Dear Daddy Ch. 02


Dear Emily,

I am shaking as I write this letter to you. There is so much to say, and I’m worried about how you’ll react. I want you to know that I love you and that no matter what, you will always be my world and the light of my life. You’re probably wondering what I’m blabbing about and why I slipped this letter into your suitcase. Well, what I am about to tell you will change everything.

Over the past few weeks, I have been sleeping with Morgan and Miriam. Before you flip out, let me explain what happened. Do you remember going away to Boston for work a few weeks ago, and the girls stayed with me to keep me company? Well, as soon as you left, I found a letter just like this one on my office desk. I sat there reading the letter confused, angry, flabbergasted, and I have to admit very excited. It turns out our daughters have been fucking each other for six years, and we had no idea. I knew they were close, but this I could never have imagined.

The letter went into great detail about their journey to become lovers. I sat there reading their story, confused as hell as to why they were finally telling me about this. Why now? Why this way? It became clear when I reached the end of the letter when they told me they were upstairs in Miriam’s room fucking and wanted me to watch.

You could probably imagine my shock. It is one thing for our daughters to come out and admit that they were involved in an incestuous lesbian relationship; it was a whole other thing to ask me to become a part of it.

I didn’t know what to do. I am sure you probably think the only reasonable response was to give our daughters a piece of my mind, to admonish them for their deviant behavior. Hell, maybe even call a therapist or something. You are right; I probably should have, but the letter was a huge turn-on. You know how beautiful our daughters are. They have developed into sexy, confident women. They both knew it too! It is part of why we are both so surprised they never seemed to date. We both knew they were asked out all the time.

I know this will surprise you, but I have masturbated thinking of them over the years. It is hard not to fantasize about them after seeing them in their tiny bikinis or in one of those party dresses they wear when they go out. I always felt so guilty afterward, but it didn’t stop me from doing it over and over again. They were just too sexy.

Admitting to myself that I wanted to see them fucking took shorter than it probably should have. I got up from my desk and started to walk up the stairs to Miriam’s room. My heart was pounding, and my legs were buckling underneath me. I was nervous about what this would mean for my relationship with them, for my relationship with you, but I couldn’t pass up a chance to see them make love.

Once I opened Miriam’s bedroom door, I knew that there was no going back. I stood there frozen with my hand on the doorknob, unable to turn it. Miriam must have heard me fidgeting with her door as she opened it and greeted me into her childhood bedroom.

“Come on in, Daddy,” Miriam said in the most seductive yet innocent voice I could have imagined.

Daddy…that word just lingered there in the air. She hadn’t called me Daddy since she was a kid, yet here she was, a 28-year-old woman in her prime calling me Daddy while inviting me into her room to watch her have sex with her sister–how things have changed.

I thought I had some idea what to expect when I got into her room, but my mind couldn’t have pictured what I witnessed.

“What’s the matter, Daddy? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Morgan said while giving me a wink.

She was right. I was in complete awe of the image that lay before me. Both of our girls were dressed in latex thigh-highs and garter belts.

Miriam took my hand and led me to the purple velvet chair in the corner of her room.

“How do you like our outfits? We found some latex outfits and lingerie in mom’s closet when snooping around during Christmas vacation. We thought it would add a special touch,” Miriam said with a massive grin on her face.

I sat there transfixed as Miriam joined Morgan on the bed. They looked at each other with such love on their faces. Don’t get me wrong, the lust in the room was palpable, but there was a deep love there that went beyond just sexual desire.

Morgan took the lead just as she did the first time she made love to her Lefkoşa Escort sister. I watched intently as Morgan ran her hand over Miriam’s latex-covered legs. She moved with such grace as she teased Miriam…and me. She gently used the back of her hand to massage the skin on Miriam’s taut belly. Morgan got closer to her sister’s nubile tits with each passing second. Before engulfing Miriam’s breast with her palm, Morgan rolled her nails around the bottom of Miriam’s breast. You could see the need in Miriam’s eyes. When Morgan pulled on Miriam’s nipples, the moan that Miriam let out was guttural. There was a deep hunger in her voice, almost like an animal in heat.

“M…M…M…Morgan, that feels so good,” Miriam said, enticing her sister to go on.

Morgan knew she had her sister right where she wanted her, and she had me on the edge of my seat. She swept the strands of hair out of Miriam’s face as they gazed into each other’s wide eyes. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw Morgan pull her sister in for a kiss. I gawked as their tongue and lips danced in what I could tell was a well-worn dance. At that moment, I knew this was real and that things were forever changed.

The heat between them grew as their hands explored each other’s bodies.

“Right there!” Miriam yelled as her younger sister licked and nibbled on her nipples.

Morgan teased her sister, “Oh, you like that. Why doesn’t my big sister tell Daddy how much she loves having her nipples played with? Tell him how wet it makes you!”

“God, Daddy, I love it when Morgan plays with my tits. They are so sensitive. I need her to lick around my nipple. UGH! Yes, just like that, Morgan. Daddy, do you see what she is doing to me?” Morgan asked as she moaned and spread her legs.

