Sex Club Stand In


Author’s Note: All characters in this story at are least 18 years of age, and, even in role play, are “playing” characters at least 18 years of age.


The arrangement was as simple as a complicated thing could be…

My parents had been swingers since forever. But not just sharing, the whole nine yards. They were into all kinds of kink. They went to clubs, events, and parties that my highschool buddies thought that they’d made up in their heads, but, you know, the REAL ones.

It was weird for me at first… but in time I got used to it, and, eventually, I even worked up the courage to ask about it. I mean, on the one hand, it was my parents, and ew. I have no desire to picture my dad having sex. But on the other hand, they legitimately did the things that most people barely had the courage to fantasize about, and if there is one thing a teenager (18 going on 19) can appreciate, it’s dirty, kinky, (great to masturbate to) and adventurous sex. So, yeah… I had questions.

Now, on the plus side, my parents were cool about it… sort of. My Dad seemed to like telling me about stuff that he didn’t think I’d ever get to experience. It was like bragging for him, in a contest he figured he could never lose. Still, even if he told me because he was trying to be an asshole, he still told me, and I REALLY wanted to know.

As for Mom, she was super cool about it. At first, it was all about honesty. As long I was was talking to her, being honest with her, and having these talks with her, then she figured I deserved the info.

It was good for us bonding wise, and she got to keep bullshit information, regarding sex, away from her Son. At first… But, I could swear that, over time, Mom really seemed to like flirting with me. Like… “LIKE”, liked. Which, as realizations go, should have been gross, but instead it was a lot of other things. Hot… crazy, stunning, kinda fun, hot again… I know I should have been grossed out, but my Mom was a sweet, kind, fun woman, with a great laugh and a delightful personality. Also… she had long hair, big tits, beautiful eyes, and an ass that could stop traffic and may have actually caused a car accident one time…

So, yeah. Sort of a mixed bag. But a fun one. It was always a bit of an adventure asking my Mom a sex question. I would brace myself, and find out about all this hot stuff, and then she would smile, lean in, and whisper something like, “at least that was what it was like when I did it”. And we both knew, that she knew, that she was driving me crazy (in a good way) when she did stuff like that. Then she’d just lean back, glance down at the outline of an erection I had no chance of hiding, and wink at me. Mom had a very sexy smile when she wanted, and in those moments, she always “wanted”. It never went further than that of course, but it was very hot, kind of fun, and, all things considered, pretty damn flirty.

And that brings us to the night that things went past “flirty”. You see, Mom and Dad went to a lot of sex and fetish clubs. Not just the kind with music and dancing, but also straight up fetish clubs, with memberships. Places that were just decked out “dungeons”. Big open rooms with privacy from the outside world, and no privacy from the other members.

These were places for a person to be tied up and whipped, put on a cross and spanked, or tied to a table and “tortured” until they had to use a safe word to make the orgasms stop. For some it was a complicated affair involving tool kits, and for others it was just about giving a stranger head, or getting fucked in a place where people could see you, but no one would arrest you or otherwise fuck-up your “normal life”… just because you wanted to cum in a very specific way.

So, anyway, Mom and Dad were supposed to go to a new club; one that was a couple of hours away. They were going to meet a mutual friend, have some fun, maybe grab a hotel room, and be back before the end of the weekend. But then Dad called from his business trip and said that he wouldn’t be back when he thought he would, and he’d see us in another week. On top of that, Mom’s friend called and cancelled too; which, you would think would be the end of it. But, even with her original motivation gone, Mom still REALLY wanted to go. She told me she’d been getting herself ‘worked up’ about it for a solid 2 weeks now, and to have it all fall apart on the same day that it was supposed to happen was frustrating her to the point of madness.

That… is probably why she got a conspiratorial grin, mid-conversation, and turned to me with the same look I’d seen her give Dad when she was going to try to sweet-talk him into something he knew he was going to hate. “Sayyyyy…” she began, and I was already instinctively scooting back. “…oh don’t be like that”. She said pouting. “I just have a proposition for you is all, and it’s one that I think you might really like…”.

Then she told me her plan, and, later that night, İstanbul Escort we were on the road to the club. Both of us.

