Pixie Pt. 02 Ch. 02: Training


The dacha was all one might have expected by way of luxury – and more than either of us could have imagined when it came to matters sexual. It was, in that sense, just like its owner.

What was delightful was that Ekaterina and Emm had both found what they needed in each other. It was, as I told Sarah, yet another example of the adage that there was nothing as queer as folk. The surface image was the one they wished to project, but it was clear that they both got huge satisfaction from the situation. Ekaterina was the proud possessor of the gorgeous and submissive Emm; but there was more to it than that. It was plain to me that there was affection there.

It was always hard to work out with Emm what she was feeling, but she so wanted what she had with Ekaterina that anyone could see that she loved the pleasure she gave as well as that she received; this was the first time I had seen that with her.

Our room was massive and beautiful, with a terrace looking out over the Black Sea. Our bags had been taken up, and unpacked. I had told Sarah that there was no point bringing any of our toys, partly because of the probability that airport security would spot them, and partly because I didn’t much fancy the servants unpacking them; there was also the fact that Ekaterina was bound to have a collection beyond compare. No point going to a party and taking your own cake.

The wall facing the terrace was just glass, which gave us the most magnificent view, and, with no one able to see in, allowed us to sunbathe nude on that terrace. Sarah fancied the idea, and asked me to massage some sunblock cream onto her. That was, from one point of view fatal; she sun cream made its way on, but she did not make it out of the room.

Massaging the cream into her gorgeous breasts aroused both of us. I loved the way her nipples pointed slightly upward when aroused, and squeezing her nipples between my index finger and thumb, I swiftly reduced her to a state where the rest of her clothing needed to disappear. I meant to tease her, and did.

Our usual pattern (and like most couples, we slipped into one remarkably quickly) was for me to be on the receiving end of her delicious imagination, which usually meant exploring my submissive instincts. But whether it was the change of scene or the atmosphere of lust which permeating the dacha, this time I felt like exploring her.

I began by sucking on those delicious, swelling nipples, rolling my tongue slowly around each one in turn. Flicking them, while sucking, had its usual effect on Sarah, and my hand slipped easily between her thighs to slide between her swelling lips, which were already moist. By the time my fingers had penetrated her and moved in Beylikdüzü escort and out half a dozen times, she was gasping, moaning, and wanting more. My thumb rubbed her clit, just as she liked it. Kneeling between her thighs, I eagerly tasted her.

I loved the taste of her cunt. It had a rich tangy taste and a scent which aroused me. When she was as gooey as she was then, I took special pleasure in coating her nipples with her juices, so I could taste her there too.

‘Stop it, you little monster, I want you!’

I was not having any of it. I adored her, and making her orgasm was for me, a greater pleasure than having an orgasm myself, but this time it would be me calling the shots.

My tongue flicked on her clit, and then, closing my lips around it, I sucked it gently, and then firmly, treating it as I imagined straight or bi women would a cock. My lips pressed in on it, and as I pulled and sucked, I could feel her begin to tense. Teasing, I moved from there to concentrate on vaginal penetration with my fingers moving within her, stretching her, driving in and out in a more concentrated way, striking a rhythm, which was then supplemented with more tonguing. Just to ensure maximum pleasure, a well-lubed finger made its way to her anus, teasing the entrance, coating it with her juice. Once I was sure that everything was in place, I thrust in. Sarah stiffened, her cunt clenching on my fingers as she gyrated her hips.

‘Fucking hell! Pixie!’ she screamed out in her ecstasy.

As her climaxes came in waves, I kept my face where it was, enjoying the exquisite taste, as well as the feeling of her holes contracting around my probing fingers, and her thighs gripping my face to her wetness. She shuddered for a while, before it became clear to me that she was still aroused.

I probed further in her anal passage, and she began to get agitated. Moving up, I sucked at her nipples, which already smelt of her juices, and using tongue and lips, I made sure that her pleasure was enhanced. She gasped.

‘Pixie, fuck, Pixie, oh fuck, fuck!’

All of which I took to be marks of the success of my tactics.

Playing slowly, and sensuously, with her, over the next hour, she came at least twice more, although in practice, she was in a state of more or less perpetual orgasm. It was only towards the end of that period, as my tongue began to tire, that I noted a winking red light over by the mirror; it seemed we might not have been as alone as I had thought. The possibility ought to have occurred to me, but what the hell, we were married!

Finally she heaved a huge sigh:

‘Pixie, oh you little devil, oh my, when did you suddenly become a domme?’

‘Me?’ I gigged, Beylikdüzü escort ‘I just like to please!’

‘Well you pleased me darling.’