It was the first time I had a clear look at one of our daughter’s pussies. I can’t put into words the feelings I felt at that moment. Morgan’s pussy was just…breathtaking. I know that is a weird way to talk about our oldest child’s pussy, but it was. Her lips were glistening with her desire. My pants felt tighter and tighter as I stared at her wet slit. I knew at some point that I had to taste her.

Morgan began to kiss down her sister’s stomach making her way down to the pussy that I so desired at that moment. Let me tell you, Morgan took her time. She kissed every inch of Miriam’s tight stomach, all while rubbing her latex-covered thighs.

“ENOUGH!” Miriam yelled out. “Stop teasing me and eat me, you bitch.” Laughter belied the real need in her voice as she begged her sister to eat her pussy in front of their father for the first time.

Morgan complied with Miriam’s request…sort of. Morgan moved her body down between her sister’s thighs. She kissed and licked Miriam’s inner thighs, leaving a trail of wet kisses on the latex that encased her sister’s legs. As Morgan went back and forth between each thigh, she would slowly blow on Miriam’s clit. I could tell that Miriam was in anguish. She needed her sister to give her some relief, and I needed to see her lick Miriam’s pussy.

“Please!” Miriam begged her sister; all the laughter was gone from her voice. She needed her sister to give her some relief.

The smell of sex in the room was overwhelming. I watched in awe as Morgan clasped onto Miriam’s smooth, wet pussy. I quickly pulled off my pants and boxers as I watched Morgan’s tongue circling her sister’s clit.

“Yes… right there, Morgan…show Daddy how good you are at pleasing me. Show him what we have been doing in secret for the past few years.” Miriam moaned as her sister ravished her cunt. (Yes, I am aware that I called our daughter’s vagina a cunt, but that is how vulgar the whole thing felt at that moment).

I sat there transfixed, watching the whole thing. Morgan had one hand on Miriam’s ass, pulling her sister’s pussy closer to her mouth, while the other hand played with her own pussy. Morgan was on her stomach, her legs spread, knees bent, her feet in the air, playing with herself and gently circling her sister’s clit with her tongue. It was almost too much to take in.

I started to stroke my cock slowly. I knew if I played with myself too much, I wouldn’t last long. Despite that, I needed a closer look. I quietly got up from the chair, as not to disturb the love-making that was happening before me, and crept over to the bed.

As Girne Escort I walked over to the bed, I watched Morgan vigorously finger her pussy. I was enthralled. There was my youngest daughter, clad in latex, finger fucking herself while pleasuring her older sister. I took in every detail I could.

I could tell they were both close because the moans from the two of them got louder and louder. Miriam’s body was writhing on the bed, her hips pushing against her sister’s mouth. I moved up to the side of the bed near Miriam’s face, hoping to see the look on her face when she finally came. Her eyes were shut, and her mouth hung open. She gasped for air between grunts and moans. The naughty words that escaped her mouth betrayed the angelic look on her face.

“Fuck yes! I am going to cum Morgan. Show Daddy how you make me cum, you dirty whore.” Miriam yelled as she exploded.

As she came down from her orgasm, Miriam saw me next to her face, stroking my aching cock.

“Well, well, well, Morgan, it looks like Daddy enjoyed our show,” Miriam said slyly to her sister.

“I thought about it less like a show and more like an invitation,” Morgan replied as she wiped her sister’s juices from her face.

I didn’t know what to make of that statement until I saw Miriam’s hand reach out for my dick. I initially flinched as her hand wrapped around my stiff shaft. It was one thing to watch them make love. It was a whole other thing for me to join them.

That hesitation didn’t last long. As Miriam began to stroke my cock I moaned in delight.

“It looks like he likes that,” Morgan said as she walked towards me. “I think he will like this even more.”

Morgan dropped to her knees, licked around the head of my dick, and then slowly engulfed the shaft. I almost fell to my knees right then, Emily. It was almost too much to handle. I grabbed onto the bed frame and let out a guttural moan.

“Haha, look at him. I think we may have broken Daddy, Morgan.” Miriam laughed. “Let me see if I can help fix him.”

Miriam slid off the bed and kneeled next to her sister. They kissed each other with my penis squeezed between their tongues and wanton lips. The pleasure was overwhelming.

I looked down, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. My two daughters were on their knees, fighting to suck my cock. They each took turns taking me into their mouths. While they each had different styles, they both were highly skilled. It made me wonder how many cocks have they sucked?

Morgan soon pulled away and let her sister go to work. Miriam licked up and down my shaft and swirled her tongue around my head. I was dripping pre-cum at this point, and she sucked up every drop.

“Doesn’t Miriam look so hot sucking your cock, Daddy? I can’t begin to tell you how many times we have talked about this. She needs you, Daddy. Show her how much you love her. Show her how badly you want her. God, I am dripping wet watching her suck your hard cock, Daddy. I am playing with myself. Do you see Daddy? Did you notice that I have my clit hood pierced? I love playing with it.” Morgan teased as Miriam continued to suck my cock.

