh, wait a minute,” I said. “I need you to do something for me.” I handed her the package containing Justine’s blouse and some clothes I could wear home, just in case.. “Would you put this somewhere until after the meeting? I’ll need it right after but I don’t want anyone to see it yet.

For a second, she seemed puzzled, but then her face and eyes lit up and she nodded, taking the package, putting it into a small cabinet for me. With a smile, she took my hand again and led me into the main room.

The others were already there, and I could see the concern on their faces, but they relaxed when they saw our smiles.

“I’ll try to keep myself under control this time, ” I promised.

“Do you really think I’d let that happen again?” Justine asked, smiling down on my face. “Not likely. I don’t believe in revenge honey, but I do believe in challenges.” “Speaking of challenges,” I replied, “I believe you made one to me at the last meeting.”

“Oh, and you think you’re woman enough to handle me again?”

The other women had surrounded us, smiling at our jabs at one another. “Is this your support team?” I asked.

“No, honey, and I don’t need one. They’re going to go play threesome in the main room while you and I talk things over in the exercise room.” Taking my hand, she led me to the next room where mats had already been laid out.

“Is this where I get introduced to the apparatus of choice?” I asked, trying desperately to conceal my concerns with humor, since I noticed that some of the equipment had been moved away from the wall”

‘I don’t think we need any of that unless it’s what you’d rather do.”

“No, I think not. Maybe another day, another occasion.” .

“We’ll discuss that at another time then.'” she said, as she stopped to put her hands into mine.

“Unlike my worthy adversary, I don’t need the element of surprise to accomplish my goals,” she began, her eyes warning me to beware. “If I remember rightly, you got my mind in a spin by ripping my blouse off. I’ll save you the trouble, this time.” She began removing the sweater, pulling it over her head, to let her breasts fall free, my heartbeat beginning to climb. I remembered how yahya kaptan escort she responded to my attack on her nipples the last time.

“Do you remember these? My nipples are still tingling. No matter though. To save you the element of surprise, I wore a special skirt tonight.” With a quick pull the skirt flew into two pieces to be tossed to one side, leaving her in a tiny figment a string bikini that could have been made from half of a small doily. White, and delicately laced, there would be no way I would tear those from her body no matter what she did to me.

“So now that leaves just these darling little panties which you are going to remove with your teeth…If you dare.”

I smiled and ripped away my breakaway blouse, rubbing my breasts slowly to tease her. “I think you will remember how tasty these were. It’s a shame you won’t have the chance to taste them again.”

I reached to rip my skirt off, but she was so quick I never saw it coming. Before I could say uncle, my shoulders were on the mat and she was ripping my skirt and panties off my body. I tried to twist free but her arms were too long and too strong and without any leverage from my hips or legs, I was almost completely helpless.

“You didn’t really think I was going to give you the satisfaction of the first move did you?” she asked, continuing to hold my body suspended in midair with no means of defense. When I tried to make a quick move to the side, she just laughed and lifted me higher. “I can hold you like this till you pass out,” she advised, “but that wouldn’t be much fun, would it?”

She began lowering me down to the mat but with a sudden twist, she turned to pull my legs into hers, clamping those long, beautiful legs around mine like a vise. Leaving me to gaze up at that fantastic view of white lace covered pussy and the soft inviting cheeks of her ass.

“I just wanted to find something out,” she said, and I knew immediately I was in serious trouble. I am incredibly ticklish on the bottoms of my feet and she could completely control me that way.

She just lightly stroked a nail over the pad and I tensed, fearing the worst, but then she did the same over my heel. I’m ticklish there but nothing at all like the arch of my foot is. When I tensed, I gave her the ammunition she needed. “I thought so,” she remarked. “I’ll save that for desperate times.”

Turning quickly, she retained her hold on my legs, forcing them up over my head. Smiling down at me, she suddenly dropped them, making a diving attempt at my breasts. I threw my hands over them, realizing too late that it was exactly what she wanted me to do as she caught my arms, forcing them to my side, dropping down to pin them there with her knees. Now I had the use of my legs and hips, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t throw her off. All she did was shift her weight and force me back.

“Now, the fun begins,” she warned, wrapping her hands around my breasts. She molded the, kneaded them and mauled them until I feared that the battle would be lost before it even began. I tried not to moan but to no avail. My body wasn’t listening. Then she smiled as she took my nipples in between her fingers and rolled them back and forth, twisting them and pulling on them to the point of pain before releasing them quickly, only to do it again and again. Damn her, I had to control this orgasm. There was no way I was going to let her get that far ahead of me so easily…maybe.

She pinched them again, but this time, she didn’t release them. She continued the pressure until I felt them begin to go numb and it was at that point that she released them. There was a second of relief and then a sharp burning pain that forced a cry from my throat as I tried to throw her off but then she bent to gently suck and lick on them to ease the pain before doing it again. Oh my god, it was like a bolt of flames that went from my nipple into my back. Leaning into me again, she once again licked and sucked, then rubbed the pain away. She sat quietly as they throbbed with a combination of pain and arousal.

