Aengus and Swan: 60 Minute Man


The truck bumped along the road through the dark forest of the Michigan night. It was a work truck with tools and equipment in the back. It was a work truck and Eric Fulton worked hard for a living. His callused hands loosely held the steering wheel with the ease of a man who drove a lot as part of his job. The truck was an older model Ford pick up with a bench seat and a custom installed cassette player hanging below the AM radio in the dashboard.

Both windows were down because the truck predated air conditioning and it was a warm night. Eric was wearing cut off jeans and a tie-dye t-shirt with a dancing skeleton surrounded by roses. Written above it were the words “It must have been the roses” in psychedelic script. His thinning hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Eric’s eyes scanned the road ahead but his mind was miles away. He was thinking about Tracey. Tracey, the beautiful thirty-two year old he would see Thursday. He thought about her brown hair curling in waves down her back; about her brown eyes so huge and dark they seemed like pools he could dive into and get lost in; about her slender throat which seemed to beg for kisses. His mind swept over her beautiful breasts, the slight bulge to her stomach, the curve of her waist and down her shapely legs. He wondered for the millionth time how her lips would feel if he kissed them. His fingers itched to grip her sexy ass. He imagined again how she would feel sliding down his body; how she would look kneeling in front of him; how her brown eyes would hold his while she unbuckled his pants and finally how her lips would look as they slid down his cock for the first time.

Eric shifted in his seat, adjusting his hardening penis. He blinked his eyes to clear his mind of the vision. It would never happen. Not in a million years. Tracey was a vibrant, exciting woman. He was a broken down has been. A 55 year old divorced man with a struggling business and a bitchy ex-wife. He turned up the volume and began to sing along with a favorite song.

“Feel like a broke down engine ain’t got no drivin’ wheel

Feel like a broke down engine ain’t got no drivin’ wheel

You all been down and lonesome, you know just how a poor man feels

Lordy Lord Lordy Lord Lordy Lord Lordy Lord

Lordy Lord

I went down in my praying ground, fell on my bended knees

I went down in my praying ground, fell on my bended knees

I ain’t crying for no religion Lord, give me back my good girl please

If you give me back my baby, I won’t worry you no more

Give me back my baby, I won’t worry you no more

Don’t have to put her in my house Lordy, just lead her to my door”

Eric’s truck rounded a curve in the road and nearly hit a young woman walking along the road. She was all alone walking on the left side of the narrow road and screamed a little as he passed. Eric stopped the car and leaned out the window. “Are you all right? Did I hit you?”

“No.” she answered. “Just startled me. I was sorta day dreaming and didn’t expect anyone else to be out here.”

Eric didn’t reply for a moment. He was distracted by the woman’s breath-taking appearance. She had hair that was pure white and fell to her belly button. He could tell because she was wearing a white half tank top that exposed the alabaster skin of her flat stomach and he could see her belly button. Her shorts were white denim and she wore white leather sandals. But none of that was what stunned Eric. What stunned him and left him speechless for a moment was her beautiful face. Later he would never be able to recall it exactly, but he knew it was the most beautiful face he had ever seen. The only detail he clearly remembered was the gold chain she wore around her slender neck.

Eric blinked for a moment and forced himself to concentrate. “Ah, me too. I mean, my mind was drifting too and I expected the road to be deserted. Where are you headed?”

The woman didn’t seem to notice his hesitation. “Cincinnati.” she answered. “I’m hitch hiking there to see a friend and my last ride dropped me off a few miles back. I’ve been walking for awhile figuring I was hoofing it until I got to a main drag.”

“You can ride with me for awhile, if you want.” Eric said.

“Thanks. My name’s Swan.” She said hurrying around to the passenger side. She climbed in and slammed the door.

“I’m Eric” he said holding out his hand. She took it. “Good to meet you.”

Her hand was warm and firm. It would feel incredible wrapped around…stop that! He scolded himself. It was both dangerous and rude to think of this person he’d just met that way. He shifted the car into drive and got moving. The cassette tape was the only sound in the car. Abruptly that Eric that few people in the world besides himself enjoyed Blind Willie McTell.

“You can change the music if you want.” Eric said steeling himself for Lady Gaga or some other pop music nightmare.

“No this is great. I haven’t heard Blind Willie in ages.”

Eric glanced at her in amazement. Maltepe Escort “You’ve heard of Blind Willie McTell?”

