Cursed: Return of the Idol Ch. 04


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and people need to understand that it is for entertainment purposes only. Note that all characters in the story are over the age of eighteen (18) years old. The term ‘teen’ or ‘teenager’ can easily refer to a person who is eighteen or nineteen!

I am happy to say that the original story ‘Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos’ has been picked up by director Margo Sullivan and put to film. Hopefully the popularity of these tales will continue both in film and in story format with support and encouragement from you fans!

‘The Idol of Lesbos Returns’ is a loose sequel and you can easily get through it without reading the original. In review, the Idol of Lesbos is a cursed item that makes every woman it comes in contact with into a lesbian. It becomes separated from its previous owners and discarded on a stranger’s front lawn, which is where our story begins…


Chapter 4


Cindy and Ashley were walking with a Billy and Tilly Buchanan once again on their way home from school. All four had their school uniforms on with a Friday finally arriving with no practice. Ashley noticed her best friend was acting strange all day and found her to be staring off down the hallways between classes. She asked if she was okay and Cindy just laughed it off saying she was suffering from oversleeping on Thursday. Now she was doing it again though, and if she didn’t know better it looked like she was staring at Tilly’s legs.

“I swear,” Tilly was complaining, “If the ‘Bitch’ sisters screw with me one more time I am going to take my hockey stick and mess up their pretty faces!”

Ashley decided to find out the latest drama in the Buchanan world. “Who are the Bitch sisters?”

Billy laughed, “Leslie and Lisa Hitch. Only the hottest twins on the planet. They transferred in this year. Their hotness is only matched by their complete disregard for human life. If my sister fucks with them we’ll be scraping Tilly off the locker room floor with a butter knife.”

“Nice,” Tilly snarled. “How do you think your girlfriend Kelly is going to feel when she knows you think that the Hitch sisters are hotter than her?”

Billy pulled at his collar and cleared his throat. “Yeah, Ashley, as I was saying, the ‘Bitch’ sisters are the most hideous girls in the world and my loving sister could totally mop the floor with them. Besides, everyone knows the hottest twins on the planet are standing right here…”

Billy pointed at him and Tilly and Ashley rolled her eyes, “Oh please! Cindy, do you believe these two? Cindy?”

Cindy was still staring down in the direction of Tilly’s ass and didn’t look up until the object of her affection turned around. The mousy blonde haired girl gave Ashley a condescending look, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Ashley paused and then shrugged, “Nothing. Just thinking about homework. Uhh, Ashley, can you come over for a little bit and help me out with trig? I don’t want to screw up the test on Tuesday and I was a little lost today.”

“Uhh, sure. Let’s say goodbye to the HOTTEST twins in the universe or whatever and get this done.

Tilly and Billy said their goodbyes and went inside their house as Ashley accompanied Cindy to hers. Cindy’s mom wasn’t home it seemed as the two of them grabbed some drinks from the kitchen and headed to the bedroom. Ashley brushed her red hair aside and started in on the homework, but it wasn’t long before she noticed Ashley staring at her.

“Okay,” Ashley shut the trigonometry book. “What is going on? You’ve been a space case all day today.”

Cindy sighed and closed her book so that she could sit up. “Fine. I’ll tell you, but first you need to answer a question. Do you believe in magic?”

“Uhh, what? Magic? Like real magic or magic tricks?”

“Real magic.”

Ashley cocked her head curiously, “So when you say magic you mean like fairies and witches casting spells and the Hobbit type of stuff?”

“Yeah, anything like that. In general, do you think magic exists?”

“Uhmmm, probably not. I mean, I think about things being magical like the perfect wedding or the most excellent magical day, but not magic like making people invisible or changing into cats or whatever.”

Cindy paused before continuing, “So what say if you found something and that something could make people do stuff against their will. What would call that?”

“Is this a hypothetical question, Cindy? ‘Cuz it’s pretty weird.”

“Just humor me.”

“Fine. Uhhh, I guess if there was some object like a voodoo doll then I would call that magic. Unless of course it was aliens, in which case I would call that technology.”

“You’re being sarcastic,” Cindy shot at her.

“And you are asking weird questions. Where is all this coming from?”

“Hold on a second.”

Cindy left the room and went down the hall, leaving Ashley sitting on the bed waiting. The brunette returned in less than a minute with a wooden statue of a woman and set it on the bed Beylikdüzü escort cover between them. “This is a magical statue,” she bluntly put it.

