Holly Valance Kiss,Kiss (AKA Fuck,Fuck)

Holly Valance Kiss,Kiss (AKA Fuck,Fuck)
“CUT! That’s a wrap! Well done everyone!” shouted the Director as he surveyed the closing moments of what was sure to become the hottest music video of recent years.

Holly Valance, the ex Neighbours starlet was pleased with her days work. The filming of her first video, Kiss Kiss, had gone very well. She was sure that the catchy song combined with the raunchy video showing her gyrating in the nude would be a big success. It mattered little that she
had worn a flesh covered micro bikini during the shoot; the effects of the strobe lighting would give the impression that she was completely naked.

She smiled at the five male dancers who had cavorted with her throughout the day and said her farewells as they went off to the dressing room to get changed.

Holly sat down on the floor and took a well deserved swig of ice cold beer as the set slowly became deserted, leaving her on her own, her nubile, tanned, slim body glistening with sweat from the day’s exertions.

Lost in thought for a moment, Holly’s thoughts drifted to the prospect of all the horny young studs that would soon be masturbating to images of her sexy dancing. One of the biggest sacrifices she had had to make for fame was the lack of regular sex – it had been some months and her pussy ached with lack of use.

Looking down, Holly suddenly felt somewhat vulnerable, sitting there nearly naked on her own. However, instead of being scared, this only served to heighten her feeling of horniness, so, looking around her to make sure nobody was around, Holly looked down at herself, weighing herself up as she thought men may see her.

Long, slender tanned legs that seemed to go on forever, a tight, taut, small ass – she wondered how many men dreamed of sticking their hard cocks up her from behind. Her breasts were young, pert, bronzed and copious, filling the cups of her tiny bikini top so that they almost spilled over the top of the flimsy material. Her tummy was as flat as a pancake with a diamond gleaming from her pierced belly button. All this topped off with a stunningly cute and beautiful face with deep blue eyes and a long blonde mane of hair. She really was an Australian goddess.

Getting more and more turned on by the minute, Holly let her hands fall to her breasts, gently cupping the heavy globes in her palms. She rubbed at her nipples with her fingertips, feeling the buds harden as if magnetised by her touch, before pinching and tweaking them between her thumb and forefinger through the silky material of her bra, her eyes closing involuntarily as she was gripped with a sudden shiver of pleasure down her spine.

Quickly glancing around herself again to make sure she was alone, Holly lay down on her back on the floor, and pulled down the cups of her top, her gorgeous tits spilling out into the air, exposing her darkened nips and aureoles. No flesh bikini on this babe, she had a true all over tan gotten from plenty of nude sunbathing. Replacing her soft hands on her exposed breasts, Holly gripped and kneaded her bronzed jugs, squashing them into her chest, her breathing heavy and laboured as she moaned gently with her growing excitement, a tell-tale warmth growing between her thighs.

Removing one hand from her chest, Holly Valance slipped it down to her inner thigh, caressing the top of her smooth legs with the tips of her fingers and parting her legs as her hand slid higher before she gripped her crotch through her flimsy knickers, pressing her pelvis with her palm.

Murmuring, Holly groped her breasts in turn, closing her eyes as she dreamed that it was a man who was pinching her erect nipples. Totally wrapped up in her own little fantasy world, she slipped her right hand inside the elastic of her thong, driving it down further past her shaved, waxed, c***d like minge which she had had to totally remove for the video shoot.

Holly hooked her middle finger into her warm cleft, moaning quietly as she gently rubbed her hardening clit, before stroking the length of her pussy with her slender, long fingers. She then began to stroke herself with circular motions inside her knickers, grinding her hips down onto her hand to accentuate the sensations pulsing like shockwaves through the very core of her.

Sensing herself growing wet, Holly let herself slide her middle finger into her cunt, a little at first, then pushing it further up herself as she felt her tight muscles contract until she reached her second knuckle. Her left hand gripped harder at her swelling breasts and nipples as she began to thrust her digit in and out of her moist twat, finger fucking herself with growing urgency. God, she felt so horny – she was desperate for sexual release and wondered just how much watching this little show would turn her fans on.

Easing a second finger into her tight crack, Holly grunted with pleasure as she felt her pussy walls stretch to accommodate the new invasion. Simultaneously stroking at her clit with her thumb, Holly lifted her head up from the table so she could watch her frig herself, becoming even wetter at the sight of her hand grinding back and forth inside her pants.