“Oh yeah, I loved listening to him live.” Swan sighed.

“Live?” asked Eric. “Didn’t he die in like 1958?”

“Uh ’59,” Swan sounded flustered for a moment. “My grandma had a recording of him live.”

“Last Session?” Eric asked not noticing her pause. “That’s one of my favorite too. You like the Blues?”

“I like all music.” she answered. “But you don’t hear Piedmont blues very often anymore.”

“Not anymore.” Eric agreed.

They sat in silence listening to Blind Willie for a couple of songs. Eric’s mind drifted and the lovely Tracey drifted into his mind again. He felt a stab of longing that nearly caused him to run off the road. He wanted her so badly. He blinked his eyes a few times to dismiss her picture. He forced himself to focus on the road. The gravel had given way to blacktop, but there still weren’t any lights and trees still grew right up to the edge.

Slowly his mind drifted some more but now it pictured Swan. She was right in front of him. Her face was flushed and he could see her hard nipples through her tank top. Her hands slipped under her shirt. He felt his cock harden as he imagined her hands moving under the top to caress and squeeze her breasts.

“So are you married?” Swan’s voice cut through his imaginings.

“What?” Eric exclaimed.

Swan smiled. “I was just starting some small talk. You know, breaking the ice.”

“Oh. Yeah.” Eric struggled to get with the program. Small talk. Oh yeah, this is where we make small talk. “What did you ask?”

“Are you married.” She was laughing lightly at him.”

“Not anymore. You?”

“Oh no. I’ve never been married. Ick. I have this long time boyfriend I go off and on with all the time. We’re in kind of an off time, right now.”

“I’m sorry.” Eric sympathized trying to suppress the flash of excitement he felt because she was single.

“No big.” She replied. “It was my idea this time. What about you?”

“Married more than twenty years. Over time we became strangers at best; enemies at worst. Last year, she just decided she was sick of me.”

“She got sick of you?” Swan asked in disbelief.

“I guess we were sick of each other.” Eric conceded. “Honestly I was sick of the whole thing for a long time.”

“Why’d you stay? If it’s not too personal of a questions.”

Eric shrugged. “I guess it’s old fashioned, but I’d made promises. I needed to keep them.”

Swan leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “That is really cool. Noble. You’re a good guy, Eric. A rare breed.”

Eric smiled and rubbed his cheek where she kissed it. “I’m not noble. It’s what men are supposed to do.”

Swan laughed. “That’s what I love about good guys. They never know how special they are.” She scooted next to him and rested her head on his shoulder. “Trust me, Eric, you’re something very special.”

Eric was too startled by her head on his shoulder to answer. He could smell her scent — a mixture of baby powder, herbal shampoo and that elusive scent that just said female. His armed ached to wrap around her; to rest his fingers against the soft swell of her shoulder. He just continued to drive, trying to act relaxed. They were reaching the outskirts of civilization now. There were lights now. He could see her creamy thighs next to his on the car seat. He tired to keep his eyes on the road, but they kept glancing down. They looked so tone and young. They would feel so silky, he thought. No, no. Focus. I’m just driving her to Cincinnati. She’s a nice friendly girl. That’s all!

“Let’s not talk about your marriage anymore. That’s gotta be depressing. Tell me about the girl you’re in love with now?” Swan asked cheerfully.

“I’m not dating anyone.” he answered shortly.

“I didn’t ask if you were dating. I said, tell me about the girl you’re in love with now.”

“What makes you think I’m in love with someone?” He asked thinking of Tracey.”

“Oh please.” she tapped him on the thigh. “A man like you has a lot of love in you.”

“What does that mean?” he asked noticing that her hand was still on this thigh.

Swan ignored his question. “So tell me about her.”

“Her name is Tracey. We volunteer with the same group.” Eric decided to take a change and put his arm around her. He waited tense for her reaction. Swan just snuggled in closer.

“What group.”

“The Green Party.” Eric answered slightly defensive. “The Green Party’s about a lot more than environmentalism. We’re the only truly Progressive party left.”

“I know.” Swan assured him. “I love the Green party. They’re great.”

“But you don’t vote for the candidates, right?”

“I don’t vote. I’m not a citizen.”

“Oh. Where are you from?”

“Ireland, originally. But I haven’t been there in ages.” She squeezed his thigh. “Tell me more about Tracey.”

