Wanted: Part Time Pet


Wanted Part Time PetThe ad read: Wanted Part Time Pet. Mature gentlemen seeks pet part time for nurturing and companionship. For further information and details e-mail [email protected] read the ad a couple of times. It didn’t make any sense – does he want a cat or dog sometimes? A pet is a commitment you don’t just get one, play with it for a while and send it away. Did he expect that somebody was going to loan him their pet. That idea didn’t gel either.For some reason, I could not let the idea drop from my head. It kept coming to the surface for the next two days. I needed to investigate this further. I looked for the ad again – I had a devil of time finding it the second time. Finally there it was “part time for nurturing and companionship with the e-mail address.I sent off the following message: Please explain your ad, it doesn’t make any sense. What kind of pet are you looking for and why part-time? I didn’t receive an answer that day but in the evening of the second day my computer pinged “You’ve got mail” The message said “Sorry for the delay in responding the details are in the attached file.” No name no further information just an attached file. Oh great, I thought just what I wanted to do, open a file from some mystery man who makes no sense. I decided to send the message to the delete file. And thought, that is the end of that.I guess I’m like a cat and don’t know enough to quit. For the next couple of days the stupid message about the ad kept bugging me. Dam it! dam it! dam it! I find myself opening up the deleted file in my e-mail and searching for the message about the Part Time Pet. I get way to many e-mails – it took a little while to locate the message again. I sit there looking at it “attached file” I study the message again it’s from the address I sent my message to, its from a local access provider site not some free e-mail service.I sure hope I don’t regret this as I clicked on “open attachment”. A document opened in Adobe Reader:Mature gentlemen seeks female or transgendered person to act as a human pet for play sessions a couple of times or more a week. No intercourse is expected or required. No money is asked or will be paid. A session is for the mutual pleasure of both Owner/Master and Pet.A session is described below.You will enter the building through an unmarked door with the passcode you will have been given. Proceed to basement and through the corridor to door at end. Enter the dressing room. Remove all your clothing and temporary jewelery, turn the ringer off on your cell phone. You are here to relax. Drink a liter of water (Stored in the small fridge under the dressing table). At precisely the session begin time, exit through the door opposite the entry door. You will be entering a cage, sit on the bench and wait. Your owner/master will come and lead you from the cage to an area where you will be washed, shampooed and any unwanted body hair removed (You will define how and what hair you want removed and how you want remaining hair to be treated before session.) You will then receive a full body massage, you will be induced to climax via the use of toys or manual stimulation. You will have a bondage collar, anklets and cuffs attached. You will be required to drink a liter of water for a second time. Upon completion of your grooming you will have a leash attached to the collar and be led to the apartment. Once in the apartment the leash will be removed and hung on a peg by the door.While in the apartment you may do as you wish except you may not speak or use the bathroom. Communication will have to be with grunts, facial and hand gestures. You may engage in any pet style behaviors that suit your fancy. (There are no requirements except that if you wish to relive your self you go and get the leash from the peg by the door and present it to your owner/master. He will clip the lead to the collar and escort you back to the grooming area where he will watch you relive yourself, he will then clean you and return you to the apartment.) There are no windows looking into the grooming area or the apartment so no one will be able to glimpse at your nudity. In the apartment there is a Flat screen with cable and a computer attached for viewing shows or movies. The computer can play DVD’s and a Netflix subscription is in effect. The computer can also surf the net. There is, at present ,no game console but one can be provided if desired. You will have total control of the remotes. (Your owner/master will help you operate the electronics.) You are welcome to bring reading material with you for a session (Just place the book or magazines on the bench in the cage and your owner/master will carry them for you into the apartment.) There is a small fully equipped kitchen where meals and snacks can be prepared. You may use anything in the apartment except the bathroom.Your requirements: Drink