Mom had made a very simple, and compelling case. After all, she wanted to go tonight, and I had wanted to go since I found out places like this even existed. So, if I was her escort, then we both got to go, she could have her fun, and, if things panned out, I might even get to have mine.

So, Mom informed me that, apparently, a fairly big part of what her and Dad did was all about the fact that, she, “Was Dad’s”. His presence, her sitting by him, the wedding rings, the hand holding… all of it, was a huge turn on for many. As such, for Mom to have the fun that she’d originally planned on having, she wanted a man with her. She wanted someone to walk in with her, hold her hand, sit and talk with her, wear a ring on the correct finger, and, when the time was right, she’d end up with someone else.

Mom explained it over and over again on the ride there, and it got to the point where I was stopping her half-way through her sentences with, “I know Mom! I know the plan!”. Then I would tell her own speech back to her, just to avoid hearing her tell me it again. Simply put, we would “hang”, and if anyone came up and asked her if they could do something terribly inappropriate with her, I would say yes, send them off somewhere, and then she would leave to have her fun, and I could “browse”, and see if I could find any fun of my own. Honestly, my worst case scenario was to spent the night in a voyeur’s paradise, witnessing first hand all the things I’d begged just to hear about.

It was… strange. I mean, I’d flirted with Mom for almost a full year now. I’d heard all kinds of stuff about her and her sex life, and, if I’m being honest, I had ABSOLUTELY masturbated to some of the things that she told me. And that required picturing them… But, that was all different from this. Because even if we weren’t actually there to do anything together, I still parked the car with her in the passenger seat. Then we got out, held hands, and walked in together.

I was walking into a sex club with my Mom, and people were looking at us and seeing me, and this knockout MILF, with big tits, and long beautiful hair. Her top was low-cut enough to be sinful all by itself, but the fact that I knew she’d left her bra in the car only made it that much more erotic. Her skirt was much too short, and on the way in, I’d been a single stiff breeze away from knowing if she was wearing panties. Still, with that perfect ass of hers and that sexy little gait she had to her walk, I was struggling to walk correctly before we were even in the front door.

We signed our names, and no one blinked at the shared last name because we were playing husband and wife. And on top of that, the truth was that if we had “played” Mom and Son, no one would have batted an eye at that either. I mean, what’s one more fetish in a place like that?

So, we got past the entry area, and into the first few big rooms of the club proper. I walked towards an area with a bunch of couches and chairs. There were people talking and laughing, and just having regular conversations, except in really sexy corsets, a few kinky outfits, a lot of leather, and some outright nudity.

There was lube, paper towels, and wet-wipes, pretty much everywhere. And though I was very aware of the sex, nudity, beautiful women, and naughty games that were happening all around me, I was just as aware, and just as turned on, by all the eyes that were looking right back. I mean, I was “on the menu” here, and people were checking me out like they might want a taste. Of course, they were checking out my date too, and somehow that was just as hot. Even girls were eyeing my Mom, like the sexy babe that she was, and I was a weird blend of proud, protective, turned on, and confused by all the attention she was getting. But I had to admit, though I didn’t understand why it was hot, I was definitely finding it hot. And there is a pleasure to that “heat”, all by itself, so I wasn’t complaining.

Mom and I had a seat on one of the couches, and I was flushed, thirsty, and quietly looking around trying to “record” as much as I could with my brain. Meanwhile, Mom was relaxed, and, as always, charming. In no time at all she was a part of several ongoing conversations, and, on occasion, II heard her say something like, “Don’t mind him, he’s just the strong, silent type”, and then her hand would pet my thigh.

I don’t know how long all that went on, but at some point, Mom tapped my shoulder, and I was forced to look away from a woman in a stockade who was blowing a guy while a woman, literally, whipped her ass. When I did manage to look away, so I could see what Mom needed, she whispered in my ear. “This is nice sweetie, but it isn’t exactly the attention that I’m here for. Do you mind if I… if I try something a little more drastic?”

That… got my attention. Anadolu Yakası Escort I was a little concerned at Mom’s choice of words, but honestly, if nothing else happened tonight, I’d already seen some of the hottest shit I’d ever seen (in fairness, that wasn’t saying much, but still). I’d more than had my end of the deal honored, and I was pretty sure the erection I’d been sporting since before we got all the way inside was proof of that. So, fair being fair, I nodded and told her yes.