Biting her lip with the pleasure, Holly removed her hand from her thong and raised it to her mouth. Removing her left hand from her boob, she lifted herself slightly off the floor, using it to help herself wriggle free of her wet knickers, hauling them down to her knees. Holly pouted and pursed her lips, then sucked her sticky cum covered right middle finger into her warm mouth, using her tongue to taste her musky cunt juice. She pushed her left hand down under her naked firm butt, pausing to tease her tight virgin ass ring with her fingertip before stuffing two fingers into her exposed pink pussy, hooking them inside herself as if to grip her very insides. Licking the girly cum off her fingertips slowly and seductively, Holly reached down and smeared a mixture of saliva and her love cream over her tanned breasts and dark nipples then, craning her neck, tasted the salty mixture off her own tits.

Smearing her sticky juices around the dark ring of her ass, Holly lubed herself up and eased her ring finger on her left hand from under her small, firm bottom into her asshole up to her first knuckle, grimacing as much from pleasure as from the slight pain as she penetrated herself. She then hooked her middle and first fingers inside her throbbing cunt, pushing them right in as far as they could reach into her tight walls, her legs opening further, stretching the material of the thong around her knees until it nearly snapped, spreading herself wide open so her two sticky digits could probe her G spot.

Holly then hooked the middle finger of her right hand into her cleft and began to vigorously rub her clit, her voice becoming louder as she ground her bottom down onto her hand, her nipples sticking out like bullets as her pert boobs quivered with her thrusts.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah, fuck! Oh yeah” the Aussie starlet purred, her face becoming more flushed with pleasure and excitement.

Her right hand became a blur as she rubbed harder and harder on her love button.

“Oh fuck, oh fuuuuucccckkkkk!” Holly wailed, her eyes tightly shut as she wanked herself off, her fingers probing her insides with increased desperation, her pretty face twisted and contorted with pleasure, her head tilting back as she uttered a string of obscenities

“Oh fuck! Fuck me! Fuccckkk meee! Arrrrggghhh! Fuck me! Ohhhhhhhh! ARRRRGGHH!” she groaned, before, thrashing her head from side to side, Holly Valance the 18 year old wannabe pop star reached a screaming orgasm, her taut nubile body shaking all over as she creamed herself, her cunt flooding with her girly cum juice, coating her fingers and hand with her sticky secretions.


“OHHHHHHHHHH” she sighed, pulling her fingers out of her cunt and ass to smear her fluid over her breasts and lips, licking the juice off her mouth with the tip of her tongue as it was the sweetest tasting thing in the world.

“Ahhhhhhhh” Holly sighed, her sweaty body completely still as she revelled in the post-orgasmic heat.

A burst of loud spontaneous applause broke the silence and Holly suddenly sat bolt upright, glancing frantically around her like a startled rabbit.

There, to her horror, stood the video director and the 5 dancers who had performed with her on her video, their eyes transfixed as they feasted their eyes on the gorgeous young star who had just masturbated right in front of them.

“You bastards!” Holly screamed “How long have you been standing there!”

“Long enough to capture you finger fucking your ass and cunt like a dirty little slut on film!” replied the Director, peering out form behind the camera. “I’ll bet this little film will sell a whole lot more than any tame pop promo!”

Horrified, Holly Valance was in a state of panic. What would her parents and boyfriend think if the video ever got out? She began to cry as she thought about her career going down the pan.

Sensing her vulnerability, the Director, Tom, approached the young star, and putting her arms around her as if to comfort her, said

“There, there, my dear. No one need ever see this video or know anything about this.”

Reassured, Holly smiled weakly at him through her tears, and reached down to pull up her cum soaked thong to cover up her bare pussy.

However, Tom reached out his hand and clamped it on her arm firmly, preventing it from moving any further.

“Not so fast, young lady! I reckon if we are going to let you off letting the whole world seeing you fingering your naked ass, the least you could do is let us have some fun with you. I’m sure all the guys are just as hard as me having watched that, aren’t you guys?”

“Hell yeah! Let’s fuck the bitch senseless!” said the tallest man, Scott, a growing bulge in his trousers testament to his arousal. “She’s gagging for it!”

Now Holly was really scared. It was true that she had not had sex in ages but she was petrified as to what these guys may do to her.

She stood stock still as the men approached her, and turned and gave Tom a look of total panic as he placed his hand on her naked bum. Scott stood towering over her and slid his hand between her legs, feeling the heat from her moist wet sex.