Escort bodrum the water as requested (Your body needs the water to flush your system after the massage.)You may not speak unless directly ordered to do so.You may not smoke.All of your body including genitals will be available to be felt, touched or stroked at all times.You will allow your owner/master to adorn you with clothing, chains and jewelery as he sees fit.You will not discuss with ANYONE the nature of or anything you do during the session.You will notify someone where you are (Address) and when you are expecting to return.Your Owner/Master:Will not strike, slap or beat you with anything whatsoever.Will not take any photographs of you.Will not mark your body in any fashion.Will not humiliate you other than to watch you relive yourself.Will not try to train you to do tricks.Will not chain you to or lock you in anything.Will not request you to feed or drink from bowls on the floor.Will not request you to eat pet food.At the end of the session you will be lead to the cage attached to the dressing room and left on the bench. You will stay on the bench until the Owner/master leaves and then you may exit to the dressing room. Rest, dress and further groom yourself self before departure. (You may stay overnight in the apartment as a pet or the dressing room as a human. I do not wish you to drive when you are tired or the weather is bad.)Sessions WILL begin on time, at least for the pet.Sessions will end when either party requests, usually at the end time set for the session.You may stop the session and leave at any time if you are not comfortable with our arrangement, there are no locks between you and the building exit.Changes to rules can be negotiated before the next session.The preferred method of communication is via e-mail.Wow! that wasn’t at all what I had imagined. I really don’t know, just what I imagined. I knew that BDSM existed and this didn’t seem to fit that mold. Actually it sounded more like a day at the spa except for the peeing part. I could take a few hours off from life, be pampered, petted and even worshiped for a while. No important decisions to make on my own and even not have to wrestle for the remote. I was going to have to seriously think about this.I decided to find out a little more about being his pet. I have a busy life full of requirements, too so many people, I felt “streesssed!” all the time. Maybe this is just what the doctor ordered. I certainly do not get much relaxing done at home, it is to easy for every one in my family to get to me. I never get to watch what I want, the kids watch cartoons until my husband changes channels to watch some sports football, basketball, baseball – anything with a ball in it he even watched bowling the other night. He hasn’t touched me in months and quite frankly I don’t miss it much – too tired, too depressed.I emailed Owner back and asked, “What times are sessions, how much are they, where and how long.”I got a reply back the next day. “Sessions are scheduled at your convenience, I am semi-retired so my hours are very flexible and can match your schedule. They are held in a building I own in XXXXX, XX it is an old commercial building on the edge of downtown there is plenty of parking and is a very safe neighborhood. The building houses a gift shop on the main floor, the kennel and apartment are in the basement. A family style restaurant is on one side, a hair dresser on the other and overlooking a marina on the canal in the back. I would suggest a three hour session the first time. As mentioned in the fact sheet there will be no money exchange. We are meeting for our mutual satisfaction. I get to touch and pet . You get pampered and pleasured. We are not friends, or lovers just two people enjoying each others company for a while. I would ask you to let me know about any STD’s you have had contact with. I don’t have any and would like to keep it that way. Since we will not be having intercourse there should be no concern about pregnancy. If this sounds OK to you and you wish to book let me know.”I was still suspicious. I just didn’t know what to think. He said I should let someone know where I was and what time I would be done with the visit. So he can’t kidnap me and make me disappear, he has to let me go at the prescribed time, so he can’t do anything mean to me either or I could tell on him when I got out. What to do? What to do?Decision time. I emailed Owner back and said I would like to come for a session next Saturday afternoon after work from 2 to 5. I told him I was free of any STD’s.Owners reply: “I am looking forward to our session. The time is acceptable. As it will be supper time at the end I will treat you at the restaurant next door if you wish. I need to know the following from you before you come. What method of hair removal Escort Kuşadası do you use. Brand of shampoo and conditioner and body soap as well as deodorant. What do you like to drink