A Mom In Need Ch. 01


Connie Taylor could not believe the screen in front of her as she sat reviewing her bank records at the computer located in the corner of the large living room. She had really messed up secretly lending her sister twenty-five hundred dollars, then her sister skipped town with her drug addict boyfriend without paying her.

To make matters worse her husband Bill expected the extra money in the bank so he could finally purchase a fishing boat. He found a nice used one in the local want ads and called the guy about it last night. Besides the fact that he was counting on the extra money, he also hated Connie’s side of the family, especially her sister.

The first thing Connie tried to do was to call her mother and father, they sympathized with Connie’s plight yet they would not lend her any money. They told her that is what she got for helping her sister and they would never help her as long as she was married to that asshole Bill.

Then she tried checking her credit card balance, she could get a couple hundred dollars, way short of the twenty-five hundred her husband expected. She could only imagine what Bill’s reaction would be when she tells him what she had done. He would probably explode with anger, the last time he got really mad he destroyed several household items and furniture in his rage. Then for a month straight he was almost always drunk and treated her poorly, always, and tossing insults at her.

Connie knew that after that the love had gone from their marriage, she sometimes felt the only thing keeping them together were the facts that she was a good housekeeper, a great cook and their eighteen-year-old son Scott.

Scott Taylor was the spitting image of his father twenty years ago, tall, good looking, a muscular athletic build. They were very proud that Scott had gotten a summer job with his father at the construction company he worked for and that Scott receives a full scholar ship to a four-year school. Connie was even happier that Scott was going to study history and become a teacher when he gets out of college.

Behind her in the living room Scott and his best friend Jason sat on the couch playing video games. The two boys have grown up together since they bought their house, Bill did not like Jason, nor did he like his parents. He thought they were nerds bookworms that he used to abuse when they were back in high school. Jason’s father is a computer engineer with a prominent local company and his wife is a lab technician there as well. Their son Jason, she felt sorry for when he had the worse acne a couple of years ago, thanks to Scott’s influence he got treatment for it. He also shed his thick glasses for contacts, dressed less like a nerd, he was going to go to the same school as Scott and they were going to room together. Jason was going for pre-med, but Connie always liked Jason, for his influence on Scott and helping him see that there was more than sports in school.

“Boys’ would you like some lunch?” She said aloud from the computer.

“Yeah Mom, that would be cool.” Said Scott yelled to his mother.

“Thank you Mrs. Taylor, and lunch would be nice.” Said the always polite Jason.

“Scott give me a couple of minutes and then come out to the kitchen, I’ll let you boys eat in the living room as long as you are careful.” She said getting up to go out to the kitchen.

Scott got up off of the couch and went out to the kitchen, while Jason got up and walked around the living room to stretch his legs. He saw the computer screen was left up and he saw the check Connie wrote to her sister and he heard Scott’s dad talking about the fishing boat. The boy did the math in his head of what Bill Taylor said it was going to cost and how much they had in the bank. He realized that they were going to come up short, he heard Mr. Taylor yelling from time to time and he always hated how he belittled Connie.

Jason heard them coming from the kitchen and sat back down on the couch, they continued to play games and eat lunch. The whole time they did Jason kept stealing glances at Connie, and he had always had a crush on his best friends’ mom. She should length sandy blonde hair, her large forty four-dd breasts that always stood out in front of her proudly. Thanks to joining a gym with his mother a few years ago she got her body back in great shape.

He came up with a way he could help his friends’ İstanbul Escort mother, maybe help himself and hopefully neither Scott nor Bill would ever find out. Connie got up after shutting her computer down and excused herself to go lies down in the bedroom. Then the phone rang and some guys wondered if Scott wanted to go down to the old school for a pickup basketball game.

“Hey do you want to go with me Jason?” Asked Scott.

“No, but could you do me a favor and drop me off at the bank, I need to get some money out?” He asked.

“Sure no problem pal, let’s go.” He said getting up and shutting off the game.

The two friends went out the door and went down to the bank, Scott dropped Jason off and he went inside. The teller was surprised to see him withdraw such a large amount, but she had always known Jason to be coming in on a regular basis to make deposits.

“So what do you need such a large amount of money for?” Asked the teller while counting the bills.

“Thought I might do some school shopping.” Jason replied not making eye contact.

“Well here you go dear, let’s see we have it all right here for you in this envelope, you have a nice day.” Said the teller handing him his money.

“Thank you, thank you very much.” He replied counting it quickly and then leaving the bank.

It was only a fifteen minute walk back to Scott’s house, so he had plenty of time to run scenarios through his mind on what he was going to say to Connie. For everything he came up with he also came up with her response to what he was going to say, not all of them were good either.

