Airport Hotel


I’ve never liked airports – who does? But I do like airport hotels. I like the anonymity, the sense of being in limbo, the freedom to be anyone I want to be.

I also associate them with incredible, mind-bending sex. You’ll see why.

* * *

The weather had been closing in all day, and I blessed the foresight of Denise, my boss’s PA, in booking me a room at the airport hotel after the day’s meetings; another useful perk of being on the junior management track in my twenties. I’d heard how severe the winter storms in the northern US could be, but this was the first time I’d experienced one for real. The taxi driver said the forecast was for deep snow, and by the time I’d arrived virtually every flight on the board was showing as ‘Delayed’ or ‘Cancelled’.

I knew Denise liked me, though, because she’d got me one of the best rooms in the hotel; on the top floor, with a jacuzzi, and a big bed. What a pity I wouldn’t be sharing it with anyone, I thought. I’d buy her a bouquet of flowers when I got back.

* * *

I unpacked my stuff, checked my emails – nothing urgent – and placed an order for room service; a bottle of wine and the usual club sandwich, which I knew from experience would more than I could eat. The voice at the other end of the phone warned me that it would be about an hour as they had a full house that night. I decided to wander down to the airport and look at the bookstore before the food arrived.

After the tranquillity of the room, the chaos of the airport concourse came as a shock; it was thronged with people who’d arrived in the early evening, hoping against hope that their flight would not be cancelled or that they could find an alternative. Most of the passengers were going to be staying there overnight.

I stood in the lee of a pillar and looked at the crowds, deeply relieved that I wouldn’t have to bed down on the floor or sleep one of those benches that are designed to be uncomfortable.

I was about to turn away when I saw her.

It was Judy. Judy, my ex-girlfriend Laura’s mother.

* * *

I suppose everyone has a physical type, and Laura matched it, as did her mother. Laura had a compact, lithe frame, innocent blue eyes, a snub nose and reddish-blonde hair. She played a lot of tennis, and it showed in the firm muscles of her arms and bottom. I found her intensely attractive.

I’d been dating Laura for most of the summer, and we’d gone on holiday to France with her sister and her husband. One evening we’d had dinner and gone back to the pension early, telling the others we were tired after a day at the beach. I’d admired her body as she stripped off for me in the anonymous hotel room, especially the way her pert breasts bounced as she walked around the room to where I was already lying in the broad bed with a thin sheet over me, enjoying the sight of her in a tight G-string.

The best thing about the foreign hotel room was that it gave us complete privacy from flatmates and family, and we could do whatever we wanted.

And we did.

We’d kissed, long and deep, with her hand exploring and teasing. Then, at her request, she’d straddled my face so that I could pull the G-string aside and lick the pink bud of her clitoris through its thin coat of tawny fur, which I knew she loved from the little whimpers of pleasure she gave. Too shy to describe it, she asked me to kiss her between her legs, and I did so at every opportunity; once, memorably, when we were getting ready for a party to which she was wearing a black cocktail dress, and that had led to fucking her from behind in her bedroom, and we were ten minutes late, which had displeased her parents.

In return she teased my cock with her lips, sometimes running the tip of her tongue from end to end, sometimes taking my whole length into her mouth.

When we fucked I’d found a position that I could keep up for ages, my hands moving between caressing her muscular bum and her breasts, pleasuring her as slowly as I knew how. She came several times, and I ended up pumping myself deep into her, sating myself as I thrust myself between the tight lips of her cunt. When she rolled off me and we were getting our breath back, she’d lain with her legs apart, my come running out of her pussy onto the crisply laundered hotel sheets.

* * *

It was one of those affairs that is driven more by lust than by actual compatibility, and had come to its natural end months ago. But I’d got on well with the rest of the family. Dave, her father, had been distant, but Laura told me he was always like that. On the other hand her mother, Judy had been warm and welcoming. ‘She really likes you!’ Laura had told me.

Judy was where Laura would be in twenty-five years. She’d looked after herself and still had much same body that had attracted me to her daughter, but with the additional experience and confidence Ataşehir Escort from being in her forties.

In a different world, I had decided, I might have pursued the mother rather than the daughter.

As it turned out, I didn’t have to.

* * *

‘Judy? Judy, is that you?’

