My Well-Fed Cuckold Husband


-Most of my stories are from my perspective as first person, but this one is from the point of view of my wife Joan, who cuckolded me.My name is Joan and at the time of this story, I was thirty years old and married to Ed, who was thirty-two years old and a successful marketing director with a company in the sporting goods industry. We had been married for five years and had a beautiful four-year-old daughter, and had decided to have another child, so I had recently stopped taking my birth control pills.I don’t mean to brag on myself, but just so you know, I’m very attractive with short and sassy, dishwater blonde hair and sparkling green eyes, and at five feet and three inches tall and one hundred and fifteen pounds at that time, you would hardly know that I had a daughter. I also have full, D-cup breasts which are firm despite having breast-fed my daughter, and my legs and ass are firm and shapely, thanks to my frequent workouts.Ed is a handsome man atsix feet tall’ and one hundred and eighty-five pounds, and he is the perfect husband for me except for one thing. He has a smaller-than-average sized cock, and although I do get some pleasure from fucking him, I usually get my orgasms from him sucking my pussy after he’s ejaculated in me. The fact that I married a man with a small penis might be surprising to you, especially after you learn about my experiences before I was married to Ed.I must have been a late bloomer, because I didn’t have my sexual awakening until my senior year in high school. I dated boys in senior high, and although we always kissed and some of the boys rubbed my still-developing breasts, it wasn’t until my senior year that my tits were fully grown, and I began to have a desire to have my pussy, which was just starting to get hairy, played with. My cherry was broken on my senior prom, and I can still remember how exciting it was to see my first cock.Randy was a big guy and was a line backer on the football team, and we were in the back seat of his car at a popular spot for the kids to park and make out. He had removed my dress and bra and was sucking my breasts, and I started rubbing his cock through his tight, white underwear. I really enjoyed the feeling of his thick cock in my hand, and I’m guessing that it must have been about seven inches long. We finally removed each other’s underpants and I was surprised when he turned around on the seat so that we were head to toe, and he started sucking my pussy.This was a totally new experience for me and I really enjoyed the feeling of his tongue on my clit and in my wet pussy. His cock was right in front of my face, so I tentatively leaned in and licked the head of his meat, and then took it in my mouth. We sucked each other for a while and then he turned around in the seat and pushed his cock into my pussy.I felt some pain when he broke my hymen, but that was soon replaced with the wonderful feeling of his thick cock filling my pussy and sliding into and out of me. My first orgasm from being fucked was just amazing, and the tingling in my pussy went on and on as he pumped his big load of cum into me. We were so naïve at the time and weren’t using a condom, but luckily, I didn’t get pregnant.After my first fucking, I started taking birth control pills and all I could think about was cock and how good it felt to be fucked. I continued dating Randy until the end of our senior year, and we were usually able to fuck about three times per week. I know he thought he was a lucky guy to have a girlfriend who wanted dick all the time, but he also thought that I was maybe just a little too anxious for sex, at least compared to the other girls in school.I then moved away to college and majored in computer science. I started dating numerous guys, and by my junior year, I was fucking at least seven times per week, sometimes izmir rus escort more than once in a day. Some of my girlfriends were concerned about me because I have such a hunger for cock, and even suggested that I might be a nymphomaniac. I don’t think I was quite that bad, because I still had some control over my sexual desires, but there is no question that I enjoyed being fucked. I tended to go with the guys with the biggest cocks, the biggest of which was eleven inches long and almost as thick as a beer can.After college I moved to Atlanta for a systems job with the same company that Ed worked for, but we didn’t meet for a year after I started. I continued my sluttish behavior by fucking many men outside of my work, because I didn’t want to get a reputation as a slut at work. After about a year on the job, I was assigned to be the systems support person on a project that Ed was in charge of, and after several months working together, we started dating.I was becoming a little more mature and decided that I didn’t want my relationship with Ed to be just about sex, because I was starting to look for a husband, and didn’t want him to see me as a slut.We dated for a year before becoming engaged, and I never let him fuck me until our wedding day. But, I was still fucking some guys in my apartment complex on the side, because I still couldn’t