Mechanics of the Heart Ch. 01

Bouncing Tits

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NOTE: this story is a sequel to “Roberto the Mechanic Stud”.



Danny Giroux-Yeung was finally home.

Well, back at his boyfriend Roberto’s home. But to Danny, it felt like his home too.

The slim, short 22 year-old entered the empty one-bedroom apartment and flopped down on the black couch in his business casual attire. It’d been a long, numbing day at his new copywriting job, his first 9-to-5 gig straight after college. The “real world” was so very different from the academic life: corporate jargon, endless meetings about things that went over his head, people politics…it was his second week at work, and he wondered how people had the energy to do this for years.

Danny unhooked the messenger bag from his shoulder, dropped it on the floor, and leaned back against the enveloping couch with a sigh. Looking around the cluttered, barely decorated flat with a big home theatre system and countless pieces of workout gear, he really did wish he shared this home with Roberto.

Though he was tired, he wasn’t too tired to smile, to know that he was happy, and lucky. The fact that Roberto Silva, the mechanic stud, was officially, truly his boyfriend was more than reason enough to smile.

For long, eventful months, the two of them had danced around their feelings for one another, sometimes like the first couple on the dancefloor, other times like moths to searing flame. Attraction, betrayal, reconciliation: they’d been through it all , and they found their way back together, happy ending fulfilled.

Except, of course, life went on, and the reality of beginning a monogamous romantic relationship settled in. Roberto, the 31 year-old head technician and co-owner of a booming local auto shop, had never been monogamous before. Meanwhile, Danny had a boyfriend once, but he hadn’t been truly in love like he was now with the mechanic. They were both new at this, at the expectations, boundaries, and challenges that came with being with the person you love.

And tonight, they were about to take another giant step. Roberto was getting off work early so they can go have dinner with Danny’s parents. It was an important step, and a stressful one for both of them.

Right from the start, way before Danny and Roberto realized what they were getting into, way before they told anyone they were dating, the younger man’s mother shrewdly figured it all out herself and banned her son from seeing the mechanic. While Roberto’s six foot three height, impeccably-sculpted figure, and deep-set eyes earned him a plethora of swooning female clients, Ms. Yeung only saw trouble for his son.

Tonight, after months of sneaking out late at night, and sleepover alibis with Danny’s best friend Richie. Danny was finally going to introduce Roberto as his boyfriend to his parents. Over the phone last week, after 30 minutes of tense, careful exchanges, Danny either convinced his mother to agree to the meeting, or Ms. Yeung figured it was best to know as much about the enemy as possible.

As far as the new couple knew, all hell could break loose tonight.

“Honey, I’m home!” Roberto announced as he opened the front door.

Danny laughed and got up to greet his boyfriend, who’d (disappointingly) already changed out of his coveralls into regular jeans and tee. He wondered if Roberto was just joking, or half-joking, or if, like himself, he woke up every day wishing they were right beside each other.

“How was your day?” Danny asked after standing on tiptoe to give Roberto a smooch. The hardworking mechanic dropped his black tool bag and kissed back. He smelled like car grease and paint, as usual. It wasn’t the most arousing scent, but Danny was getting used to it. Especially if Roberto was in his navy coveralls.

“Good. It went by quick. Nice to beat traffic for once.” He wrapped his arms around Danny’s trim waist, rubbing his beard on his boyfriend’s neck. The younger man sighed and hugged Roberto back. “Not looking forward to opening tomorrow though,” the mechanic groaned.

“Sorry…” Danny knew his boyfriend would have to do an extra-long day the next day, to make up for the extra-long day that Fred, Roberto’s business partner and office manager, pulled today. Secretly, he was planning a surprise to brighten up Roberto’s long hours at work.

“It’s Ankara escort okay. We gotta do this…” The mechanic gave his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek, then starting planting more kisses in a line towards Danny’s mouth. “…gotta get it over with.”

The younger man chuckled, feeling the same way. His boyfriend’s hands started heading south. “You gonna work out before work still? You can work out at home…you haven’t tried those blocks yet.”

“I might wanna sleep in…after the dinner tonight.” The older man slid his padded palms up under Danny’s shirt. He loved running his hand possessively all over his lover’s slender, supple body. The younger man breathed in deep.

“I hope we survive…” Danny weakly tried to stop his boyfriend’s fingers as they circled his hardening nipples.

