A Waist For Your Pleasure


[This is the fictional account of life in corsets by a woman who found out about my special interest in corsetry and figure control. It is based on a the memory of an evening spent with a senior colleague, earlier in my career, when I could not help but notice that his wife was tightly laced. I have wondered ever since how it affected their marriage and their pleasures. This is interpretive. The names are altered but the location and other details are accurate.]


OK. I live near Sevenoaks in Kent, England. I work in the local council offices. I’m an office supervisor; been there about three years. Before that, I worked in the finance department of a store in Tunbridge. I’m 33 years old and married for five years. We have no children yet. Don’t know if we will, in fact. Our life is pretty full and I suppose we’ve got a bit selfish. My husband Tony works in property management; he’s a surveyor and valuer.

Well, about six years ago, I got really depressed about my figure and how I was getting older. I know I was only 26 but I’d been so happy as a girl and pleased about my appearance, but then I was suddenly approaching late-20s and looking older! For no reason, I seemed to be putting on weight and losing my shape. Mind you, I had a few boyfriends and none of them ever said anything; it’s just the way I saw myself. I could have become anorexic but I didn’t. Instead, I went to a lingerie shop and bought some girdles and things. To hold me in, you know? I wonder how many women do that.

There were two things about it that I have to mention and things had to go further. One was the fact that they showed when I wore them, especially under my favourite clothes, which fitted quite well. You know; a bit tight on me. So I was sometimes even more worried that people would say, “She’s overweight; look at her girdle”. I was caught between feeling fat and uncontrolled on the one hand, and slimmer but a bit obvious on the other.

The second thing was when I knew that I could be slimmer in a girdle, I wanted something even stronger. I bought myself a proper corset by mail order, to really hold me in place. It wasn’t a very attractive corset, that first one. It was pink brocade and laced at the front. It had six suspenders and it came about two inches above my waist line. ankara seks hikayeleri It was Twilfit, by mail order like I said. It was a lot tighter than the girdles.

To be honest, I didn’t like the look of it at first. It was an old-lady pink colour and seemed all bones and buckles and laces, but under my clothes it really had the right effect. I wore a long nylon slip over it and you couldn’t see it through my clothes. And it held me in by about two inches everywhere. It amazed me where my fat and flesh had gone to. It made me stand and sit differently, and walking, too. I just felt really controlled and I knew that my waist was that smaller. It felt really good. So that solved two problems, didn’t it? And then came the interesting part, I think.

The next step was a proper tight lacing corset, and that’s where I am now. One year after my first visit to the girdle shop, I ordered a custom-made corset from C&S in UK. That would be in August 2004. It reduced my waist by four inches when I got it tightened. They sent me a leaflet to tell me how to wear it, and look after it. I took a whole week over tightening it, every evening and for two weekends. Gradually getting a little tighter each time, and then on the Saturday morning I got it closed. My waist was only 26 inches and I was so pleased. So now I’m a confirmed tight lacer and my waist is smaller today.

And there’s more than that. I’ve actually lost weight because of the girdles and corsets. When I started wearing girdles my appetite immediately got less. I just didn’t feel as hungry. I don’t think it was an emotional thing; more of the pressure on my body. There’s something just limiting about the all-over pressure from a firm girdle; you don’t feel as if you need to eat so much. You’re in control of yourself. It’s a strange thing, I suppose, for me to say that but it’s true.

The proper corsets had the same effect but even more. As soon as I started wearing them, I knew I could control every aspect of my life. It’s as strong as that. Diet, temper, concentration, friendships; even my handwriting got better immediately. Isn’t it strange? All those things I used to worry about, and they got better as soon as I felt the pressure and the firmness of a real corset. I bet some psychologist would make a lot out of it.

I wondered was it something that I may have got used to but no; it’s still here. I’ve never got used to it. I hope I never do. I’m much more in control of my life now, and Tony loves the way I’m a strong woman will lots of drive; you know, sex drive. And I’ve got the waist he likes to feel and hold. I hope this make sense.

As I write this, I’m wearing an American corset and my waist is 20 inches. That’s what I normally measure for work and everyday living. This corset’s very long and firm; it holds me really well and I like it a lot. I’ve got others and they’re shorter but I like the over-all control of this one. I’m wet all the time when I’m corseted. I’m just ready for making love. Actually, I’m just always ready for sex. The corsets make me into a nymphomaniac, I think. I’m looking for excitement all the time, and Tony knows that. We have sex a lot; many times a day at the weekend and every morning during the week, and often in the evening as well. He thinks he’s in heaven and so do I.

We sometimes take photos of me corseted but I don’t like my photos, ever. They make my legs seems even heavier than I think they are. I can still see the signs of my overweight. Anyway, tight lacing is a compulsion, you know. Once you start, there’s no end to it and it is SO erotic.

I’ve other totally different styles of corset; one’s a sort of an upside-down version of my first one. Very high over my bust and not so low on my hips, but it forces my waist much lower. I like that sometimes. I think it looks younger, somehow, but it’s very hard to wear it for a long time. It presses on my hipbones and affects my skin more. It’s covered in nylon and it’s really smooth. That’s 20 inches as well. I only wear that one under a couple of special dressed, or else if we’re dressing up at home. You know; for exciting each other.

My corset is a constant item for wearing; every day. And every night. It’s all day every day, except when I shower. I have a bath some evenings and we go swimming in a private pool at Tony’s work, sometimes. He laces me into a fresh corset every morning and we change it to a night corset after my shower in the evening. The pressure is never off me for more than a few minutes twice a day.

And now the sexual question. It’s been important to us, for our pleasure. You understand; for orgasm? We get very excited in bed. For extra excitement, we lace me extra tight. That tells you a lot, I suppose. I never had orgasms with a man before Tony. The others were nice and I got very excited but no orgasm. With Tony it’s always been different, and it’s with him that I’ve done the real tight lacing; so maybe that’s why. It started with the girdles really, though. They made me randy from the start. Because I was in control of myself, that’s most of it, I think. The corsets made it better. Even playing was better for me after I started controlling my figure; “playing” you know, masturbation. I’ve always been able to come by myself but the girdles and corsets made that better too. Now I’ve got no trouble at all, and definitely not with Tony. He’s a good man in bed, anyway, but I’m sure my corsets have a lot to do with it. Well, I know they have; for me and him too, I’m certain. His favourite position is behind me, holding my waist in his fingers. He can almost reach round me with two hands and he pulls me to him as he shoots into me. Then he spends minutes and minutes touching my figure, running his hands over my curves. I love that even if I don’t orgasm myself that way. He always makes sure I get orgasms when I want them, so I’m not complaining.

So where do you think I’ll go from here? With the corseting, I mean. I keep thinking about a smaller waist. I told you it was compulsive! I’ve seen pictures of women with 16 and 14-inch waists, and I want one! Seriously, I don’t know if I’ll do that or even if I’m capable of it. I’m still quite big as a person. You see I’m tall and I weigh nearly 10 stone [140 lb. or 63.5 kilo]. So I’m not going to become a petite woman some day, am I? I have to be realistic.

Two years ago one of the London scene papers had a picture of me from a friend’s wedding, in a very tight dress that showed off my waist. They splashed me all over the front page with a headline, “What a waist of time” or something like that. I was so angry, but what can you do? I was at a wedding, having my picture taken with dozens of people, some in groups and some by myself. I can’t really complain about my photograph appearing in a paper, can I? If I was that worried, I should keep myself covered up, shouldn’t I?

I hope this will inspire other women to try firm underwear, especially a tightlaced waist.

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