A Summer of Slow Transition Ch. 01


Introduction: This story takes place in a small rural New England coastal town during the mid – 1960’s. It’s about a young married couple named Pam and Bob. Pam was an attractive, shy, inexperienced, innocent young girl, with a strong conservative upbringing who had celebrated her 20th birthday just this past February. Bob was not as shy, but equally inexperienced and had a very inquisitive, adventurous personality, sparked by the new emerging open sexuality of his generation and society in general. Bob tried to convince his wife to loosen up a bit and enjoy this new freedom that the world was offering them and see things in the more casual and less structured ways of their parents. Although she knew how much Bob loved her, Bob’s more free-spirited approach to married life conflicted with her beliefs and how she was brought up. Pam and Bob grew up in a city with a population of about 100,000, and lived in an apartment there after their marriage. They both preferred the quieter, more peaceful life the neighboring town seemed to offer. They finally saved enough money, along with assistance from their parents, for a down payment on a modest home in that town. Until the near retirement aged teacher next door introduced himself, Pan had remained steadfast in her beliefs.


Ch. 1. Pam gets some food for thought:

“That old man next door is something else, and so annoying. Just our luck to get a neighbor like that,” ranted Bob’s wife, Pam, as she came in from the back yard, red faced and pouting.

“What neighbor? What did he do? Did he say anything to you?”

“We have empty lots on either side of us. The neighbor behind us with the big boat in the yard, the only neighbor we have, silly. He was constantly staring-no, leering at me-like a dirty old man. When I kept noticing movement, I turned and looked up. There he was, standing on his boat just staring at me. He smiled and said, hi I’m Charlie. It sure is nice to see some youth and beauty move into the neighborhood. I just said hello.”

“Oh, for crying out loud Pam. Lighten up. He was just being friendly and trying to introduce himself. Nothing wrong with that.”

“Well, he just kept babbling on about nothing in particular. The thing was that he just kept staring at my entire body, especially my behind and breasts, like he was undressing me with his eyes. I finally told him my name and went back to my yard work. He just kept on talking and glaring at me in a lurid way. It made me uncomfortable.”

“Jeez, Pam. You’re a beautiful woman with a body to die for, with everything in the right places.” As he admired her perfectly proportioned, 5′ 3″, 120 pound, 20 year old body. “Every man stops and stares at you. I don’t blame old, what did you say his name was? Charlie?”

“Uh huh, yes. Charlie.”

“You’re undoubtedly the most beautiful, alluring, and exciting woman he’s seen in a very long time, or ever. You’ve been stared at and desired since we met in High School and while we were dating. It didn’t bother you then. Why are you making such a big thing out of a neighbor appreciating your beauty and just trying to be neighborly? All you had on were those baggy old shorts you like so much, an old button down blouse, and, of course, a bra. It’s not like you were out there in a two piece bathing suit teasing him.” Bob, continued.

“I never go without a bra.”

“I know you don’t. Just trying to show you that your natural beauty and great figure automatically attracts attention without you even trying.”

“Aw, that’s so sweet of you to say … even though you’re biased.” Cooed, Pam.

Bob took another moment to continue admiring her gorgeous legs that lead up to her perfectly sized round firm ass, thin waist, and her proportionately sized round, full tits. She insisted they were a “B” cup, they looked more like a small “C” to him, but what did he know, he thought. His eyes moved up to that beautiful round-like face of hers, light skin, and green eyes. She never wore makeup, except light lipstick and a little eyelash liner. Her light sandy brown neck length hair with natural reddish highlights and large curls, cut on the short side in comparison to most girls her age, was always neat and casual looking. It looked so natural, and was.

Pam was not the type to spend a lot of time in front of a mirror and didn’t have to. If a person were to see Pam from only the shoulders up, they might get the impression that she was a mid-western country girl, with a slight touch of tomboy mischief in her. She was perfect in every way to him, and he always thought that they had to have her in mind when they described someone as, “The All-American Girl”. After snapping out of his 30 second observation, he continued talking, somewhat smugly.

“Hell, every time I look at you I get a little horny. So how do you think other men feel when they see you? You should learn to enjoy it, rather than think like our mothers.”

“Heck, you’re always horny,” as she let out a little devilish giggle. “And what is wrong with the way I’m dressed? I dress like every other decent girl my age. It’s the style for Anadolu Yakası Escort crying out loud. Like you said, it’s not like I was out there showing my behind and flashing my breasts to him.”