“Roberto…go shower…”

“Relax. We have an hour…” he said, pressing his lips to Danny’s and pushing his tongue into his lover’s mouth. The younger man moaned in pleasure and enjoyed the kiss for a bit, then broke away.

“We gotta cook still and I don’t wanna be late…” he whined, wrinkling his forehead while looking up at Roberto with gleaming green eyes. Roberto loved staring at them, especially when Danny wasn’t looking.

“You’re always late. Didn’t you say your mom is too?” Roberto teased with an evil glint in his eyes. Through Danny’s grey slacks, he squeezed his lover’s bubble butt; it was another favourite attraction of his. The young man squirmed.

“Hey! Don’t push it with my mom,” he warned, swatting the mechanic’s horny hands away.

“I know how to handle women,” he retorted, stripping off his faded tee. Danny had seen his boyfriend’s statuesque musculature countless times before, but he was starting to think he’d never get over how goddamn hot Roberto was: his wide, sculpted chest, his thick shoulders, his big, rippling arms, and his ridged eight-pack and obliques. Roberto knew the effect his enviable physique had on everyone; the wide-eyed adulation he got every time from Danny never got old.

“Yeah, but she’s my mom. And you know my mom.” The younger man nodded with raised eyebrows at Roberto. They both knew she was not the one to trifle with. The mechanic also raised his eyebrows, then pressed his chest against Danny’s and craned his head to suck on his lover’s neck. Danny whimpered and ran his hands across his boyfriend’s tanned, sinewy back.

“Yeah, but this time I have Bacalhau à Brás,” Roberto responded, moving up to bite the younger man’s earlobe. He’d heard that Ms. Yeung was a food lover and loved to cook, much like Roberto (though he rarely ate much of anything high in sugar, salt, or fat). By preparing one of the authentic Portuguese dishes he’d mastered from his mother, serving it, and talking about the joy of cooking, the mechanic hoped he had a shot at winning over Danny’s mom.

“Umm…now I’m hungry,” Danny moaned, sure that the codfish would be delicious. Roberto loved to try new recipes, and Danny loved to indulge in his man’s considerable culinary skills whenever he came over.

“You’re hungry, huh?” Roberto’s grin was wide. He pressed his obscene erection against Danny’s warm crotch.

“Berto…” Blushing, he pressed his hands against the mechanic’s hairy chest and tried pushing him away, even though he was already well aroused.

“You know playing hard-to-get turns me on more, right?” Roberto asked, clasping his hands on Danny’s and guiding them down his fur-lined abs.

“Go take a shower, NOW. It’s an order,” he commanded, freeing his hands to slap the mechanic’s hard buttocks. Then he turned Roberto’s half-naked body towards the bathroom. “See if that turns you on.”

“Baby…” Roberto pouted. He wanted to sneak in a quickie, to relieve the anxiety he’d been sitting on all day while thinking about the dinner.

“Hurry up! I’m serious; I don’t want to tick off my mom!” he exclaimed, giving his lover a push on the back, then pointed towards the bathroom. Roberto started walking, then looked back with a sad puppy face, which made Danny burst out laughing. He didn’t take the bait though, and the mechanic shuffled away with his head down.

A few minutes later, Danny was in the kitchen cutting up potatoes and onions for the Bacalhau à Brás when he heard his man turn on the shower. Suddenly, there was a loud banging sound from the bathroom, followed shortly by a rude word from Roberto. The young man dropped his knife and dashed down the short hallway.

“Roberto?! Are you all right??” Danny asked worriedly, flinging open the bathroom door. Behind the green, opaque shower curtain, there didn’t seem to be any movement. only water spraying from the showerhead.

He whipped the plastic drape aside. Then he saw the mechanic’s classic evil grin, followed by big arms hoisting him into the shower, work clothes and all.

“You asshole! You…” Roberto pinned his lover against the cold, wet wall and smothered Danny with a hungry, sloppy kiss. His hands were busy undoing the buttons on the younger Ankara escort bayan man’s soaking blue dress shirt.

“Gotcha,” the mechanic exclaimed as he broke the kiss, flinging the open shirt apart.

“You’re ruining my work clothes, doofus,” Danny groaned. He sighed, then went ahead and started undoing his wet slacks.

“I’ll buy you new ones.” Roberto pressed his hands against the wall and hunkered over his five foot five boyfriend. When Danny finished stripping off his soaked clothes and tight whitey, the mechanic gave his lover his best bedroom gaze. Warm water coursed through the thick black patches on hair on his chest and armpits, running along his bearded jaw, dripping down his square chin. “Your man wants some attention.”

