Mom And Daughter Surprise The Man Of The House


Tom Ball and his wife, Denise, are forty-years-old. They’re typical suburban parents and have a sixteen-year-old daughter, Sue. Denise is aware that Sue is sexually active with her best friend, Beth, and decided to talk to Sue about her sexuality.After school on Friday, she sat down with Sue to talk. “Sue, I know you and Beth pleasure each other, and that’s okay. Have you had sex with a boy yet?” asked Denise.”Mom, I’ve been with boys but they just want to get off with no regard to my needs. They cum within a minute and pull out. I need a good fuck!” Sue exclaimed.”Honey, that’s normal for guys your age. I had the same problem when I was sixteen. My best friend and I had to take care of each other’s needs until I found a Senior who had some experience. Is there an older guy you’d like to be with?” Denise queried.”Yeah, Mom, there is, but he’s already taken,” she replied.”Is he going steady with another girl?” Denise asked.”No Mom, he’s older than that,” Sue stated.”How much older? Is he a college student?” Denise asked, concerned.”No Mom, he’s not a college student, he’s your age,” she answered.”My age! He’s not married is he?” Denise cringed.”Yes, Mom, he is. His name is Tom and you’re married to him,” Sue admitted.Sue’s admission shocked Denise until she remembered the crush she’d had on her Dad at Sue’s age, although back then, teen girls weren’t openly having sex. The more she thought about Sue and Tom having sex, the hotter the idea became.Later that night, as they lay in bed, Denise told Tom about her conversation with Sue, leaving out Sue’s desire to have sex with him. The idea of his daughter having sex with an older guy is a tremendous turn-on for Tom, and they had a wild sex session.The following day, Tom awoke at 6 am, took a shower, dressed, and then went to the kitchen. He started the coffee, then sat down and read the newspaper while the coffee brewed. When it finished brewing, he poured a cup and continued reading the newspaper. Around 7 am, Denise joined him.”Tom, altıparmak escort can you install some cameras, say one in Sue’s room and one in ours so we can see who Sue is having sex with?” asked Denise.”Why put one in our bedroom?” Tom countered.”In case they use our king bed instead of her full-sized bed,” she answered.”I’m can go to the electronics store and buy a couple of cameras that can be sound activated, later,” he said.”That will work. I’ll suggest that she and I go shopping this afternoon,” Denise stated.A few minutes later, Sue joined them in the kitchen.After pouring herself a cup of coffee, she asked, “Does anyone need a refill?” “I could use one,” answered Tom.”No thanks, Sweetie,” replied Denise.Sue brought the coffee pot to the table, refilled Tom’s cup before returning the pot to the coffee maker, then took her cup and sat down.”Is Beth coming over today?” inquired Denise.”No Mom, she has to go visit her grandmother. She’ll be gone all weekend,” Sue replied.”So what are your plans?” asked Denise.”I thought I’d lay out back and get some sun,” Sue answered.”Sweetie, your bathing suits are getting small on you and I need some new underwear. Why don’t we have a girl’s afternoon out and have lunch somewhere then go shopping together?” suggested Denise, thinking quickly.”That sounds like fun, Mom. What time do you want to leave?” she asked.”How does 11 sound? That will give you a few hours to get some sun,” Denise proposed.”I’ll be ready,” Sue stated.Sue finished her coffee then went to her room to change into a bikini. After changing, she walked back through the kitchen on her way to the back door.After Sue went outside, Denise said, “She’s not a girl anymore, she’s definitely a woman.””She’s built exactly like you were when we met,” mused Tom.”She makes you horny wearing that bikini, doesn’t she?” Denise asked.”Yeah. That bikini barely holds her tits in. Is she a C cup or a D cup now?” he wondered görükle escort bayan aloud.”I’m not sure. I’ll tell you after we come home,” Denise replied.Denise and Sue left the house promptly at 11 am. Tom departed for the electronics store a few minutes later, where he bought two wireless cameras then returned home to install and test their placement.Meanwhile, the females had a leisurely lunch at Denise’s favorite restaurant then took the half-hour drive to the mall. As they drove, Denise thought, “Maybe I can speed the process up by putting Sue in clothes that Tom can’t resist so I can watch him fuck Sue.”When they arrived at the mall, the first stop was to buy Sue a couple of new bikinis. Sue picked a couple of pretty modest ones which Denise didn’t like and handed Sue two string bikinis.”Mom, these are too revealing,” she complained.”Sue, you’re a woman now. To get the guy you want, you have to advertise what you’ve got,” Denise explained.”If I wear these around the house Dad might get too excited,” Sue commented.”What’s wrong with that?” asked Denise.”Mom! You sound like you want me to tease Dad!” Sue exclaimed.”No Sue, I don’t want you to tease him. I want you to have the best sex of your young life with him!” Denise whispered.”WHAT! You’re going to let Dad fuck me?” Sue whispered back, surprised.”I meant exactly what I said. Let’s pay for these and go to Victoria’s Secret for some new underwear,” her mother said.After paying for the bikinis, they walked through the mall to the opposite end and into Victoria’s Secret. A young saleswoman, probably in her mid-twenties, with small breasts, came up to them when they entered.”Can I help you?” the saleswoman asked.”Yes, you can. I’m not sure what size bra my daughter should be wearing,” stated Denise.”That’s fine, I’ll measure her. Young lady, please follow me,” she replied.Sue followed the saleswoman into a dressing room.”Take off your top and bra,” instructed the saleswoman.As she complied, Sue said, “My bras have been tight for a while but I thought that made me look sexy.””Having your breasts overflowing your bra isn’t sexy,” the young saleswoman said as she measured Sue, admiring her larger, high-set, firm breasts.”Well, my Dad seems to get turned on by them,” Sue replied.The saleswoman looked at her strangely and said, “You’re currently wearing a smaller C cup bra when you should be wearing a full D cup one. You still have a tiny butt, I’d say you should be wearing small size panties to go with your bras.”Sue slipped on her top, left her bra in the dressing room, and then went out to her mother. The saleswoman had already informed Denise of Sue’s sizes, and Denise was picking out bra and pantie sets and some babydoll lingerie for her.Sue looked through what her Mom selected, then exclaimed, “Mom, I can’t wear these! They’re almost transparent!””Do you want Dad to fuck you or not?” Denise asked quietly. She then realized that Sue was bra-less.”I do, Mom, but does everything have to be so revealing?” Sue asked.”Believe me, if you wear these, Tom won’t be able to resist fucking you,” she responded, then added, “You look very good without a bra.”Sue accepted her mother’s explanation and blushed at her Mom’s comment about being bra-less. As Denise continued looking around, she selected some new bra and pantie sets and lingerie for herself. When she completed making her selections, Denise paid for their purchases, and they left the mall.On their way home, Denise told Sue, “We’re going to give your Dad a fashion show of everything we bought when we get home.””Mom, I can’t pose for Dad in my underwear!””Why not? He’ll see you naked when he fucks you!” exclaimed Denise.Denise carried the bags with their purchases to the master bedroom when they arrived home. Tom was in the backyard mowing the lawn. Denise told him to shower before the women put on a fashion show for him. He did as she asked and, after drying off, put on a pair of shorts before he went to the living room and sat on the couch. Denise pulled Sue into the master bedroom and told her to put on one of her new bra and pantie sets as she did the same.Before they exited the bedroom, Denise shouted, “Tom, keep your eyes closed until I say to open them.”

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