“A what?” Ashley questioned. “Are you taking something that you’re not sharing with me cuz if you are I’m gonna be pissed.”

Cindy shook her head, “I promise I’m not high. Not this time. Anyway, this is a magic statue. As soon as you touch it makes you do things. It asked me to make you touch it but I wanted to tell you first it will totally change you…”

“You mean if I touch it I will change? Change into what?”

“She won’t let me tell you,” Cindy frowned. “I want to tell you but I can’t.”

“Will I turn into an owl?” Ashley joked.

“No, you’ll still be human, stupid. Just- just different. I want you to touch it but I didn’t want to force you to do it either.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you? You think this wooden statue is magical and it changes people when they touch it.” Ashley was worried about her friend, but figured this was probably some lame prank her bff was playing. “Fine, so if I touch this and nothing happens then will you drop the whole thing?”

“Yeah, sure. But if it works…?”

“If it works you have to tell me how I changed cuz I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. Okay, here we go I’m gonna touch it-“

Cindy pulled it away suddenly, “Wait! Before you touch the idol, can you do me a favor? Can you just get close to it? You know, just bring your hands really close but don’t touch it? I want to see if that does anything.”

“Come on Cindy, this is getting old now. Just gimme it!” Ashley reached out and snatched the idol from her friend’s hands. Cindy stared at her and waited, watching her with great expectation.

Ashley looked at the idol and then to her friend, “So can we get the trig homework done now? I need to get home and…. And…. And… Lick… Pussy…”

The redheaded girl started quivering all over and her eyes rolled up into her head until all Cindy could see were the whites. Her bff took the idol and started rubbing it on her crotch under her school uniform skirt. Ashley bit her bottom lip seductively and gyrated on the bed in a way that was so foreign to the sweet innocent Ashley that everyone knew. Cindy’s expression grew from a thin grin to a wide smile as she realized her bff could be blff (best lesbian friends forever). It was so perfect!

Cindy’s mom would be so proud of her for getting Ashley. The day before her mother confessed that the whole thing started with staring at Ashley and how badly she wanted to lick her. Cindy wasn’t jealous; she wanted to share her girlfriend with her mom and was looking forward to it, but first she wanted to show Ashley everything that she had learned over the previous two days.

“You believe in magic now, Ash?”

Ashley opened her eyes, “Oh yeah… This is…. Incredible! It’s like I’m on fire! It’s showing me things… Telling me things… She wants me to kiss you…”

“Then kiss me, lover,” Cindy replied, embracing her girlfriend and pressing her lips against Ashley’s. They took time with each other, unbuttoning their tops and exposing their perky breasts before going back to swirling their tongues in each other’s mouths.

‘Be gentle with her.’

‘Caress her.’

‘Touch her tenderly.’

The idol made sure that Cindy was careful with the newest convert and its power grew even further as the two teens collapsed on the bed and made out with each other, giggling and fondling and touching and tickling. Their soft hands reached each other’s private parts and massaged their love buttons gently. Neither noticed that Jill had come in and spied on them from the doorway, nor did the girls notice when Jill slipped away and called Ashley’s mother.

“I’m home, Karen. And I want you to come over and see something,” Jill commanded.

“My husband is going to be home soon! I can’t… I mean, I’ll be right over.” Karen hung up and found herself drawn to the Watson house. She could feel the idol calling her and desperately wanted to touch it again, to be touched again.

‘Satisfy your lust.’

‘Obey Jill’s instructions.’

‘Obey and be rewarded.’

Jill Watson met Karen at the door and put her finger to her lips, “Shhhh…. Come with me, quietly. Don’t ask questions, just come.”

Karen kicked off her high heels and both mothers tiptoed up the steps and –instead of turning right to Jill’s bedroom- they turned left and toward the other bedrooms. Karen heard the moaning when they approached the bedroom door and her jaw hit the floor when Jill pushed the door ajar.

There on the bed was Cindy and Ashley, panties off, school uniforms halfway removed, rubbing each other’s pussies as they kissed. Her maternal instincts started to kick in to protect her virginal daughter, but then the idol froze Karen in her tracks.

‘Be silent.’

‘Be still.’


‘Watch them.’

Jill held Karen in place until she felt the resistance lessen. The Beylikdüzü escort Idol of Lesbos was working its terrible magic again and Jill Watson relished it to her core. Karen was certainly converted, but now she was forced to watch her own daughter that she spent years bragging about her virginity having sex with a girl.