Maybe you should start, Bob thought to say, but decided against it.

“Would you prefer me to dress like our mothers and look like an old fashioned outcast?” Pam teasingly asked.

“If you don’t want to dress like your mother than maybe you should stop thinking like her and start thinking like people our age. It’s becoming a new world with different attitudes, maybe we should take advantage of not having kids yet. Oh, here’s a little news flash, baggy Bermuda shorts worn at the knees are rapidly going out of style.”

“Oh, here we go again.”

“Seriously Pam, we need to take advantage of the freedom that won’t be there in a few years and enjoy things we won’t be able to later. That’s why we agreed to not start a family yet and why you’re on the pill.”

“Bob, we can’t afford a family right now, it’s not about the freedom. If it weren’t for our parents, we would’ve never had enough money for the down payment on this house. This is all about not having enough money, that’s why I’m on the pill, and you know it. You always see things in a sexual way.” Giving him a naughty smile.

“And you never do. Maybe if you did, you might find that a little naughty thinking can be fun and exciting. Hell, you might even surprise yourself and like it.”

“I’m sorry if I always seem so difficult. But why does he have to have that big boat on the side of his house anyway, and right behind us? ”

“Pam, look how close we are to the ocean, you know this whole neighborhood was just summer cottages after World War II. Most of the older neighbors still treat life as casual as it was back then. He’s doing nothing that people haven’t done since they started living in this area. This is not the city, and why we moved here. Remember?”

“Oh I know. I didn’t mean to sound like a brat. It’s just the way he was looking at my behind and everything else. It’s just not something I’m used to from someone much older than my father.”

“Just relax, and be happy that you’re so gorgeous and hot. Be thankful that the mere sight of you can still put a spark of desire and lust in a man as old as Charlie. If he was actually looking at you like you think he was.” He then snickered softly like a dirty old man.

“Oh stop that. He was looking at me that way. Are you suggesting I become the neighborhood sex pot?”

“You are already just by being you. Accept that fact and enjoy it. It might be fun for both of us.”

“You’re so incorrigible. I’m going to take a shower, tie my hair up in a kerchief, put my old lady bathrobe on and look like Lucille Ball in ‘I love Lucy’ on T.V. did,” she giggled smugly as she walked away for her shower.

“Yeah, and if you do, I’ll sleep on the couch. If you ever go outside like that, our neighbor will sell his house and move.”

“Hey, thanks for the idea,” she countered as her cute little laughter faded down the hallway.

As Bob heard the shower go on, he sat on the couch with a cold soda and thought to himself, “God, I love that woman so much. How lucky can one guy be?”

His thoughts went back to when he first saw her. It was in the fall of 1961, the beginning of his junior year in high school. He was walking to his next class and saw what he thought was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He stopped and just stared at her as she approached walking with another girl. As they passed it seemed like she hadn’t even noticed him staring at her, like he wasn’t even there, he remembered. A few weeks later, at the popular Friday night dance that a lot of the high school kids went to, he spotted her at the other end of the dance hall with a bunch of other girls. One of the girls lived a few houses from him, so he went up and started talking to his neighbor who eventually introduced him to Pam. They talked and he ended up asking her to dance to a slow song. She accepted. The song could not have been more appropriate, he thought now looking back. The song was “The Way You Look Tonight”. They danced together the rest of the night and learned a lot about each other. She was a sophomore and lived on the other end of the city and went to a different Junior high school, which explained why he had never noticed her before.

“We have never stopped dancing together since that night,” he said aloud. They started going steady a short time after and when she was a senior and he a freshman at the local University, they lost their virginity together. He remembered how clumsy they both were that first time.

Seeing Pam had no interest in going to college, they got married the following spring after her graduation. Pam had a Monday through Friday job as a file clerk that her father had gotten her at the District Court in the city. Bob attended college and worked part time in his father’s business during the school year. They didn’t have a lot of money, but they got by, with help from their parents, if needed. Bob thought to himself, “She was right. She Avrupa Yakası Escort was on the pill because money was tight. She’s always right.”

