Kris , Juliet – Ch V – The Girl Between Us


We found ourselves at Bridget’s wedding sitting at the same table. Kris was across from me in a black off-shoulder dress, fitted to the slim curves of her body. Her hair was still blue sitting in a side-do just above her shoulders showing off her collar bones. Her gold earrings were perfectly complimenting her tan complexion and features. Her aloof and unknowing smile was brightest in the room but her eyes were only for me. I somehow knew she fucked other girls but always loved to fuck me most.The dance floor was filled the minute the lights were dim and the music grew louder. I felt hands on my hips as reggaeton music broke out. I turned to see a face I’d seen throughout the night from across the room, passing Escort ankara in and out of the ladies’ bathroom and now up close on the dancefloor.She was beautiful with natural strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. She danced to enthusiastically behind amongst the large crowd and strategically yet discreetly let her hands slide over me. When we faced each other, she smiled and whispered to me, “Meet me in the powder room.”She wore a fuchsia wrap dress with long sleeves and a deep V neck revealing just enough cleavage and falling over her hips just barely covering her ass. She watched me from the mirror approaching her from behind, grabbing her ass making its way across her hips Balgat escort to her bare steamy loins. I kicked the door behind me shut as she nudged her butt into me a little closer, letting her loins fire up into my hands and feeling my hard dildo.I grabbed her hips further out from the marble vanity and lifted her dress to reveal her perfect ass and inserted myself into her super wet and throbbing pussy. I watched her moan with passion and agony in the mirror as I thrust in and out whilst rubbing her thick clit in circles bringing her closer to her orgasm.The louder her moans became, I felt she wanted to be fucked harder deeper and more intensely. She pushed me out, hopped Batıkent escort bayan onto the vanity and pulled me in. Her legs were bent beside her, exposing her pink pussy dripping with desire. I slipped my thumb into her slit before rubbing her clit again. She watched me slide into her as she gasped for air and thrust herself back and forth letting us fuck simultaneously. Seeing and fucking her half-naked felt so dangerous and dirty, even more so in a powder room.Our juices were overflowing between us and watching her fuck me just took me closer to the edge. She began lifting herself closer into me, rubbing my bud and grabbing mouthfuls of my aching tits all the while I fucked her harder.My body felt waves of bliss from within radiating itself into a shuddering motion. My fucking became more intense as I let the orgasm ride through me into her. She felt it coming as my moans grew louder then she let her head fall back and surrendered her body to the sex and let her soul feel the vibrations. C

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