A Very Insistent Father Ch. 04


It should have been downright ugly–veiny, bulbous, it looked a bit misshapen, not to mention outlandishly over-sized. However, this man’s erection was quite possibly the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen. I continued to stare at the incredible penis jutting from Jake’s midsection even as I slowly disrobed in front of him. Obviously my own sexuality influenced him enough to give him a great erection. I sighed inwardly. Apprehensive, yet willing, I knew that Jake fully intended to plunge the full length of his cock deep into my belly and indulge in the most exquisite pleasure a man and woman could desire. As I peeled off my panties, there was no doubt in my mind. I knew I was going to let Jake fuck me. Of course, a couple of months back this hadn’t seemed the wisest course of action, since he was an online acquaintance, basically a total stranger to me; yet, I knew even then that our intimacy was a foregone conclusion. I’d allowed his erect penis to slide right up into my and deposit some healthy teeming sperm deep into my vagina. I understood that fact deep in the recesses of my mind and body. Ironically, a man and woman couldn’t separate the act that gave so much physical pleasure from the act that created a brand new generation of life.

The fact that Jake happened to be black and a mere twenty-three years old while I was white and thirty-eight years of age made matters between us much more complicated as well as more urgent.

I quickly stripped off the rest of my clothes and laid them across a nearby chair. Jake came over to grasp me in his strong hands. As he dropped his face to mine, I lifted my lips toward his.

His first kiss was a tease. So was his second. Then I capitulated a little bit to encourage him during their third and fourth kisses and subsequently we fervently groped and clutched at each other while our lips and tongues tried to communicate some distinctly emotional non-verbals. His mouth pulled away from mine.

“You realize all I can think about now is how my dick will feel sliding up your pussy.”

I gulped a tiny swallow and then nodded. “I’m certain we must have gotten naked for a reason.” I dropped my eyes from his.

He chuckled. “A damn good reason.”

The fact is we had a doctor’s appointment coming up the next morning. An important doctor’s appointment–one that Jake hoped would change his entire life, not to mention mine. From the very beginning Jake had been upfront about his intentions. He wanted to get a white woman pregnant, and somehow I became the one who agreed to serve as his object of efforts. Besides, I already suspected the truth. I’d felt the impact of my body shifting gears internally a month or so back and tomorrow’s visit to the clinic just might confirm my suspicions.

A freckle-faced, blue eyed, dirty blond middle-aged woman had given in to the sensual demands of a young black man and learned to enjoy every second of it. The very first night that I’d accommodated the length and breadth of his mahogany colored penis literally scared me to death. I’d grown up in a strictly white area, gone to a strictly white school, married my white high school sweetheart, a man who divorced me after seven years of marriage once he knocked up his office assistant. Everyone was certain I couldn’t get pregnant. That’s why it was easy to give into Jake’s demand for a mixed race child–in the recesses of my mind I honestly didn’t think it would happen, not really.

But as the days rolled by, my Jake treated each and every night with me as if we were newlyweds. A night didn’t go by when I didn’t accept the intromission of his vital young erection deep into the supple tissues of my vagina. For over two months now we were a part of each other’s evenings, a part of each other’s lives, and a part of each other’s future.

My dark lover enjoyed indulging in the uncharted territory between my legs, and God help me, I loved those moments that his thick cock thrust into the welcome wetness that my body provided. Tomorrow we would see the doctor. Even though I Had been doubtful about whether I could ever conceive, I also hadn’t counted on the potency of the man who truly desired to father a child.

Tonight Jake wanted to celebrate the fact that we needed to see the doctor–that we needed a professional to confirm what a home pregnancy test had already told us. As far as I was concerned, Jake had achieved the impossible.

I’d spent the entire workday distracted. Although I wanted to scream my news out loud to everyone in the building, I told no one about the reason for the visit other than to say I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning. It didn’t help that Jake called me in the afternoon and asked me how I felt. I told him I felt okay. He asked me where I wanted to go for dinner that night–his treat. Then he added if I was ready for the fuck of my life. I told him if things turn out the way I thought they would tomorrow, I suspect I’d already had it.

It didn’t matter what I’d told Jake on the phone, once we’d gotten together for the evening, he fully intended to give me the fuck Bostancı Escort of my life tonight anyway. “Cricket, you realize there is nothing about you I don’t love.”