Jill slipped behind Karen and reached under her dress to play with her pussy. It was wet no doubt from looking at her husband’s pornographic magazines all day, and now she was getting a live show.

“Watch them,” Jill whispered. “Look how beautiful our girls are playing with each other.”

Karen shook her head, shocked by what she was watching. She needed lesbian sex more than anything, but the last thing she wanted was for her own daughter to get caught up in the same trap. This wasn’t the life her daughter should have! She should be getting married to a nice young man and wearing white at her wedding, but the idol was right there next to them. Somehow Ashley had been seduced and now… This. A single tear dripped down her cheek.

“Aww, what’s wrong, Karen?” Jill whispered nastily. “Are you disappointed in your daughter being a HOMOSEXUAL? That’s right. Look at her, having my daughter playing with your daughter’s pussy, making her moan, kissing each other. She loves it. And she converted easy too. She didn’t even fight it, Karen. That’s right. Maybe she was gay all along? Maybe all it took was a tiny little push…”

Jill shoved her fingers up Karen’s soaking wet cunt and made her gasp. Ashley was crawling between Cindy’s thighs and snuggling down to get comfortable. “A tiny little push to send her over the edge. Ooh, look, she’s about to lick Cindy’s pussy. That’s it, your daughter’s first time licking another girl and you’re here to watch it. You remember the first time you licked my pussy, don’t you? Now you can’t get the memory of that taste out of your mind. It will be the same for her. She’ll never get married in that big ol’ church and all that waiting for just the right man means she is never going to know a man. Not that it’s any great loss now, is it?”

Karen was gasping silently, unable to speak or even utter a sound, but Jill’s manipulations were sending her closer to a climax as she stood there helplessly being finger fucked while watching her own daughter climb into a sixty-nine position.

Jill continued to taunt Karen ruthlessly, “That’s it, Karen. Cum! Cum watching your own daughter become a lesbian right before your eyes. Licking. Getting licked. She’s lost in a world of lust. She’s become a lesbian slut, just like her mother…”

With that Karen orgasmed simultaneously with her daughter Ashley. Karen stifled her orgasm in shame as Ashley squealed in absolute pleasure as her best friend’s tongue brought her the most pleasurable experience of her life.

Jill finally let go of Karen’s shaking body and whispered one last comment, “Look on the bright side, Karen. At least she’s technically still a virgin.”

Karen started sobbing and ran down the steps as quietly as she could. When she grabbed her heels and slipped out the front door, Jill turned her attention to back to the room. She was about to enter when the idol stopped her as well.

‘You must not go in.’

‘Ashley will be saved.’

‘Saved for something special.’

‘Let them be.’

Jill balled up her fists and walked away in frustration, desperate to have the young neighbor girl too.


Brad and Brian Watson were joining Karen’s husband on a hunting trip the trio had been planning for months. Three days at some of the best hunting grounds in the State. It was four AM and Jill waved from the window, telling them to be careful. As the car drove off Jill reveled in the fact that there wasn’t a man anywhere in either house. The idol knew it as well and called for her forcefully.

‘Pick me up.’

Jill went to her daughter’s room and pulled the wooden goddess from her daughter’s hugging arms. She was tempted to climb into bed for another tryst with Cindy when the idol called to her again.

‘Go to her.’

‘Go to her now.’

Jill’s head felt like it would split open and she hurried out of the room and up to her bedroom. The idol had shown her what needed to be done; she picked up the bag of goodies Anita purchased and rushed down to the kitchen. Reaching into the top cabinet, she found the spare key to the Townsend house and slipped out into the dark hours of the morning. It was a quick trip to the next door over and nobody watched the robed woman slip into her neighbor’s house and close the door.

Jill had never been inside Karen’s place when it was this dark, but she knew the idol would guide her properly. She tiptoed into Karen Townsend’s master bedroom and found her friend in a fitful sleep, her hands under the blankets rubbing her groin area, her dreams filled with female flesh. Jill wondered if Mr. Townsend had noticed that his wife was losing her mind yet.

Without waking her, Jill placed Escort Beylikdüzü the bag at the foot of the bed and then pushed the idol into the crook of her arm. She then crawled into bed with Karen and watched her sleeping friend. She masturbated and fondled the sleeping form, both titillated and jealous for what was to come.