Despite a different haircut and a formally tailored business suit, she still looked enormously desirable, and I had a moment of regret that things hadn’t worked out with Laura.

She turned from the TV departure monitor towards my voice. Her guileless blue eyes took me in for a moment before recognition dawned, and she gave a warm smile despite the stressful situation. ‘James. How lovely to see you. Are you stuck here too?’

She had been travelling to see a client a few hours away, and had decided to fly to make the journey quicker. Now she was realising she should have put off the trip.

‘Isn’t this awful? It looks as if we’re going to be stuck here overnight,’ she said.

I had an idea.

‘Look, you don’t have to stay here in the terminal. I have a room at the airport hotel. If you’re stuck here, you’re welcome to share it.’

‘That’s sweet of you, but I couldn’t put you out.’

‘You won’t be. It’s a pretty big suite, and there’s a spare bed. Your flight’s been cancelled and there won’t be any hotel rooms anywhere. You can’t sleep here on the floor.’

She could see the sense in what I was suggesting. It didn’t take much to convince her, and with relief she agreed to come up. I took the handle of her carry-on, and walked with her to the hotel lobby, just a few steps from away from the chaos.

* * *

There is, I have found, a strict hierarchy in what hotels provide. The lowest tier give you towels and soap in wall-mounted dispensers. The best have extortionately priced minibars, bathrobes, individually wrapped soaps and more fluffy towels than you can use.

This was the latter kind.

I offered her a vodka and tonic from the minibar, which she accepted gratefully. ‘Are you sure this isn’t putting you out?’ she said.

‘Not at all. Look, I can make up the divan as a spare bed. You can take the main one. I can’t let you sleep on the floor downstairs. Your family would never forgive me.’

‘Then I will. Thank you!’

‘Good. There’s a shower. Or have a bath if you like.’

‘God, yes. That sounds wonderful.’ The drink and the knowledge that she wasn’t going to have to spend the night in the terminal had calmed her down, and she was looking much more relaxed. She took a quick look inside the bathroom. ‘It’s so clean, and that tub is big enough for two.’ I turned on the taps and left her to choose which bubble bath she wanted. A knock at the door announced the arrival of the room service trolley, with the wine in an ice bucket and the food under a metal cover. I signed and added a generous tip.

While I opened the wine she changed in the bathroom, and came out wearing one of the towelling robes. ‘You ordered dinner too?’ I explained that I’d done so before finding her. ‘My goodness, you are looking after me.’

I poured two glasses and we sat down on the settee which faced the TV. The weather forecast was showing a succession of fronts coming in from the north. I turned it off and she brought me up to date on her family news.

‘Well, that bath must be ready by now.’ She stretched languorously and turned those innocent blue eyes on me.

‘Why don’t you join me?’ She laughed. ‘Come on, James. I’m sharing a room with you. And it’s not the first time you’ve seen a naked woman.’ She leant in towards me. ‘I won’t tell anyone. Promise.’

What the hell. When an attractive woman invites you into her bath, you accept. Even if she is in her forties and you are in your twenties.

I gave it five minutes, quickly undressed, and pulled on the other bathrobe. She’d taken her wineglass with her, so I brought mine and the rest of the bottle.

She’d turned off the lights and lit a couple of the candles the hotel had supplied. The warm water came up to her shoulders, and the thick layer of bubble bath hid everything from view. She murmured her thanks as I topped up her glass. ‘Ok, no peeking,’ I told her, took off the robe and stepped into the tub. She playfully put one hand across her eyes and pulled her legs back to give me room. I settled down and found made sure my legs were either side of her hips. ‘Did you look?’

She giggled. ‘No! Well, just a bit’.

We chatted inconsequentially for a while, as if laying naked with your ex-girlfriend’s mother was the normal thing. Perhaps it is, in Scandanavia. She raised my relationship with Laura. ‘It was a shame she broke up with you. She said you were great in bed, by the way.’

I almost dropped my glass.

‘She did?’

‘Mm-hm. Oh, don’t be surprised. She told her sister, who told me. Girls Kadıköy Escort discuss everything.’ She looked at me appraisingly over the rim of her wineglass. ‘I think you were the first lover she’s had who took his time and wasn’t selfish. She definitely enjoyed you.’

I didn’t know what to say.

