Return to Paradise Ch. 02-05

Bdsm Porn

I take it back… I like the theme and this if for me… so enjoy.

The world is a changing place. I just uploaded the next story, Terri and Michael will be back as will Jim and Chrissy. A lot of characters have been added. I could have just continued the line and have everyone paired up, but where is the challenge there, Stick with me on this one. The Zombies are a means to the end. I had good ideas for them, but I decided not to use them as a main story line, just more of a unifying theme.


New to Paradise

From the view point of Terri – Short

Sam and I hit it off one night while we were drinking. I was home alone after a very frustrating date myself and he came in from his date upset, so we watched a movie and drink some. I’d always been attracted to him. He was my brother, my protector, and he had the most kissable looking lips, and I saw his cock one as he was jacking off and that thing was huge. Well I wasn’t the most conservatively dressed that night. I was wearing one his flannel shirt because I liked out the fabric rubbed on my nipples. He said something and we wound up having a pillow fight and I sorta helped the buttons pop by puffing my chest out. With my only real intent of letting him see my boobs we would up doing much more that night. When I felt his cock on my pussy it was electric. I came, I swear I came from just his cock on the outside of my panties. I had to have more, so I was on top of him. I reached down and pulled my now soaking panties to the side founding his huge erect cock. I was worried it wouldn’t fit into me his cock was so huge my hand.

I lifted up, aimed his cock at me and he was inside me. The look on his face and the pain I felt for a second made me wonder if I hurt him. But the look was shock and delight and pleasure all rolled up into one. I felt him cum. I think, he said he came right away as soon as he was inside me. But youth being youth I don’t think he ever got soft enough to have to stop. It was beautiful, I kissed him on the lips, my nipples on his firm chest simply felt amazing. I had stopped moving up and down on his cock, feeling his juices running out of my pussy I wanted to savor the moment where I became a woman. Somewhere along the line I got turned over onto my back, and he slowly and very tenderly started stroking his huge cock inside me. It fit perfect. I thought why wouldn’t it fit so perfect, he is my brother. I wrapped my legs around the back of his legs as he continued to slide in and out of me. I buried my face into his strong shoulder and let out a muffled moan of delight as I came under my brother. The one person I fantasied about when I was alone with my dildo. I had orgasms before, but never with someone else causing it.

I looked him in the eyes and said “Michael, I love you.” And I kissed him. I remember the electricity in that kiss even today, Many, many years later, and several grand kids, and the end of the world later, that kiss lives on.

When the end hit, we didn’t really hear much about it at first. We bought a cabin out in the outskirts of the county, our neighbors and lifelong friends, Jim and Chrissy were living on the next property over. Actually when it happened they were at our cabin spending the night. Life is a bit complicated for the four of us, Our parents somehow switched myself and Chrissy up and I was really Jim’s biological brother and Chrissy was Michaels. But we’ve blurred the lines, one night when we were still dating, we all were together for a vacation, and we did some swapping. It started out just teasing and it got serious. I loved Michael and Chrissy loved Jim.

I think the incest attraction is some sort programming in us. Maybe it’s because Family is stronger than anything. Anyway Chrissy and I talked and we decided some swapping was okay. Well long story short, Jim was actually a great person too and Chrissy and Michael were in the same boat. Michael and I got married, Chrissy and Jim did too. It took some doing to do it, and some bribes. We actually didn’t find out until years later about the switch and still have some questions.

We still like to trade, and we traded for about a month or so a couple times. We heard about babies having issues when there was incest related. We got Sam the first time, and Sara the second. And Kelli and Mark was produced for Chrissy and Jim. Funny how things work out, and this seems to have saved their lives. As for us, I think our parents must have had something going on too.

So back to the end of the world, we had the TV on, watching something on TV, I was snuggling with Michael, and Chrissy had her head resting on my bare hip, with her feet playing in Jim’s lap with his erection. The news broke in with the announcement. Blah blah blah… stay in… you get the drill. So we did. Things got bad fast, we got a call from Sara,” Everyone is bugging out to the island”, so we started our journey. We picked up some survivors along the way, and being in our 60’s it helped us a lot to have them. We actually picked hack forum up almost a school bus full. Three couples, each having some combo of teenagers, one of the teenagers actually had a baby girl with her. A man and his daughter, A mother and her teenage son, another brother and sister combo, two sisters from another family one that looked like she was with child, and 7 younger kids, and one English bull dog we named Leroy Brown because he looked BAD!