He walked up the walkway that led to the front door and rang the doorbell, there was no turning back. He waited several minutes for Mrs. Taylor to come downstairs to answer the door, when she did he was shocked her eyes were red and puffy from crying. He had never seen her so upset and Jason felt bad about what he was going to propose, yet he had lusted for her for a very long time.

“Mrs. Taylor may, and I please come in?” He asked softly.

“Jason’s this really is not a good time, could you come back later.” She said to him trying to be polite.

“Please this is really important and it won’t take long.” He said looking down at the ground nervously.

“Oh, all right then come inside.” She said reluctantly to usher him into the house.

The two of them went inside the living room and sat on the couch where the two boys had just played video games. Jason was getting more and more nervous, but he was sitting alone in the same room with his best friends’ mother.

“So what is so important that it can’t wait for another time?” She asked him trying not to sound annoyed.

“Well when I was here earlier, I got up to stretch my legs when you and Scott went to the kitchen, and I saw your bank account information and I remember that Mr. Taylor wants to buy a fishing boat. But without that twenty-five hundred dollars he won’t be able too buy it and I’m sure he is going to be really pissed.” He said explaining what he had done.

“First off young man it is very rude to pry into someone personal business and secondly what goes on between Mr. Taylor and I am private.” She said really annoyed with Jason now.

“I’m sorry, really I’m really sorry Mrs. Taylor, I just wanted to help you out.” He said to hand her the envelope.

She looked inside the envelope and saw the money she needed, she felt relief and at the same time reluctance. She could not really take this money from a friend of her son’s no matter how long she had known him.

“I’m sorry to Jason, but I can’t take this.” She said trying to hand the money back.

“Mrs. Taylor really it’s okay, I really want to help you out and I insist you take it.” He said.

“Jason, how can I ever repay you and yes I will repay you some how for this, you saved my life today with this.” She said reaching out with both arms and hugging him and then kissing him on the cheek.

“I can think of a way.” He muttered.

“I’m sorry what did you say sweeties.” She said crying tears of joy.

“I know of a way for you to pay me back and it won’t cost you money or interest.” He said to her. “But first you should go down to the bank and deposit the money, I’ll come over tomorrow and let you know what you can do to repay me.”

“Thank Kadıköy Escort you Jason, come over tomorrow morning sometime and we can talk about it.” She said getting off of the couch.

She walked him to the door and gave him another hug, then she they walked out of the house together. She got into her mini van and drove to the bank, Jason on the other hand went home and jerked off in the privacy of his room.

Guys in school used to pick on him about his one attribute physically that he could be proud of, his cock. It is eight inches long, thick and he has large egg-shaped balls, all of the jocks called him wasted meat until Scott made them stop. He was now getting confident in the next day and telling Connie what he wanted in payment.

The next morning Jason waited until Bill and Scott Taylor left for work, then he waited for his parents to leave for work. He took a shower, shaved and did his best to look nice for what he was about to propose to Mrs.Connie Taylor.

He left his house and walked over to the Taylor’s he rang the doorbell and Connie answered it ushering him inside. They went back over to the couch and sat down, Connie looked really cute today she wore a tight button up blouse that was half unbuttoned to reveal cleavage and a khaki skirt that were short.

“Wow you look really nice today Mrs. Taylor.” He complimented.

“Thank you Jason, I feel so good today, like a huge weight has been lifted because of you.” She said with a smile. “So what is it I can do to ever repay you for your generosity?”

“Mrs. Taylor this is hard for me to say so I’ll just come out and say it, I’ve had a crush on you since I hit puberty. I do not have any experience with girls and what I ask is that before I go to college that you can help me overcome my awkwardness and give me the experience I need before I go off to college.” He explained to her so he would not sound crude.

“First off I think it’s sweet that you have a crush on me, really, but I do. But Jason there is no way I’m going to sleep with you or anything. I can’t honey, I’m married and wouldn’t be uncomfortable for you getting your experience with you best friends mother.” She said trying to get the boy to ask for something else.

“Mrs. Taylor I want nothing else and if the answer is no then I guess I have no other recourse but to ask for my money back.” He said standing up.

“Jason, I can’t, I already deposited it and Bill is going to pick up the boat tonight after work.” She said desperately. “Sit down now.”

“Yes.” He said quietly.

“Now listen I don’t know if I could have sex with you, I would feel like a whore for cheating on my husband and you are still a kid to me. I will give you experience, at least as much as possible without actually cheating on my husband, will that be enough to satisfy the loan.” She explained to him hoping that he might be happy with a little kissing and maybe a few quick feels for the last month before he goes off to school.

“Okay, when do we start?” He asked anxiously.

“Might as well be today, and I have no other plans.” She said to him.

