The first time I shared my wife

The first time I shared my wife
The first time I shared my wifOur first time wife sharing
I watched my wife of 9 years in front of me, she was walking hand in hand with a man we had met 30 minutes ago, their fingers were interlocked as they moved down the corridor, they were looking for a private room, I wondered to myself, are we, is she really going to do this? how did we get to this stage, my body was buzzing with excitement and jealousy, i followed the pair as they laughed, and smiled at each other, what would happen in the private room? they turned a corner and for a second were out of sight, I turned the corner too, he looked through an open door and turned to my wife who nodded, they entered I followed.
an hour earlier we had arrived at a swingers club about an hour away from our house, it was our second time here, the first time we came we just chatted to other people and had a few drinks, we just wanted to figure the scene out, my wife Sarah got chatty with a guy but she wasnt ready to take it to the next level that night which was fine by me, it was amazing that she taken the step to come at all, a few years ago we started experimenting in the bedroom with toys to spice things up, we became more adventurous over time and a recurring theme in our lovemaking was roleplaying a threesome using a dildo as the third party, we played all sorts of scenes and it was exhilarating for myself and Sarah, I was completely consumed with awe watching her use the dildo on her self, she seemed to go to the next level of orgasm when she pleasured herself, something i always encouraged.
He reached up as they faced each other, and put his hands on her cheeks, staring into each others eyes, I stepped through the doorway and closed the door behind me, heart racing and pounding, he is touching my wife, he pulled her towards his face and their lips met, for a few seconds, then their mouths opened and eyes closed they started to kiss deeply, their bodies were touching, Sarah had her hands around the back of his head, Mark was holding her back as they kissed, I could see his tongue and her tongue touching, my emotions were wild, I was jealous yet so turned on to witness my wife in a passionate kiss with a stranger we met 30 minutes ago, I leant back against the wall slightly trembling, and very very aroused, he kissed and nibbled at her neck, Sarah took this opportunity to look across and me, and mouthed.
“are you ok”
while nodding, I smiled back and mouthed
She closed her eyes and immersed herself in Marks attention, she loved being kissed on the neck so I knew he was doing ok, within moments his hand came around and started to squeeze her boobs over the top of her shirt, she was slightly startled by this but kept kissing, he was being very gentle with them, as they kissed he pulled back slightly and gave himself some room to undo 2 buttons on Sarah’s blouse, lips touching he said
“Is that ok?”
she nodded breathing heavily and his hand slid inside her top
The journey to the club the 2nd time had a very different conversation than the first timer, the first time was apprehension about the club and the rules etc, on tonight’s journey Sarah spoke about her play rules,
“What if we met someone, I don’t want to go all the way, what if I want to stop?”,
I simply said
“you are in charge, I am there with you, you don’t do anything you don’t want to do and if we do meet someone we will make sure he fully understands this”,
she seemed comfortable with this, but it was still a massive step for both of us, were we really going to do this? were we swingers?

His hand now inside my wifes pink blouse he was feeling her C cups I moved around for a better look and he had pushed her red bra up slightly and he was kneading my wife’s bare breasts, his hand holding and squeezing them as they continued to kiss passionately, tongues back and forth with more and more urgency, Mark took Sarah’s wrist and guided her hand down and she soon found Marks cock, she slowly rubbed up and down over his trousers, tracing the sides of his hardon with her little fingers, watching my wifes delicate small hand, wedding ring on exploring another mans hard eager cock.