as a snack beverage (I don’t drink much besides water so I will have to get the type you prefer) . Use the code of XXX to unlock the door from the outside. Attached is my picture – please be sure to delete it after you look at it. I don’t want any angry boyfriends gunning me down in the streets. Because they found my picture in your private files.”I e-mailed him back with the information he requested. Looks like I am committed now.I called my sister and told her I where I was going and would be back after 7. If I didn’t call her by then I was in trouble. I told my husband I was meeting a friend he didn’t like and we were going shopping and out to supper after work Sat and I shouldn’t be to late. I didn’t want to tell him I was going to get a massage with, I hope, a happy ending.I arrived at the address Owner had provided and parked in the back. It was just as he had described it looked peaceful. I noticed the building was kind of run down in the back and it bristled with CCTV cameras there were four I could see on the back alone. I took a deep breath and got out of the car and approached the back entrance. The door was not very inviting, it was oversized, blank and had an air of being very solid and at the same time old. I saw the keypad and entered XXXX as Owner had instructed. I heard a loud clunk and the light on the pad turned green. Last chance I thought. I steeled myself and pulled the door open. There were no stairs, it was a steep ramp leading down into a dark abyss. There was a light over head but didn’t cast much light. I looked at the door again and noted that it had a crash bar so at least I could get back out with no trouble. I stepped inside, closed the door and slowly went down the ramp, “Please no spiders no snakes.” Just before I reached the bottom of the ramp another light came on in the entrance of the hall, feeling a whole lot better I realized it was probably motion activated and proceed to walk down the hall. The hall was gray stone on the left and smooth white on the right, ,the floor was old unpainted concrete, there was no ceiling just the beams that hold up the floor above. As I advanced down the hall lights came on as I got close to them. The hall seemed very long but was probably only 60′ or so. At the end was a blank door, I thought to myself this guy doesn’t spend much on decorating. I had the feeling I was in a dungeon, if the door had been oak plank I would have turned and run back out.I opened the door and stepped into a nice modern, clean room with tile floor painted walls and ceiling except the one wall that was stone like the corridor had been, I figured it must be the outside wall of the basement. The dressing room had a counter with a computer terminal, a make-up mirror and at the far end a bowl sink. I noted a toilet behind a curtained off alcove next to the stone wall and a door leading out of the room to the right of the alcove opening. There were a row of hooks and a couple of lockers on the wall next to the entry door I just came in. A futon configured as a settee next to the lockers. There was an open shelf with a couple of blankets and some towels. I checked out the room, it was clean and well kept but, could definitely use a woman’s touch as it was kind if sterile. I didn’t get much of a chance to contemplate the décor however, as the computer beeped to life which startled me a bit. My nerves were very much on edge and the urge to bolt back to my car was very strong. My breathing had been fast every since looking into the darkness at bottom of the ramp. The computer screen beeped again an a message come on the screen. “Welcome pet you have nothing to fear. Please disrobe, drink a bottle of water and exit to the cage I will be with you soon.”I thought, water hell, I hope there is some alcohol in that fridge. I tried to collect myself , I still wasn’t to sure about this getting naked, I was shivering but soon realized the room itself was warm and it was just nerves. I stripped off my shoes and socks, the floor was actually warm, then my jeans. I noticed that the front of my panties were wet – when did that happen, I wondered. Off came the panties it actually felt good, the air hitting my butt and pussy. I always left my bush wild and natural, but, maybe if it is going to be played with, I should get it trimmed. Next I took off my top unclipped my bra and let my breasts free. My boobs are about average, I guess, but age and mean old Mr Gravity have conspired to give them a little droop but they weren’t to bad, it kind of went along with the rest of me, a little sag here, a little bit pudgy there. It wasn’t the 19 year old body I remembered bodrum escort . Of course, that was more than 19 years ago and 19 pounds less. It was always a bit of a shock when the woman with the laugh lines in the mirror looked back at me in the morning.I looked in the fridge, water, a couple of apples and