Karen’s face became even more tortured than before and she began to speak in her sleep, “No! Not that! I can’t! No!”

Insatiable in its appetite, empowered by the women it had converted, the Idol of Lesbos drilled into Karen’s mind, filling her with the blackest thoughts and most perverted feelings. Right and wrong were concepts ripped from her conscious mind. It broke her down bit by bit until there was nothing but a crazed lesbian fiend when the morning light poured through the window.

** ** **

There was a buzz from her cell phone that let the High School senior know somebody had messaged her. Ashley woke up with only one thing on her mind: girls. Her dreams were filled with soft images of Cindy touching her, wonderfully athletic legs and b-cup breasts that fit neatly in her mouth, tender caresses and long afternoons of affectionate pleasures. Machinations over her cheerleader teammates filled her mind as well and Ashley wondered if she and Cindy could bring them all into the fold… How wonderful practice would be!

She looked at her phone and found a text message from Cindy that read COME OVER THIS MORNING. WEAR SOMETHING SPECIAL.

Ashley took a quick shower and then inspected herself in the mirror. She wanted to look sexy, but didn’t own those risqué types of clothes. She put on her make-up and rummaged through her closet, not sure of what would make Cindy happy. Glancing in the back of the closet, Ashley got a strange idea and decided to go with it. In actuality she didn’t know if it was her idea or the idol’s idea, but either way she was convinced it would be fun.

The uniform hadn’t been worn in years, but Ashley managed to squeeze into her old Girls Scout outfit. The white blouse she tied up so it showed off her belly and the skirt rode way up to show off her tight ass. Ashley topped it off by pulling her hair into pigtails and donning the beret and patch-covered vest. She was certainly looking like a naughty girl as she quietly tried to slip from her bedroom before her mom woke up.

Much to Ashley’s surprise, Karen was already up and had been for hours. Tortured through her dreams all night, the redheaded mother woke to the idol in her hands, her lesbian lover in her bed, and an incredible desire to explore a whole new side of her life. All her years Karen Townsend had been a push-over. The idol showed her the error of her ways. She had to take what she wanted, and there was one thing that the idol insisted she take.

“Mom!” Ashley screamed, not expecting her mother to be standing by her door, and certainly not expecting her to be in a leather corset or leather thigh-high boots. And the last thing the teenage girl expected was to see a strap-on dildo, thick and black and intimidating, hanging between her mom’s legs.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” Karen boomed.

“I was- nowhere! I was just messing around!” Ashley lied.

“And I suppose you decided to get all dressed up like a little whore for no reason this morning?”

“No, mom! I swear! I wasn’t going to do anything wrong!”

“Liar!” Karen pushed her daughter back until she was falling onto her bed, but she didn’t stop. She grabbed a hold of one of the pigtails and yanked it hard, forcing the teen onto the bed. Her mother grabbed her and put her over her lap, the dildo poking up into Ashley’s bare stomach. “I think you are going out to fuck some boy, aren’t you?”

“No, mommy! I swear!” Ashley cried.

Karen spanked her daughter’s ass, “Tell me the truth, how many boys have you slept with?”

“None, mommy! I swear I’m telling the truth!”

“So you’re still a virgin, Ashley?”

“Yes, I promise!”

Karen had seen this play out in her dreams all night and now it was happening. I fragment of her old self was screaming in the back of her head, telling her to stop, but it was drowned out by the She ran her hands along her daughter’s body and up over her breasts. Ashley looked surprised but seemed unable to move away.

“Mom!? What are you doing?”

“Since you like dressing like a slut I think it’s appropriate to treat you like a slut.” Karen whacked her daughter’s ass cheek again. And again. And again. It doesn’t long, however, before Karen’s fingers slip in between her daughter’s thighs and begin exploring her mound.

“Are you sure you’re a virgin, Ashley?” she asked, probing the outside folds of her vagina and sending depraved chills through her young body. She wanted to run away but the idol’s influence held her fast.

‘Submit to your mommy.’

‘Obey your mommy.’

‘Give in to her every wish.’

Ashley hadn’t called her mother ‘mommy’ in years, but the word seemed to pour off her lips now, somehow signifying that she was weak in her mother’s sight; and she knew she was.

“Yes, mommy!”

“But you’re dressed like a slut. So are you lying?”

“No, mommy!”

“So who are you a slut for?”

“Girls, mommy. I’m a slut for girls.”

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