“She’s beautiful. She has long hair, Anadolu Yakası Escort like you, but it’s brown. And curly. It curls down her back between her shoulder blades. Brown eyes. Huge. She has great eyes. Her lips… ah well she’s very pretty.”

“So how come you haven’t asked her out?”

“Ah,” Eric stuttered. “Well, she’s a lot younger than me. She’s in her mid thirties.”

“That’s not young.” Swan laughed.

“It is to me.” Eric replied. “I’m fifty-five and on most mornings I feel a lot older than that.”

Swan rubbed his thigh. “Fifty-five’s not old. No matter what you feel in the morning.”

“Easy for you to say.” Eric laughed wryly. Her hand felt very good on his thigh. He shifted slightly in his seat. “I’m fifty-five, I have two children in college and a bitchy ex-wife.”

“So?” asked Swan looking up at him. Her breasts pressed against his chest.

“So, a lot of things. I just don’t want to talk about it.” Eric said gruffly.

“Okay, okay.” She leaned up and kissed him again. This time she seemed to linger for a second. “What do you want to talk about then?”

“I don’t know. Do we have to talk?”

“No. We can just sit back and listening to the music.” She turned her body slightly so that his hand was centimeters away from her breast and leaned back into him. She wrapped her arms around her mid-drift. He missed her hand on his thigh, but was keenly aware of how near his fingers were to her nipples. All he would have to do is move his fingers slightly to touch them. Her nipples were poking against her shirt as if it were much cooler in the truck than it was. Eric’s throat was dry. His stiff cock painful in his jeans, but he dare not adjust it.

The cassette tape finished and Swan made no move to restart it. No force on earth could have gotten Eric to move from his position. They drove along in silence listening to each other breath. Eric noticed Swan’s breathing was getting heavier. He glanced down expecting to see her sleeping. Her eyes were closed, but her hands were moving under her shirt. She was gently caressing her breasts. She was biting her lower lips. Then she sighed. She sighed a sigh of deep passion and dark sensuality. Then she let out a deep soft moan. Eric stretched out his finger and touched her nipple.

“Ohhhhh.” she sighed again.

He traced around the tip of her nipple in a circle. She moaned again and rubbed her thighs together slowly. He stretched his hand out and grasped her breast.

“Mmmmm.” Swan pulled her right hand from her shirt and covered his hand with hers and pressed it down. They road on for a few miles. He caressing one breast while she caressed the other. Eric couldn’t believe this was happening. This gorgeous young girl was letting him play with her body. He kept waiting for the bright lights of some X-rated Candid Camera show. Either that or the bright lights of a police officer. Neither appeared and he just drove on watching the highway signs pass by and fondling the youngest breast he’s handled for more than twenty years. A sign went by reading ‘food’ ‘gas’ ‘lodging’.

“Eric” Swan asked breathlessly. “Are you planning on driving all night?”

“I figured I would stop when I got tired of driving.”

“Are you tired, yet.” She asked. Her scent was stronger now. It had been so long since he smelled it that he almost didn’t recognize it. The smell of a woman in heat.

“I’m tired of driving.”

“Would you like to split a hotel room? I can cover my half.”

“No, no. I can cover it.”

Swan’s deep sigh pushed her breasts up and down. “You good guys are so cool.”

Eric pulled the truck off the highway and on to the exit ramp. He followed the signs to a roadside motel. It was the kind that had little cabins with parking in front. Eric pulled into the parking lot and parked under a harsh, white lit sign saying OFFICE. He quickly came back out with a key and drove to a cabin. There weren’t any cars parked at any of the nearby cabins. Eric had a backpack. Swan had a gigantic bag that looked like it doubled as her purse and overnight bag together. He unlocked the door and held it open for her.

The room was just the smallest amount comfier than most chain motel rooms. It bespoke of a private business owned by a person who just couldn’t bring herself to be as sterile as good business sense told her to be. The bed was a sturdy double bed with a real sleigh headboard not molded plastic drilled to the wall. Instead of a neutral colored polyester bedspread, the bed was covered with a polyester bed spread decorated in a tasteful garden pattern. It matched the subtle theme of the room. Eric dropped his backpack onto a tall dresser that looked like it might have once been in a real person’s bedroom. There was a vase of plastic flowers on it and a print of a garden above it. He realized he was suddenly hyper aware of everything. He half expected the police or a pimp to come out of the bathroom.