Although sex was good and they were both satisfied, Bob had always felt something was missing. His thoughts went back to his conversation with Pam and her reaction to their new neighbor’s attention towards her. The fact that Charlie looked at Pam in a sexual way brought a tingling within him and slightly excited him. He wondered if Pam had felt the same thing or just simply the annoyance she expressed. The shower went off, breaking his train of thought.

Pam came out of the bedroom a short time later with her short naturally loose curly hair still damp, wearing a green cotton, one piece short pantsuit with big white polka dots that zippered up the front to her open neckline. They were more like short shorts and were very form fitting, tight you might even say. It emphasized her outstanding figure, especially her exquisite ass and firm breasts.

“Wow, you look hot! You should wear that the next time you do yard work. That’ll really spark up Old Charlie and get his juices flowing, for sure.”

Pam made a face and said, “Not a chance. I live with a horny person. I don’t need another as a neighbor, hovering over our back fence.”

“Really, it might be fun to see if he reacts any differently. I bet he wouldn’t.”

“Are you for real? Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I am. Do it one day when I’m home, if that would make you feel better – just to see what kind of a response you get, and see if it excites you, even a little bit. What have you got to lose?”

“How about my own dignity and self-respect?”

“Where did you plan on wearing that? Just in the house?”

“Well no, I actually thought it would be nice to wear over a bathing suit when I go to the beach.”

“It’s so tight. You couldn’t fit a bathing suit under that. And besides, what’s the difference between the beach and your own back yard?”

Showing that cute quizzical look she always did when she didn’t have an answer she just replied, “Well.” Then she turned to go into the kitchen.

“Look, he’s still out there, finally working on his boat now that he doesn’t have me to gawk at.”

Bob got up and walked into the kitchen to stand behind Pam, who was in front of the sink looking out the window that looked into their back yard.

“I’ll be damned. That’s Charlie Wilson!”

“Who? You know him?”

“Yeah. He’s a History teacher at the Junior high school I went to. I didn’t know he lived in this town. He is the best teacher I ever had and the nicest guy you could ever meet. You’ve got nothing to worry about with him. He’s harmless. A super nice person.”

“You didn’t see how he was looking at me. He was screwing me with his eyes.”

“Was he good? Did you enjoy it?” Bob asked as he pushed his semi-hard cock against Pam’s ass and started grinding slowly.

Pam moaned softly, then pushed away and said, “Stop it, you’re such a pig. He must have a wife and kids, maybe even grandkids.”

“He was married at one time but I remember older kids saying that his wife died in some sort of an accident or something before I started junior high. They had no kids. See what a nice guy he is? Kids were feeling sorry for him then. Kids that age don’t feel sorry for a teacher losing his wife unless he’s a special person to them.”

“Oh, that is so sad. Poor man. I feel so terrible now after all the nasty things I said and thought about him.”

“I heard you moan a minute ago. Was that moan because I was behind you, or was it in response to the questions I had asked?”

“Oh, Bob.”

“So, Charlie checking out your ass and tits and screwing you with his eyes did excite you.”

Without hesitation and in an attempt to sound stern she said, “No! Not at all.”

Bob noticed an embarrassing blush come over her face. He just nodded with a smirk and said, “OK, if that’s what you want me to believe.”

Pam looked down and shyly said, “Well … maybe a little. I don’t know what I’m feeling. Except that I love you.”

“And I love you, honey. More than anything in this whole wide world and nothing could ever change that … NOTHING.”

“I should go out and say hello to Mr. Wilson. Uh, I mean, Charlie.”

“No, not today Bob. Please. It would make me feel uncomfortable right now. Pleeeezzzze, pretty please.”

“I don’t see the difference, but OK, as long as you promise to at least think about wearing this outfit in the yard to tease Charlie and excite yourself a little more.”

“I promise, as long as you’re around the house.”

“I promise too. We’ll figure out something that you’re comfortable with. Nothing more than what you feel comfortable with. That’s another promise.”

They went back into the living room and were deciding what to have for dinner. Nothing more was said about Charlie, but Bob was feeling some excitement knowing that he had caught a glimpse of a side of Pam he had not seen before. He finally realized what had been missing: some different excitement in their lives.

Pam was already İstanbul Escort in bed when Bob came in the bedroom and got under the covers. Pam snuggled up to his side, gave him a kiss on his cheek and said, “I love you.” Bob placed his hand on her outer thigh and slowly started rubbing it softly and responded, “I love you very much too honey.” Pam was playing with the little hairs around Bob’s belly button, something she always did.