“I know what you’re going to say, but I’ll ask anyway, are you ready to concede that I’m the better lover?”

“Are you insane?” I asked. “Just because you were quicker than I and tried to destroy my tits doesn’t make you a better lover. Maybe quicker and taller, but better? I think not.”

“Perhaps not,”she agreed, “but I’m not done with you yet.” Flipping me onto my stomach, she pulled my wrists together , while sliding me back to sit on my legs. “I think I need to prove it a bit more.” I have no idea where she got them, but suddenly my hands were cuffed together behind my back. “There now. It’s not that I don’t trust you but you have a job to do and I don’t want you to use your hands or your fingers to do it.”

She moved forward to put my nose against her panty clad slit. The essence of her arousal wasn’t going to help my situation a bit. If I got any more gebze escort aroused, I’d come just from what was going through my mind and the memories of what lay behind the lace.

“We can’t play until I’m naked and I refuse to take my panties off. If you want to get some of the action, you have to take them off with your teeth without leaving any marks on my body and without attacking my pussy. That would be cheating.”

I was starting to like this game. Taking the fabric in my teeth, I pulled the panties from her wet pussy and out of her crotch. The proximity of my mouth to her sex, and the feeling of my face against her body as I slid them down got a moan from her that I know she had no control over. When they were down as far as I could get them she turned and bent over so I could pull them from her crease and down over her hips. Remembering her warning that I was not to leave any marks or attack her pussy, I slid my tongue up her crease, forcing it into her, then sliding down to just shy of her wet slit.

“Hey, that’s not fair.” she yelled, but she didn’t straighten up

“You didn’t say anything about your ass baby, just your pussy.” I replied, continuing to lick and probe into her anus. She was moaning and moving her hips into my face but suddenly, she straightened.

“You still don’t have them off,” she reminded me, as she turned again so I could finish sliding them down over her ankles. I held them in my teeth as she pulled her feet out and stepped free of them. Then I dropped them for just a second before bending down to pick them up by the crotch, chewing them and sucking them into my mouth. She grinned and snatched them away from me. A small victory of sorts, but a victory nonetheless.

When she leaned down to reach for my nipples again, I caught her off-balance and threw my leg between hers as I lunged forward, knocking her to the floor. She hit the mat hard but before she could scramble away, I threw my body onto hers and leaped forward to capture her nipple in my teeth.

“Ouch. Damn, Samantha,”she cried, but I wouldn’t let go. “Oh you want to play nipple games! I think you forgot that I already won that round.”

‘Uh uh,.” I replied, pulling on her nipple.

She got her hand under my head and managed to get a grip on my nipple, pinching it painfully. I moaned, but didn’t release my grip, and in fact, tightened it a bit until I knew it was beginning to be too painful but when I released it, the blood returned and she experienced the sharp pain she’d treated me to earlier. She let go of my nipple and I leaned into her to keep her from getting it again as the pain returned even worse than before.

She tried to throw me off but I got my heels under her hips and locked me legs into her so she couldn’t leverage her hips enough to throw me. She finally got my shoulders in her hands and literally threw me off her body. I didn’t have time to protect myself as she pinned me down with my hands under me. “Damn, Justine, these cuffs are cutting me.”

She rolled me over and few seconds later, I felt them release. She held my hands, but she massaged her thumbs into my wrist to take away the pain of their release. Stepping away from me, she let me get up and move my legs and arms to restore circulation to them.

She kept her eyes on me as she moved backwards to a steel frame of some kind, lifting a long dildo or vibrator, smiling as she waved it at me.

“Ok, if that’s the way you want it,” I said, “but that gives you an unfair advantage, don’t you think? Or am I supposed to take that away from you and shove it up your ass?”

She laughed and threw me an identical item. “As tempting as that might be, I don’t think you’d have a chance. This way, we’re almost on equal footing except that I’ve got several advantages on you.”

I started to take a defensive position and she just laughed at me and I couldn’t stop laughing either. She took me into her arms and held me tight, kissing me over and over until our kisses became passionate.

With our now very sensitive breasts rubbing into each other, our sounds of desire and the need that had been building in us, filled the room. It wasn’t long before her leg was between mine and we were humping into each others sex. Without letting go of each other, we dropped to the mat and moved into a sixty-nine, attacking each other’s pussies with tongues and fingers. We were so aroused that nothing could have stopped us no matter what happened.

The dildos that we had threatened each other with lay neglected on the floor, unnecessary for the moment. She had my clit in her teeth, gently tugging this way and that as her fingers drove into me. At first, there had been two but I could feel the third one being pushed in and it just made me gasp and want more. Being taller than I, she had an advantage over me so it was no surprise when I found myself being flipped from being on the bottom, to being on top of her. With her long arms wrapped around my hips, she pulled me into her face to begin licking and probing her long tongue into my anus. It was all I could do to stay with her since I was stopping to cry out with each thrust of her tongue into me while she forced my cheeks wide to give her better access.

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