Boys Aren’t Everything


“Jesus…I’m pissed” I muttered to myself as I staggered from room looking for my no-use fucker of a boyfriend. Coming to this pissing party was his idea, he knew I hated the fucking bitch that had organised it but he wouldn’t be told so I demonstrated my displeasure by acting like a total bitch all day, something I have a real talent for; problem was I don’t think he even noticed.

With the boom-boom-boom of the sound system doing my head in and the smell of pot making me feel sick, I floated, yes floated out onto the patio, where after a quick sit down I started walking around the garden in an attempt to sober up.

I began following a twisty path through a rather substantial pergola until I came to a rather large outhouse, I wanted to look in but the windows were obscured in some way making it impossible for anybody to see inside. Not to be thwarted I skirted around until I came to a door, which to my surprise opened when I tried the handle.

From the smell and the high humidity I guessed that through the other door facing me I would find a hot-tub; now booze and hot-tubs are lethal combinations and as much as I love them, for tonight however this was to be a no-no.

Entering its inner sanctum I noticed a pile of clothing on one of the benches, suddenly a splash drew my attention to a small pool at the back of the building. Slowly I made my way towards the noise, with it being so dim I bumped into a chair causing it to scrape along the floor.

“Who’s there!” said a voice which seemed familiar to me

Not thinking and like a prat I answered “It’s me”

“Who’s me” replied the distant body slightly perturbed by my previous uttering

“It’s Jackie Watson” I replied

“Hi, Jackie…its Zoe…now I know it’s you I’ll come a bit closer… I couldn’t before; I’m totally starkers I hope you don’t mind.

Mind me mind, I’ve been worshipping Zoe’s body for years and at last I get to see it in its natural form. The closer Zoe got the more nervous I became, OK you might think I’m silly but that’s how it was. When she got to the steps and reached up to pull herself out I almost passed out, under the moonlit and with her outstretched arms pulling her breasts taut, I was looking at perfection.

The quickest way to describe her body would be to say “imagine Marilyn Monroe with long brown hair and huge soft brown eyes;” as Zoe slowly walked towards me another shaft of moonlight burst through the canopy giving my a good frontal view of her body. Her pubis was almost bald with just the tiniest strip of hair leading to its goal; her dark nipples were fully erect and sat on raised areolas. I tried looking away but was mesmerised by her beauty.

Walking past me with a quick “Hi” Zoe made her way into the changing room, opened a closet and took out two towels before offering one to me; it was one of the fluffiest towels I have ever felt.

“Come on then, strip off and join me in the hot-tub” şırnak escort said Zoe as she made her way back to the pool area.

Warning Zoe I was pretty drunk, I slowly stripped off then slide myself into the hot-tub, at first I panicked as the warm water caused a temporary blackout as warm blood surged into my brain. Zoe had been prepared for this and ensured that I remained seated so my head remained above the water.

Once recovered we started to talk, she like me had become bored with the party, and being a non-drinker told her boyfriend that she was leaving and taking a taxi back to her flat. It seemed a good idea at the time but no taxi’s were available so Zoe like me went for a walk in the gardens and found the outhouse; with nobody about she turned on the lights had a good look around then decided to have a swim; so as not to be disturbed Zoe turned off all the lights, retraced her way back to the pool, stripped off and plunged in.

In my drunken state; Zoe had problems in preventing me from slipping under the warm water, it had the most hypnotic effect on my body I imagined all kinds on things as the spectral colours slowly changed in front of my eyes.

Don’t ask me how it happened but after slipping under yet again I came back up within inches of Zoe’s lips, she smiled, then kissed me. Before I even knew what I was doing, I was kissing her back. It felt great. Zoe was a far better kisser than my boyfriend. All he seemed to think of was far down my throat his tongue would go. Zoe’s tongue on the other hand flitted gently against mine, teasing me. I kissed her more deeply, gaining a hunger for it. It was really being to turn me on.

Then I felt something different. Zoe’s hand went between my legs. Her finger slid expertly into my pussy and gave me a long, slow stroke. Then she pulled away, leaving me dizzy and weak-kneed.

“Can I ask you something?” Zoe said after several minutes of silence. “What did you think of what I did? With my hand.”

I didn’t answer for a minute, too nervous to even look her in the face.

“I liked it,” I finally whispered.

“Have you ever been with a girl?”

I shook my head, still not wanting to look at her. I was uncomfortably warm, all of a sudden.

“I’m pretty much bi,” Zoe admitted.

I laughed suddenly, surprising myself.

“What’s so funny?” Zoe asked.

“And there’s me thinking you were goody-two shoes.”

Zoe laughed along with me, then suddenly stopped and got serious.

“Jackie,” she said. “Listen, I got pretty turned on when I kissed you, fucking men is ok but it doesn’t do a thing for me. Can I…Can I touch you?”