At that point, Mom, very casually, continued her conversations, but, with a, “Oh no, don’t mind me. I’m just getting more comfortable”, as she straight up straddled me. And, as she ground herself down into my lap, I, not knowing it was coming, didn’t move my hand away in time. So… yeah. That was how I found out that my Mom wasn’t wearing panties. When her wet pussy bumped my hand, before grinding down onto the tent in my pants.

I won’t lie, I moaned. I couldn’t help it! Maybe if I’d known it was coming, I could have, I don’t know, mentally braced myself or something. But instead, Mom just stood, threw a leg over me, straddled me, and as her body slid up the length of my hard-on (through my clothes), I moaned…

When I did, Mom looked down at me with an expression that was both shocked, and… I don’t know… approving, I think. I mean, she obviously wasn’t expecting that! But at the same time, she obviously didn’t mind it either… I didn’t know what to make of that. But before I knew it, Mom was just back in her rhythm, and talking to couples around us as she sat, “more comfortably”, in my lap. As I realized this was the new norm, and the view in front of me was my Mom’s very large tits in a tight, low cut shirt, with no bra; I tried to find that woman I’d been watching before.

But when my gaze started to roam, Mom rolled her hips down and forced me to moan again. I looked back at her, with my own shock this time, but she was wearing a “Mom” face as she said, “Nuh uh kiddo. I need your attention right now. So, either try to get involved in the conversation, or put your hands on my hips and stare at my tits for a bit, but you are playing a role here. Got it?”

She wasn’t really whispering, but only because with the music, moans, and chatter, I wouldn’t have heard her if she did. As it was though, I don’t think anyone heard her but me, and that was clearly what she wanted. So, I tried, really hard, to get in on the conversation. And when I lacked either the background knowledge, or the social skills to do so, I uh, I did as my Mother asked.

In fact, I was sitting there, staring at her tits, when my Mom said, “Honey”, and snapped me out of a daze. I followed her tone, up to her gaze, and her gaze to the form of a guy who looked like he’d been trying to get my attention for a solid minute before “my wife”… had to intervene on his behalf.

I was blushing for a new reason now. But I apologized and asked him what he’d said. It was at that point that he said what I was told to expect almost the entire car ride there, and yet… I was still just, WOEFULLY underprepared to hear out loud. After a few seconds of shock, I shook my brain loose of whatever it was stuck in, and said yes. Which, was exactly what Mom had told me to do, and yet, for some reason, she looked surprised. In fact, she looked downright shocked…

He’d complimented her breasts, said he could see why I was staring, and asked if I was willing to share them. Which, I’d thought was the point. I mean, Mom came here to slip off with some guy right? But, I realized my mistake a moment later. Because a moment later, he turned Mom’s chin with one hand so he could kiss her. Then, with his other hand, he reached up under her shirt and started playing with one of her massive tits… right in front of me. Not just in front of me either. Because she was still, literally, sitting in my lap!

It was still through the shirt, but the shirt was hiding nothing as her nipple hardened, and he plucked at it, pinched it, and twisted it. Then both his hands were under her shirt, and she was moaning into his mouth. So, yeah. Proximity. Fucking Proximity, was my big damn mistake. This was NOT, “in a back room somewhere”. This was, in, my fucking, lap! Her large, soft, braless tits were being rolled and played with inches from my face, and it was mesmerizing!

Mom broke the kiss, and she was still moaning, but there was not a lot of options in terms of looking somewhere else, or moving places, because, you know… still in my lap! So next thing I know, she is looking down at me and smiling. Still showing surprise, but now also this deep, just, INTENSE, lust. “Oh my, GOD, sweetie”, she said, half yelling one word in place of an unexpected moan. “I had no idea you would want to do something like THIS!”

And it wasn’t an accusation or anything. But, I suddenly realized that from my Mom’s perspective, I’d just told some guy to grope her while Kartal Escort she was inches from my face. She had no way of knowing I’d made a mistake, especially since I spent over an hour telling her that I TOTALLY knew what to say, and do, when the time came. I was supposed to suggest they the two of them slip off somewhere together along with my yes…

It HAD to look like this had been what I wanted all along. And right as that thought hit me. The guy groping her, with a grin as big as they get, asked me, “How’s the view man?”