Connie got off of the couch and shut the blinds to make it a little less bright in the living room, then she returned to the couch. Only this time she sat right down next to Jason, she put an arm around his back and whispered for him to relax. He did as he was told and she pulled him closer to her so they were face to face, then she kissed him on the lips. It took several tries to get him to relax, but finally he figured it out and he was now kissing her softly and wetly.

In about fifteen minutes they were fully involved in a make out sessions, it had been many years since Connie had been kissed with this much passion. She parted his lips and darted her hot tongue into his mouth, the young man emitted a moan and did the same. He really is a smart kid, he was picking up on kissing very quickly and he was actually quite good once he got the hang of it.

She also liked the softness and tenderness in his kisses, and her husband had been quite rough whenever they kissed during lovemaking over the years. She now felt him get a little a more aggressive as he pushed back against the couch. His right hand now left her side and gently worked its way up her front, he squeezed her breast hard.

“Softer, be gentle.” She whispered going Ataşehir Escort back to kissing him.

Once again he went back to feeling her breast, his hand is cupping it more gently feeling it fullness. He continued to gently manipulate the tit in his hand causing Connie to moan softly, he then reached down and slowly unbuttoned the front of her blouse, then he pulled it open. He peaked down at the white lace bra she wore that barely held the large mammary. He then took his other hand and unhooked the front of the bra and pulled her shirt the rest of the way opens.

“Wow. They look so beautiful.” He said softly breaking away from her kiss to look at her large breasts.

“Thank you.” She said to cover them back up and doing a couple of buttons back up on her blouse.

Again they went back to kissing, she allowed to feel her breasts freely, but she would not let him uncover them again. Now bored with her breasts he ran his hand up her smooth shapely leg until she stopped it from getting under her skirt. He tried several times, then she shifted position on the couch, when she did he ran his hand under her skirt. She let him keep it there, then he got bolder and lowered down to the front of her panty clad crotch. He slid his hand down the front of it, he could feel it’s warmth and moisture, then she heard her moan, so she rubbed his fingers up and down over the front of it.

Connie broke the kiss off and pulled his hand out from under her skirt, she smiled at him and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

“I think my payment is done for today.” She said.

“Yes I guess I should leave I have something I need to take care of.” He said.

Jason stood up and in front of the cargo shorts he was wearing was the largest bulge Connie had ever saw. She blushed when she first saw it and stared at it in awe, Bill was only four inches fully hard she was estimating Jason to be twice that.

“I see I have you all worked up, sit down honey I can’t leave you in like that.” She said sympathetically.

He sat back down and she got up, she went out to the bathroom and came back with a hand towel and a bottle of hand lotion. She applied the hand lotion to her hands and sat back down next to him on the couch.

“Jason, I can’t have sex with, but I can do this for you. Pull you pants down and your underwear too, so I can take care of that for you.” She said to him

He did as he was told and sat back down on the couch, Connie gasped at the large throbbing penis that was now sitting before her.

“Mrs. Taylor, can I see your tits while you do this.” He said nervously.

She reached up and pulled her shirt off, then she took her bra off, her tits stood up fully erect, her dark pink nipples were now thick and hard. She applied the cool lotion to his cock and made him jump, she lathered it up with the lotion getting it smooth and she began to jerk him off.

The young man reached up and fondled her tits, she moved closer to him to accommodate him while stroking his cock. Then as if in a dream, his hand stopped playing with her tits, and went back under her skirt, without saying or doing anything she spread her legs enough to let him gets to her crotch.

Jason started to rub her wet pussy through the panties making her moan, then she panted as she stroked his big cock up and down. Connie felt as if she was on fire as he continued to manipulate her cunt, then he leaned toward her, he hiked her skirt all the way up and she had to move her legs differently to accommodate what he was doing. He pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and he slid a finger into her hot wet cunt.

Then without warning Jason grunted and shoots thick jets of cum up her forearm and onto her legs. She used one hand to finish stroking all of the cum out of him and the other to remove his errant finger. Then she cleaned up everything with the towel and fixed her clothes, while at the same time he fixed his.

“Jason give me a few days before you come over again okay?” She asked him.

“Why Mrs. Taylor?” He asked as if he had a favorite toy taken away.

“I just don’t want anyone to get suspicious seeing you here all of the time when Scott isn’t okay.” She replied.

“Wow you are right, well give me a call and soon okay.” He said kissing as he left.

Connie locked the door and went back over to the couch, her lay on her back, put her feet up on the coffee table and frigged herself fast and hard until she screams aloud with a powerful orgasm. She shamefully had to admit that she was looking forward to seeing Jason again, especially now that she found out what a gorgeous cock he has.

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