Hot For Daughter Part 1


David had to look a dangerous temptation in her eye everyday. His beautiful, young, smart, virgin, daughter. Melissa had a smile so stunning that it made a chill travel down your spine. When she touched you it made a man’s penis tingle. And her eyes, oh her beautiful eyes. They were like big round green emeralds poking out of four rows of long eyelashes. 5’6, B cup breasts, hairless tight pussy, and a cute little birth mark on her ass. He started noticing Melissa’s irresistible trade mark hotness around her sixteenth birthday. She began wearing tight jeans, low cut shirts, thongs, push up bras, and shaving. In the blink of an eye, David’s little girl who called him “daddy,” was now a sexy sixteen year old. His wife was a dreadful human being. She only did the standard missionary position, she’d only want it once every couple months, she gained weight, and her temper Escort Küçükyalı was growing worse. He was regretful for marrying her, but not for producing this seductive creature.Melissa brushed her long beautiful light brown hair, then she got her little cheerleading outfit on. David walked behind her and her skirt bounced and there was a flash of underwear. Melissa, thankfully, didn’t wear spankies. She stepped into the big truck, which showed her white laced underwear. She had a light tan and her legs were crossed so skillfully. “Where’s my water bottle?” asked Melissa.”Here,” smiled David, who glanced at her legs. It was so inconceivably difficult to watch Melissa jump around in that outfit. David had to adjust a little bit because he was getting horny. Then his wife, Karen, continued bitching about how the gutters Kartal escort weren’t clean or how the basement was dirty.While Melissa was dancing, she couldn’t help but stare at David. He was only 36 years old, he had muscles and abs, he had chiseled jaw and from his camel tail he had a pretty big package. She could tell at times that he was hot for her. David would stare at the skin that showed, she knew he was undressing her with his eyes. During the car ride home, David was looking at Melissa through the rear window. When she looked and saw it, he’d look away. Melissa felt somewhat good inside when she knew a guy was checking her out, but in most cases it wasn’t her dad.David laid awake that night wishing he had someone to make love to. Karen was such a pig, and she’d stuff her face with cake at night. The next morning, which Suadiye escort bayan was Saturday, Karen slept in late…as usual. When he was walking down the stairs he saw Melissa playing a dancing game. David enjoyed watching her bounce around, but when she started dancing more adult-like he had to leave. He’d get hard when she did that. Karen came downstairs, drool and all.”I’m leaving to go shopping, then out to eat, then the movies… I’ll be back around…7.””Okay,” vaguely replied David. It was only 1 P.M.”Melissa, you going somewhere today?” asked David.”No, I think today we can watch movies or something,” suggested Melissa.”Sure,” he reluctantly agreed.”Um, I just have to take a shower,” smiled Melissa. She hopped upstairs and David stared. He began thinking. His bitch wife was gonna be gone for six hours! His sexy daughter was going to be taking a shower. It wouldn’t hurt just to look, if she didn’t notice. David tried his best to tip toe, the door was cracked. It was like it was meant to happen. This was too good to be true, the shower curtain was wide open! David immediately started getting hard. Melissa’s naked body was wet and covered with soap.

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