The Confession About Blake


“Mom, can we talk, please?” she cried, coming up to us.”What’s wrong, Blake?” she pondered, coming up with her. “Did something happen with Joanne?” she asked, taking Blake’s hands in hers.”Yes, she broke up with me, Mom.””What, why? You’re such a sweet and stunning young woman.””She thinks I’m too close with you two, can you believe that? She thinks I’m just a mommy’s girl and won’t live my life. She thinks it’s just weird to be so close to you, just you’re technically my step-mom, and she’s my step-step-mom. Just because you didn’t give birth to me doesn’t mean you’re not my mom. You’ve been a mom to me since I was a little girl, and you’ve never just treated me as a step-daughter. You’ve always just seen me as a daughter. So, because I love you so much, she thinks we’re too close.””Oh, that’s a crock, honey. To hell with her; I thought you were too good for her anyway. She wouldn’t know a good lady if it bit her on the ass.””Okay, thank you,” Blake mentioned, wiping away her tears. “I love you.””I love you too, but go see your other mom; she has some love to give, too.””Oh, shit, I’m sorry, Shauna; I didn’t mean to interrupt.””No, it’s okay, Blake,” I made clear, coming to her. “I might be your step-step-mom, I guess, but I like to think you’re my daughter too. I love you,” I told her, wrapping my arms around her.I looked at Connie, and she just smiled at us as Blake wrapped her arms around me too. I didn’t know what to say or do exactly, but I knew I still had a step-daughter that loved me too.”I love you too, Shauna,” she added, backing away a tad. “You’re the best step-step-mom a young lady could ask for, I swear. I’m really just glad you make her happy. I can barely remember my biological mom, so this one this pretty much my mom. Not that I think my biological one wouldn’t have been a great mom to me too. I know I’m twenty-two and still living with her, but thank you for loving me right back. You’re a wonderful woman, and I’m glad you proposed to my mom, and she married you.””Your welcome, sweetie. I know we’ve only been married a few months, but I can’t imagine how Joanne won’t regret breaking things off with you. If she thinks you’re too close with your mom, then pardon my French, but fuck her. To hell with her, find someone else, and I’m sure you’ll be better off.””Okay, thank you, Shauna. I’ll leave you two alone now; you’re in the middle of a movie. Thanks for your support,” she said, before pecking my cheek. “I appreciate it.””No, if you want to talk some more, we can talk, Blake. We can watch this movie whenever so sit down, and we can talk if you want.””No, that’s okay, Shauna. I’m sure you want to, you know, go to your bedroom and get busy.””Well, yes, that’s true, Blake,” Connie added, coming to her. “But you’re still one very important woman to me, and your other mom understands. So, please, unload if you need to, honey. We love you more than life itself. We can fuck whenever; you’re more important than sex,” she made clear, feeling her cheeks. “You’re my step-daughter, but you’re my pride and joy.””Again, it’s okay, Mom,” Blake added, before kissing her. “I love you.””Did she just-?” I muttered, raising my eyebrows.”I love you too; just stay my sweet daughter, Brownie. I swear you’ll find the one sooner or later, and I’ll walk down the aisle with you. Or, you can have both of us walk down it with you. Neither of us ever had our own babies, but you’re still more than enough for us.””Then why should I get married, Mom?””You’re funny; I’ll give you that. Just promise me you’ll come to us if you need to talk, okay?””I promise, Mom. Honestly, if you two didn’t like her, then that makes me feel better.””Okay, honey,” Connie added, before getting in another hug.After a moment, they backed away, but Connie kissed Blake on the lips. “I love Shauna dearly too, but you’re still the best thing to ever happen to me, I swear. Shauna knows it’s true.””Okay, Mom, goodnight,” Blake said, before walking away. “Goodnight, Shauna. I love you too.””I love Beylikdüzü escort bayan you, Blake.”Then Blake left, and Connie sat back with me. “You’re the best wife ever, I swear,” she stated, before kissing me. “It means the world to me that you’ve accepted her.””Well, you love her, so you kind of have my hands tied. BTW, how did she get the nickname ‘Brownie’?”She nodded and kissed me. “She’s always loved my brownies, and that dessert has been our number one dessert since she was eight. Now just promise me if something bothers you, that you tell me. I know you love her, but still, I know she can put a wedge between us at times, even if she does it unknowingly.””Well, you two kissed each other on the lips twice. What’s with that?””Oh,” she said, breaking eye contact. “We’re just that close, that’s all. We love each other more than life itself, remember? Sometimes we get a little affectionate; that’s not gonna be a problem, is it?””No, but is there more you’re not telling me, though?” I questioned, leaning to her.She couldn’t answer or look at me then, which made me suspicious. I waited her out for a moment and rubbed her leg too. I didn’t know what was on her mind, but it was something.”Well, you’re already wearing my ring, and you love Blake too, right?””Yes, and I still love My Best Friend’s Wedding too, Connie. What’s going on here?”She bit down on her bottom lip. “Just, just, promise me