We had been in the water for half an hour, and the bubbles had almost gone, just leaving a slippery layer of soap on our skin. By now her breasts and tawny bush were clearly visible below the surface in the light from the single candle. I was looking at what Tracy’s immensely fuckable body would be like in twenty years, and trying to conceal my erection by drawing up my thighs. I couldn’t make a pass at my ex-girlfriend’s mother. But was she making a pass at me?

‘Well, I’m getting out. That dinner will be getting cold.’ Abruptly, she stood up before me, not trying to hide anything, with the warm bathwater coursing off her. I realised she was deliberately teasing me as she turned round, bent over, slowly slid one leg out of the tub and gave me an unrestricted view of the pink lips of her pussy for a few seconds before wrapping herself in a towel, flashing me a playful smile as she did so.

My cock was so hard it was standing out of the water.

* * *

We had dinner seated in the towelling dressing gowns, which made it easier to hide my raging erection.

She went to brush her teeth and came back from the bathroom wearing a clean T-shirt I’d lent her and a pair of sheer white knickers. ‘No pyjamas, I’m afraid,’ she smiled at me. ‘I wasn’t expecting to be staying overnight.’

She pulled back the cover on the big bed and slid beneath the covers.

‘Well? Are you joining me?’

I moved across to the edge of the bed. ‘I really want to. But I don’t know if it’s a good idea, Judy.’


‘I’m thinking about your husband. And Laura.’

‘Laura won’t know about it. And Dave and I have… an arrangement.’

* * *

Most couples have differing levels of sex drive, sometimes widely so, and they all have to find ways around the tensions this can raise. In Dave and Judy’s case, she had by far the higher need for sex.

Rather than let it split them up, they had given each other permission to seek their own satisfaction. The only condition was that neither of their affairs should ever come home to roost.

* * *

‘So if you want to join me – and from what I could see in the bath, you need to, quite badly – we are both fine with it. As long as you are discreet. And I already know that.’

I didn’t bother answering. I just leant forward and kissed her. She responded immediately, her pink tongue squirming against mine. I placed a hand on her breast and felt her stiff nipple through the flimsy material of the T-shirt.

We kissed for a minute or so before she pulled back.

‘Take that bathrobe off,’ she ordered.

I stood up and undid the tie. The robe fell to the floor and my erect cock stood stiffly in front of her. She reached out her right hand, cupped my balls, and gently ran her fingertips up and down the length of my erect member. Then she leant forward, kissed the end of my cock, and took me into deep into her mouth, running her lips up and down several times. ‘Lucky Laura,’ she breathed. ‘But now it’s my turn.’

I pulled back the covers, while she pulled the T-shirt over her head and wriggled out of her knickers.

‘I’m in your bed, so you can call the shots,’ she said, and spread her legs apart. ‘What’s your pleasure, mister?’

I had really lost all restraint by now. ‘I’m going to fuck you all night. In every position we can think of. And I want to watch you come each time.’

She giggled. ‘Works for me. Now here’s what I want. From what I saw in the bath, you badly need to come, and so do I. I’m going on top. I’m going to ride you because that’s the position I like when I come. Then we can take our time and you can pleasure me slowly.’

‘Ok,’ I said. ‘But you’ve been teasing me with your cunt. Sit on my face before you get on top. I want to taste your pussy.’

She stood above me and knelt down slowly, allowing me to enjoy the sight of her bottom and bush, so like her daughter’s. I wriggled down on the bed to get beneath her. She lowered her cunt onto my face and I ran my squirming tongue along the lips of her pussy, concentrating on the nub of her clit. Laura loved being tongued by me. Now I was betting it would work with her mother. And it did.

I teased her for a couple of minutes. ‘Enough, or I’ll come,’ she gasped. She raised herself up and pivoted round so that that she was now astride me. I ran my hands over her firm breasts and ran a finger between the wet lips of her cunt; whether the moisture came from her or me I didn’t now know or care. She took my cock firmly in one expensively manicured hand and, Ümraniye Escort with a gasp, slowly slid down so that I was deeply inside her.

I was fucking Judy.

The sex was even more erotic, I realise now, because it broke all the rules. I wasn’t supposed to be fucking a woman who was a generation older than me, or married to someone else, no matter what sort of arrangement they had. And I certainly wasn’t meant to be fucking my girlfriend’s mom, even if she was now my ex-girlfriend.