“Next time, you’re gonna cry wolf and I won’t save you,” Danny said dryly, sliding his arms up and around his lover’s delicious arms and pecs.

“Oh yes you will. You fall for it every time.”

The younger man dropped his hands and pushed Roberto away. “I’m going back to the potatoes,” he said, getting out of the tub.

“Aw, seriously, Danny? Come on…”

Without warning, the younger man turned back around and slammed the mechanic back against the shower wall, hard. Then he went down on his knees and engulfed the half-hard dick hanging between Roberto’s thick legs.

“Aw shit…oh yeah…”

The younger man pulled off Roberto’s stiffening prick and looked up at the mechanic. “You piss me off and I’ll bite your dick off,” he threatened, narrowing his eyes. Then he took the cock back into his mouth and worked the glans with his tongue.

“Nah, you like it too much,” his man replied, smoothing Danny’s brown hair back undering the shower spray. “You like sucking it too much…OW!”

Danny did bite after all.

“That’s what you get for messing with me, ” he said after, shooting Roberto a smug look. The older man raised his arms and flattened them against the shower wall.

“All right, you got me. What do you want?”

“Respect. And…” Danny began lapping at the mechanic’s droopy balls, “Can you stop…tricking me…into sex?”

“Sorry baby, I was just…I wanted to relieve some pressure…for tonight…” Roberto replied, pushing his pelvis forward, trying to get his boyfriend to take his dick again.

“I know. I’m nervous too, Berto…” Danny’s mouth kissed its way back to the stiff shaft, tenderly caressing the veiny, slightly bent stalk with his lips. With a swift flick of the tongue and a twist of the head, the younger man’s mouth was back on Roberto’s cock, enveloping the hard length down his hungry throat.

The mechanic cried out in pleasure, closing his eyes. He held Danny’s head in both hands and guided it gently up and down his engorged member.

Danny gave his mechanic stud a skilled blowjob under the shower, taking all nine inches past his gag reflex and coating it with sloppy saliva, then pulling back and circling his tongue all around the shaft and glans. Roberto cradled his boyfriend’s head from above as he softly pumped his pelvis back and forth.

Then, as Danny’s hands moved up the mechanic’s tight abs, Roberto clutched his lover’s fingers and guided his hands in lazy circles all around his obliques, chest, and ass. Danny moaned and deep throated harder; Roberto cursed and threw his head back.

There, in the warm, steamy shower, with the love of his life pleasuring him immeasurably, Roberto knew Danny was worth it all: the long hours, the hard workouts, facing Danny’s parents, giving up the single life. At the end of the day, he just wanted to make Danny happy.

“Ready to come up, baby?” Roberto asked, giving Danny’s hands a squeeze. He was gradually getting closer to the edge. The younger man gave one last, hard suck, then popped off the dick and smiled up at Roberto.

“Umm hmm,” Danny replied, standing up. They kissed, sucking on each other’s tongue, turning their heads to taste more of each other. Their hands massaged every muscle they found, rubbing and grasping water-slicked skin passionately as they pressed their bodies against each other.

Danny knew they were going to be late. But he didn’t care anymore. Plus, since the mechanic seemed so confident about meeting his parents, he decided he would blame it all on Roberto.

Finally, the younger man broke the kiss. “Suck me, Berto?” he asked, drawing the mechanic’s hands to his aroused genitals.

“Of course, baby,” Roberto answered. He sat down in the bathtub and swallowed Danny’s thick five-incher in one gulp.

“Ah yeah!” As much as the younger man loved wrapping his lips around the mechanic’s big member, he loved getting sucked off by his man just as much, if not more. Roberto had so many tricks and moves down there, and they all pushed Danny’s button. “Oh Berto, that’s so good…omigod!” he cried as he felt his lover’s tongue flicking all over the penis tip and crown.

“You like that, baby?” the mechanic asked quickly before diving back in. He sucked hard around Danny’s Escort Ankara bulbous cockhead, then went deep and milked the dick with his throat muscles, repeating the routine enthusiastically. His young lover cried out and dug his fingers in Roberto’s thick, black hair, overtaken by the sweet aching.

After a while, the mechanic pulled off and spat on the younger man’s hard shaft. He gave Danny twisting strokes, while his head went underneath and sucked on the tightening, almost hairless balls.

“You’re so good, Berto…you’re the best…” Danny whimpered.