The Bull dog saved our ass once when we were refilling the bus with gas with a hand pump we found at a tractor supply store. There was a zombie in a car on the other side of the pumps and he wound up getting a hold of Michael’s arm. The bull dog came out of nowhere and tore his arm off. You don’t think about these dogs being that strong, but their bite is amazing.

The first night on the bus, I think the kids were the only people to get any sleep, the rest of us were on lookout both outside and inside the bus. The specifics of the virus and who it attacked was not out yet so we feared someone turning on us.

We hit the local Wal-Mart and got clothes, sleeping bags, bedding and personal items. The virus spread so quickly there were no looters really and we found it surprising how the stores were mostly intact. We did find where an employee made his last stand in the produce section. We’ve all see the people of Wal-Mart videos, well he had a shotgun, and he got his fair share of them. I never understood why people left the house dressed in their PJ’s. One girl was laying face-up on a pallet sized box of mixed nut, and it looked like she was naked from the waist down, and some poor guy missing the back of his head wearing camouflage pj bottoms was eating her pussy. She was wearing some very short cut daisy duke shorts, and it looked like she and been shot I the head also and he must have landed on top of her. I didn’t go any further to look.

The groups seemed very close. The Teenage siblings seemed very tight knit, a couple pairs of brothers and sister shared a sleeping bag. The guy and his daughter were very comfortable in their bag, all snuggled up spooning. I had a feeling about some of the relationships but kept quiet.

Michael and I went exploring looking for some stuff, we found a SUV and took it seeing how what looked to be the driver was laying in the road beside it, his throat ripped out, and his testicles missing.

We loaded up at Wal-Mart on Ammo and got a some rifles, and a 3 shotguns. On the ways down to Florida to get to the island we actually got into a standoff with a group of the zombies who was eating what looked to be a family in a station wagon. Lucky for us, shotguns are easy to aim for headshots. From a house with a big antenna we picked up a shortwave radio, and got ahold of the kids on the island.

We made it finally without any further incident, except for some road blockages. And one checkpoint where everyone had to strip to be checked for bite marks. Some of the teenagers loved this. The one single father’s daughter was hiding behind her dad. We all made it through. We picked up one stray baby we rescued from a zombie eating its mom.

We made it to the boat, got the extra supplies loaded, and made a trip to the mall for clothes and stuff for everyone, and baby supplies. We noticed the Zombies were not moving as much, and it looked like some were dead, but we didn’t go check that out.

We caught one of our teenage couples going at it in an electronics store, he was enjoying himself and she just looked indifferent, his hands up her shirt fondling her small breasts while he slammed his cock into her hairy pussy. A brother and sister, but who are we to talk. We loaded up for the boat, and set sail for the island. I was horny after seeing the young couple, and resorted to giving Michael a blowjob as he piloted the boat.

We were very grateful to have a larger boat, we had a lot of people with us. I wondered where we were going to put everyone on the island. When we got close enough we radioed, the kids to let them know we were close and had lots of guests.


Sara In charge Ch 3

(son of Sam and Susie )

I’m Sara, I wrote about zombies, and a few other horror books before this all happened. I’m a virgin, not because I have to be, but I’ve never been able to get the one I want, my timing has always been bad. I have a brother, named Sam. He’s a total hunk. I know it’s wrong, but I also know it’s not uncommon. I know our mom and dad are brother and sister, they don’t know I know, but I saw them making love one day down at the pool. Dad is really hung and on each stroke I could see right between their legs and saw their birth marks. They both bear the very same one that is between my legs and as I was later able to find out the same one between my brothers leg. Most people would never notice or even ever see it but if the cheeks spread it shows.

