Eyes Everywhere Pt. 07 – New Normal


The New Normal

It was two weeks after the family decision to add sex to their intra-family relationships. Before the first week of their new arrangement was over, Kris and Karla were each sleeping with their mother three nights a week not counting Sunday night, when they both shared their mother’s bed. During the first week, there was a lot of sexual contact outside of the bedroom as they all enjoyed taking every opportunity to touch each other. By the end of the second week, the entire plan fell apart.

It started when Kris and Karla decided they wanted to sleep together without involving their mother. The twins wanted some time alone together to experiment and be more intimate with each other without the distraction of their mother in bed with them. Lena was surprisingly accepting of their idea to sleep together in one of their own beds instead of hers on a Sunday night.

“Frankly, I could use a night to myself to recover. You two have been wearing me out,” she chuckled.

Lena ordered additional security cameras for their home system to cover every room in the house, including the two bathrooms. She had Kris fashion a lens cover for each camera using black electrical tape that could be lifted clear to allow viewing inside the room, or put down over the lens to prevent outside viewing of what was going on inside.

Despite their initial trepidation, both Kris and his sister quickly stopped caring if someone was watching them. This was largely due to the amount of time they were already spending with each other in very intimate activities, and the very relaxed atmosphere that permeated the house. During most mornings and evenings when they weren’t dressed for work or any other outside activity, they all tended to wear very little clothing. Lena spent most mornings wearing one of her nightgowns or just a long t-shirt, even though she always slept nude. Karla also wore just a long t-shirt and sometimes a thong, while Kris usually wore his boxer shorts and a t-shirt.

After the first month of everyone sleeping together and having sex nearly every night, the novelty of their situation wore off and evening sleeping arrangements became more ad hoc. The sex also slowed down, but not by much. This occurred with unexpectedly little friction. Each adult discovered the benefits of regular time off to rest and recover from what had become a highly sexual environment. Their new openness led to a household of almost constant near-nudity, which turned out to be more stimulating and erotic than if they all just abandoned clothes completely while indoors.

In fairness, their limited clothing style resulted more from laziness than any intent to be sexually provocative. The bare concealment offered by what they did wear in an attempt towards some sort of modesty backfired and ended up accentuating the physical delights that were more than hinted at beneath the scant outerwear.

The first few times that two of the three asked to spend the evening alone together were awkward. However, as they all grew more comfortable with their arrangements and no one felt they were being unfairly treated or ignored, it became easier to discuss and plan. The third person who was spending the evening sleeping alone always had the option to view the couple on one of the webcams, but Karla and her mother were the only two who seemed to really enjoy voyeurism.

Karla did tell Kris about her two “girlfriends” and their arrangement. Kris was surprised by his sister’s admission, but was supportive of her right to choose how she wanted to live her sex life and with whom she wanted to share herself. The first afternoon that she brought Melissa to their home for some afternoon delight, Kris and his mother remained discreetly away to give the two young women some privacy. Even though Karla completely forgot about covering the camera lens, Kris and Lena never tried to look in on them.

That evening in bed together, Karla confided to her brother that Melissa thought he was really cute and that she was interested in going out on a date with him.

“Wouldn’t that be kinda awkward?” Kris responded. “I mean, what if we got serious and stuff?” Karla knew exactly what kind of “stuff” her brother was talking about.

“Nope, not at all. I already told you that Melissa, Jenna, and I are in our own kind of open relationship and we have never had any issues with jealousy or anything. Just ask her out and get to know her. I think you two have a lot in common, anyway.”

Karla also spent a lot more time talking to her mother and one afternoon, they took off together for a shopping trip. When Kris joined Karla for their evening shower together, he found out the two women went to a spa to have themselves waxed from their pussy to their ass. Later that evening in bed with both of them, he quickly decided that their new look was definitely more enjoyable.

Lena met with her gynecologist the first week after she started sleeping with her son and was given a prescription for birth control pills. After a month, Kris was able to stop buying boxes of condoms Lefkoşa Escort each week to have intercourse with his mother. Karla had been on birth control pills since starting high school to help regulate her period and reduce the severity of her menstrual cramps. Kris always noted a distinct reduction in sensitivity of his cock when he used a condom to fuck his mother as compared to going bareback to fuck his sister.

