I’ve been playing a little game with you for about an hour now. While we were at the restaurant I kept ‘accidentally’ brushing your knee and occasionally dropping my hand onto the top of your leg. Not close enough to give you any relief, but plenty to get you almost fully erect. The tablecloth is just long enough for me to unzip your pants and release you from your evil underpants prison. Fortunately, just as start to wrap my hand around the server drops off our check. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone pay for a meal so fast…

As soon as we make it through the door at home I start stripping you from the waist down. We stumble over to the first piece of furniture and collapse and then I finally get to feel your hard, thick cock in my hand. Starting at the top, I stroke down and then back up to the head where a tiny bead of precum is already waiting. After I squeeze out that first precious drop and rub it in, I make a ring with my thumb and forefinger and lightly run up and down the length of you- paying special attention to the crown. A few more drops rise up and are quickly swiped and rubbed in again, business proposal izle you slip into my fist as it slams down to the very base of your shaft. With a strong yet comfortable grip, I pump up and down until you drop your head back and groan. I keep pumping, all the while feeling your delicate skin sliding back and forth over the veins and engorged tissue.

Your eyes are closed and I lean in to kiss your earlobe- your head snaps up when you feel my teeth and you take a sharp breath before smiling and relaxing again. My tongue flicks out and licks the lobe, dragging along to the upper curve as I start to exhale. Between my hand steadily jerking you and the double-barreled assault on your ear, you let out a low growl and grab my hand. “Slow down, baby- I’m enjoying this,” you whisper.

The tight hold loosens and my hand begins to slide again- slower and more gently now, almost tickling. The precum is flowing now, droplet after droplet coming to the surface and joining the thin river running over… it’s an amusing lubricant but, sadly, not cahil periler izle useful for long-term. The urge to taste it is almost overpowering, but in the end, resisted. I love the feel of you when you’re hard like this. Just my hand gliding over your iron hardness, with only the thinnest, silkiest barrier in between… I can’t help but bend over and give it a quick kiss.

You strain against the feather-light touch and begin to regret interrupting in the same breath that you feel yourself get even harder from the teasing. I stop and lean forward to pull my shirt over my head and then take off my seemingly ever-present wifebeater. In just a black pushup bra and jeans now, I move from beside you on the couch to kneel between your legs and twist my hand around so I’m stroking from underneath. You’re pointed directly at my face, less than a foot away. I wonder if you’re thinking about my mouth, and decide it’s too bad if you are- I want to impress you with my handiwork, so to speak. I slow down and speed up several times until you’re aching to finish. You start to move cars on the road izle your hips in time with my stroking and push against my hand, trying to get just a little more pressure.

I run my left hand up the inside of your bare thigh and over your balls, then grab the lowest part of your cock and squeeze it tightly and begin pumping hard again with my other hand. You grunt and sit upright as if to stop me but instead just stare at me intently as I work even more furiously. You feel your orgasm pushing through and try to stave it off but watching me is pushing you over the edge. You try to warn me but can’t form the words, but I get what you’re after. With a sudden burst of energy my hand moves faster and you come, roaring like a lion. You spatter my face and chest with burst after burst until my chin is dripping onto my breasts. It’s a good thing my hair is pulled back, but you still managed to shoot a little cum at my hairline so overall it’s a pretty outstanding visual effect. As I reach up to wipe it away, you grab my hand a second time- “Stay just like that. I’ll get a towel.” You get up and steady yourself, then disappear into the dark hallway. When I hear your footsteps returning, I put my hand out for the towel and hear a soft ‘click’ as I’m half-blinded by a small but very bright light. Then you drop to your knees and carefully clean me off.

You get your souvenir after all, you naughty man.

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