And, god help me, I couldn’t help but look at what he was talking about it when he asked. It was just instinct! And so I was STARING at two hands groping and mauling my Mom’s tits through the fabric of her top, when he added, “Your wife’s tits are fucking Gorgeous man!” And then, “Wait… I bet I get can pop one out for you”. And, before I could process what that might even mean, he pulled down on this little cross section of her shirt, then over to the side. And with his other hand, he easily freed one of her breasts and exposed it to me, and to everyone else. When he did, Mom just moaned.

And they way he did it… made it suddenly very clear that the shirt was MEANT for that little maneuver. In fact, he could have easily and comfortably taken them both out without any risk to the shirt or to Mom. But he stopped there, and just started pawing at her tits again, but now one of them was naked and right in front of me.

So there I was, staring at my own Mother’s naked, pale, perfect, and fucking gorgeous tit. When he asked me again. “There we go, right!? Now how’s THAT view?” And, sitting my lap, my Mom looked from her naked tit, to my staring eyes, and with a grin that was halfway between pleased and chiding, she said. “Yeah honey… how’s that view?”

And looking into my eyes she half chided, “You sure do seem to be enjoying the show.” And then he pinched her exposed nipple, and she gave a surprised yelp, just before he began, rather expertly based on her moans, groping her all over again.

And, of course, while all of this was happening, Mom wasn’t just moaning, she was… how to put it… wiggling. I think she was trying to be good, but she was being forcefully groped, and mauled, and manipulated while she sat in my lap, and straddled my erection. So every moan, and every move, meant that the she was also; ever so gently… grinding on me. I’d have called it dry humping, but I knew for a fact that “dry”, wasn’t the word.

All of this was happening because I’d forgotten the step of, “send them off somewhere” when the first request came in!

It was all so crazy, and I was having a really hard time thinking clearly right in the middle of all that heat, and sex. I mean, Mom or not, there was this super-hot, sexily dressed, long haired, moaning, big titted, sex goddess… and she was writhing in my lap!

And so, of course, that was when a second guy (one of the ones who’d been talking to Mom a second ago), said, “If she’s not going to talk, and she’s not going to kiss, then do you three mind if I put her mouth to work doing something else?”.

He looked at all of us, but the guy playing with her tits shrugged, Mom just looked at me expectantly, and…

It was all happening too fast, and I remembered Mom telling me, an hour before, in the car, that she needed me to just say yes to whatever sexual thing people asked for, and I didn’t want to screw this up worse. So I nodded. But then I saw he already had his dick out, and he was reaching for her head, and I freaked a little! He did not mean kissing! And, for fucks sake, she was still in my lap!

And I was really confused on what was happening right in that moment, and after Mom’s comment from before, about being surprised by what I’d already started… I just. I had a sudden flash of panic that she might not want that!

And so, in the tradition of screwing everything up to the best of my ability, I held out a hand to stop him, and blurted “Wait!”. Then I looked the woman in my lap dead in the eye, and, in a room where a half a dozen couples (or groups… couples doesn’t always mean “2” in a place like that), I, loud enough for many of them to hear, asked “Is that okay Mom?!” in a half-panicked tone.

Everyone paused. Hell, “Froze”, might be a better word. And there we were…

Mom was panting in my lap, with one big, beautiful tit out, and the other one covered by a thin layer of cloth and a stranger’s hand. At the same time, another stranger gripped his cock, and pointed it in her direction.

Mom froze too, but only for a moment.

Then she turned to the group and said, “That’s a good question sweetie. Does anyone mind if we “RP” this?”. And, just like that, all explanations were done with.

If there was any negative tension, it was dispelled in a breath, and a new, even more sexual tension, replaced it. A few people cooed and moaned approvingly. One person left the room with a disappointed expression, but everyone else stayed.

The guy with his hand in my Mother’s top said something like, “fuck that’s hot”, and the guy I’d made stop was now nodding so hard that it was plain as day that, he was even more into it now, than he was before.

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