Dad’s cock head was coming almost all the way out, and going back into Mom, The foreskin was pushed back showing the purple head underneath, and I could see it well. The viens on his shaft we, I don’t know just amazing. I couldn’t help but watch, I’ve know they are active and I’ve seen them playing before but never really desired to watch them but this time was special.

At this point I have seen my brother’s cock, but never hard. I took it on myself and made it my job to see it hard and I sorta spied a little, okay a lot. I followed him one day and hid out watching him and Carol. I didn’t think they were an item or anything, she let him have some nice views of her ass and I got to see him get hard and was very impressed, it looked as big as our father’s. I continued to watch when I could for the next several weeks. She started touching him, letting him touch her. I saw him finger fuck her once. One Halloween I was spying on them through the window, watching a movie where there was a guy killing young people with a glove with knives. After a gruesome love scene, she climbed over naked onto him, and impaled herself onto his cock, onto the cock I want. I was green with envy but never took it any further and pushed myself into my work of writing books.

I didn’t stay to watch, I couldn’t. That night is the night I came to create my Zombies, that have now taken over the world. Lot of good working did me, I’m famous and most of my readers are now dead.

Everyone has finally made it to the island, and I’m the one that seems to be running the place. Mom and Dad have shut down from wanting to be involved that much. We have more people than we have rooms. My brother Sam, is in a room with some teenagers, probably driving him nuts. At lunch I asked, “Sam, I have to do something about the sleeping arrangements. We have lots of people bunking together now. I was wondering if you could move in with me, and turn the room you are in now into more of a dorm style room for the kids. We have bunks we can use from the last trip to the island. We just don’t have rooms.””

Sam said, “What about the kids Marsha, Cindy and bobby? They really need some space too.”

I said, “There a small room down in the basement they can take here if that’s okay with you?”

“Why wouldn’t it be?” Sam asked.

“I thought you might be tired of them by now.” I said.

“They are good kids, a little kinda playful at times. Bobby and Cindy are kind of an item. I’d be happy to share with you.” he said.

“I have a king size, you okay with sharing it with me?” I said a little to eagerly.

“I’d love to what with you Sis, It’ll give us time to get to know each other better. I’ve missed you.” He said. I could swear he checked me out a little.

I was on cloud nine, we got things move around that afternoon. We got a good percentage of the kids moved around to there they needed to be. The nudity sign was never removed, and some of the kids asked about it. We told them, “We will take a vote sometime on it. There’s more than just us there now and everyone needs to agree.”

One thing we knew about now and things were pretty out in the open. We heard that from the only radio station we could get that “Survivors here, and everywhere, share at least 25% of DNA markers with both parents. There is no cures or vaccine.” One good thing, unlike my books, these zombies died out without eating from the glands of human beings. It would take them at least 2 weeks to die out once they could not get enough of the hormones from the glands of living people. The virus is airborne, waterborne, and seems to everywhere. Even the CDC people in Atlanta locked in quarantine had contracted it. If you were not born of an incestural relationship, you were probably dead or would in a few more weeks. Adding to the death toll the zombies have eaten a good deal of the survivors too.”

We made it to bed finally, Showed separately but no hiding the nudity but not flaunting it either. We dressed in night clothes and climbed into bed, where we talked for about an hour. I asked, “Can I snuggle with you for a bit. Please.”

He said, “Okay, just … sounds good I’ve missed you.”

I snuggled over onto his chest, I draped a leg of his, and felt my pussy make contact with his knee. He held me for a while and broke the silence. “I’ll never get to sleep like this, I can’t sleep with so much clothes.”

I said, “Me neither, I normally sleep nude. Would you be okay with that?”

Sam said, “Only if you are okay with me being nude too.”

I swear my heard skipped not one but three beats right then and there and we started to shed our clothes in the darkened room. There was enough light coming in the window from the moon that I could see a little of his anatomy if you know what I mean.

We snuggled back together, I couldn’t not believe how nice his body felt against mine. My leg went over his again and I felt it. His cock wasn’t really hard at first, but as I lay there I felt it’s length expanding.

Sam sighed, “Sara, I can feel every little part of you touching me and “, Bringing his hand to my breast and cupping it in his palm, “your hard nipples on my chest and your leg over mine is driving me into a crazy horny feeling.”