“Oh yeah, God, she is so wet!” purred Scott

Tom craned his head to hers and whispered softly into her ear

“Just be a good little girl and do as we tell you to and nobody will ever have to see that video again”

Holly felt male hands groping her all over, rubbing her breasts and thighs. She felt herself getting very turned on in spite of herself. She felt Tom rubbing her between her ass cheeks while Scott slipped his finger into her pussy. Simon and Mark were caressing and stroking her pert young breasts while Steve and Dan rubbed their hands up her inner thighs.

By now, all her reservations were going out of the window. Holly Valance had the raging horn and yearned to feel one of the stud’s big cocks in her cunt. Giving Scott the dirtiest come-on look she could muster, she reached down and to his surprise, pushed his hand further into her crotch, forcing his finger deeper into her twat. She then hooked her own middle finger into her own cleft until she touched Scott’s. He was right, she was soaking wet and she reached out and gripping his bristly hair in her fingers, pulled his head down to her mouth, kissing him passionately, her tongue seeking his as they swapped saliva.

Sensing her excitement, Tom slipped his finger into her tight asshole and began to pump it with slow, languid motions of his wrist. Simon and Mark took a nipple each in their mouths and began to bite and suck on them. Overwhelmed by lust, Holly reached out and undid Steve’s flies, his cock springing to attention. She reached out and began to slowly stroke it before wrapping her long fingers around it, wanking him off. Dan knelt down and began to lick her clit as Scott and herself were fingering her pussy.

Before too long, she came with an intensity she had never know before, so hard that her legs trembled and she nearly fell over, the men having to prop her up. She then felt her bikini top being removed by Tom, and turned to him and dropped to her knees.

Holly Valance removed his trousers and began to give him a blow job, sucking on his cock slowly at first and then quicker and quicker, taking him right into the back of her throat so that her lips touched his swollen balls. Pushing her ass into the air, she yearned to be fucked, and reached behind herself to open her pussy up for the guys standing behind her. Scott needed no further invitation and slipped his 9-inch cock into her moist, wet, warm cunt. inch by inch. Grunting, Scott began to pump into her from behind, his balls slapping against her taut buttocks. Simultaneously, Holly wanked the other men’s cocks in turn with both hands. In no time at all, Tom and Scott felt the sap rising in their loins and filled her lithe young body with their spunk, Tom exploding deep in her mouth and making her gag a little, but she responded by tipping her head back and opening her lips wide, gulping down his jism hungrily before licking his bell end clean, licking her lips and savouring the musky taste.

Scott pushed right up her and shot streams of hot come right into her womb. Holly then took it in turns to fuck and suck all the men in turn in a variety of different positions. They used her like a whore and she loved every second of it. She rode Steve while sucking Dan, grinding herself onto Steve’s cock whilst frigging her clit until she came once again, then spitting Dan’s come out of her mouth onto her breasts, smearing his cock cream all over her nipples and tanned titties. Steve felt her tight pussy muscles milk his prick of its contents – she was still very tight despite the severe fucking she was receiving. Tom fucked her with her legs bent right back so that her ankles were over her shoulders while Simon and Mark took it in turns to be deep throated, kneeling over her to face fuck her open mouth until they gave her a double facial, coating her lips, chin, cheeks, forehead and golden hair with their sticky ejaculate.

Dan bent Holly over a table and fucked her from behind, her cum filled pussy dribbling down her legs while she blew Steve until he forced his entire 8 inches into her mouth, gripping her head right there so she could lick his balls before pulling back at the last minute so he could watch his spunk squirting into her open mouth. Simon then took her in the missionary position whilst she pushed her boobs together to be tit fucked by Mark while she sucked Scott’s cock. By now, Holly was becoming a complete nympho and was loving every second of being gangbanged. She finished Scott off by wanking his cock furiously until he came, catching his first spurt on her tongue before turning her cheek and rubbing his come from his dick into her face. Mark came over her boobs before Simon shot his load up her shaven haven.

Holly rested for a moment; her face, hair, breasts and belly were coated in warm, drying spunk. She could still taste the salty taste of semen in her mouth and her pussy was brimming full of a combination of her girly juice and the spunk of 5 men. She lay there fingering her pussy and waiting for the men to get hard, and then to her delight she felt Scott place his hands on her hips, turning her around so that she was face down on the floor.

“Hey you” she exclaimed “You’ve already fucked me once! It’s Mark’s turn!”

“Not like this I haven’t!” replied Scott, as he began to smear the bodily fluid cocktail in her cunt over her ass, pushing a finger up her crack and then another as she struggled to get him off

“No! No!!!!!!!!!” Holly Valance cried “I may be a slut but I have never taken it up the arse before and no way am I going to. You’re so big, you’ll rip me to shreds!”

