Amateur Photogapher


Click, click, click. The camera shutter snapped shots of birds, trees and flowers. People were of no concern as he gazed around his huge backyard. Amateur photography was his hobby and he had become quite good at it.

“Hey Tom,” George from next door called out. “Got a minute?”

“Sure thing buddy,” Tom said walking to the fence between their yards.

“Look, my wife wants some pictures taken of her and she wanted me to ask you.”

“What, you don’t have a camera?” Tom scoffed. “Why don’t you take them yourself.”

“I would but I don’t have the eye you have. You know, seeing things in the view finder that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Besides yours are so much better, almost professional and that’s what she wants.”

“Well then go to a studio. She’ll get much better pictures than what I can take.”

“We can’t,” George replied.

“Oh, it’s the money.”

“Not at all. It’s the kind of pictures she wants and she says she won’t have them taken by anybody but you. I agree. We both trust you to the limit.”

“I see,” Tom said suddenly realizing what was being asked of him. He knew both of them liked nature and being natural, nude. “It’s those kind of shots she wants?” he asked.

“You got it. What say buddy. Will you do it?”

“Yeah, but I won’t do it without you being there all the time. You know how sexy Suzy is and looks. You might trust me but I don’t.”

Tom was single but still had his fair share of female companionship. While he never lacked for sex he still kept hidden his secret desire of Suzy and her fabulous body. Maltepe Escort They decided to shoot the pictures the next day. Tom spent the rest of the day and part of the night getting his equipment ready making sure the lenses were clean and he had plenty of film.

“Come on in, Tom,” George greeted him at the door.

Tom brought in his bags of equipment and saw Suzy reclining on the sofa. He nodded at her nervously.

“Relax Tom. I might nibble but I promise not to bite, well, very hard,” she giggled with equal nervousness. While they had flirted with each other in the past at some of the parties George threw and had even groped a little, this was to be the first time being sexual in front of him.

“OK let’s get started.” Tom dug out his favorite camera, checked the lighting and started clicking away.

Suzy remained still and Tom prompted her to move around. He took two rolls of film and was reloading the camera when George suggested they take a break. He fixed all of them drinks and they relaxed for awhile. The booze was strong and both Suzy and Tom were feeling the effects rather quickly.

When the shooting resumed both were looser and talking more. Suzy started becoming more bold as she teased and slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders. She folded her arms under her breasts and lifted them. Tom was becoming aroused as well as being interested. He had always admired her very large bosom. With a sudden giggle Suzy sat up and began to slowly tug and pull at the top of her dress. With the camera on automatic Tom was able to keep his Anadolu Yakası Escort finger pressed to the shutter button and capture everything. She pulled and slowly exposing her breasts naked beneath her dress. Tom’s breathing started to quicken and he felt his organ growing inside his pants but he couldn’t stop and kept taking pictures.

“I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am,” she giggled and smiled laying back on the sofa. At that point she cupped and lifted her pendulous breasts holding them up to him.

“Yeah, don’t stop,” Tom panted. “This is great stuff. Now your dress. Pull it up to your waist.”

Suzy didn’t hesitate as she slowly pulled up the bottom half of her black dress. She moved her legs apart and showed him her sex. It was shaved naked and Tom could see drops of liquid seeping from the crack. George hadn’t been saying anything the whole time. Now he moved behind Tom.

“Good girl Suzy,” he said. “Show him your snatch and big tits. I think he likes all of you.” George reached around and pressed his hand to Tom’s crotch and fully aroused erection. He began rubbing. “He’s hard, real hard and big,” he told Suzy. She gazed at Tom and smiled.

“How hard is he?” she asked squeezing her large breasts.

“I’ll show you,” was his answer. George quickly unzipped Tom’s pants and pulled them down. He grabbed Tom’s throbbing erection and pointed it towards his wife. “It’s this hard and this thick.”

Tom lay down his camera and walked slowly towards Suzy. She reached up to him and as he bent over pulled his face and Ümraniye Escort open mouth to her breasts. Tom immediately began to suck her swollen nipples. Suzy reached down and found his hot organ and, gripping it tightly, began to pump it hard and fast.

“Yes, suck my big tits and nipples,” she gasped. “I want your cock inside me fucking my cunt. Give it to me Tom. Fuck me while George watches us. Make me cum and fill me with your cream. Shove your cock in me and lets fuck.”

Tom couldn’t have stopped if he wanted. She had him so hot and filled with lust his first lunge pierced her pussy and he drove his cock in deep. Suzy gasped and screamed.

“Oooowwwww, yes, open my cunt with your huge fucking cock. George can’t give me what I want and you can. Ram that hard hot fucking cock in my cunt and fuck me hard.”

George stopped taking pictures after picking up Tom’s camera and dropped his pants. He stood beside his wife’s head and shoved his very much smaller cock in her mouth. She had no trouble taking his few thin inches fully and began to greedily suck him off. Tom plunged and pounded her sex box feeling her heat and hot juices flowing. His nuts tightened and he blasted out his load. Suzy gushed and swallowed what little George gave her.

Later they looked at the developed pictures. Suzy loved them and so did George. Afterwards they all went to the huge bed in their bedroom and spent the rest of the night fucking and sucking. It turned out to be a long week-end for Tom.


This one of my first attempts at writing. I thought of re-writing it but finally decided to submit it as is in the hopes those of you who regularly ready my stories will like my early works. I hope you don’t find it to be as sadly lacking as did I, but then I do tend to be very critical of my work.

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