Mary’s story Part 42

Mary’s story Part 42
Mary was more interested in Ruth’s breasts. Now that she was sat up, they seemed very full again. The last time that she had seen them they were soft and floppy. “It looks as though you are full to bursting with milk again, do you want me to help you?” “Well, alright, I could see you dying to do it last night, but the other two drained me absolutely dry. I thought that I would be in trouble when I got home, but the tattoo took a long time, so I told Jane that I had to express myself at Paul’s to stop my nipples leaking all over the place. I got away with it, but I had better not be empty when I get home tonight. You can just take a little bit so I can get through the afternoon, but not too much.”

Mary leant forward and put Ruth’s nipple in her mouth. She felt the piercings rattle against her front teeth. Very carefully, she closed her lips round the nipple and sucked. Hot milk splashed on the back of her throat, making her cough. She tried again, ready for the milk this time. It tasted a bit different, not as creamy as cow’s milk, but quite palatable. In fact Mary thought that was very nice. She drifted off, sucking quite contentedly. She could see now why Hazel and Jaqueline had been so relaxed last night. Greedily she gulped the milk down, lost in a world of her own.

“Time to change sides now or you will get me into trouble.” Mary felt Ruth putting a finger in her mouth and the suction was broken. Mary sat back. Ruth’s breasts looked very uneven now, and milk was leaking from her other nipple. She licked it off Ruth’s breast, and then took the nipple into her mouth and sucked on it. Soon, Ruth was stopping her again. “Sorry, but I only want the pressure reducing; I don’t want you to empty me completely. I need to be full when I get home or Jane will get suspicious.”

“Well you don’t want that, she seems to be quite jealous from the way that she has marked your body. I did enjoy it though; I hope that I can do it again.” “Well it is certainly much more pleasurable to have you do it instead of doing it myself in a layby somewhere. I will certainly be calling round again when I need relief.” They had both forgotten about Fatima and Sue, who were both still sat there.

Sue spoke. “Maybe Mitsumi is right; you are a lesbian after all Mary. I don’t mind, in fact it could be something different for us; and at least you would get more sex than you do now. I can swing both ways, and I know that you want to get Mitsumi into bed with you, so perhaps we should all give it a try.”

“Well, I am afraid that I don’t have anything to contribute to your lesbian arrangements.” said Fatima, “I don’t have enough of my pussy left.” She went on, “Anyway Mary, please do not try to have any kind of sex until you are fully healed. Keep taking your antibiotics, and get plenty of rest. If you don’t have to go out I suggest that you stay in bed for a couple of days.” “I need to go out on Sunday,” said Mary, “I have been invited out to lunch with the Bishop’s wife.”

“I’ll keep popping in to make sure that she is alright,” said Ruth, “so you don’t need to come every day if you are busy.” “Well, I do have several other patients to see, but let me know if you need me. Otherwise I will call again on Monday. Just remember to keep your hands off your piercings until the stitches are out.”

Fatima quickly dressed and went down the stairs and let herself out. “Well,” said Ruth, gathering her clothes, “I need to get going myself. I will call in again tomorrow to see you.” “I hope that you will bring me some more milk, I can feel it doing me good already.” “It is hardly medicine, but it might do you some good as food. It is Friday tomorrow, so Jane will be in the Surgery, but she might want to come with me on Saturday. Just remember not to mention anything about my milk if she is with me.”

Ruth left then and it was quiet in the bedroom. Mary got back into bed and snuggled up to Sue. She reached round and felt her nipple. “Wouldn’t it be nice if we both had milk in our tits so we could milk one another?” she whispered. Sue turned over in the bed, “I’m not sure about that. I don’t think that I fancy ruining my breasts any more than they are already. I would finish up with my nipples down near my knees. Just be satisfied with Dr Ruth. Anyway, you do not own your breasts anymore; and when you get your rings fixed in, your milk ducts might all be blocked so you couldn’t be milked. Now be quiet, I need to go to sleep.”

Mary got off the bed and went down stairs. She could smell cooking, and went into the kitchen. Mitsumi was putting some breakfast onto three plates. “I don’t think that Sue will be wanting anything, she is going back to sleep, so it is just you and me.” “Perhaps you ought to put some clothes on, Mary. I know that you like being naked, but there seems to be so many people visiting this house that I don’t know who will be at the door next.”

Mary went upstairs and came down again wearing a dressing gown. It gaped at the front revealing her nipples. “Will this do?” “Really Mary, I wonder what Mike would say if he could see you like this?” Mary quickly pulled her gown together. “Promise that you won’t tell him.” she begged. “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, and I quite like the idea of you trying to seduce me. Don’t deny it!”

Mary’s face turned bright red. “It’s your tattoos, Mitsumi, they really turn me on.” “Well eat your breakfast first, and then we might see just how turned on you are.” Mary nearly exploded. Mitsumi was offering her – well what exactly? Quickly she ate her breakfast and helped Mitsumi to do the washing up.

“You can come to my room if you like, and then we won’t disturb Sue.” “I’ll just check on her first.” Mary went into her bedroom, but Sue was fast asleep. She had thrown the covers off, and was laid on her back exposing her tattooed pussy. Mary leant forward and kissed Sue very lightly on her pussy lips. She could do this, she decided, and quickly went into the bathroom and felt between her legs. She held her fingers up to her nose and decided that she did not smell. Just in case she sprayed some perfume over herself, and went off to Mitsumi’s room.

Mitsumi was waiting for her. She was naked, and kissed Mary full on the lips. “Come on then, this is what you have been wanting ever since I got here.” Mary grabbed Mitsumi and held her tightly. “Damn,” she said, “I’m leaking again.” “Not to worry, this will sort it.” Mitsumi produced a tampon and pushed it deep into Mary. “That will dry you up a bit.” she said, “Now you can look inside me. The speculum is on the table, next to the torch.” Mary picked them up and Mitsumi spread her legs ready for her. “Let me help you.” she said as she guided Mary’s hands pushing the speculum right inside her. “Now, you need to fasten the clip, and turn the screw so that it opens me up.”

Mary did as she was told. It looked as though Mitsumi was being split in two as the stainless steel blades forced her pussy open. Mary could see that Mitsumi’s tattoo did indeed extend all the way past her inner labia and upwards into her vagina. Mary could just about see the cervix. Without thinking, Mary turned the screw further to get a better look, and she could see that the cervix was tattooed as a flower.

“You can tighten it all the way, I am used to it.” Mary opened the blades until the screw hit the stop, revealing the leaves and buds tattooed on the walls of Mitsumi’s vagina. She sat back and looked at Mitsumi. The speculum was hard up between her legs, and the skin of her fourchette seemed as though it was ready to tear. “It is splitting you apart, Mitsumi, how can you cope with it? Doesn’t it hurt?” “That is quite funny, coming from you. Of course it hurts. Didn’t your clitoris tattoo hurt? Didn’t your circumcision hurt? Didn’t your piercings hurt? Pain is to be endured, not to be complained about.”
Mary beamed. “I know; pain makes me come. It is so good, but I wonder why I enjoy it so much?”

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