Swan threw her bag onto İstanbul Escort the bed, kicked off her shoes, turn and stepped to his chest. Automatically, he wrapped his arms around her. She leaned her face up for a kiss. He bent down and kissed her. She pressed her body against the whole length of him. Her lips were as soft as he imagined they would be. Her body as firm, her smell as intoxicating. He got lost in her kiss. He kept kissing her. On and on, he kept kissing her, making the moment last longer and longer. If he let it end, it would be over and this dream would end. She’d disappear and he’d be alone in this room, a broke down old man yearning for the chance to do his life over again.

She broke the kiss, she took halve a step back breathing hard.

“Aaaaah,” her sigh was a sound of please contentment. Her smiled showed dimples he hadn’t noticed before. “Mmmmm, Eric, you don’t have to drown in one kiss.” she stepped back into him and whispered. “We have all night.”

He gazed down at her, at her beautiful face alive with beauty and grace and love. Love for him. Love for HIM. For tonight. Tomorrow that face would be filled with love for someone else. Maybe her on again off again boyfriend. Who knew. But tonight he saw love for himself. Joyful, unrestrained excited love. For him. He kissed her eyes, her forehead just above the nose, her cheeks and her lips. Her lips again. Her tongue flickered out and tickled his lips. He parted his and tickled her lips back. They opened and welcomed him into her mouth. He tasted her and she was heavenly. He got a fleeting impression of a cool clear lake surrounded by ferns. Fleeting, like the ghost of a song, gone from memory as fast as it came. Disappearing with the ending of the kiss.

Her hands pulled his T-shirt out of his waistband and quickly slipped her hands under it. Her hands felt cool against his skin. They caressed his back sliding her fingers over his working man muscles. Her hands glided back down. She gripped the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it over his head. Silently it landed on the floor. She pressed her hands to his chest, her fingertips on his nipples. She raised her face up to him; her smile sweet, her eyes bright.

“Your turn.” she whispered.

His hand trembled as he raised the crop top over her breasts, over her head and dropped it to join his shirt. His eyes drank in the lush curves of her beautiful young breasts. Delicious full breasts with just the slightest sag from weight not age. He raised his hands to touch them. The felt like silk. He squeezed them lightly. They felt soft and tender and young. He thought the last word nearly like a sigh in the mind. He was finally beginning to believe this was real. Not a dream or a prelude to a nightmare, but a fantasy. A fantasy come to life and real beneath his hands. He leaned down and kissed the left breast lightly on the nipple. Then he kissed all around the aureola working outward in a spiral he kissed her whole breast then moved to the right kissing her cleavage and over to her breast. He kissed in an inward spiral finishing at her right nipple. He slide down her body, kissing down the slight rise to her belly to the snap of her white denim jeans. His fingers quickly undid the snap. Her shorts fell to the floor. They lay there around her ankles. He kissed her soft white pubic hair. He heard her moan deep in her throat and felt her hands on the back of his head pressing him inward. He kissed her vulva and flickered his tongue lightly into it. He started to move away but she pressed him harder in. The corners of his mouth turn up in amusement as he kissed deeper and flickered his tongue in longer. Then he pushed against her hand and kissed leftward across her hip and down her leg. His hands caressing; his lips kissing down her leg. He kissed her ankle and then the tops of her feet and the top of each toe. He showered her feet with kisses. He worshiped her feet. Her sighs of “Aaahhhh.” and her sensually indrawn breaths accepted his worship with passion.

He knelt up and kissed her vulva again and moved right this time. Kissing and caressing down her right leg. Rough callused fingers stroking her thigh and calf. He inhaled deeply of the scent of her warm skin. He rained kisses to her right foot exactly as he’d done the left until she reached down and pulled gently silently asking him to rise. He stood and pressed his half dressed body against her naked one. He kissed her and his hands cupped her perfect ass. It fit perfectly in his hands. He pulled her against him. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back. His mind reeled as the hot young sex goddess pressed her body against his. He’d given up wondering why a playboy fantasy made real had come into his life but was still awash in amazement.

She broke the kiss and knelt before him. Nimble fingers unsnapped his jeans while her face stared up at him. She pushed his pants to his ankles and slipped off his sandals and the pants. First the left foot and then the right. She knelt bent over exactly as he had been moments before. She showered his left foot in kisses. Then kissed up his hard muscular legs and thighs. She kissed across his hips to his iron hard cock thrusting proudly out and up from his body. ‘She wasn’t.’ he thought. ‘She couldn’t be? She wasn’t about to…’

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