Lena managed to convince Karla to experiment with anal sex and then spent a week using a set of butt plugs to help train her daughter’s virginal ass. Following that initial period, Lena began spending some time each day helping to stretch her daughter’s ass even more so that she wouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort when her brother first entered her ass. Kris found the whole thing a little amusing, but always declined his mother and sister’s entreaties to let them work on his ass the same way. While Karla was experimenting with anal sex, she still wasn’t ready to let her brother fuck her ass. He often fingered it, especially when eating out her pussy, but that was the extent of anal sex that she enjoyed with him. Everything else she did with her mother, including her first foray into performing analingus on her mother. Watching from the sidelines, Kris secretly began to wonder what it felt like and eventually, managed to discreetly “borrow” the butt plugs to try on himself when his sister no longer required them.

The smallest of the three plugs slipped up his ass pretty easily after being well-lubricated with gel. He tried the next two sizes in quick succession and didn’t find anything painful or uncomfortable about having his butt hole plugged. The largest of the three plugs was 1-¼ inches wide at the base and usually only caused minor discomfort for a few minutes after initial insertion. Less than a week later, he could insert that plug without any preparation other than smearing it with lubricant, and it felt completely comfortable. After that, he even went around for half the day with the largest plug up inside his ass just to see what it was like, and afterwards, he grew interested in trying something designed to be more anally stimulating and potentially wider.

That led him to buy anal toys made specifically for men and try them out in private. His favorite was a large weighted plug that he would wear for a few hours at a time. Part of his excitement was due to being anally stimulated while nobody around him knew about it. He also had a vibrating butt plug, but only used it in private because the humming noise was quite noticeable. The more he experimented, the bolder he became and soon, he had a sizable collection of anal toys in his bedroom. However, his secret quickly came out.

Throughout his furtive anal sex play “research”, Kris forgot about the security cameras. His mother and sister separately spotted him placing something up inside his ass at different times. Both were surprised, but neither mentioned what they saw either to Kris or each other. However, the women’s interests were piqued and they started calling up the security cam in Kris’ room more frequently when he was home to learn more about what he was up to.

This continued for nearly a month while his toy collection grew along with his curiosity. One night, while Kris was on a date with Melissa, Karla and her mother were laying alone together after a prolonged and gentle love-making session that also happened to involve anal play between the women. Karla broached the topic first, unsure of exactly what to say, but confident that her mother would be understanding, especially towards Kris.

“Mom?” she whispered. “Have you noticed Kris acting differently recently?” she whispered.

“Mmm..no. Acting differently how?” Lena replied equally quietly.

“I dunno. He spends more time alone in his room than he used to,” Karla explained.

“There’s nothing wrong with him wanting a little alone time every now and then,” her mother said while softly stroking Karla’s hair.

“It’s more than that,” Karla continued. “I happened to see him on the webcam and he’s been masturbating with anal toys in his room.” Even in the darkness of the room, Lena could tell her daughter was blushing from her admission.

“I know,” Lena said calmly. “I saw him doing that, too.”

“You did? Why didn’t you say or do something?” her daughter asked.

“You mean like you did?”

Karla caught on to her mother’s meaning. “But you’re his mother,” she replied, trying to make a distinction between their behaviors.

“I am, but he’s also an adult and fully capable of making his own decisions on what to share and what not to share with others, including you and me.”

“But why wouldn’t he want to tell us?” Karla persisted.

“I don’t know, but you and I need to keep quiet about what we know, and respect his desire for some privacy. How would you like us asking about you and one of your girlfriends?”

“That’s different!” Karla insisted.

“I disagree,” her mother said firmly. “He will let us Girne Escort know about anything he wants to share when he’s comfortable talking to us about it. In the meantime, I want you to give him the space he desires and keep silent about what you know, or think you know.”