I giggled. “Oh. That is so swee…” I gasped in shock as his mouth went right to my pussy. “Oh God!”

His tongue sloshed across my labial lips and sucked on the clitoris for a moment or two. “Ooo…J-Jaaake!” The sucking motion on my clit was hypnotically intense. I could hardly stand what he was doing to my nerve endings; yet, I didn’t want him to stop. His tongue probed the moist entrance to my cunt adding liquid to what moisture I’d produced naturally.

Then he lifted his head away from my loins. “You know what we’re going to find out tomorrow, don’t you?”

“Hmm?” I knew what he was going for, but I thought I’d prolong his game. “What’s that?”

“I’m going to get my wish, that’s what we’re going to learn.” He dropped his lips back down into the slick open slit of my cunt.

I moaned as his tongue dipped in and out of my naked pussy.

We spent several long minutes like that. Jake explored every inch of my vulnerable underbelly with his tongue. “Oooo…” As the emotions built up inside me, I gasped out a question that I knew I wanted to hear his answer. “J-Jake?”

“Mmm?” the vibrations from his lips and vocal chords felt wonderful along my sensitive tissues. “D-does it…m-matter to you if it’s a b-boy or girl?”

He lifted up his head again. “I think I’d like a boy.”

“What if we have a girl?”

“Then we’ll try again.” He crawled up atop my naked body until he’d arranged his lips directly at my mouth, then he dropped his lips down to kiss mine. I could smell the light musky odor of my own loins clinging to his mustache hairs. Then when he plunged his tongue into my mouth I tasted the tart olive like juices that were a mixture of his saliva and my own natural wetness. “I want more than one child anyway.” He kissed me more lightly the second time. “Anyway, I’m excited to see how tomorrow turns out.”

I sighed. “Me too. I didn’t think I could ever have children.”

“So you said. I think in your case, it all depended on who you chose as the father.”

I laughed. “You couldn’t be more right there.”

We lay together on the bed and each of us knew we were ready.

“Fuck me,” I whispered as softly as I could into his ear. “Please.”

“Your wish is…” Jake squirmed to position his erected dick right up into the receptive lips of my vulva. “…My command.” The blunt glans of his penis lodged directly into the opening of my slick cunt. However, Jake continued to thrust all the while pushing his cock deeper into the confines of my loins. “Oh yes, you feel so damn good!”

“Thank you.” Intellectually I knew that this was how we’d accomplished his wish in the first place, how I’d given into to his desires, but I also knew that I’d wanted the intensity of this particular change in my life. “Thank you for loving me.”

“Like I had a choice,” he murmured as his cock found its respite in the confines of my loins. “You know you’re my addiction.”

“I dunno, Jake. After all, you’re the one plunging your syringe into my body and emptying all those dangerous substances into my system.”

He laughed. “Can you handle another deposit of controlled substances again?”

“Maybe–as long as you’re there to see me through the aftermath.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

By now we’d established the delightful rhythm that told each other we were in total agreement concerning the results of our action. Young black man and older white woman, Jake and I clutched at each other as if we might never have the chance to make love ever again. Tomorrow we’d find out for sure, but I already knew. Jake Hancock had succeeded doing what no man before him had done so before. I know I had mixed emotions about my part in his little scheme when we began, but now my confusion had turned toward anticipation.

He’d asked me right up front if I wanted to be his mate when we first corresponded, again on the night we met, even as I’d allowed him access to my body that first night. He’d asked me and I didn’t fight him on that issue. Why should I? I truly thought I couldn’t have children. Seven years of trying had proved that. Now I’d been proven wrong by a twenty-three year old black man. I focused my eyes to concentrate on his facial features as my body endured the unbelievable stretching that his thick bulging erection caused whenever he packed it deep inside me. The strong young man thrusting in and out of me was the father of the baby that I was very sure I happened to be carrying as a part of me now.

This was crazy! This was wonderful.

We moved in synchronized rhythm for minutes on end. Inside my sensitive nerves and tissues that his erected penis rubbed against zinged and lit up with an internal friction. I couldn’t help it, each new thrust brought me nearer and nearer to some physical nirvana that gripped me and wrenched me farther and farther out of control. As I moaned time and again, so did Ümraniye Escort Jake.