3o minutes earlier Sarah and I were sitting on a couch in the main living room of the club, Markand his wife approached us and were very chatty, Sarah and I are generally a little quiet so their ability to ask questions and make us feel relaxed was welcomed, we got along, they both had professional jobs like us, after some getting to know you chat Marks wife asked what we were looking for, Sarah immediately turned to me, and I answered
“we are looking for a guy to play with Sarah while I watch”,
I couldn’t believe the words came out of my mouth, but they did, Sarah blushed, louise, Marcs wife said
“oo ok, so you are not looking for a couple swap?”,
I shook my head,
“look it’s kind of our first time, and this is what we have been discussing”
Sarah agreed, Mark looked over to his wife,
“what do you think hun” he asked, s
he smiled, and looked at Sarah and I,
“Mark and I are in a poly relationship so we play with other people if and when we want, but we always let each other know who we are seeing, we also like to couple swing”
Mark smiled and said
“no pressure”
Smiling at Sarah & I, “
its totally up to you, but I would certainly love to play with Sarah and I am happy for you to watch”
I looked over at Sarah and saw her starting to breath a little faster, Sarah was wearing a tight pink blouse that showed of her beautiful c cups, louise said, ”
“im sure Mark would love to enjoy those”
nodding towards Sarah’s cleavage, she giggled, louise had a very tight body, she was sexy but had very small boobs, Mark chimed in again,
“we will give you a moment to have a chat, but remember no pressure”
they got up and went to the bar.
Mark had undone her blouse now and he continued to work on her beautiful soft boobs, Sarah was moaning as he did so, Mark stopped and looked at me,
“can you remove your wifes bra please, so i can kiss and suck her breasts”
without a hesitation I shot behind Sarah and undid the clasps, the bra dropped to the ground and Mark began to gently suck and kiss her nipples, Sarah’s head fell back and she was moaning, he guided my wife to sit down on the edge of the bed where the kissing and boob groping continued, he was obsessed with my wife’s breasts and it was driving my cock wild, he whispered something in her ear and she started to undo his belt and then the button and then she undid his zip, was my wife really going to touch a strangers cock?, my god she is amazing, her little hand slid inside his trousers and I could see her hand slowly working it up and down as they kissed, he leant back and pulled his trousers and shorts down around his ankles and off onto the floor, I pulled them out of the way for him, Sarah’s hand glided up and down marks cock, slowly, deftly with passion, he whispered something else in her ear, and sarah looked over at me,
“hun is it ok if he puts his cock between my tits?”
I smiled,
“I would love to see that honey, as long as you are comfortable with it”
then the assault on Sarah’s breasts continued, he lay her on her back and then knelt over her putting his hard meat between her tits, then asked her to push them together, as she did he started to pump backwards and forwards fucking my wifes tits and moaning,
“your wife’s tits are perfect” Mark said looking at me, then to Sarah
“you are so hot”
she moaned as his pulsating cock was moving up and down between my wifes boobs.

“Honey, you make the final decision”
I said
“its up to you, whatever you say goes, just know I will be right there with you and you are the boss, you say what goes”
Mark came back over
“how you guys doing”
he asked, clearly eager but calm, Sarah said,
“ok, i’d like to play, but there are a few rules”
Mark smiled
“there usually are”
he sat down, louise joined us
“ok so what Sarah says goes, it’s our first time playing so we want to take it slow”
“no problem”
Mark smiled
“you are the boss sarah, what are the boundaries?”
maybe just foreplay tonight”
said Sarah
“I guide you as we go, but don’t expect too much, i just want to be honest and upfront with you”
louise chimed in again,
“he is a good play partner honey, he won’t make a move that you don’t want him too”
she nudged Mark jovially,
“go on then off you go and hove some fun, I will sit here alone”
she winked at me, Mark stood up and took sarah’s hand, she stood too and nervously let her fingers intertwine with his, I stood as well, louie quipped,
“enjoy the show”
I watched my wife of 9 years in front of me, she was walking hand in hand with a man we had met 30 minutes ago.

As he rode her breasts he exclaimed,
“im getting close sweet heart, do you want me to go down on you?”
Sarah firmly said
“no its ok, i just want to pleasure you tonight”
he slowed, his cock still between her tits, panting hard, and then she said
“where do you want to cum”
I knew what he would say
“on your tits, is that ok honey?”
Sarah smiled,
“sure, do you want me to do it or you?”
Mark took his cock in his hand and said
“I will do it, you can squeeze my balls for me”
with that Sarah reached down and cupped his balls rolling them around in her hands,
he looked over at me
“ do you want to come over here are and push your wifes tits together for me?”
I obediantly walked over to Sarah, stood behind her head and pushed her perfect soft C cups breasts together for Mark to cum on, the breasts that only I had touched for 13 years for a stranger to cum on, he leant back and started jerking himself off over her tits, he looked straight into my eyes,
“your wife is a slut, look at her, are you enjoying watching another man cum on her?”
I was so turned on
“yes, I cant wait to see you cum on all over her”
Mark looked at Sarah,
“tell me where you want me to cum you naughty slut?”
Sarah smiled nervously, the dirty talk was new, but I think she liked it
“I want you to cum on my tits Mark, I want your cum all over them”
it was too much I almost came in my pants,
“cover my tits with you cum Mark, I want your cum all over me”
with that he arched his back and ropes of thick white semen shot out hitting Sarah across her face, neck and breasts, a thick load landed on her lips, Mark reached down and wiped the cum of her lips with his thumb, a few drops rolled down the side of her breast and touched my hand, Marks thick warm cum was on my fingers,
“There you go you dirty slut”
she looked up at him and said
“thank you”
I noticed Sarah instinctively licking her lips ever so slighlty where his cum had landed.
It was amazing, I had never been game to cum on her face before, I thought she would freak out, but she took it really well, he queezed the final drops onto her tummy dismounted, leaning in for a kiss on the lips,
I let go of her breats, admiring the scene in fornt of me,
“you were amazing sweetheart”
Mark said, admiring his cum work on her chin, neck and breasts, he stood and dressed quickly,
“im going to leave you to to it…I hope to see you again”
as the door closed I looked down at my cum covered wife, cock raging with hardness in my trousers,
“did you enjoy the show”
she said
“oh yeah it was perfect, did you?”
“yes, a little too much, now come here and clean me”

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