get enough cock. We did engage in oral sex after the first six months of dating, and that’s when I became aware of Ed’s small dick. There are so many positive things about Ed, that I overlooked his little dick, especially since I was being fucked so regularly by other men.Sometimes I fucked other men just before Ed came over to my apartment, and I’m sure that he must have tasted the remnants of their cum, but he never seemed to notice and didn’t comment on it.I stopped taking my birth control pills just before we got married, and I became pregnant right away. At first Ed and I fucked at least five times per week, and he always had to bring me to orgasm by sucking my pussy and clit after cumming in me. I have to admit that his little dick didn’t fully satisfy me after all of the big cocks that had fucked me, but I was determined to be a faithful wife.He was and continues to be very enthusiastic at sucking my pussy and didn’t seem to mind that he was swallowing his own cum. The pregnancy and birth of our daughter helped to distract me from my previous whorish ways, and I seemed to have my hyper sexuality under control, at least for a while. I also quit my job at the company to become a full-time mother, but I continued to do special projects on the side from home.We continued to have a pretty good sex life for another couple of years, and then Ed’s interest in sex seemed to lessen and we were then only fucking about once a week. I also noticed that he was spending a lot of time on the computer in the evenings and on weekends, and I was becoming suspicious of what he was doing.One day while Ed was at work I started looking at his computer to get some clues as to how he was spending all his time on there. At first I couldn’t find anything unusual, but then I used my computer knowledge to look for hidden files and discovered that Ed had been looking at hundreds of porn sites, and he was a member of dozens of sites featuring cuckold activities.I was shocked and hurt when I surmised that he must have been getting himself worked up on those sites and jacking off, which was why he only wanted sex with me once a week. I had never heard much about cuckolds before, so I started visiting some of his sites to see what it was all about. I was surprised to learn that some men, usually those with smaller dicks, liked to watch their wives having sex with other men, and sometimes even helped them and orally clean the cum off izmir otele gelen escort bayan the wife and her lover after they had sex.Reading about all of that was really starting to make my pussy tingle, and my desire to be fucked by multiple big cocks was reawakening. I found it hard to believe that Ed would be into this stuff, but I was also starting to think that I might be able to use it to my advantage.I thought about my discovery of Ed’s interest in cuckolding for the next several days, and then decided to confront him with it. We had finished dinner and gotten our daughter to bed when I said, “Ed, I was using your computer for some work-related research the other day when I found that you have been visiting cuckold porn sites. How long have you been doing that, and why would you do it when we had such a great sex life?”Ed was in shock and so nervous that he was visibly shaking, but finally mustered the strength to say, “Oh shit, I’m so sorry that you saw that ,Joan. I was on the computer about a year ago and clicked on a spam email that took me to a cuckold porn site. I had never heard of that stuff before, but when I started reading some of those stories, I found that it got me very aroused. I just couldn’t seem to get enough of those stories, and it has become an obsession to me. Please don’t be angry with me!”I tried to act more upset than I really was and said, ”It hurts me that we had such a good sex life and were fucking five times per week, and then you started going to those sites and beating off instead of fucking me. What is it that turns you on so much about that cuckold stuff?”Ed was clearly embarrassed and said, “After looking at those sites and seeing all of the big cocks, I realized that my small dick might not be satisfying enough for you. We both know that I have to suck your pussy to give you an orgasm, and our situation was the same as many of the stories I read. I guess my little dick and me eating my own cum from your pussy just made me feel like a cuckold already.”Then I said, “What the hell do you mean? Do you think that you would actually want me to fuck other men and let you clean their cum out of my pussy? Is that what you really want?”He then said, “Oh no, Joan, I don’t think I could ever do that, and I don’t think I could take seeing you really fuck other men. I just have these fantasies, and it might be fun for us to role play a little about another man fucking you.”I saw that as a great opportunity to at least get the ball rolling on the cuckold thing, and I said, “Okay, Ed, we can start doing a little role play in bed, but I sure wish you had told me about this before. I’ve been missing out on some sex for the last several months, and if this fantasy is enough to get you interested again, then