I pulled up his body, running my breast along his chest and whispered into his ear, “Why do you think I invited you to sleep in here?” and bit his earlobe a little.

As he slid over on top of me he said, “I want you, right now so bad.” I felt his cock touch my very sensitive pussy lips.

“Yes please… please… pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa ssssssssssssssssseeeeeeee” I said, and I felt his cock enter my body, the first cock to ever touch me. It slid in so easy, and felt so wonderful.

“Oh… I needed that, you feel so frigging good.” Sam said as he kissed me His hard cock paused as he worked magic through that kiss. “Thank you… I’ve wanted you for so long. I guess it’s not really as bad as I thought, you feel wonderful, and seems like we are not the only brother and sisters doing this. I know Bobby and Cindy and a couple other teenagers are doing it.”

He kept thrusting, I remembered something, I need to thrust back too, and I did. Feeling his cock inside me I clamped down, and thrust back, and kept doing it. I could feel the veins I saw on his cock years before, rubbing my pussy and touching me as I wish they could have back then. I came, and I felt him pull out, leaking his seed across my leg. OH MY … his seed. I have never thought of that until just now. I lay my head in the crook of his arm. His still wet cock laying on my thigh, and we went to sleep. I woke up before him, and his beautiful cock was pointing straight up. I bent down, took him into my mouth as much as I could, tasting our juices on his cock.

Same woke up with a smile on his face, “Sara, I love you. Always have.”

“I have too, I think I just had bad timing. There was a time or two, but I was afraid to say anything to you, much less touch you.” I said.

“No your timing this time is spot on. I need you, do you think we can be a real couple, or do you think people would freak?” HE said.

“I think I doesn’t matter, they have the same tendency or they would not be alive still.” I said. “But I think I need to address incest at the Island Meeting tomorrow. Now will you shut up and let me do this. Wait, I have a better idea.” I slung my legs over his face, and as I felt it drop I thought to myself, I need to shower first. “Wait right here.” I got up went to the bathroom turned the shower on, and stepped in, Sam was right behind me.

“Good idea sis,” he said, as he soaped me up, and I soaped him up.

I turned face to face with him, lifted my leg up inviting him into me again, which he took me up on, his huge cock piercing my matted red pussy hair time after time after time. I came in the shower and couldn’t remain upright and took him down with me, where he continued to pound into me until the water turned cold forcing us both out in a rush. We dried and started for the bed, but looked at the time. We had things to do, it was going to be a busy day.


Busy Day Ch 4

This story opens up some of the reason for the Zombie’s and bringing in more people, I think you will understand more as the it goes on. Michael and Terri are our founding couple, Their friends Jim and Chrissy helped get them to this point, read the other stories in this saga. Sam and Susie are Michael and Terri’s kids, Kelli and Mark are Jim and Chrissy. Sam jr. and Sara are Sam’s and susie’s kids. James and Carol are father and daughter, James is also Sylvia’s brother. Then there is the newcomers. We’ll get to a census soon.

This is From Michael’s point of view.

It was a long trip for sure to get back to the island, We brought back a lot of new people. Some decent people, who like us have had some family experiences it seems. I’ve spent some time with a few of them over the last few days. Found out their stories, and have asked them questions too. I confessed ours, and well wondering how things happened with my parent’s. That is one thing we may never know.

Being short on space we took back our old room in the main house, we moved in a bed for Jim and Chrissy s into the setting room of the suite, Yes it had a big master suite. The first couple nights we were all tired. We are not 20 something’s like we used to be. During the day today, we’ve done a lot. I think we got the sleeping situation mostly handled. There are a few tight spots, but all in all everyone has a bed, some may be sharing right now, but we have plans to get some new housing built. Since there is no one left on the main island supplies are now cheap, and there has been talk of people moving there sometime, once we can actually verify it is safe. We had one incident at the dock her on the island, A motley looking group tried to ram our gates, saying they were going to rape our women and children. We were thankful for our long guns that afternoon. On a plus note they had a good stockpile of food, and medicine on their boat along with some carpentry tools, and how to books from a big box store. I think they wanted our island.

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