We snuggled up, kissing and loving in that blissful post-coital warmth which follows such intense love-making. Sarah’s active libido demanded that sort of attention, and I was happy to give it; but for my own part, it was this physical and spiritual closeness afterwards that gave me the deepest satisfaction.

This blissful sense of being one was, in truth, for me, at the heart of our marriage.

For Sarah, who also appreciated that, the physical was so important, that she could not bear the idea of me with another, at least not without her there; for me that was the deciding factor. Left to myself, what happened physically was just that, a physical manifestation of a need, and for me, it was the thought of her having that intimate connection with another which was abhorrent. I found myself wondering how many marriages survived around a similar division of energies?

The only way we were going to be ready to meet Ivana at four o’clock was if we showered separately; so we did.

Sarah looked stunning in a red skater skirt with a white blouse and red heels; if I hadn’t already, I’d have eaten her. I looked passable in a white and black patterned dress and low heels. My new, short hair-cut meant it now took me no time at all. Sarah thought it only right that I should have a ‘pixie cut.’ I had to say I liked it for its practicality, but it did have the effect of making me look even younger, which had, no doubt, been one of her motives in making me have my hair cut.

We went upstairs to the gallery room. Ivana was waiting.

‘You both look gorgeous,’ she smiled, licking her lips. ‘As we have about half an hour before Mistress comes, would you like to see the final stages of slut Emm’s work out?’

That seemed like a plan. We had heard, via Skype, of Emm’s work out which involved swimming twenty-five lengths a day, doing dozens of squats to firm up her butt, and, what she described, mysteriously, as ‘other things.’

We followed Ivana down the corridor to a gallery which had a window onto the gymnasium. The sight was one to behold. Stark naked, her body sweating, Emm was holding what looked like the head of a bowling pin in her cunt, using her muscles to hold it there, and then, when it dropped, she picked it up again with her cunt. This was a form of ‘squatting’ I had never seen, and Sarah took a great interest.

Ivana explained that these exercises were designed to increase Emm’s ability to squeeze anything put into her cunt. It was, of course, also exquisitely humiliating, which was why Emm’s face was a Escort Beylikdüzü study in edging on the verge of an orgasm. As she did that, she seemed to be doing some exercises to firm up her pectoral muscles. Ivana explained that Ekaterina wanted her in prime condition, and that Emm’s exercise and diet regime were designed to keep in her in peak sexual and physical condition. It had to be said, it was working.

When she had finished, Emm went and showered. So used was she to being shown off and used, that she was quite happy to clean herself up, knowing we were watching.

Afterwards, one of the servants did her long blonde hair, and dressed her in a stunning, lowcut silk dress. The pectoral exercises made her breasts firm, despite their size, and she looked tanned and fit.

We went down to meet her and Ekaterina. The latter, in a silver-coloured dress which hugged her figure, was caressing Emm’s tits, with the latter suitably purring.

We chatted over supper, with Ekaterina asking after our marriage and Sarah’s career, both of which were going from strength to strength.

As we chatted over brandy later, Ekaterina stroked Emm’s hair, as the latter sat at her feet, the very picture of an obedient pet. It was at such moments of intimacy that the facade slipped for a few moments and an observant woman could see the affection which underlay their relationship.

It was good to see Emm so content. Even though her family were wealthy and she had the best of everything, she had always said that she felt as though something was missing. Her submissive instincts had failed to find a suitable outlet; now they had she radiated contentment.

As the evening came towards its end, Ekaterina sprang the surprise she had clearly been meditating all evening.

‘Emm’s decadence knows no bounds, my darlings, and in pursuit of her greater pleasure, I have invited a guest for dinner tomorrow, Countess Anna Moxy Meszaros, a Romanian aristocrat, descended from the infamous Vlad the Impaler. She is reputed to be a vampire, and is, I am told on good authority, both beautiful and decadent. What do you say Emm, would you like to meet a vampire?’

Emm was suddenly alert.

‘Mistress, really, would you?’

Suddenly, Emm switched from affectionate pet to lustful slut mode. For me marriage had brought an evenness to my sexual reactions, and as long as it was Sarah and love underpinned what we did, I was happy to explore. Emm retained, however, that predatory instinct that the next fuck might just be even more exciting. Some people got high on drugs or alcohol, Emm got high on sexual predation.

Ekaterina, clearly familiar with the reaction, smiled and nodded.

‘For you, my pet, yes. Now, let us to bed and leave these love birds to their lusts.’

With that, she collared Emm, who obediently crawled after her.

‘What did you make of that, Pixie?’ Sarah asked.

‘I think we have an invitation to dine with a vampire!’

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