let’s do it.”We started out doing role play about nameless strangers who fucked me, and Ed would get more aroused than I’ve ever seen him as he sucked his own cum from my pussy. Then, when we started fantasizing about men that we both knew from his company, he got even more excited, and he sometimes tried to stick his whole head in my pussy to get his cum out.I was also having a good time and egged Ed on by talking about the big cocks that were fucking me and the huge balls swinging against my ass. I even acted like I was making up stories about being fucked many time per week in college, and of course he had no idea that it was true.He really got turned on when I mentioned how good it felt to have the big cocks pressing against my cervix and then feeling my lover’s cum shooting into me. We also started a new scenario where I would sit on his face after he shot his load in me, and I would press down hard on his face, “forcing” him to take all the cum and even smothering his face with my ass.Ed was Escort Buca becoming more submissive to me all the time, but not in a way that was really degrading to him. He just loved the fantasy of seeing me fucked by other men and then swallowing their seed. Our sex life was fantastic as the role play got more and more aggressive, and I was hoping for the day that I could get Ed to take it to the next level, so I could really get fucked by big cocks again.Although I didn’t realize it at the time, my opportunity for fucking big cocks again was set in motion when Ed was offered a vice president’s position in Baltimore, which he accepted. In his new position he was expected to entertain senior executives from the customer companies, so part of his compensation package was a family membership in an exclusive country club.After moving to Baltimore, I was busy organizing our new home for the first couple of months while Ed was getting settled in his new job. He also became active at the country club and had made several new friends who became golfing buddies. Two of his best friends are Jake Barnes, the regional vice president of a customer company, and Malcolm Rutherford, a long-time club member. Ed described Jake as being six feet and two inches tall and about two hundred and ten pounds, and a quite handsome and personable fellow. Malcolm is also an athletic guy at six feet and three inches tall and two hundred and twenty pounds, and he also happens to be a black man.After we got settled in our new home and Ed was comfortable with his new position, we continued our role play fantasies, and they then included much more visual stimulation, since Ed had seen Jake and Malcolm in the showers at the club. Jake has what looked to be a seven-inch soft cock which is very thick, and he also has balls the size of eggs that hung heavily in the sack. Malcolm is even better hung at nine inches soft and almost as thick as a soda can, and his balls are also huge.Ed never had that kind of visual stimulation before in describing our fantasies, and we were both more turned on than ever at thinking of those huge cocks fucking me and then having Ed clean up their plentiful cum. I knew that I had to make fucking those two hung men a reality and I encouraged Ed all that I could by making my part of the fantasies as realistic as possible. Even when we weren’t in bed, I was constantly bringing up their names and talking about having my pussy filled with their cocks.I finally got to meet those two men and their wives at a party at the club, and we all hit it off like old friends. Jake’s wife is named Sarah, and she’s a very pretty, but slightly overweight woman about thirty-five years old, and she does have huge tits and a nice big ass. Malcolm’s wife is named Rhonda, and she is a beautiful black woman of thirty-three years old, with very large and firm breasts and a protruding ass that men drooled over.I hate to blow my own horn, but I really looked good that night at the club, and Jake and Malcolm kept looking my way when their wives were distracted, and I know they enjoyed eyeing my plentiful cleavage and ass, which were displayed in a sexy way in my tight dress. Since our husbands were becoming such good friends on and off the golf course, the ladies invited me to join their bridge club, and I studied hard on the internet to learn the game.I played bridge with the ladies once a week, and after a couple of months we were becoming very close. We also drank wine at the games, and the better I got to know them, the more comfortable I was drinking more and letting my guard down a little. One night we had finished up the games, and Rhonda and another lady name Janice had already left. I was helping Sarah clean up and she invited me to stay a few more minutes and have a little more wine with her.All the wine had us loosened up a bit, and Sarah started talking about her love life with Jake saying, “You know, Joan, Jake is a very aggressive lover and he has a large cock. I try to keep up with him, but I’m happy if we fuck only once a week, but he seems to need sex every day. How about you and Ed, do you two have a good sex life?”

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