A couple mornings later, Karla was at work while Kris and his mother were home together. They were in bed and about 30 minutes into their foreplay when his head rose up from between her legs.

“Mom, how did you first get involved in anal sex?” he asked.

Lena gave him a small smile. “Come up here and let’s talk,” she said. Kris clambered up and snuggled close beside her. His hand drifted over to one of her breasts and began tenderly caressing and fondling it.

“Why do you ask?” his mother inquired.

“Uh, no real reason,” he responded.

“Mmm. Well, one of my boyfriend’s decided he wanted to try it, but neither one of us knew what we were doing or how to go about it the right way. You need to remember, this was before the internet. If you wanted to look something up, you went to the library to look for a book or used an encyclopedia. Neither one of those options was going to provide the answers we were looking for, though. He ended up buying a porn movie that included anal sex play and we watched it over and over to see how it was done. Everytime we watched it, we imagined ourselves in the roles of the actors on the TV screen and we felt ourselves getting more excited to try it for ourselves. There were two things we both learned quickly. The first is that you have to have some sort of lubricant, and the other is that you have to start small and go slow, or someone is going to get hurt.”

“Fortunately, he was able to buy a set of butt plugs designed for beginners to use in training their ass for being penetrated. The set included a tube of lubricant, which we quickly used up. I ordered a larger bottle from a catalog and luckily, the box it was mailed in was plain and didn’t clearly show who sent it. He and I started using the plugs together, first on me, but then I insisted that he try it too, so that he could understand what it felt like. It turns out that your anus has one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings anywhere on your body. Who would have figured?”

“We couldn’t wait to try real anal intercourse. I wasn’t on birth control because my parents didn’t believe in it. My boyfriend got used to receiving a lot of blowjobs because he was always too embarrassed to go to the drugstore and buy a box of condoms. The first time he entered my ass, I couldn’t believe how tight it felt. It hurt a little, but thankfully, the butt plugs helped me adjust quickly to his size, and the lubricant was a God-send! There was no way he could have gotten in otherwise.”

“It didn’t take long for the discomfort to fade, but the first time we tried it, he came almost immediately. We were both pretty disappointed. He was probably more embarrassed than anything else. But we kept trying. Each time was easier than the time before, but he never could last very long before cumming. I guess he liked it well enough, but I was getting frustrated because I never got close to an orgasm. We eventually broke up for different reasons, but by then, I was already used to anal sex. As I dated more men, I was surprised to find out that more women didn’t try anal sex. I found myself able to control a lot more of the activity in bed, just because the guys wanted to have anal intercourse with me. I always made sure that they were able to bring me to climax before they ever got close to my ass.”

“Along the way, I learned about analigus and found it to be very enjoyable, too. I always made sure that we were both squeaky clean back there before doing it, though. I started using the butt plugs on the men telling them they couldn’t enter my ass until they experienced what it was like for themselves. I was surprised at how many of them enjoyed being penetrated themselves and that led to a whole new realm of sexual activities,” she concluded. “Sorry for talking so much. I’m sure that was more than you wanted to hear.”

“No, no. It was fine. I enjoyed hearing what you had to say,” Kris responded quickly. His hand moved off of his mother’s breast and unsure of where to put it, he let it rest on the small mattress space between them.

“So,” his mother smiled as she caressed his slightly swollen cock. “Back to my original question. Why are you asking?”

When her son didn’t answer right away, she continued. “If you’re interested in being on the receiving end of anal sex, I would love to help you learn and experience it safely.” She paused to wait for his reaction.

“Um, I sort of already have been doing some things already,” Kris admitted.

“Okay, tell me what you’ve been doing and what you think about it, and what I can help you with,” his mother said quietly. Her tone was neither condescending nor judgemental.

“Well, I started with trying out the butt plugs from your training set and didn’t have any problems with Magosa Escort them, so I bought myself some other toys like prostate massagers, weighted plugs, anal beads, and even a pretty large vibrator that I’m a little scared to try on myself right now,” he replied. “I guess I just don’t know exactly what kind of things you and I could do together, though.”

