Full Service for a Lesbian Client


On the upper floor of a commercial building, a tall blonde woman was lying naked on a lounge chair, surrounded by windows that gave her a clear view of the city. The room was empty except for that chair. This was her sanctuary.

She leaned back and touched herself. People with stressful office jobs have their own ways to unwind and this was hers. It was meditative what she was doing. It went beyond simple masturbation. She was getting in tune with her intuition.

Her skinny legs were outstretched and she enjoyed the feeling of her toes on the hard floor. Her left elbow was on the armrest. Her right hand was doing the work on her pussy. As her head tilted to the side, she thought about her responsibilities for the day.

Being a top player in business is never easy. Her curious wonders allowed her to relax. She enjoyed masturbating here. It was an open secret in the office what she does in this room. No one ever said anything to her. No one dared to gossip about her.

A perk of being the boss.

Her professional clothes were on the floor next to her heels. She slouched deeper into the chair. Her toes were long and curled onto the hard floor. If anyone from nearby buildings were looking in, they’d see her cum.

Perspective: Catalina Mendoza

The new employee shook hands with a man named John, a founding Partner at the law firm, who welcomed her aboard the team. The handshake was strong and it was an honor. Later she was introduced to Richard, a transaction lawyer who seemed like a real brain power. When she met Liliana after, she was convinced they’d become friends. It was a gut feeling.

In the last few days, she met almost everyone at the big law firm. This was Catalina’s first day as a paralegal here.

She knew it was a miracle that she got this job. Her paralegal certificate was freshly printed (figuratively speaking) and she only graduated from college a few years ago. Her resume was light but she had decent office experience and strong references.

There was a labor shortage for salary earned jobs. That was to her advantage.

Her boss — the woman that hired her — was Ms. Janson, a lawyer who specialized in mergers and acquisitions. Since their first meeting nearly two weeks ago, it was made clear that things would move at a rapid pace. Much faster than any normal trainee is expected to endure.

“We live in a new world,” Ms. Janson said. “Technology has changed the way people interact. People have become accustomed to working at a distance. Digital is the way of the future. There’s even software which provides basic legal services.”

She continued, “However, our law firm is known for personal services. We are loyal to clients — our clients are loyal to us. That requires a special touch. It’s how we make big money. With the economy bouncing back, there’s been an uptick in legal services we must provide, and since the talent pool of paralegals is shallow, we’ll have to accelerate your training.”

Catalina had read about this on the news. During the job interviews, she was honest about her deficiencies and the firm seemed okay with that. At the very least, she had a bright personality and presented herself as a diligent worker, which made up for the lack of experience.

The ‘upskilling’ happened in the next few days. She spent several hours in the office of Ms. Janson as they went over filings, billing, and office etiquette. How to dress, talk, how to present yourself.

Even more important, one of their biggest clients was in the midst of a multi-million dollar lawsuit over a breach of contract claim. By all accounts it was a messy affair, which was why the law firm was moving at a frenzied pace.

“Do you want to know the real reason I hired you?” Ms. Janson asked, as it was approaching 4:30 pm and they were exhausted from the long day.

“My references, I’m assuming.”

“Your character. You know how to communicate with people. There’s a reason I introduced you to so many people throughout this process. I needed to get a sense of your people-skills.”

Catalina replied, “I grew up in a big family with conversationalists and pranksters. That taught me how to interact with everyone.”

It was the validation she was hoping to receive someday. She was surprised that she got a compliment so soon. This woman, after all, is a veteran lawyer who otherwise seemed difficult to impress. But that’s the benefit of a tight labor market, she thought.

“I was the opposite,” Ms. Janson said. “When I was a novice lawyer, I had difficulties connecting with clients and jurors on a human level. I worried that the best lawyers were born with likeability and charm, the kind I never had.”

She continued, “But it’s a learned skill. I was mentored by a female partner at the firm where I started. This woman was stellar. I mean, just amazing. She let me follow her around. I did menial tasks for her. Even though I was a licensed attorney, I was basically an errand girl for this woman so I could learn all the secrets.”