Too bad. I began to thrust slowly into her as she leant forward, keeping my cock inside her, and gave me an uninhibited kiss. Like her daughter, Judy knew what she wanted. ‘Suck my tits. Suck my tits while you fuck me.’ She pushed one firm breast into my face, and I kept thrusting into her as I drew her erect nipple into my mouth.

She lasted for about thirty seconds. ‘Fuck, I’m going to come,’ she breathed into my ear. She pushed herself up, her hips clamped firmly astride me, breasts bouncing each time I thrust myself into her. We came almost at the same time. She gave a succession of wordless gasps and I felt her cunt contract vigorously around my rock-hard cock. I lost control and pumped myself into her, lost in the pleasure of being ridden by this supremely sexy woman.

Did I say how much I like airport hotels?

* * *

An uncounted time later we lay side by side, the covers pushed away, and I had a moment of déjà vu as she reached across me for a tissue to hold against her cunt, her legs spread wide apart. ‘You came so much it’s running out of me.’ Laura had giggled in that French bedroom. Now her mother was on her back, doing the same.

It didn’t take me long to become hard again, especially with Judy’s skilled hands and mouth – God, she knew how to suck and tease. ‘I want to explore every inch of you,’ I told her, and we ended up doing it doggy-style, her legs parted and her bottom still pink from the bath. In the mirror, I could see her breasts and necklace swinging as I pumped my cock into her, each thrust bringing a gasp of pleasure from this sexy, confident woman.

Then we did it a third time, very slowly and passionately, lying side by side, so I could stroke her breasts and pussy.

But the kinkiest part of the night was still to come.

* * *

We woke in the pre-dawn light, the light filtered through the snow that had accumulated over half of the bedroom window. I could hear the distant roar of jets through the triple-glazing. The airport was open again.

I’d thought Judy was asleep, but she opened her eyes as I turned the coffee machine on. ‘Hello, lover,’ she said. ‘Did you enjoy last night? I did.’

I had already checked her flight. It left at ten. She had time for a shower and breakfast.

‘Did I wear you out?’ Her hand wandered down over my stomach and cupped my cock, which immediately responded. ‘My goodness, you’re still horny.’ She rolled over and faced me. ‘You know something? You fucked me so hard last night I’m going to be walking bow-legged when I get home. No, it’s fine – it was wonderful. I just don’t think my cunt can handle any more.’

‘That’s fine,’ I said. ‘You were unforgettable. I’ll get dressed.’ I moved to give her a kiss, but she had another idea.

‘Not just yet,’ said Judy. ‘Have you got any of that lube left? Because my bottom needs some attention too.

* * *

‘I only do this for special lovers. Yes, I’m sure. ‘She whispered in my ear. ‘I want you to fuck my bum. When I think of you I want to remember that you had me both ways. Do you want to?’

Judy had done it before and knew exactly what she wanted. We put an unused towel on the bed and lay a bolster across it. Kneeling before me, she squeezed plenty of lube into her hand and rubbed it around and into her tight little bottom while she sucked me again. Then she lay face-down on the bed, the bolster beneath her hips so that her cunt and bottom were pushed upwards. I knelt behind her – was I really going to fuck Laura’s mother this way? And thrust myself into her.

It felt quite different from her pussy, much tighter, and I knew the lube was vital. But once again lust took over – for both of us; Judy was stroking her clitoris vigorously as my cock pushed into her.

‘Oh God, that’s kinky. You’re fucking me in the bum. My daughter’s boyfriend is coming in my arsehole.’ I could see in the mirror her eyes tightly closed as she concentrated and frantically fingered herself, Like the first time, I couldn’t last long but neither could she. We both orgasmed quickly, her bottom contracting round my cock in strong pulses as I spent myself in her again.

Again, we lay side by side, with the airport coming back to life outside. Eventually I stirred. ‘How do you like your coffee?’

* * *

We managed to meet another few times when our schedules overlapped – always at airport hotels – before I changed jobs and went to the West Coast. But that first time was the best. I’ll always remember seeing her off onto the flight, her bottom swaying for me as she walked away towards the airbridge.

Because I knew what it meant.

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