Otherworldly Ch. 01


If possible, feedback would be much appreciated as it has been a long journey convincing myself to write this.


The story of a young extraterrestrial woman in search of pleasing her sexual desires.

Chapter 1: Zuri

I tend to find myself studying Earthly culture during most of my free time. With my species having the ability to live thousands of years, I tend to have a lot of that. Over the course of the past sixty-three years, I have delved into the many cultures that are found on planet Earth, but most of all, I have fell in love with the lifestyles of those who live in the United States. The way the people live their lives, doing whatever, whenever, intrigues me. What interests me the most, however, is the sex practices of those people.

Here on my planet, we don’t have sex, for we have no reproductive organs. We are created in tubes, and we are set to live our lives free of sexual distractions in doing so. Only the ancient ones could sexually reproduce, but even then, they learned that it decreases productivity when you can lay around and fuck all day. Me, I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to fuck, and to be fucked. Many times, I have tried to simulate sex for myself, but nothing can be done, not even with our advance technology. Throughout my lifetime and my studies of Earth, I have accumulated quite a collection of pornography that is from Earth. The beauty of the women there- it drives me wild. I wish every day that I had a vagina, just so I could know what it was like to get pleasure, just like the women on Earth get.

My name is Zemorsixa, and I am what you would consider a female on my planet, and I Beylikdüzü escort will become a human female. I have studied countless times the body of a human female that we had taken in during the early 1990’s. We have kept her body young through stasis, by our records, she is a virgin, just barely having reached her eighteenth birthday. Her body is tight, her hair a platinum blonde color, reaching all the way down to just above her perfect-sized breasts. Moving down her body, there is not a hair in sight. Once reaching to her waist, her hips branch as wide as a pumpkin, and she has a small patch of blonde hair above her vagina. Her legs are beautiful, muscular, and long. Her feet, tiny and cute. She is the one I want to be.

Often enough, the scientists on board will let us commoners evaluate the bodies and study all of their properties, and after months of pleading and deal making, they have decided to let me do a private study. She is the one I am choosing to study, and I’m going to take advantage of her body as much as possible.

As I’m recording this, I am walking down the hallway to the stasis chambers. My heart is beating out of my chest, I cannot contain my excitement for what is about to happen. If I could sweat, I’m sure that it would be rolling down every inch of my body right now. I approach the door to the stasis chamber, meeting one of the scientists, I nod and wave, and he is giving me the go ahead. Here I am, with the door shutting behind me. I’m all alone now, with her.

I walk to her chamber, gently placing my hand on the glass, looking at her nude body suspended which has been suspended in time. I admire her perfection, Beylikdüzü escort every ounce of her is beautiful. I unlock her stasis chamber, and gently touch her body. I have the machine next to me pick her body up and lay her on the table, and now she’s coming to.

She lets out a hideous scream, one so loud that it felt as if it almost burst my ear drum. “AHHHHHHHHH”, she cried. “Where am I, what’s going on, what are you?” she asked in fear.

“Calm down, I won’t hurt you”, I said gently as I punched in the relaxation code on the table. She struggled in her state, I almost felt bad for her. She was alone, scared, but I was about to make her feel so much better. When I finished typing in the code, she was injected with a calming solution that made her feel as if she was at home.

I examined her body, from her breathtaking blue eyes, her long eyelashes fluttering, examining me, almost as if she was not terrified of me anymore (which I know she wasn’t because I made sure to blast her full of that stuff) and that I was her friend. I gently brushed my fingers along the sides of her body, and I could see that she was slightly aroused. This is where the excitement begins.

I had the arms of the table extend out to hold her legs back, almost like a gynecologist would on Earth. I examined her vagina, and I could almost already taste it. Her lips were a perfect rose pedal shape, and her clit was small, but not small enough to where it was not hard to access. She looked at me as I approached her with a nervous look in her eye. “Shhhh, it’s going to be alright”, I assured her. I raised the table so that her vagina could be mouth level to me, Escort Beylikdüzü I wouldn’t want to have to get down on my knees to eat her pussy, now would I?

I stuck my tongue out, and my initial taste was everything that I had hoped for. The way her pussy hair brushed my face as I went down on her was like a soft brush, and I couldn’t help but go for more. I kept licking her pussy, and I moved to her clit. Her face immediately lit up in ecstasy, I could tell that this was her first time that anything like this has ever happened. She grabbed her breasts and began to plead, “Please, more, please I beg of you.” I proceeded to suck on her clit, and shortly after I put a finger inside of her. This drove her nuts.

Moving my finger inside and outside of her lead to a very intense orgasm, her whole body began to shake and tremble. I was pleased that after studying human anatomy for some time, I could please her with such ease. Then, it hit me. I want to be her. I need to experience an orgasm like that, I need to be pleased like she was.

I returned to the front of her body, where I then had the machine to release her. With a smile on my face, I asked, “What is your name?” I could see her hesitate at first, but I knew that after such an experience, should would feel obliged to at least inform me of who she was.

She replied, “My name is Zuri.”

“Well Zuri, I want you to know that you tasted delightful, and I can’t want to have your pussy in my mouth again.” I had the machine insert her back into her stasis chamber gently as I exited the room.

I walked away planning on how I was to experience what she just experienced, and I realized quickly that we had just recently invented a new technology that would allow me to transfer my consciousness to her, all I had to do was sneak her there and complete the transfer and be beamed down to Earth without the others knowing. My plan was coming together.

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