It was too much for me, and I came hard into Miriam’s mouth. To my shock, she didn’t pull away. She grabbed me by my ass and pulled me closer, draining me of every drop of cum she could before swallowing all of it.

I sat on the edge of the bed as Miriam pulled away. I was out of breath and unsure what the hell had just happened. Was I dreaming? I didn’t know how to feel or what to say.

Morgan and Miriam soon flanked me on the bed. They both took my hands and placed them on their latex-covered thighs. Miriam could sense my apprehension and quickly spoke up.

“I know this is a lot to take in, Dad, but remember that we will always love you no matter what. We love you, not just as our dad but as a man, and we want to share that love,” Miriam said in a soothing and loving voice.

I couldn’t help notice the shift from Daddy to Dad. She wasn’t playing games anymore. She was being serious. She wanted to show me that I was still their father no matter what happened, and they loved me.

“I love you too, girls. I just never imagined…and your letter…this is just a lot to take in.” I stammered as I tried to regain myself. “Don’t get me wrong, I have always thought the two of you were gorgeous and your mom, and I Magosa Escort always wondered why you both were always single and hanging out together, but we could never have imagined what I just saw…and then us together….” I continued to blather as I tried to make meaning of all of this.

“We get it, dad. Just know that we have given it a lot of thought. Miriam and I are in love with each other. We also love you and wanted to show you how much you mean to us.” Morgan’s voice suddenly took on a sultry tone, “and Daddy, I can tell by how you are rubbing our legs how much you love us too.”

I hadn’t even noticed what I was doing, but I had been rubbing my hands over their latex thigh-highs the whole time we were talking. The feeling of latex on my hand excited me. It was our daughters’ legs in that latex, which made it even more exciting.

“You know Daddy, I am the only one who hasn’t cum yet, today.” Morgan said as she crawled onto my lap and kissed me.

There was a youthful need in her kiss. She pulled me into her mouth with a deep sense of yearning. My hands quickly went to her lower back, holding her in place to make sure she didn’t fall to the floor as she started to grind against me.

Miriam moved over to the other side of the bed and watched us as she began to tease her breasts.

My hands explored every inch of Morgan’s body. Her body was strong from the running she did, yet there was a feminine softness to her that reminded me that she was my youngest daughter. My hands moved to her breasts as I teased her nipples, pulling them. I kissed down her neck, taking in her sent. I gently nibbled on her earlobe as she began to buck harder into my thigh. The wetness I felt on my leg told me to keep going.

“Oh, Daddy, I need you inside me.” Morgan moaned. “Please, I need this.”

Before I could even respond, Morgan grabbed my dick and slid it into her. Emily, the sensation of being inside one of our daughters for the first time was mind-blowing.

Morgan rode me like a pro. Later I learned that she had a lot of practice riding the strap-on that Miriam and her shared. At the moment, none of that mattered. All I wanted at that moment was to make Morgan cum.

I ground my hips into Morgan’s clit as she used her hips to make circles on my cock. Morgan began to drip with sweat, and we fucked like wild animals, bucking and grinding like crazy.

I heard a moan escape Miriam’s lips as I lay back on the bed. There she was, touching herself while watching her sister and I fuck. As soon as I lay down, Miriam took it as an invitation to ride my face. The sight of her hot slit coming down onto my face is one I will never forget. She was dripping wet, and I devoured every drop of her.

The view of me licking her sister was too much for Morgan. She began to cum all over my cock.

“Oh, Daddy! I am cumming. Eat Miriam’s cunt!” Morgan screamed right before collapsing on top of me.

Morgan rolled off of me in a pile of exhaustion and sweat. She looked beyond sexy. Yet my work wasn’t done. Miriam was still riding my face when she noticed that my cock was now free.

“I want a turn,” Miriam said as she lay on her back. I got between her legs, and she guided my dick into her. While she felt different from her sister, she felt equally as good.

I slowly moved in and out of her as we glared into each other’s eyes. Our hips moved as one as we both moaned for each other. Miriam met each thrust.

“Daddy! I have wanted this for so long,” Miriam said as we made love. I felt her nails dig into my back as her hips began to push harder into me.

“Oh, Daddy, I am going to cum. Please cum with me. Cum in me. Please,” I heard her moan. It was too much. I felt a gush from Miriam, and I exploded inside of her. I collapsed next to her, exhausted after fucking both of our daughters.

“Well, that was hot!” giggled Morgan.

Soon they both got under my arms, and I held them close to me.

“I love you two,” I exclaimed.

“We love you too, dad,” Miriam said as she began to fall asleep on my chest. As I drifted to sleep, the new reality of this situation sunk in; we were no longer just father and daughters, but now the three of us were lovers.

That was three weeks ago, Emily. I know it is a lot to take in, and I am sure you are a ball of mixed emotions right now. I am telling you all this because I, no we, want you to join us. The girls love you dearly and want to show you how much they desire you. You wouldn’t believe some of the fantasies they have shared with me about you. Think about what I have told you today, and we can talk about it when you get back from your trip. I love you, and I can’t wait to see you.

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