“That kocaeli escort bayan must have been an interesting experience,” Catalina said.

“Oh, it was. Some things didn’t make sense at the time, but over the years I eventually understood. To this day, a good portion of the skills I utilize are from this woman. She’s retired now, but I still remain in contact with her. She’s proud of my success.”

“I’m assuming you’re going to mentor me the same way, but as your paralegal.”

Ms. Janson nodded. “The caseloads are complex and I need the best assistance possible. Even if you find another job, I still think it’s important to train the next generation of legal professionals. It would be a shame if my knowledge is lost.”

“I really appreciate that,” Catalina smiled. “We make a good team in my opinion.”

“That’s an accurate statement. We make a great team so far. I’m glad I hired you. You bring a certain spark to this law firm.”

“Thank you so much,” Catalina said with an even bigger smile. “I’m going to tell my mom you said that.”

It felt like their relationship hit a turning point. For the first time since knowing each other, Catalina saw the lawyer laugh. Truly laugh. It was like her boss was letting her guard down. The idea of working here long-term became more appealing than it already was.

Then the lawyer made a proposal that would change Catalina’s life.

“Are you interested in going further? Are you ready to take on more responsibilities?”

“Yes, for sure, what did you have in mind?” Catalina asked.

“I want you to be more hands-on. I’d like you to be a liaison between this firm and different clients. Furthermore, I want you to be present during big meetings. It makes communication easier. Are you up for that?”

Music to her ears. Although legal work can be difficult, the chance to climb the career ladder so quickly was a miracle. While sitting in the office and talking with her boss, all she could think about was calling her parents and telling them the good news.


The main client is as follows:

– Her name is Val.

– She is tall, blonde, and speaks with a slight Polish accent.

– She’s young for a business leader. 34. Her father is the CEO but she was given a fancy title and handles much of the decision-making these days.

– There is a powerful confidence in this woman. She seems unphased running a major corporation and was undaunted by the complex lawsuit.

After a week on the job, Catalina found herself in the middle of the action. She was in a conference room in the downtown corporate headquarters, sitting alongside 4 attorneys from the law firm and 1 fellow paralegal. On the other side of the table were members of the corporate team, who they represented.

It was Catalina’s first time meeting Val and the woman was a sight to behold. More than anything, she thought the woman was a powerhouse. Catalina, although young, had been around many smart and dominant people, but there was something different about Val.

From her perspective, Val possessed brains, confidence, and personality — the trifecta. She observed Val asking the right questions and knowing the answers when asked. She thought Val was stunning, with sharp blue eyes and blonde hair that looked effortless.

There was almost a glow to Val’s clear skin. Post-orgasmic glow, perhaps? Maybe, who knows. It was mid-morning and who has time to orgasm at that hour?

“Now I’m going to ask you some questions,” Ms. Janson said. “We’ll see how you answer, then we’ll re-evaluate from there.”

It was a practice deposition for the corporate figures to rehearse. Watching these professionals at work was awe-inspiring and Catalina was grateful to be in the room. These people were smart. Everyone in the room earned their seat at the table. But it was Val who was the star of the show, showing poise and confidence.

“I think that’s good for now,” Richard said. “Should we break for coffee? Stretch our legs a bit?”

They’d been in the room for over an hour. There’s only so much law anyone can take, professionals or not. It was agreed that they’d all return to the room in 30 minutes, which was a generous amount of time for coffee.

Being the new girl, Catalina mainly kept to herself as the lawyers and business people commingled. Some talked about the current legal affairs. Others had friendly conversations about anything else.

“Can you do me a favor?” a man named Kevin asked. “Can you hand these documents to your boss? I can’t seem to find her.”

“Yes, absolutely.”

Catalina was handed documents that her boss requested earlier, which were important for the meeting once it resumed. Her boss was methodical about preparation so Catalina wanted to deliver the documents as soon as possible.

After asking around, she was told that her boss accompanied Val to the office down the hall. There were subtle smirks and innuendos, but she thought nothing of it.

Everything about the room was izmit escort bayan a mystery from the outside. No one sat near the door. There weren’t any windows to look inside. There was simply a door and she was told that her boss was inside.