Startled I didn’t say a thing; I just looked at her and parted my legs slightly. Zoe accepted my invitation, found me then gently opened my pussy lips and slowly entered my love canal. She smiled at me and raised an eyebrow. I in reply simply kissed her. şırnak escort bayan It was even better than the first time. I had never been so turned on by kissing someone in my life, her lips were so soft. Even if she hadn’t been busy working me with her hand, I probably could have come just from kissing her. But her hand between my legs sent me over the top. I was used to guy’s hands, clumsy, forceful and rough. But Zoe found my little clit right away then dipped her fingers gently into my pussy. Unseen and lost in the waters of the hot-tub my juices were leaking like never before as Zoe’s hand stroked and teased me to orgasm with expert precision. I moaned into her open mouth.

In unison we slowly edged out of the hot-tub until just our feet remained submerged. Zoe pulled her hand away from my twitching pussy and wiped her dripping fingers all over my lips. I sucked the honey from her fingers, tasting myself, then she kissed me again and the taste of my cunt was on both our lips.

“I want to eat you,” said Zoe in a begging manner.

I nodded, spreading my legs wide. Zoe went down on me and her lips and tongue were even more adept than her hand. Only guys had gone down on me before and I don’t care what anyone says, no man can do it like a woman can. Jesus, Zoe was good. I got off so fast it felt like I was being shot into space, crying out at the sharp explosion of pleasure.

Zoe crawled up alongside then kissed me, her whole face dripped with my juices. The smell of cunt and lust was so thick it made my head spin not that it was before but this was different.

Zoe offered me a nipple and I took to her breasts like an infant who couldn’t decide which one had the sweetest milk, sucking one then the other as Zoe moaned and giggled. My hand began fumbling at her pussy, trying to find its entrance. Zoe helped me by taking it then burrowing it deep into her sopping pussy. This was my first experience with another woman’s vagina and I wanted to take it slowly, to savour it, but I was so turned on that I was like a virginal boy all thumbs and no finesse.

“C-c-can I” I stuttered, my mouth watering.

“Of course,” Zoe said, breathing hard.

I kissed her down there and had my first taste of pussy. Mine seemed sweeter than hers, but Zoe’s juices were more intriguing, there was a certain bitterness to it then I remembered about her swim earlier on; even so her taste was intoxicating. My tongue found her clitoris and I was surprised at how hard and erect it was, it stood out like a little cock. Her labia was thicker than mine, like flower petals, all fleshy and warm. It was fascinating, being so close to another woman’s sex organs. So much so that I almost forgot there was a woman attached to this vagina. I remember the same thing happening the first time I was with a guy; I had been so fascinated by his penis that the rest of him ceased to matter.

In my own escort şırnak way I brought Zoe to orgasm, and her juices exploded in my mouth. It was nothing like a guy coming, all slimy and thick; Zoe’s cum was like wine which I gulped down, never wanting it to stop.

Feeling faint I sat up, realising only then that I had not breathed for several minutes. Zoe held me as I recovered, then we kissed for a long time, slowly absorbing each others taste as our lips parted. The flavour of both of us together was pleasant and sweet. * Feeling the chill of the night air we slipped back into the hot-tub and continued kissing then once thoroughly warmed we left our watery enclosure and in the darkness of the shrouded night sky began a simultaneous exploration on each others body. As time went on not an orifice or an inch of our bodies went without a kiss or a good tongue licking, when we became cold we briefly slipped into the hot-tub then continued with our exploration until finally we arrived at our ultimate goal.

My sensual appetite seemed to exceed even that of Zoe’s as I drove my pussy against Zoe’s mouth, the rasping surface of Zoe’s tongue probing deep inside my leaking mound. I had fallen headlong into a sticky, tangled web of desire, and now I wanted my reward to be an earthquake of sudden, spasmodic passion.

My fingers snatched at the long strands covering Zoe’s head, pulling her face deep into my thrusting pussy ensuring that every drop of my honey entered her mouth when I exploded in a milky white flood. With my release, Zoe sank her tongue deep into my pussy, her lips constantly sucking at the sweet fluids which now flowed from the depths of my pussy. Our individual orgasms were supreme; our mutual desires sated.

In every way we mirrored each others actions, when I came, Zoe came; drenching me in the same manner, the harder I sucked so did she until we were too exhausted to continue

Cocooned in a couple of those fluffy towels, we watched as dawn broke; fearing discovery we took one final drip to freshen up then took our time dressing each other before leaving the out-house.

I was shivering from exhaustion, my head still pounded but I was happier than I could ever remember.

“Jackie?” she asked. “Can I ask you something?”

“Mmm,” I murmured as my brain tried to concentrate on the speaker.

“Would you be my lover?”

I looked at her, suddenly aware that my wish had come true. What we just had, we could have again and again. This realisation struck me forcefully, like a whole new world opening up before me.

“Yes…why not” I said.

Zoe laughed and kissed me again.

Hand-in-hand we entered the main house, to the shambles of last nights party; the air reeked of stale beer and cigarette smoke which immediately made me feel quiet sick; clenching Zoe’s hand I quickly ran out of the house and into the drive.

The scrunching of gravel attracted our attention, quickly we flagged down the departing car, saying that our lifts had gone off with someone else we conned a lift home. Whilst looking at the passing scenery our hands slowly came together, it was then we realised we were both hopelessly in love.

Fuck boys, fuck the world but best of all I get to fuck Zoe.

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