I gasped and began to pant harder and harder. I cooed some unintelligible groans right into Jake’s ear followed by another plea. “Jake, show me you love me.”

He clamped his lips down against my own just as I shuddered from our strenuous coupling. Then, with a shiver and a long moan, I came totally naked under his weight.

“Ohh…Cricket. Of course, I love you.”

“You love your babymama, don’t you, Jake honey?” I whispered. “You’ll do anything for your babymama, won’t you, love?”

Jake grunted out of control.

“You love her because you made a baby with her, didn’t you?” Holding him close to me, I rubbed his back.

“Ohh!” Suddenly Jake stiffened and grabbed hold of me. In a matter of seconds, he climaxed. His naked cock sprayed warm spurts of semen deep into my most vulnerable areas.

“That’s it, sweetheart,” I gasped. “Show me how much you love your babymama.”

I could feel his surge of heated wetness pool up inside of my moist sheath. If I wasn’t already certain that I was pregnant, he might have done it again. I lay very still under him as he lost all his strength and collapsed like an athlete that just gave the performance of a lifetime. I sensed the dripping liquid backflow of his semen seeping from the center of my body onto my thighs and sensitive tissues.

Once again I’d allowed my young black man to fill me up inside with his flowing vitality. The whole experience was unbelievable.


The clinic was crowded. Muskegon is a diverse city so you saw people of every possible heritage waiting in the clinic. Black, Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian, you name it. I don’t think we attracted all that much attention because Jake was black and I was white; nevertheless, our color difference combined with our obvious age difference made a lot of folks uncomfortable. He found two chairs together in the waiting room.

“Did you tell anyone in your family that we were coming here today?” I asked. I knew Jake had a love/hate relationship with his mother. I mean it was bad enough that she had been a young woman of sixteen when she gave birth to him; thus, she was only a little over a year older than me. The fact that I was invested in Jake’s life this heavily was an injury his mother had a difficult time dealing with.

“If what happens today turns out the way I think it will, I’ll want to tell her immediately.” I sighed. I thought about grabbing a magazine, but he wanted to continue the conversation. “What about you? Did you tell anyone?”

I shook my head. “Not yet.”

“I want to tell the world.”

“Ah yes, there’s a surprise. By the way…” I began to dig through my purse until I found the slip of paper I’d been looking for. We had gone to one of the department store photo centers a couple of weeks back and had some formal portraits taken. “I think we’re about due to pick up our portraits.”

“No kidding? I’ve been looking forward to seeing those. I want something concrete to remind us of our life together.”

“Really? I thought you’d prefer that we do an X rated video.”

He grinned. “Hmm…that’s a thought, too.”

Jake grabbed a magazine from the lobby table and scanned through it. I glanced over at him sitting there preoccupied with whatever he might have been reading. Sometimes I hardly can reconcile the fact that when I graduated from high school, my Jake was still a pre-schooler. In fact, I got divorced from my first husband when he was entering his sophomore year in high school. Now this beautiful young black man had accompanied me to the medical clinic in order to verify that we had conceived a child together. A lot of what happened over the last two to three months hadn’t made a lot of sense, but there it was–I’d stepped over the line and, as a result, I’d gotten pregnant.

They called my name. Jake and I stood up together and walked toward the nurse.

“So what brings you to us today?” She held up my chart.

I took a deep breath before I could spill the beans. “We…that is…I think I might be pregnant.”

The nurse looked at me and then at Jake. “My goodness. Well, let’s get your weight, first.”

If you think I’m declaring that, you’ve got another think coming. Needless to say she put us in an exam room and gave me one of those backless paper gowns to wear.

The exam was a blur. They took my blood and my urine for an hCG serum test (human chorionic gonadotropin), gave me a sample of pre-natal vitamins, and we were out of there. I do remember the doctor stating that I should: “Trust your feelings. If your body feels pregnant, you are probably right. Keep yourself hydrated with water and that will help to keep any feelings of nausea under control.”

The first part of the test was finished before we left. Positive. Just like we thought.

When we got back in the car, I said. “Well, I guess all we can do now is to wait for the serum test results.”

“You in a hurry to get to work?” “Are you offering me lunch?”

He Kartal Escort sighed and then chuckled. “All right, I guess I am.”

“I think we should wait ’til we hear for certain to celebrate, if that’s okay with you.”

“Would it help to protest?”