She entered and what she witnessed was a revelation:

Val was completely naked on a lounge chair that faced a downtown view. The woman’s clothes were piled on the floor next to thousand-dollar Jimmy Choo heels. There was no other furniture in this room and it seemed like a place for casual relaxation — or this — whatever this was.

Even more striking was that Ms. Janson, still fully dressed in office clothes, was on her knees, holding Val’s left foot, sucking on each toe. Ms. Janson looked up from the sound of the door, but was unbothered. This, it seemed, was part of the job serving the law firm’s most prominent client.

Catalina stepped back and closed the door. She made sure to be quiet, even though they’d already heard her. She stood frozen in the hallway. She noticed a few giggles from nearby corporate employees, but no one dared to say anything.

Did they know what was going on in that room? Of course they did, that’s why they were amused, she thought.

The meeting in the conference room continued 20 minutes later. All she could think about was the image of Val’s toes in her boss’s mouth. It was forever burned in her memories. They hadn’t spoken about it. In there, it was business and Ms. Janson appeared shameless about being seen in that position.

She was sitting close to her boss during the meeting. Everytime her boss spoke about the upcoming deposition, all Catalina could do was stare at those lips. Those pretty lips, with the red lipstick, which had been licking Val’s toes.

Everytime she looked at Val, all she could think about was the immense power she wielded, being able to be served by an esteemed lawyer. She thought about Val’s nipples, bright pink and fully erect with arousal.

Was this the new reality?

Perspective: Ms. Janson

By lunch hour, the meeting was over and people went their separate ways. After having been caught by her paralegal, Ms. Janson knew she needed to provide clarity towards the situation. She had high hopes for the paralegal which meant fostering an honest relationship.

They walked together on the busy downtown street to grab pastrami sandwiches before heading back to the law firm.

“I’m sure you have a million questions,” Ms. Janson said, looking ahead as they walked beside each other.

“You don’t have to tell me anything. I understand.”

“Do you?”

“Well, I mean, look at her. Look at you. The appeal is easy to recognize. Both of you are alpha women.”

Ms. Janson laughed. “Thank you. That’s very kind.”

She paid for the sandwiches and bottles of juice, then they found a nearby spot in the park so they could sit on a bench.

Deep down, she was glad this happened. She had great chemistry with this paralegal, which was rare because she tended to overwork people. It was also a positive sign that the paralegal hadn’t freaked out in the room, instead maintaining a level of discretion.

“I learned this early in my career,” Ms. Janson said, enjoying her food. “The woman who mentored me taught me a few things. Do you get what I’m saying?”

Catalina drank her juice. “I do. Since we’re in public, you know, we can keep talking in vague generalities. I’m interested. I want to hear this.”

Her instincts were right about the new paralegal. Looking into her eyes, it was likely that Catalina was getting aroused by this. Who wouldn’t be?

“When I started off working in mergers and acquisitions, my mentor taught me the value of client relations. We spent a ton of time with a chief corporate officer — a woman — maybe close to a year. Sometimes we spent long nights together in a conference room to get the details down. We got to build a strong working relationship.”

She continued, “We all had dinner one night at a nice restaurant. Lots of wine. Lots of talking. Then we went back to the office to finalize a few things. I was working alone. I accidentally saw them doing things in another office. Or maybe it wasn’t an accident. Maybe they wanted me to see. I later found out that it had been happening for months. They’d sneak off during breaks or meet late at night. That was my introduction.”

“Was it ever explained to you?” Catalina asked with a deep gulp.

“Oh yeah. I was uptight at that age. But I was curious about every detail. I asked a lot of questions. I genuinely needed to know.”

“I think power is a big factor. Face it, young people are attracted to older people with power.”

“Is that how you feel?” Ms. Janson asked. “About me? About Val?”

Catalina was about to take another bite of her sandwich, but stopped when the personal questions came.

“Yes, if I’m even allowed to admit that.”

Ms. Janson nodded. “On this topic, you’re allowed to admit anything. gebze escort We’ll be working closely together, so we need to have an honest relationship.”