some orange juice boxes, no booze, bummer. I sighed, grabbed a water bottle. It was a one liter bottle. I didn’t know if I would be able to drink it all at once it seemed like a lot. Well down the hatch as they say, so I started drinking. It took me ten minutes to get it all down, I thought I could hear waves sloshing in my belly by the time I got finished with it.I noticed a clock on the wall over the door to the cage. It said 2:02 “Shit I am late for the first session!” I ripped open the door and started to leap through but came up short when I realized the cage was only about 3′ square and the door opened into the cage so it formed one side of the enclosure. To the right was a blank wall backing up to the toilet alcove I guess, with a fixed bench. The other two sides of the cage were open bars like in the zoo. The room was dark except for a very small bulb above the cage. I closed the door and sat down. The bench was warm, nice touch. When I closed the door, the light went out, now I am sitting in a cage, naked, in the dark. Thinking 2 minutes late and the deal is off, my nerves had just about had it. I started to cry and I hate when that happens, I want to yell and scream not cry.A voice in the dark said, “You have nothing to be frightened of; this is a place were only happy things occur.” I heard the voice. It was low pitched, very calm and soothing. “You don’t need to cry, you are very safe here.” As the words sunk in, the room slowly became brighter. I could start to see the room I was in. A few feet in front of the cage was a padded table. Hanging from the ceiling over the table was a sprayer like the ones used to rinse dishes in a restaurant. There was a faint red light from some ceiling fixtures above the edges of the table. “For today I am your Owner, Pet,” Owner said.I could see the room clearly now. The construction was the same as the hall one stone wall to the left smooth dark blue to the right and a dark hall far ahead A few feet ahead of the table were two posts that ran from floor to ceiling there were holes in both direction though the posts. Above my head height there was a pipe spanning the posts through a set of the holes, the pipe had 4 eye bolts with ropes dressed back to the posts. I also saw a hook hanging from a hoist above the pipe. “O shit!” I thought he said I wouldn’t be chained up. Damn what have I gotten myself into.Owner must have seen my reaction to the posts and hoist. He chuckled. “Relax Pet, while those are just what you think they are. I have a couple of friends that like to play rough. And they use this space sometimes. We won’t be using them for our play sessions.” I was now able to look at the rest of the space and saw Owner approaching from the hall on the far side of the room. Wearing a black robe he was about 6 foot tall wide shoulders and a large gut. I had no doubt that he could have picked me up and hurled me across the room with one hand. He was bald with white hair, clean shaven. He had a stern look to his face but I noticed later that when he talked his face would light up and his eyes twinkle. He would have made a good Santa.Owner said, “You look a little nervous Pet. My real name is Dave and I promise I won’t hurt you. Because this is your first session and we haven’t worked together before I will waive the no talking rule here in the kennel. Do you have any questions before we start?” Of course I had a million questions but my mind went completely blank and I just shook my head no. I’m such an idiot sometimes. Owner came up to cage and opened the door there wasn’t even a latch, just some little magnet thing that kept it from swinging on its own. A two year old child could open that door. I’m starting to calm down now, a little. I am beginning to think the only problem I am going to have here is my own imagination. Owner extended his hand as if I was a princess alighting from her carriage. He lead me over to the table. He said, “Hop up on the table and sit up with your feet over the side. We are going to begin with washing your hair.”“Put out your hand.” He reached for the sprayer and shot some water on the floor opposite where I was sitting then he shot some water on my hand. “Pet, is the temperature of the water comfortable?” I nodded my head, yes. Actually it was almost too hot. But I was still very nervous and not thinking straight. He took the sprayer, put it over my head and squeezed the lever and hot water soaked my head. It ran down my back and on to the table, it ran down my chest and into my lap. I’m glad I didn’t say it was to hot because the run off was just right. Owner reached over and got a bottle of shampoo, it was the same brand as I told him I used at home. He squirted some on my head and I started to reach up to rub it in, but Owner stopped me. “You are my Pet, you are here to be spoiled and pampered.

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