She softly asked, “Are you serious about wanting me to tease Charlie by showing more of myself to him?”

Bob thought for a moment, then said, “Well, yes, but in a normal and natural way. I mean like, bending in front of him with one more button undone on a loose and oversized shirt, and maybe no bra. Stuff like that. I only want you to do what you want to and what you feel comfortable with. I want you to have fun with this and you can still pretend that you have no idea that you’re giving him a show and keep your innocent appearance.”

Pam got up on one elbow and rested her head on her hand looking at Bob, and said, “What if he tries to make advances or starts saying dirty things to me, or tries to touch me?”

“He won’t, he’s not like that. Mister Wilson was always pretty passive, friendly, and respectful to everyone. He would never do or say anything to you until he was sure it was okay and you were comfortable with it. He’s genuinely a nice guy.”

“I could never openly act so loose to give him, or anyone, the impression that doing naughty things was okay with me, or was my intention.”

“Then you have nothing to worry about. He’ll only take what you’re willing to give and be happy with it. You need to know that…no matter how far you allow this to go, I am fine with it. I just want you to be happy and experience some new and exciting things.”

“How far I allow this to go? I thought we were just talking about teasing him visually.”

“If that’s all you do, that’s fine too. I’m just saying, as long as you’re comfortable and enjoying yourself, whatever you do is okay with me.”

“Oh … I don’t know how I feel about purposely teasing another man.”

“Just think of the pleasure and excitement you’ll be giving the old guy by giving him just a peek now and then of a young gorgeous body.”

“What if he’s not satisfied with just a peek now and then and wants more after time?”

“It won’t go any further than you want it to. You will be in total control. I know Mr. Wilson, he’s never been pushy, and is pretty instinctual. You won’t have to be blatantly obvious with your actions unless you feel comfortable enough to be more obvious. He’ll get the message you want him to get without having to say a word. If you don’t feel comfortable saying something, say it with your actions and facial expressions. I know you know how to do that … It’s all up to you.”

“I have to think seriously and long about this adventure you sprung on me today.”

Bob thought to himself, she called it an adventure, that’s promising. Then he said. “Take your time, there’s no time frame on this. Whatever you decide is fine. It was just a thought I got when you started telling me how Charlie was looking at you, is all. You know, I’m not suggesting any of this happen this week, or even this month. Just try it and see if and how it evolves for you. It’s all about you and what you feel.”

“It’s all about me? Need I remind you about good old Charlie?”

“Yeah, you. If you do this and find it somewhat exciting, do it more. If it continues and you think of other things you want to do to excite both you and him, then do it. Let it flow and enjoy it. This is all up to you and what you’re thinking and feeling and what you want to do. He won’t try to take this any further than you want or allow. Trust me, I know the man. He’ll know how far you want to go.”

“We’ll see. I’m not promising anything.”

“You already did.”

“I only promised to think about wearing my polka dot outfit in the yard.”

“Without a bra. To tease Charlie,” Bob said.

“You’re insufferable,” she replied as she lay back down on her pillow.

Bob reached over and placed his hand on her pussy and started rubbing softly.

“You’re all wet down here. Talking about Charlie this way does excite you. Now who’s the horny one?”

“Shut up and make love to me.”

In the bedroom they both rapidly removed all their clothes and lay in bed. Bob leaned over and kissed Pam long and hard. Pam responded and returned his kiss with the same amount of passion. When the kiss ended, Pam whispered, “Oh, Bob, fuck me … fuck me hard.” Bob got between her legs and placed his already hard cockhead against Pam’s soaking wet labia. Pam made a hissing sound as she felt his cock exploring her pussy. Bob’s cockhead slid in easily and Pam said, “Oh yes, I want your cock so bad, give it all to me, now!” Bob pushed hard, causing the entire length of his cock to deeply assault her vagina. Pam had an immediate and powerful orgasm. Bob, in his own excited state, began fucking Pam, fast and hard. Pam’s body tightened once again and she said, “Oh my God, I’m going to cum again.” She began convulsing and placed both her hands on Bob’s ass and pushed him to her, trying to put more of his cock inside her. Bob couldn’t hold back any longer, pushed hard into Pam, stiffened, and pumped a copious amount of semen into his horny wife’s hungry womb and remained there until completely flaccid.

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