this won’t change anything. Both she and I will be the same people, but there is something we haven’t told you.”I nodded and kissed her. “I promise, lay it on me.”She failed just to spit it out and looked away.”You’re just making this curiosity go to something bigger now. What is it? Did you two used to run a crime ring or something? Are your names not actually ‘Connie’ and ‘Blake’?””No, smart-ass,” she branded me, pushing my leg. “Well, three years ago, about a year before her dad passed, we had one long talk one night.””About what?”She bit down on her bottom lip for a few seconds.”Damn it, just tell me what’s going on; that’s all I ask. If you’re trying to get one of my kidneys, then just say so, will you?””You’re funny too,” she complimented me, before kissing me. “I came out to her.””You came out to her; you mean you told her you liked girls?””Yes, I was still married to her dad and loved him dearly, but I wasn’t sexually attracted to him anymore. I told her that I truly loved her more than him for whatever reason. I always thought of her as the best thing that ever happened to me. We basically just always treated one another like queens. We just clicked right away, and I felt I owed it to her.””And she took it well then?””Yes, a little too well.””And what the hell does that mean?” I inquired, crossing my arms.She rubbed her face with both hands for a moment. “Blake and I had sex.”I stayed silent as I was in shock. I didn’t know what to say to that, but it was certainly one big bombshell.”Please tell me you still love her and me and don’t want an annulment, Shauna,” she pleaded, taking my hands in hers. “She means the world to me, but I don’t want to lose you.””You dumbass,” I branded her, hugging her. “You’re not gonna lose me, Connie.””Do you promise?” she sobbed, backing away. “I thought about telling you a million times before, but I didn’t think you’d like it. I felt I owed it to you to tell now as you can see how close we are. I guess it’s no wonder that Joanne broke up with her. We’re really close and even have a sexual history.””Well, it’s not incest because you didn’t give birth to her, but this is still out there, though. I mean, you two had sex that night?”She nodded. “We did it, but didn’t regret it. It started out with kissing and feeling each other, but it progressed. She told me I was the most beautiful woman in the world, and she’d support me completely. Then after we kissed a bit more and stayed close, she told me she’d be honored to be her first.””Okay, you came out to her, and you wound up doing Escort Beyoğlu it?””Yes.””If I ask you if it just happened once, would the answer be ‘Yes.’?”She sighed. “No, it wouldn’t be. Again, promise me you won’t look at her differently,” she cried. “I have a lot invested in both of you, so promise me. I don’t want you to think she has like some dark side of herself.””Yes, can the waterworks, Connie,” I commanded her, before kissing her. “What happened with you and Blake?”She lied back and covered her face once again. “There’s no better way to put it than just saying I had an affair with my step-daughter.””You mean like a real affair. Taking her out, fucking her, and giving gifts all behind her dad’s back?””I guess, yes. Come to think of it; I even did give her a gift on the first anniversary of us doing it,” she confessed, before feeling my leg. “I swear to you, though, that was never gonna lead to me divorcing her dad. If anything, it just made me want to stay married so I could stay close to Blake.””On the other hand, you weren’t sexually attracted to him anymore?”She nodded. “I just…” she muttered, before kissing me.”The word is ‘loved,’ hun. You loved her so much; you couldn’t break her heart by breaking her dad’s heart. You already told me he died in a car accident, so he never found out about your affair. So, after that, there was no way you were ejecting her from your life. You were hooked, right?””Yes, but it didn’t seem right to keep dating her, though. So, we agreed to see other people, and soon after that, I met you, and she swore to me she’d support me completely, even if you two didn’t like each other. Low and behold, you two hit it off, and I think some of it was because you saw just how close we are, even though she’s just my step-daughter. I never met to mislead you or anything like that. She is just one in a fucking million.””Well, you do mean fucking,” I chuckled, before kissing her.”So, you’re okay with this? I mean, it’s not like she’s your competition; you already won the race. Now promise me, I’m not kidding.””I promise this won’t be a big deal. This is out there, though. You had real hardcore sex with that beauty?””