His mother smiled warmly. “I would love to introduce you more to the joys of anal sex. First, is there anything you absolutely do not want to do?”

His brow furrowed. “What do you mean?”

“Well, for instance, you’ve let me enjoy rimming your nice little ass at times. Would you want to try doing the same thing for me or your sister?”

“Karla?” Kris exclaimed.

“Mm-hmmm,” his mother nodded. “You know that your sister has also been learning to enjoy anal sex. I actually thought that’s why you started getting interested in it as well.”

Kris remained silent for a few seconds. “I guess that kinda is why I started trying it out. I knew that you liked it, but Karla and I were a lot alike when it came to that stuff. When you started helping her and she started getting into it, I wanted to know for myself what the big deal was.”

“So what do you think, then? Are you interested in giving me or your sister some analingus?”

Kris thought it over. “I guess I am. I mean, now that both of you are all cleaned up back there, I guess it wouldn’t be too bad.”

“Back to my original question. Is there anything you are absolutely opposed to trying?” his mother pressed.

“I really don’t know. Can we just take things as they come and let me decide then?”

“Of course, dear. We can try anything you like, and if you’ve seen or heard about something that you might want to try, just let me know,” she answered. “Now, get on top of me so we can enjoy a little sixty-nine and we can also start your introduction to anal sex at the same time!”

Kris grinned at his mother and quickly complied. Soon, his face was buried in her smooth, bare, fragrant pussy while she was deep-throating his hard cock. After a few minutes she had him get up to bring her one of her anal dildos and some lubricant. When he resumed his sixty-nine position on top of her, he felt the coldness of the gel being smeared around his anus followed by the gentle pressure of the silicone penis into his tight sphincter. It wasn’t a new sensation – he had his own anal dildo and it was acually wider than his mother’s. He relaxed and felt it slide inside smoothly and quickly.

With his ass filled by the dildo, his mother resumed sucking his throbbing cock. As she teased and tormented her son with her oral skills, she also began slowly fucking his ass with the dildo. Once again, it wasn’t a new sensation by itself, but coupled with his mother’s mouth around his cock, Kris found his arousal growing much faster than normal. His head rose up briefly from his mother’s dripping cunt.

“Ahhh…, that feels so good, Mom,” he groaned blissfully.

She let his cock slip out of her mouth momentarily. “I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Before the week is up, I’ll be fucking your ass just like you fuck mine. We might even get your sister to give up her own anal cherry to you,” she teased.

They rolled over to switch positions and then picked up where they left off, but with Lena on top of her son. Taking his cock down her throat again, she artfully moved the dildo to apply extra pressure specifically to her son’s prostate. Within minutes, she felt the telltale signs of him trying to withhold his ejaculation and she relented on all her stimulation efforts to let him recover. She had introduced both of her children to “edging” and had become fairly expert at reading their physical signs and knowing when to stop to keep them from climaxing, even when they wanted that release.

Kris knew what his mother was trying to do to him – she had done it several times before and was quite proficient at bringing both him and Karla to just short of the point of no return and then removing the stimulation to leave them unfulfilled. He had to acknowledge that as frustrating as it could be after the third or fourth time of not reaching ejaculation, when she finally did allow it, the explosive release was so much more intense. He was quickly developing a feel for the physical responses by both his mother and his sister, and he felt ready to return the favor to his mother.

Kris started fingering her ass while eating her wet cunt and played a game by matching the movements of his fingers to the way she moved the dildo inside his own ass. At the same time, his thumb was sliding in and out of her cunt, and the whole thing reminded him of holding a bowling ball. His mother, of course, loved everything he was doing right up until the point where he stopped. While she wasn’t very close to orgasm, the delay was still exasperating and Lena knew that her son was intentionally trying to tease her.

He decided to provide her with extra stimulation by trying analingus for the first time. His hands spread her ass cheeks wide and steeling himself, he moved up to tentatively lick around her smooth, bare anus. After a few seconds, he forgot his reservations and became more active with his tongue. His mother responded with a series of outcries meant to spur him on and express her own pleasure and thankfulness.

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