“I’m learning a lot from you. In more ways than I expected.”

They laughed and continued eating. She was pleased that Catalina was inquisitive about these experiences. It was yet another sign of their compatibility.

While finishing off their sandwiches, Ms. Janson indulged her paralegal’s questions and unlocked the gates to her secret garden. She admitted everything. Her sexual relationship with her mentor. Her sexual relationship with female clients. How it all started with Val, which became a focal point of their lunch break. It was the topic that made Catalina’s eyes light up.

“I guess I’ve always had this interest,” Ms. Janson said. “Deep down I knew, but my mentor saw something in me and brought it out. In the years after, I followed her around. Female clients only. I’d be giving ‘service’ to the client while my mentor discussed legal matters. It became my addiction which I never gave up.”

Ms. Janson continued, “I’ve known Val for years. I worked closely with her father during an acquisition. Val has an interesting approach to business. Her mind is like a super computer and she’s a meticulous worker. I came to learn that she has an interesting approach to stress relief. She’s a spiritual woman, shall we say, and being in tune with her body is important to her.”

She finished her juice. “In many ways it’s like a secret club for professional women. Known only through a subtle nod, a glance, or flirtatious compliments. We work long, stressful hours. We deserve an outlet. So we use this… and this….”

To keep their conversation undercover, she discreetly pointed to her own lips and then her crotch. It made Catalina blush.

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around this,” an awestruck Catalina replied. “You and other clients. You with Val. Thank you for sharing your story.”

“You think Val is beautiful. You have a shy expression whenever we talk about her.”

Catalina smiled. “Everyone thinks Val is beautiful. It’s a fact of life.”

“As we get to know each other better, you’ll learn other things regarding relationships with clients. Strategic partnerships, for example. I advise clients on complex legal matters. But it goes beyond business. It’s a lifestyle.”

“That sounds like an invitation, if I’m reading into that correctly.”

“Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll see in the future.”

Before they went back to the law firm, it was official; the job training was still ongoing and there was more work to be done.

In the meantime, she knew Catalina would be masturbating to this conversation and what was seen earlier in the room. Ms. Janson had enough experience to know what makes certain women tick and what they desire. And what her paralegal desired could be found in their workplace.


It was a few days later when things escalated. She’d just gotten a text and her morning schedule needed to be rearranged. Anything for a star client. She left her office to get her paralegal who was working in the other room.

“Stop what you’re doing,” Ms. Janson said. “Let’s go for a walk.”

Together they went a few blocks down the street towards the corporate building. She could sense the excitement from Catalina, who had a vague idea of what this was about.

When they got inside the elevator to head to the top floor, she saw a tender smile on Catalina’s pretty face.

“Strategic partnership?” the paralegal asked rhetorically.

“What makes you say that?”

“The fact that we’re suddenly going to see Val and that no one in the office knows about it.”

“Very astute.”

“So I’m right?” Catalina asked.

“Val texted me to come immediately and bring you along. To a woman like Val, it could be anything. She could be surrounded by accounts, analyzing numbers and profits. Or she could be alone in a room. Are you prepared for that?”

Catalina nodded. “I am. Anything for a client, right?”

“Exactly. At our law firm, we put the needs of a client first. Sometimes that means going above and beyond your job description. Always remember that.”

“The corporate world excites me. The legal world excites me. I’m happy to be in the mix with powerful women making big decisions.”

When the elevator door opened, Ms. Janson knew that Catalina was wet between the legs. That’s just how some women are built.

They walked down the hall and a secretary explained that Val was in ‘the room’ for another 30 minutes with two masseuses. Ms. Janson explained that she was told to come.

She opened the door with Catalina standing behind her. Light music was playing the soothing sound of a flute and the recording of a river stream.

In the center of the unfurnished room was Val — completely naked — laying front side up on a portable massage table, while two women gave a deep tissue massage with oil. A pile of designer clothes was on the floor next to high heels.

She turned to look at her paralegal, who had big kitten eyes and a jaw that hung. A vision like this was spellbinding for anyone, especially to a woman as young as Catalina. It takes time getting used to seeing this in the office space, she thought.

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