‘Beauty’?” she asked, pushing my leg. “Do you like her, Shauna? Are you interested?” she pondered, rubbing it. “Would you like to get close to her like that?””I don’t know, but she’s been extra affectionate, even with me lately. She’s always had her bra strap or thong sticking out; it’s hard not to notice. I’m not confirming anything, but this does paint a better picture of how you two are so close and why Joanne would break up with her. You two must have deep things for each other or something. Yet, both of you have just corked those feelings for a couple of years now?””Yes, but as you can see, we’re still close, and we kiss each other too. I’m with you now, and I’m not looking to replace you or rekindle old feelings with her. She knows I’ll always love her, but you have my ring. I don’t regret breaking things off with her, but it never put a strain on us. It just made me love her even more, I think. She’s just been like an off-limits woman that I know what it’s like to do it with her.””You make it sound like you want to get into her panties again,” I suggested, before a gap. “Wait, do you want to get with her again?””You’re asking me like you’re interested,” she mentioned, grabbing my hands. “I’m asking you one more time: You’ve seen my stunning step-daughter, but now that you know I’ve been with her, would you like to be with her? Obviously, with my blessing, I promise. She even told me she wouldn’t date another guy just because of me. She couldn’t make herself be with a guy, so she continued to date women. You’ve seen her undressed and even naked once, but now you know. So, just tell me, would you like to have sex with Blake? I know she’d jump at the chance to get with you.””She told you that?””No, but I know her. She loves you; if that is even half as much as she loves me, Bomonti escort she’ll be sold. She loves you, and you love her. If you get into her panties, I know you’ll just get closer, and I think our family will be closer. Obviously, I don’t have to tell you, but she knows what she’s doing in bed. She made me want not only her, but women more. I was already having doubts, but…””You had a sweet tooth you wanted to explore, and she shoved the sweetest cake down your throat?””That’s a good way to put it, yes. I’m just saying, I want us to be closer, and I’d never want you to think that Blake and I have a special sexual connection that threatens you. I love you, and I’m committed to you too.””I know that. I’m not about to call for a divorce just because of this, but is this important to you? Would you just feel better if I did get with her?””I think so, but I know the information is fresh, and when you see me cuddling with Blake again, I don’t want you bitting your bottom lip or anything like that. I’d never want you to resent me or her at all.”I hugged her. “I won’t, woman. I knew you two were close from the moment I met her, so don’t fret. It might not be incest, but it nearly feels like it if she calls you, ‘Mom.’ I’ll do anything literally for you two, and if you think we’ll get closer, then I’ll go for it. She is beautiful and has good taste in women too. Did you want to join in with us?””No, well, if you two would want, we haven’t had sex in a couple of years, but I’d like you two just be alone and not having me here. I’d rather have it authentic for you both.”I nodded and kissed her. “If things go well, would you want to join in afterward?””Yes, but don’t fall in with her; you’re still mine,” she reminded me, before rubbing my leg. “If you really want to, we can do it again. It’s not like I could stop with just one feeding. You remember you’ve seen her naked,” she mentioned, before getting up and heading to the door.I rubbed my face and tried to comprehend everything. Needless to say, it wasn’t completely out of this world, but still something huge. I felt my panties getting wet, but I still felt nervous as hell too.I wanted to be closer to Blake, but this was something that was more than weird; nevertheless, very sexy too. A minute later, I saw the door, and there they both were. I felt invigorated and turned on, but I couldn’t help to let the love and lust win.”What’s going on, Mom?”Then Connie turned Blake to her and kissed her. “I told her about us, hun.”I saw Blake biting down on her bottom lip. “Why, Mom?””It was time for her to know, but she has a much better idea why we’re so close. She’s not upset or anything, and, in fact, she might just want to see you naked. You think she’s attractive too, don’t you?”Then Blake nonchalantly peeked at me and smiled. I didn’t know what to say at the moment, but she sat next to me. I couldn’t make eye contact, but she helped herself to feel my leg.I think you’re a ravishing woman, Shauna.””I’ll just give you two some privacy,” Connie said, before heading out.Then Blake leaned to me and pecked my cheek. “I love you, Shauna. You’re the best step-step-mom a woman could ask for, but are you really interested, or did my mom persuade you?””Both, I guess. You’re a breathtaking woman, Blake. I had no idea you two had a sexual history.””I hope you don’t think less of us because I’m guessing she told you we started when she was married to my dad.””I swear, I don’t, Blake,” I made clear, pulling her on my lap. “I love you, and nothing is gonna change that. Are you interested in me?””I’ve wanted to get into your panties from the moment I met you, Shauna. You have great tits, a pretty face, and a great body too.”I felt her face and smiled at her. “May I kiss you?”She nodded and let me do the honors. I felt more than nervous, yet, my pussy was still leaking and leading me too. After a few seconds, I calmly moved my lips to hers and kissed her. She pressed her lips onto mine and grabbed my arms, giving me the passion.We both shook and felt the love soaring even just through a kiss. We kept a small gap between our bodies, but kept our lips together for roughly twenty seconds. After our lips parted, I couldn’t look at her, but she knew I was happy with the smile on my face.”I let my step-mom into my panties because I loved…

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