But Scott wasn’t taking no for an answer as he gestured for the others to come and hold her down.

Holly bit her lip as a wave of pain enveloped her body as Scott pierced her virgin anus. Her sphincter contracted to try and push him out but Tom slapped her round the face and threatened to do it again until she relaxed the muscles in her arse, enabling Scott to push right inside her until a good 7 inches was protruding into her. He then began to thrust, gently at first as he did not want to hurt her or himself unduly, then quicker and harder until Holly began to sob into the cushion her head was stuffed into, she was feeling violated and ashamed. However, as her body began to become accustomed to having a big cock up her arse for the first time, she began to feel a whole different sensation as Scott probed her anal G spot with his prick. Almost against her will, her body began to respond as she felt pleasure flooding through her.

Feeling the dancers balls banging against her buttocks, she tilted her head to one side and murmured

“Oh yeeeeaaaahhhh! Maybe I do like it like this after all! Come on, fuck me! Fuck me up the arse!”

Releasing their grip on the now compliant starlet, the men watched as she pushed herself up onto all fours and began to push herself back to meet Scott’s strokes, impaling her asshole onto his cock, closing her eyes as her heavy breasts swayed under her. Holly reached back and eased two fingers into her cunt, feeling the spunk deep inside her fleshy tube. She worked up a tremendous pace, fingerfucking herself with a vengeance and moaning


In a matter of 2 minutes she reached a cataclysmic orgasm, twisting her head round to French kiss Scott before yelping

“III’MMMMM CUMMMMMMIIINNNNNNGGGG Ohhhh yyeeeeaaahhhhhh, fucking do me. Spuuuuuuuuuuuunk me! Spunk me nooowwwwww!”

But Scott had come so many times now that he was still able to keep going, and he leaned over and whispered in Holly’s ear.

“Oooooooohhhh yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me gooooood!”

Pushing her knees apart, Scott gestured Mark to come over and lie down on his back between her legs. Pulling her tight pussy lips open with her own hand, Holly Valance eased her moist vagina over Mark’s cock, leaning forward as she straddled him to make sure she still gripped Scott’s cock in her arse. The feeling of being double penetrated for the very first time made her groan with pleasure.

Simon shoved his prick in front of her face and she gave him a devilish grin and took him deep in her mouth. She also took Steve and Dan’s throbbing rods in her hands and began to wank them off. Tom, never one to miss an opportunity, slipped behind the camera and began to tape the first time ever that Holly Valance had ever been airtight.

Scott began to fuck her really hard up her taut bottom, her muffled cries of delight at being arse to cunt full of hot meat escaping from the side of her cock-stuffed mouth. Every thrust impaled her onto Mark and she loved the feeling of being stretched further than ever before down below. Letting go of the two cocks in her hands, Holly rubbed her clit with one whilst pinching and squeezing her nipples with the other. Steve and Dan continued to jack off themselves as they watched the beautiful Aussie babe being screwed simultaneously by 3 men.

Holly felt wave after wave of hot pleasure as she gave Simon an extra drooly blowjob, covering his shaft with her saliva. The she shuddered and let out an ear piercing scream

“MMMMMMM, MMMMMMM, MMMMMMMMMMMM, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she wailed as she came over and over again, one big orgasm followed by loads of mini ones after.

This was too much for the guys, as Scott’s cock suddenly pulsed and spewed what seemed like gallons of hot spunk into her belly. At the same time, Mark sent another load of thick sperm up her damp, tight cunt. Simon pushed his cock deep into her breathless, panting mouth and ejaculated, his jism cascading down her throat although some of it escaped, dribbling from the corners of her mouth.

The feeling of being simultaneously flooded with spunk in every orifice was too much for Holly, she came one more time before Steve shot his load over her face and Dan came over her erect, pert teenage breasts.

Absolutely fucked, buggered and shagged senseless, Holly Valance collapsed in a heap on the floor, gasping for air. Tom came up to her from behind the camera and handed her a couple of reels of film.

“I do not think I will be needing this!” he said, “I bet you will be a very big star”

Holly Valance lay there looking up at him, completely naked, her face, tits, hair and body dripping with thick creamy sperm, her tight fanny leaking the bodily secretions of 6 men down her inner thighs and her arse twitching from her very first experience of anal sex, and she managed a tired smile

“At least I will get to watch myself get the fucking of a lifetime whenever I feel like it!”

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