“Let’s have lunch.” Then I added, “Thanks for coming along to the doctor.”

“I wouldn’t have missed this experience for anything.”

“Looks like our suspicions were correct.” I looked back at him. “You’re gonna be a father!”

He whistled softly. “Whew…this is gonna change everything.”

“So it is.”

We decided to have lunch at a small little place on a strip mall. After we parked the car and began to stroll toward the restaurant, Jake pointed to a tanning salon. “You ever use one of those?” “A tanning salon? What’s the matter, you think I look too white?”

He put his arm around my shoulder. “Are you kidding? You’re my ivory cameo.” We continued to walk. “No, I meant to ask have you ever had the inclination to get a deep tan.”

“I’m afraid I burn too easily.”

“Well, I think you should know that…” He patted my stomach. “…This one isn’t going to need to tan at all.”

You know, I knew all that intellectually, but the bluntness of his words made me shiver. What on Earth have I done? I looked back at my Jake with brand new eyes. I had allowed this rugged, alien, dark skinned man total access to my body…complete, open access until he fulfilled his stated wish to procreate, to produce a mixed race child with a white woman. Not just any white woman, mind you; he’d done so with me.

Now my doctor pretty much confirmed our suspicions.

We sat at our table and ate. I stayed quietly aware of Jake’s presence, assessing his full potential as father to my child, while he talked non-stop about how he wanted to raise his son. I didn’t bother to point out that he may have to raise a daughter. After all, that didn’t seem to enter into his dream.

“Well, you ready to go back to work?” he finally asked.

I shook my head. “No, I don’t want to go back to work. I want to wait for the doctor’s office to call, after all.”

“Were you just planning to sit here at home today?”

Once again I shook my head. “No. I desperately need to pass the time with someone I love.”


I stared right into his eyes. “Would you take me home and fuck me?”

“Well since you’ve asked me so politely, I’d be honored.”

I nodded. “Me too.”

When we got home, I pulled the ingredients for my green juice out from the refrigerator once again. Of course, Jake walked up behind and rested his hands on my shoulders. “I thought you drank some of this morning?”

“I did. But I want some more before we make love.” I emptied the water into the juicer. “You don’t mind that I feel wetter where it counts do you?”

He laughed. “I don’t mind.”

“Didn’t think so…”


“Cricket,” Jake murmured as he sat down on the side of the bed and began to remove his pants. “Do you know how many days we’ve been together?”

“Almost three months, I guess.”

“Eleven weeks and five days–“

I did a quick calculation in my head as I disrobed in front of my young man. “Eighty-two days, right?”

“And how many times do you think we’ve fucked?”

I giggled. “I don’t believe we’ve missed a day–ever.”

“Not since you agreed to become the mother of my baby.”

I looked down at the floor, away from his face. I couldn’t believe I actually did that, but there it was. In a little while, I would probably get the call that officially informed me that I was pregnant with a Jake’s child, God help me…really truly pregnant after all these years. All I had to do was forsake the men of my own race and turn to a man of another race.

I turned back to my young man and saw that he’d slowly exposed every square inch of his dark skin to me from his trim figure to his nicely developed muscles, from his well-shaped ass to the hypnotic stature of his semi-erect penis. For eighty plus days I’d enjoyed the irrational delight of riding the full length and breadth of Jake’s masculine extension and today the difference that he’d made in my life would be confirmed.

Jake kissed me right on the breast and his tongue glided across my areola.

“No,” I whispered, as his head and body dropped down toward my abdomen. “I want to hold you close. Come up here and be with me…inside me.”

Jake clambered slowly back up resting his weight cautiously over my abdomen, thighs, and hips. “Do you think you’re ready for me, Cricket?”

I grinned. “Oh yes. More than ready…”

The prickly hairs of his chest and thighs rubbed itchy patterns across my bare skin as Jake shimmied quickly into position fitting his thick erection up against the now slick entrance to my open pussy. I swooned. “Ohhh…yesss. Keep going.”

As if my young black man needed another reason to push his cock forward into the welcome moistness of my body. One inch of penetration soon became two, then three and four. Five and then six, and finally with a long deliberate slide, I knew that my lover had slipped the entire bulky length and thickness of his cock into my receptive loins. Soon we’d established the primordial rhythm that woman and man used to urge the regeneration of our species.

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