LK Lets Jim Have Her Ass


Let’s fast forward a little in time, and it has been four weeks since Jim gave her that massage in our front room and had sex with LK for the first time. Jim has been with her seven times and is more comfortable around us. Jim knows that LK wants that orgasm while he shoots his sperm into her pussy.Now, it’s Sunday, ten days after the last time Jim was here. Jim went with us to my birthday dinner with a few close couples. After dinner, while driving home with Jim in the backseat.”Jim, do you have time to play tonight?” LK asked.”Yes, it’s been ten days since we were together last!” Jim said.”Are you keeping track?” LK asked.”No, but it’s been a while,” Jim said.”When we get to the house, I want us to go straight to the bedroom, so we have plenty of time to play tonight,” LK said.”Okay,” Jim said.”So, what do I get for my birthday?” I asked. “It’s not your birthday until tomorrow, and I have something special for you,” LK said.In the bedroom, LK stripped and lay face down, and I lay next to her on the bed. Jim climbed on the bed and used LK’s butt cheeks as a set of bongos, drumming away.”Do you want to play the bongos or have sex?””Sex!” Jim said.She rolled over to me, leaning against me. Jim fell on the bed and started sucking her nipples. Jim lowered himself to her pussy and licked her clit for several minutes, she lay there trying to enjoy, but she wasn’t getting aroused. Jim pushed a finger into LK and started finger fucked her for several more minutes.She pushed Jim away, and he rolled over and lay on his back. LK put her feet on him while still leaning against me. She started playing with his dick with her feet.”Jim, do you have a foot fetish?” LK asked”What is a foot fetish?” Jim asked.”Someone that likes to look or play with feet.””No, I don’t like feet,” Jim said.She stopped playing with his dick with her feet, crawled on Jim, and started rubbing her pussy over his limp dick. She lowered her face to his and slid her pussy lips along his shaft even faster. She stopped and inserted his dick inside her and fuck him at a fast pace. He came inside her pussy within a few seconds. She just lay on him with his dick still inside her for a few seconds. I knew she was a little disappointed with how long he lasted.She rolled off of Jim and lay her head on his chest.”Have you been practicing masturbating to last longer?” LK asked Jim.He giggles. “Yes, I think I’m lasting much longer,” Jim said.”Keep practicing. Maybe a little longer, okay?””Okay!”I moved LK over, and she put her head on Jim’s chest as I lifted her into a doggy position and fuck her for a short while, and I was trying to last for her, but with Jim’s sperm making it nice and slippery, I blew my sperm inside her pussy!LK moved down, started sucking Jim’s dick, and she had his dick rock hard within seconds. Jim’s dick was pointed straight in the air as she crawled up his body. I got down at the foot of the bed and watched LK lower her cum filled pussy onto Jim’s dick. Her pussy lips split apart as his dick penetrated her hole. She slid down on his shaft, and her pussy lips rested on his balls, and when she slid back up his shaft, she left a brilliant film of our juices covering his dick. She lowered her body onto his, threw her hair over their faces, and fucked Jim rapidly for over four minutes. I watched as her pussy bounced over his dick. LK’s breathing got more rapid, and she was fucking Jim even at a faster pace. Then she slammed her pussy as far down on Jim’s dick, and her body started shaking. She lifted her head and let out a loud moan, and her pussy pulsated around Jim’s dick as Jim began to pump her full of cum. I could see his dick swell up every time he pumped a new stream of cum into LK’s pussy. Her body was tense and rigid while Jim pumped his sperm into her. After thirty seconds, she collapsed onto Jim like a rag doll, breathing hard into his chest. Between her pussy lips and his shrinking dick, their cum started leaking out as he went limp.She was enjoying the effects of cumming, laying on him for a minute with his dick still inside her. When she finally rolled off of him onto the bed, I was there waiting, and I pushed my dick into her just-orgasmed pussy and fucked her well-lubed pussy. 

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