My neighbor – part 2 – eng ver.

My neighbor – part 2 – eng ver.

My horny neighbor-lady, mmmmmm, exciting relationship !.
She has been visiting me two times, after that double-cum episode in her sofa for some weeks ago.
The first visit was an evening in the middle of the week.
We were siting in my sofa, and drinking cofee.
She had black cotton pants, and an white tanktop with no bra under !
So sexy to see those hard breast nipples under that white top.
She was sitting so close to me, I could feel her warm body close to me.
I put my arm araound her shoulder, and she was sitting comfy in my arm crook.
Then she put one hand on my upper leg, very close to my cock & balls, looked at me and asked if it was OK if she masturbate my cock again ?!
She told me that she has been thinking a lot about that first experience we had in her apartment, and that she liked it so much.
She enjoed to play with my big fat cock, and it was many years since she had an so exciting, sexy and horny experience with an man.
And she think it was so sexy situation, and it was so delisious to play, to feel and taste an warm, big, thick cock and a lot of semen.
When she told me all this, I got so proud, happy and more horny.
And of course I pulled out my half-erected precum wet horny cock and balls, and let her do what she wanted.
This time she went down on the floor, and sit between my legs.
Then she started with an wonderful handjob and blowjob on my cock.
She was really hungry for cock, she licked and deepthroated it a lot, and produced a lot of gag and spit, that she used to jerking my cock.
It was so lovely and good. And so intence and hot.
I was close to cum several times, but then she was even better – she slowed down and was more gently so I manage to hold the orgasm back a little more.
But after an while, there was no more chance to hold it back anymore.
My cock exploded in her mouth, and I shoot 7-8 powerful cum loads in her mouth.
Everything directly in her mouth, she swolloved everything and did not spill anything.
She sucked my cock empty and clean.
And then I gave her and big wet kiss on her mouth, and said thank you. An tasty wet cum-kiss.

The second time she visited me, was an friday one week later.
It was late in the evening, when she rang on my door.
This times she had an long coat.
But when she come inside, and take off her coat, oh lala !
She had an dark red sateng pants, and a matching dark red and loose top with no arms. Typical night-wear for girls/ladys.
Her firm breasts and nipples was very easy to see under that soft sateng.
So sexy.
She told me that she was ready for bed, but not sleepy, so she hoped I could help her…
I took her arm, and followed her into my bedroom and my big doublebed.
Then I layed her down on my bed, then I ripped off my own clothes, and jumped to bed with her.
We fucked in many hours, she got many orgasms, and I cum a couple of times. It was so steamy hot, and gooood.
I love middle-aged horny ladies !
She slept over in my bed, and when we waked up next morning – we fucked one more time, before she went down to her own apartment.

Mmm, this is perfect situation.
I am wondering about taking her to the nude-beach the next summer.
Maybe she is ready for some more fun and action outdoor, with some guys watching, and maybe even they can join us and give us a lot more of cocks and cum, mmmm !!

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