“Damn right,” Roberto muttered, running his tongue along the underside of the dick, then opened wide and devoured the entire prick to the hilt again. Danny yelled. The mechanic grabbed his lover’s tender buttocks and pulled his pelvis towards him, hard, driving the fully-erect dick as far down his gullet as he could.

“Oh fuck baby fuck me!” the younger man wailed. Precum was leaking steadily from Danny’s piss slit, bitter and slightly sweet. Roberto lapped it up eagerly. “Berto, oh fuck you’re gonna make me cum…”

The older man pulled off the cock. “Not yet!” he exclaimed. He looked up at Danny and pointed towards the waterproof lube on the showerhead rack.

His younger lover turned around to grab the bottle, which gave Roberto the perfect opportunity to spread those pert, dripping ass cheeks and dive right into the anus.

“OH BABY! Ahh!!” Danny dropped the lube; he fumbled and pressed his palms to the wall as his man pillaged his asshole, always so hungry and needy for it. The mechanic reached around to envelop Danny’s dick in his rough, wet palm. “Oh god, Berto, don’t! I’ll cum.”

“Don’t do that. I gotta fuck the cum outta you,” Roberto muttered, grabbing the lube from the bottom of the tub and opening it.

“Quickly…” Danny whined. “…I don’t wanna be too late…” He jumped when he felt a finger coated with cold silicone gel slide into his rectum.

“Don’t worry, baby, I’ll handle it,” Roberto reassured, working the lube deeper into his lover. He gave a quick bite and slap on Danny’s buttocks, then slid in another slippery finger. The younger man groaned and pushed back.

“Your ass is so sexy under the water, baby,” he sighed, biting the cheeks again.

“Y’know I try to keep it tight for you,” Danny said in a low voice, clenching his ass a few times.

“I know,” his lover replied. He scissored two fingers deep inside. “I feel it every time. You’re so tight still.”

“I love you, Berto. I just wanna make you happy.”

The mechanic stopped his fingers. He knelt forward, over Danny’s bent-over body, the warm water splashing on his broad, swarthy back. With his free hand, Roberto gently turned his lover’s head towards him. Then, he gave a soft, tender kiss.

Their lips were sealed for several moments, tongues grazing each other’s teeth and mouth. Breaking the long kiss, Roberto backed away and looked deep into the younger man’s marvellous green eyes. “I love you so much, baby,” he said.

Danny smiled and blushed. A shiver escaped from his slim, pale figure. “I’m getting cold,” he said quietly.

“Let’s heat things up then,” Roberto replied with a grin. He reached up and aimed the shower spray onto Danny’s back, then crawled behind his boyfriend.

“Ready, baby?”

“Um hmm. Berto?” He looked back. “I want it gentle, please?”

His lover responded with a warm smile and soft kneading on his bum.

Danny turned back around. He felt the mechanic’s cockhead push in, forcing itself against his sphincter. With a grunt it penetrated him, and kept going deeper, heat and friction rushing up his rectum. The young bottom exhaled and threw his head back, his hardy lover slowly but surely forging in.

“You ok, baby?” Roberto asked, halfway and counting inside of Danny.

“Um hmm,” Danny groaned, squeezing his eyes shut. He wanted to take it all right away, for Roberto.

“You’re so fucking tight…” His girthy shaft continued sliding into Danny’s asshole.

“Yeah, Berto…gimme all of it…” The younger man stopped himself from clenching, instead willing himself to push out and open up, take all nine inches that his boyfriend had to offer.

A few moments later, Roberto stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Danny asked

“You did it. You took me all in one go.” The mechanic ran his rough hands up and down Danny’s sides.

Water splattered and coursed on the young man’s smooth, porcelain back, drawing cascading ripples down his shoulders and ribs. Roberto glided his hands through the splashing clear liquid, savouring his lover’s body. He rested his hands on Danny’s shoulders and began thrusting shallowly deep inside his lover’s rectum.

“Gently, Berto,” Danny said quietly.

“I am,” Roberto responded.

“I wanna kiss you,” his lover whined lightly. The mechanic wrapped his arms under Danny and lifted his torso up, pressing his back against his own brawny chest. Danny turned around and thrusted his tongue inside Roberto’s mouth. Once in position, the mechanic resumed fucking.

“Berto…” Danny mumbled as his older lover relished in thrusting in and out slowly, at different angles. Roberto broke the kiss and bit down on the young man’s neck.

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